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Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
18/04/2019 15:03:45

Wow. 😍 😍 And wow

Thread: Touche
09/04/2019 10:52:36

Thanks Martin

I have bent a pair of 6swg legs this morning. I'll refit the retracts later


08/04/2019 16:59:05

I have got a set of HK metal trunion retracts which I have been exercising today. They are the 90 sized ones. The biggest problem I had was that they wouldn't clamp the leg very well so the clamp has been drilled out to accept a sleeved 8swg leg. (from memory about 5.5 or 6mm). Just trying to find my wire bender to bend the spring loop then worry how to get the servo leads through, Ho hum..


08/04/2019 15:14:50

Thanks Martin.

No I haven't stripped the Dynamix carb but it was err tweaked before I spotted the air bubbles. When its running, the pressure is actually blowing a little fuel through the main needle valve. No air bubbles though. I kept blowing plugs so its on a cold plug now. It ran OK on a OS 8 previously so not sure why that is happening.

I have used Silicone oil in the retract system, quite liberally but I suspect that the seals in the leg units may be a little dry and hardened. They probably need replacing.

Nigel - they are Air up/down. Use Silicone as it doesn't damage the rubber.

08/04/2019 12:13:12

I have had 4 flights with Touche so far.

The first was just over a week ago. Unfortunately, I was getting air bubbles in the fuel line from the pump which meant only one short flight (deadstick) and then back home, engine out, strip and clean the pump. A quick test on the test mount and the engine was peaking OK so back in and waited patiently for the next opportunity.

So, on Saturday, attempt number 2. A little bit of tweaking required to get the Dynamic Carb setup so it would transition cleanly from idle to peak.

A much better flight but slightly under elevated. Model is very smooth but the engine died after about 3 or 4 minutes. Enough time to check that it does the basics OK though and its not twitchy.

A bit more tweaking. I was having problems with an air leak in the retracts (Seem to hold pressure on the ground but deffo losing pressure in the air) so had to settle for locked down undercarriage. .

Flights 2 and 3 followed the same - engine OK on the ground but dying in the air after a few minutes. Very irritating. On the 3rd landing, the left uc leg collapsed and the model skewed off and slid into the laid flat fence post. No damage except for a paint chip which will be easily fixed but I think the model was giving me messages to get the uc swapped out..

SO I cleaned up and brought it home for a good look. Next job is to get the UC out and check the seals in the UC cylinders or probably swap out for an electric set...

I still need to sort out the motor. It seems OK on full throttle but dying in the mid throttle range. Pipe length needs optimising as well but it flies beautifully. Very smooth but not stupidly fast (except for dead stick landings).


Thread: Prostate Cancer
08/04/2019 11:14:27

This is a long but interesting paper from an old friend of mine.. Lots of detail but a genuine human/patients experience

Andy's Story

Thread: UKCAA Events 2019
05/04/2019 22:45:32

UKCAA Events 2019. For latest information, please check out :


UKCAA @ Loughborough

Loughborough MFC

27 Apr 201910:0027 Apr 2019

This is a Saturday event

A Fly-in with 1 round contest during the Lunch break.

Visitors welcome but pre-registration is required

UKCAA @ Watford

Watford Wayfarers MAC

12 May 201910:0012 May 2019

Fly-in with 1 round contest during the lunch break to Pick5 and Pick7 rules

Visitors welcome but pre-registration is required

UKCAA @ Trent20

Trent20 MFC

26 May 201910:0026 May 2019


The event comprises of 2 sessions. Early morning will be for members to practice their PICK5/PICK7 schedules under guidance.

Late morning and afternoon session will comprise of a 3 or 4 round contest

UKCAA @ Skegness

Croft Private Aerodrome

09 Jun 201910:0009 Jun 2019

This is strictly a members only event. (Landowners restriction)

The format will be a fly-in with Pick5/7 event over the lunch break.

BBQ will be laid on. More details to follow with a mailshot a couple of weeks before the event

UKCAA @ Worcester

Worcester MFC

23 Jun 201910:0023 Jun 2019

Our second visit to Worcester MFC. A beautiful location in Worcestershire countyside

Event will be a Fly-in with Pick5/7 over the lunch break. A BBQ will be laid on.

Guests are welcome but MUST preregister

UKCAA @ Royston

Royston MFC

07 Jul 201910:0007 Jul 2019

Back to Royston again for the 3rd time. This is an active (light aircraft) airfield and there may be some minor disturbances to deal with any (rare) aircraft movements

Event will be a Fly-in and contest to Pick5/7 rules

There is on site catering (closes at 13:00). A BBQ may be laid on

Guests are welcome but MUST pre-register

Further details to follow with the mailshot about 2 weeks before the event

UKCAA @ Retford

Retford MFC

21 Jul 201910:0021 Jul 2019

UKCAA Fly-in only.

No contest but awards (for Members) for Pilot's Pilot and Concours d'Elegance

Visitors welcome but must pre-register

UKCAA @ Huddersfield

Huddersfield DMAC - WHAMS

04 Aug 201910:0004 Aug 2019

Our third visit to Huddersfield DMAC.

Revised Date

This will be a combined fly-in and contest to Pick5/Pick 7 rules

Winterton Model Show

Winterton (17 & 18 August)

17 Aug 201910:00-18 Aug 201817:00

Winterton Model Show

UKCAA will have a stand here and hopefully will have dedicated UKCAA flying slots. If you would like to help or take part in the flying (minimum B cert) please contact me for further information.

The flying site is located down Carr Lane (off Holmes Lane), Winterton, North Lincolnshire.

Nearest postcode DN15 9QX Exact coordinates 53.66141,-0.560441

The show site will be clearly signposted over the weekend.

UKCAA @ Loughborough

Loughborough MFC

12 Oct 201910:0012 Oct 2019

Note this is a Saturday Event

Fly-in and 1 round contest to UKCAA Pick5/Pick7 Schedules

Visitors welcome but must pre-register

Thread: Peter Miller Ballerina
01/04/2019 13:17:23

My 115% Ballerina is still my most flown (ever) sport model. Looking tatty now but I have no intention of retiring it


Thread: Linkage rod to horn connection
26/03/2019 14:20:36

When I use a ball and joint on unthreaded rod, I cut the rod to length, heat it up and gently slide into the plastic end of the ball joint. The plastic melts and sticks and seals. Never had one fail yet and I have never managed to detach one forcibly either

Thread: Tony Nijhuis Harvard - Build Log
26/03/2019 09:22:27

Really impressed wit your 3d printed parts Geoff. I am just getting to grips with 3D CAD (I am using FreCAD) but struggling to visualise how I would draw parts such as the scoops that have curves in 3 dimensions. Any chance of doing a tutorial blog?

Thread: What's your rate limiting step?
25/03/2019 09:37:30
Posted by Andy Meade on 22/03/2019 15:42:06:

After glassing : fill sand spray / fill sand spray / fill sand spray....zzzzZZzz

That coz you have got it wrong Andy. It should be sand fill spray / sand fill spray / sand fill spray / zzzzZZzz

Thread: Tony B's replica
24/03/2019 20:42:59

That looks very neat Tony. Nice work

Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
24/03/2019 14:37:37

That is great news Martian . Really am pleased for you .Your Fury is looking great as well

Thread: Touche
22/03/2019 09:08:05

Thanks both. I bought a replacement closed loop rudder system yesterday. Will get fitted this morning but weather forecast not looking brilliant for a maiden this weekend.

20/03/2019 15:27:00


ell, its just about finished. The only outstanding jobs are to fit the closed loop rudder cable and install the flight battery. AUW (dry) is just less than 3.5kg which seems quite respectable.

Next job is an engine run to set the pipe length and do a noise test as our club has become very nose sensitive due to issues with the landlady.






and (cutting and aligning those squares for the paintwork was a challenge)




A hint of Sweden underneath


CG was absolutely spot on. No ballast required and I can fit the flight battery with confidence


From the front.

So, hopefully the next report will be a successful maiden, possibly Friday if the weather holds and I can get a closed loop rudder set. (I have one somewhere but its been put somewhere safe so I don't lose it).

Not much more to come..


Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
20/03/2019 08:56:51

That looks great Peter. Very nice

Thread: Touche
18/03/2019 14:50:10

Thanks Martin

I'll see how I get on with those retracts. If I have to change them there shouldn't be too much trauma. I threw out all the original Rom Air valves as they were definitely past their use by date. I'll see how I get on with the HK stuff. They actually look like quite nice quality TBH,

The fus is an epoxy glass affair that was pre-primed. I assumed it would be a good base, clearly, it wasn't. I'll try your dope idea next time.

Best wishes


18/03/2019 12:20:20

Embarrassed to say that its been a long time since the last update. Unfortunately, I had a heart attack just after Christmas (followed by 2 more much milder ones) so workshop time has been a bit spasmodic. However, I have made odd bits of progress but forgot to do much in the way of photos and updates. Sorry for any gaps.

I eventually got the retracts working but I needed to replace the O rings in the switch unit. That seems to have sorted that, it appears to be holding pressure now and wheels go up and down when instructed.

While all this was happening and some of it in the wrong sequence, work progressed on the wing


Holes for the retracts cut and retracts fitted using beech blocks


Cut outs for the ailerons done- as per plan


Wing tips added - laminated from balsa sheet. They are supposed to be pointed at the very trailing edge. I eventually rounded them slightly as they kept breaking.


Wings joined using GF Resin bandage and alignment checked at the wing tips. These level boxes are an absolute bargain.


With the wing joined


With the wing joined and fitted, the sheet sides that fit the belly pan can be installed


And a test fit.


Aileron servo cut outs with thin beech bearers and a bit of filler


The switch for the retract servo - mounted on the wing


The fus was painted. What could go wrong, the primed surface carefully sanded down with fine wet and dry and 2 pack white applied. It looked stunning.the cockpit masked off and painted using Tamiya paints from an airbrush. Ditto the red. However, when the mask was removed some of the paint pulled off - the white gloss base hadn't adhered properly to the primer. This was carefully repaired and masking/painting continued.


I was really quite pleased with the paintwork, even the lettering was painted. However, when masks were removed, huge chunks of white came away. Basically, I had to sand it back and redo it.


This time, the lettering was done using Vinyl.

Fitting out has taken far longer than expected


A header pipe was manufactured by Weston UK and the engine fitted and servo wired up.

This is a pumped engine - the fuel piped routed around the firewall


A bent ali bracket supports the lower cowling.


The pipe length calculated and fitted. The clamp still needs to be completed. The area in the fus is enclosed within a 3/16 balsa box. That was a real fiddle to fit. (I was being very polite there).


cooling air outlets carefully cut and a slot for the exhaust outlet


The radio gear in the fus has been fitted.


Finally - some colour added to the wing. The ailerons were fitted this morning. Horns next then elevators and rudder

Thread: Tony B's replica
12/03/2019 21:20:44

Looks great mate. Very nice indeed.

the 3D bits aren't that heavy though laugh

Thread: Hawker Fury Mk1 Replica, K1930 (OO-HFU)
12/03/2019 21:18:23

Mine were cut from offcuts and scrap as well.Nothing worse though than a capstrip that is 2mm too short..

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