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Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
17/07/2018 11:01:11
Posted by Steve J on 11/07/2018 11:14:42:

I suspect that the DfT/CAA realised that giving a blanket exemption to 35,000+ people would make the 400ft limit completely pointless.

I don't think the plan was to grant an exemption to 35,000 people. My understanding was the location would get the exemption..

Thread: Are there any female members in your club?
06/07/2018 06:49:00

we have two ladies who fly with us in the UKCAA. Both very competent


Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
05/07/2018 10:06:40

Hi Colin

Yes - that is correct. It will turn an 18x14 prop. Available from Just engines at eek pounds each. It also has a nifty rear starter point using an Allen socket. Not sure if I will use that though

I do hope its reliable. It wasn't cheap - even second hand..


05/07/2018 07:46:57

There is a video here that shows how it works.

No embed code for some reason


Thread: What percentage of pilots fly Mode 1 in the UK?
04/07/2018 17:03:46

I learned to fly on a Futaba 2 channel Transmitter (gliders). Rudder (or aileron) on the right stick , elevator left stick. This was effectively Mode 1 on 2 channels.

When I graduated to a Futaba 27MHz M (FM) in about 1980 it seemed sensible to stick with this - in fact the default was Mode 1. Throttle/Aileron right, Rudder/Elevator left.

When I came back to flying after about a 10 year gap - about 10 years ago, I decided to re-learn to fly on Mode 2 as I thought (incorrectly) that I may need instruction (which I didn't) - which in hindsight was a mistake as (apparently) its far easier to roll on Mode 1. Right stick controls the roll rate, left stick can be moved in a triangle (ish) to correctly place the rudder then elevator then rudder to keep the roll nice and axial.

Now, am I too late to undo the error of my ways?


Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
04/07/2018 16:27:19

Didn't some of the Iranian Fury's see action? They were front line aircraft until 1949 IIRC

Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
04/07/2018 16:26:05


Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
04/07/2018 16:24:13

My RCV90SP turned up (courtesy of placing a wanted ad in the BMFA classified). Only run in and never flown. Nice and oily.

It looks like it will be a perfect fit




It is certainly a weird looking engine. One of the nice things is that RCV provided details of the right sight size vents and how to direct cooling air. I'll probably mount it needle valve pointing downwards - it depends on where I route the exhaust. Getting quite excited now. That is one big hurdle out of the way

More to come


Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
04/07/2018 13:58:05

Still following along Chris

Those wheels look great - ingenious even..

I also agree that Natural Solartex is the way to go with this. I am surprised you didn't do the wheels the same and show off those lovely spokes


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
03/07/2018 09:11:38

I have to admit that looks superb.. Very tempted with one of these now.

(Note to self - add to list and reschedule 10 year build programme)


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
02/07/2018 16:46:48

Is this it?



29/06/2018 16:39:40

Hi Ernie, the etcher will thank you profusely if you can mask off that big white area and make it black as this will be 'expensive' (in chemicals) and very time consuming to etch. Perhaps also duplicate some smaller pieces as spares?


Apart from that, it looks fantastic.


Edited By Martyn K on 29/06/2018 16:40:22

Thread: UKCAA @ Royston 2018
29/06/2018 14:40:21

Another great meeting with superb warm and sunny weather. The best turnout we have had this year as well.

A fantastic days flying. We had a one round Pick7 contest with 6 entrants and with me as judge.

We had an equal first of Shelly Redworth and Greg Butterworth with Simon Ford in 3rd place.

A few photos - just a subset of the almost 30 models that were on show.


Simon Ford and Jetta


Barry Meredith with Bar-Fli and Upset II


Barry's Bar Fli


Tony Bloomfield's Bullet + 10%


A fleet of DSM Models belonging to Tony and Felix


Peter Burgess lovely Adagio


Marion Meredith Upset II




Adagio - a little overexposed


Simon Ford's Jetta


Tony Bloomfield's Smartmove




Next event is members only at Skegness - 7-8 July


Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
29/06/2018 13:37:00

Its quite a safe choice Danny. The paint detail on some of the schemes - although very attractive - would frighten me to death if I actually had to paint them

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
29/06/2018 13:33:47

There are a good selection of Fury Colour Schemes here:

There a 3 pages of schemes to peruse. Page selection is near the bottom. Not immediately obvious


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
29/06/2018 10:58:30

Have a look at Diatex. Cheaper and lighter than Solartex but not self adhesive,


Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
29/06/2018 10:35:34

This is the aircraft that I am planning to build for the latest Scale Mass Build Master Class.


It will be powered by an ic engine, I have managed to acquire an almost new RCV90SP which should be a good fit and match without any protruding lumps


I haven't actually got my hands on it yet, but it may mean that firewalls will need a little tweaking. Nothing insurmountable - hopefully.

I have to admit that I am worried about cooling - I am not sure how I am going to address that - and I think the electric powered models may have the same problem. I think that will be one of the bigger logistic challenges.

Other challenges - silver paint can be challenging to get a nice even coat.. I will almost certainly use Klass Kote for paint - at least for the silver. Getting the correct shade of blue for the trim may be more difficult but it will be finished with Klass Kote clear anyway

Construction however, looks fairly straightforward except for the "new to me" challenge of lots of bent wire for struts and things like that. If you get the wheel axle a couple of mm short then no-one will notice, A twisted or asymetric cabane will cause big problems.. One of my projects on the go is a Free Flight Scale Bucker Jungmann which is just about ready to start the wire-work. It will be good to practice on.

My background. I have been building and flying model aircraft for almost 50 years but only comparatively recently been bitten by the scale bug. I am still building my Chippie (from the last Master Class) but that will hopefully be fully painted before we start this.

I will never be as good a builder as Danny and the other scale masters so will not be trying for a Class A scale model but what I do want is a good Stand Off Scale with lots of detail to satisfy those who want a closer look. It will have to look 'right' even though it may never satisfy a judge.

Hopefully, it will be under 5kg and will therefore qualify for the new BMFA Light Scale Class.

What I would love to see is a squadron of Furies at a show in perhaps a couple of years time. I think that would look awesome and be a great credit to our honourable leader and mentor, Mr Fenton.

More to come..


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
29/06/2018 09:42:20

Yes, so do I...

However, I think I am going with K5682.



Thread: fav model of all time
29/06/2018 09:30:24

My favourite model was a Free Flight A/2 glider (now known as F1A class) designed by Mike Reeves in 1969 or 1970.I built my first one when I was at School (we had an aeromodelling class) and I eventually built 13 of them (or close derivatives) over about a period of about 15 years. I still have one left in the loft that I built in 1984 and last flew competitively in 1995

That is me on the left (aged 17) with the 4th one I built..


It was very distinctive because of its ultra short nose which gave incredible stall revovery.


I became very good friends with Mike in the early 70's. He took me to my first contests and was very supportive

Sadly, he was killed in a full sized glider accident in the early 80's.


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
29/06/2018 09:19:15

Thanks Peter.

Looking at the 3V, it appears that wing was fully sheeted with only the elevators, aileron and rudder having exposed ribs.


The close up of the rudder above (at the top of the page) doesn't seem show any tapes. . TBH, I am inclined to leave them off although I am very surprised I can't see any. Its never going to be a contest model but I do want it to look 'right' for things like scale fly-ins. It feels much heavier than 1.6kg so I was quite surprised and pleased when I saw the weight on the scales last night.

Stuart. I am trying Acrylics (using a spray gun and compressor) for the first time on the 1/4 scale Foka. I am actually finding it far more difficult than using rattle cans because the paint takes much longer to dry. It does dry very smoothly though and the coverage and density is very good. I am using Valspar acrylic paint from B&Q. (They can colour match for you). I did originally try thinning it but it was far too runny but leave run stains rather than lumpy runs (if that makes sense).

This mornings job was to make and add the trim tabs using litho plate. Epoxied and in this heat it will be dry by lunchtime. The non functional spoilers will go on after painting. They were light grey as well


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