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Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
13/12/2018 16:33:27

Hi Danny

Why have you cut the side sheeting square around the lower wing?


Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
13/12/2018 11:37:38


I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that anything that was Class A scale in the 70s is probably only Stand Off Scale nowadays. There were just too many compromises that could be made which cannot be done today due to the amount of digital information available. I think that its something to bear in mind for the future.

As this is only intended to be SOS for me, I am not too worried but I can imagine the scale diehards (like you) tearing their hair out in frustration.

I have to admit, I am enjoying this build far more than the Chippie. Glad I did the wings first as well.


13/12/2018 11:33:27

I started with your revised shapes, but just slightly larger and then used a very long (1m) sanding stick to blend the formers in longitudinally. The side pieces went on very nicely as a result. I also added one extra former on the LHS as I thought the gap between the rear formers was a bit big

I am also not happy with the shape of the cowl. Full stop. It looks too dumpy. But I am going to have to make do. Making a new one from scratch is out of my comfort one. One day perhaps but not in the build lifetime of this model


13/12/2018 10:39:50

The bedroom decorating was completed but to be honest I felt too knackered to do much building over the weekend.

But I have made some progress though


I have move dthe position of the hardwood beam for the upper wing mounting. I have also increased the size as well. The M4 steel bolt captive nuts are moved nearer to the formers to reduce the bending load.

As this is raked, the bolt holes had to be raked as well so a drilling plan was devised


The cross hatch shows the thicker beams and the angle for the measured at 7 degrees. Note that the bottom beam has also been increased in size as well. 90mm M4 allen bolts are on order.


Stringers next... There are rather a lot. I used 3/32 on the upper deck but very light 1/8 balsa on the sides and bottom


A test fit of the tailplane was promising


A slight change from the plan at the front of the bottom stringers. They rest on top of a piece of 3/16 sheet balsa and then infilled the last 12mm with balsa. This is to try and get the wing fairings something like accurate - later


The side pieces were fun. The side pieces seem to fit better upside down..

A chat with our Mentor and Maestro put me right. I had missed or forgotten about the post with the correct shaped former sides.


The front upper hatch isn't going to be there. Access will be from the bottom. Two pieces of 1" triangle glued into place to give some wood to sand out the gun troughs. The rest will be planked with 3mm balsa


The sides went in place last night. These are 1.5mm balsa and will mainly have a second laminate of 1.5mm balsa on top. The reason. Well I am not happy with the cowl. It stops just after exhaust port 4. The full size definitely does not have a join there and I think it will look odd.

The ali panelling for the sides actually goes back to the cabanes so I am going to try extending by adding GF side cheeks to the existing Sarik Cowl (the shape following the full size panel lines). This will be 1.0 to 1.5mm thick and will sit on top of the balsa sheeting. The remainder will then be sheeted using balsa alongside the glass fibre extensions - if that makes sense. I now need to make a pair of gently curved female moulds - which I can do from the sheeted fuselage I have just done.

This is newish territory for me. It will be interesting to see how it comes out.


More to come...


Thread: Wood glue
11/12/2018 16:41:02

i have been using Gorilla Wood Glue recently. I have been quite impressed with it and its cost effective. I bought a big bottle and decanted into a small bottle with a nozzle. It dries hard but not brittle and is sandable

Thread: BMFA club finder
11/12/2018 16:36:36

Is that Club finder in the new Azolve members portal or on the main website?

If its the new members portal (azolve) then its up to Club Secs to put their club on the map - only one location per club whereas the main website supported multiple sites


Thread: Touche
10/12/2018 09:22:16

Thanks Martin

Just emailed you. Very much appreciated


10/12/2018 09:06:16

Thanks Martin


09/12/2018 22:19:20
Thanks. I do actually have the manual. As you spotted, no info on the size of the pipes. I do have a couple of short lengths of the original pipe and it is 3mm od. They plug into 2mm brass tube. The instructions say they have to be heated slightly then stretched into place. I couldn't get the 1.5mm id to stretch far enough so have ordered some 1.7mm pipe from hk along with some couplers and other bits as spares. They won't be here for another week or so though.

Edited By Martyn K on 09/12/2018 22:23:07

09/12/2018 20:06:53
Sorry but I haven't made much progress in the past few days. I am still trying to get the retracts working. The air line that I ordered is too small so I need to get something just a little larger. Anyone know what size airline I need for rhom Air retracts? 1.5mm id is too small. I can get 1.7mm from hk. The brass tube fittings are 2mm od.

Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
07/12/2018 17:30:24

All sorted - thanks

Today is a decorating day. My task this weekend is to get the spare bedroom decorated ready for a new carpet and bed being delivered and fitted on Monday, The good news is that there is plenty of time while paint dries

Picking up from this morning


Front firewall fitted with cooling outlet. As my engine will be radial mounted, the main bearers are slightly smaller and the gaps filled with shims of beech.


All the side triangular bits fitted and into the jig for the pull together at the rear


I eventually got the former in place but I had to unglue both the rear uprights. At this point, the lower triangle is not glued in.


The reason why is that I had to cut a keyhole slot for skid.... which looks like this


Main skid from 1.5mm FG board, side panels from 1.5mm ply


The lower front rear edge is packed out with 2mm balsa. There is 1/32 ply bearing plate where the LE of the skid fits


And glued into place. A couple of short lengths of triangle to support the balsa


And another shot


From underneath.

The spring was something I had in my spring drawer and was stretched until the tension felt right. You can see I have also added a little extra reinforcement at the front of the ply former and the skid plates have triangles to hold them steady in front of the pivot

The plan is to add some 1/64 balsa sides and fair it very slightly

More to come


07/12/2018 12:28:48

Thanks both

Danny, I have tried that and failed However my longeron extensions look a little longer than yours, but I am sure that mine were cut to plan,

I'll try 'springing it Colin but I have used rather firm wood. They didn't seem too compliant when I tried easing it over


07/12/2018 12:12:41

I have put the tail surfaces away. It all nearly fits but the hinge shrouds are a bit of a so and so to fit... Later

Made a start on the fuselage

Just like everyone else, I made two sides, one on top of the other.


All quite straightforward. The sides are separated by a layer of cling film


While that was drying, I started on the Firewall.

I am going to cut a big hole in the top to allow cooling air to flow through and probably out through the cockpit. As this is a big lump of motor, I have added another 3mm ply layer as reinforcement


Cut the additional slots out on the scroll saw. It really needs finer blades to get in all the fiddly bit.

When dry, I started to mark out the firewall for the inbuilt radial engine mount.

The prop shaft axis was carefully marked ( no side or down thank heavens) on the firewall and checked and double checked then left overnight and checked again..


I finally committed and drilled it.

So - although I dont have any pics the firewall and two front formers have been fitted.

However, I have run into a small problem.

How do you fit the very last former (that holds the skid)? The longerons are extended behind this point and taper together so the former cannot be slid over the longerons. I guess that you have to break the join with the last upright but before I butcher my carefully assembled fur can someone confirm that please?


More to come


Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
06/12/2018 21:36:31
I agree Martian. That looks lovely

Thread: 1/2 scale Druine Turbulent
06/12/2018 16:36:34

That full sized Druine link is a superb restore blog Ian. Explains how aircraft were stitched and why.. Now I understand

Thread: Miss Demeanor Sr
06/12/2018 11:47:39

Hope the op goes well Peter. Take care and don't get tempted. Your eyesight is far more important


Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
05/12/2018 10:48:03

Wait til you start the cap strips Colin... You'll be needing a labrador

04/12/2018 22:30:17
I am enjoying doing these fiddly bits. Probably a bit pointless as it will never be a class a scale model but these little touches will hopefully add a little je ne sais quoit. If that is spelt correctly 😂
Thread: Touche
04/12/2018 22:25:31
Thanks CP
That looks really nice. That colour scheme makes it look very much like the original Naruke Aurora.
It looks beautifully finished as well
Thread: K5682 - Martyn's Fury
04/12/2018 16:55:36

A bit more progress.

The tailplane has now been slotted for the hinges and it seems fine. Quite happy with that

The past couple of days, I have been working on the fin and rudder.

The rudder hinges (on the full size) are a little bit more complex than the elevator. Its a sort of double take. At first glance it looks like they are hinged on the tube rudder post but that is not the case. the hinge is actually a small bolt hinge just in front of the rudder LE. a plate from the rudder post sandwiched between 2 plates from the TE of the fin.



I made 3 sets of these. 1.5mm GF and a short length of 6mm carbon tube to fit the slot that I will cut


Sorry for the crap photos - they are quite small (8mm wide) and my new phone macro facility isn't as good as the old one.


The pivot holes were drilled out for 2mm brass tube bush which was used to align the fin side of the hinges. In this photo you can also see a carbon fin post that will support the rear of the fin, dropping into a pseudo ali box at the rear of the fusealge


The fin side of the hinge needs recessing further = about 2mm as the gap is too wide. The hinge line needs to be just on the LE of the rudder. There is also a small piece of GF board packing between the plates to get the correct separation for the rudder side of the hinge

The 3rd hinge set will be the lower pivot point that will sit in the fuselage.

More to come - albeit slowly


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