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Thread: Weston Park 2019
17/06/2019 16:39:39

First time for me. I went Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Yes - rain and mud was a problem but it didn't dampen my enthusiasm too much. I an not usually a voyeur, I prefer to fly rather than watch but it was nice to nip down on the bike and spend the day with friends.

I stayed until the close so also watched the fireworks and the full size glider evening displays. (with lights and fireworks). This IMHO was the best part - absolutely loved it.

The mass prop hang wag good to watch. We also had a Spitfire and Pitts special displays (full sized). I bought a couple of rolls of film plus food.. Burger for lunch and noodles for tea - both very tasty.. Expensive - yes, but probably than the NEC,

Yes there was probably too much 3D for my taste, I was expecting the Dawn patrol but they were absent, I would have liked to have seen more displays from other types of models as well but the paying public apparently prefer 3D.

Don't forget, there were also cars and boats on display elsewhere as well.

It was a great day. Apparently attendance numbers were down, probably due to the weather.


Thread: David Vaughan P-51B
06/06/2019 13:29:06

I have the article now kc.

Thanks anyway


Thread: Ink Jet Printing
05/06/2019 09:14:22

I have often printed onto A4 sized waterslide transfer paper. The trick is to print first, I then spray over the decal with Halfords clear lacquer (rattle can) to waterproof the artwork then simply dunk into water and transfer,


The flag on the fin of my Chippie was done this way


Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
29/05/2019 14:48:00

DD - that model looks absolutely stunning... Beautiful


Thread: Beth's off.....
29/05/2019 14:42:38

Good luck Beth, life will NEVER be the same again..

Thread: Elan 100 Build
27/05/2019 11:08:32

I have to admit that I concur entirely Andy. I always thought that the intention of the 100S class was to be a great intro into competitive thermal soaring. I have been reading George Stringwells 'Thermal Soaring' book which boasted of huge numbers of entrants in the 1980s. Nowadays, the entries are a fraction of that and I am convinced that this is directly related to the almost mandatory need for expensive high tech models to even start to be competitive. I appreciate that I sound like a luddite but I have never understood why the powers that be have never introduced technology restricted option to be flown alongside existing classes. Not just for thermal soaring but all competitive disciplines. No extra effort is required by the organisers, apart from a bit of publicity and a careful think of exactly what that entails, the option simply needs to be there and see what happens.


Thread: Slite V2 build thread
27/05/2019 10:16:22

Thanks for starting this thread Andy. Following with interest

What size and wall thickness is the carbon spar?


Thread: F3-RES
27/05/2019 10:14:03

Thanks Andy

I concur, it's a great technology limited class which helps keep the cost down. It's also very suitable for small field flying and would make a great class to fly within a club. I built my 1st F3-RES about 3 years ago. My best competition flight from a flat field shirt bungee launch was over 35 minutes. Absolutely wonderful fun


Thread: IT help required please
14/05/2019 17:11:01

Unlikely to be a graphics problem. More likely that the computer didn't recognise the camera when plugged into the (*I assume) USB port. Could be a faulty port.

Assuming its Windows, Plug the Camera back in, check File explorer and you should see (probably) a F: drive - could be a different letter if F is already being used). Expand the F drive and check that you can see the files or if you get a warning about formatting. Don't format it!

If the filenames are present, then it could possibly be a graphics driver but I suspect that the problem will have manifested itself by now.

If you cant see the F drive when the camera is plugged in, Have a look at Computer Properties > device Manager and see if there are any USB errors showing. Check USB Controllers and Other devices for a clue


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
09/05/2019 19:16:50

I haven't done anything with mine since Christmas. Losing about 2 months of shed time in the new year set me back and I concentrated on getting the Touché finished and I am trying to get the Chippie finished as well. When that is done, I'll get back on the Fury and the Rearwin Speedster. However, I have 3D printed some wheels which I am very pleased with.

I haven't forgotten it, I just need a clear bench and some time.


Thread: David Vaughan P-51B
08/05/2019 11:19:31

Wow. Thanks Richard, I can only dream of producing a model to that standard


08/05/2019 09:23:55

I am planning on building one for next winter's build. I have got the plans but I could also do with a scanned copy of the article..


Thread: BMFA-NW and LMMGA Classic/Retro Day - 18th May
29/04/2019 16:55:15

The BMFA NW Area and the Leek and Moorland Model Gliding Association will be holding a 'Classic/Retro' Day on the 18th May.

This will held on one of the LMMGA excellent slope sites (depending on wind direction) but the idea is to cater for all those classic and retro gliders from before the turn of the century. We are hoping that the event will draw out some thermal soarers as well as the slope soarers that were popular in the 70s to 90s. A bungee launch will be made available if its calm.

We are planning to hold a BBQ and there will be prizes for Pilot's Pilot and Best Turned out Classic (Traditional build) that is flown.

If you are interested or would like more details, please PM me


Thread: CAA registration consulation
27/04/2019 21:48:03

The BMFA have specifically requested that we do not use a bulk response. However, here are my responses

Q5: What is your view on the CAA’s proposed charge, in terms of the level and structure of the charge?

I feel that the charge is expensive and poor value for money. For example, Ofcom manage license renewals for (amongst others) Radio Amateurs. A registration process that requires renewal every 5 years and costs the radio operator £0.

I cannot understand why an annual re-registration is required. The status change for most hobbyist UAV pilots is that they will either fly or not. If they give up the hobby they will simply cease to fly. A 5 year registration process would be adequate.

I can however see a need for commercial UAV annual registration.

This appears to be an exercise in bureaucracy, almost a way of trying to justify the reason for the registration process and appears to bring very little value either in terms of education , safety or culprit apprehension.

Model flyers have demonstrated an excellent safety record over the past (almost) 100 years. The fact is that the registration process, while I can understand the necessity in light of recent multi copter incidents, will not prevent further illegal operation and is more likely - especially with the annual cost - that this registration system will simply be ignored by a great many operators which ultimately means that those law abiding users will pick up the cost.

Your question 4 above "Do you already own a drone?" is again misleading. Do you mean multi copter, Model Aircraft or what? Why have you not used the agreed terminology of UAV is to cover all unmanned aerial vehicles? The correct definition for drone is a monotonous sound.

Q6: Do you have alternative ideas about how the CAA could cover the costs of running the registration scheme?

Import membership data from existing model flying and other UAV national bodies.
This does not need an expensive front end or support organisation. It is a simple registration scheme. The only question is whether a user needs to be registered
and can this be proven on demand

Q7: Are the CAA’s estimated volumes appropriate for the make-up of drone operators in the UK, based on existing sources of data and your own observations?

Your estimate of 170,000 users over 18 months seems high and could be misleading. Assuming that the 4 national bodies have 45,000 users (rounded up) and who dutifully register on the 1/11/2019, they will then re-register 12 months later. Does your estimate of 170,000 include these double counted members. In either case, where will the other 125,000 (or 80,000) registration come from? If this is based on multi copter sales then this appears to be highly optimistic as many will have purchased/tried/crashed/got bored/given up.

Many multi copter pilots are also Model Aircraft pilots and there is further scope for double counting. I can see where the model flyers are, I have no visibility of these other UAV (multi copter) pilots which according to your estimate outnumber Model Aircraft pilots by a factor of 3.


If you haven't already, please respond but keep your comments constructive to demonstrate we are ALL responsible UAV operators here.



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
18/04/2019 15:03:45

Wow. 😍 😍 And wow

Thread: Touche
09/04/2019 10:52:36

Thanks Martin

I have bent a pair of 6swg legs this morning. I'll refit the retracts later


08/04/2019 16:59:05

I have got a set of HK metal trunion retracts which I have been exercising today. They are the 90 sized ones. The biggest problem I had was that they wouldn't clamp the leg very well so the clamp has been drilled out to accept a sleeved 8swg leg. (from memory about 5.5 or 6mm). Just trying to find my wire bender to bend the spring loop then worry how to get the servo leads through, Ho hum..


08/04/2019 15:14:50

Thanks Martin.

No I haven't stripped the Dynamix carb but it was err tweaked before I spotted the air bubbles. When its running, the pressure is actually blowing a little fuel through the main needle valve. No air bubbles though. I kept blowing plugs so its on a cold plug now. It ran OK on a OS 8 previously so not sure why that is happening.

I have used Silicone oil in the retract system, quite liberally but I suspect that the seals in the leg units may be a little dry and hardened. They probably need replacing.

Nigel - they are Air up/down. Use Silicone as it doesn't damage the rubber.

08/04/2019 12:13:12

I have had 4 flights with Touche so far.

The first was just over a week ago. Unfortunately, I was getting air bubbles in the fuel line from the pump which meant only one short flight (deadstick) and then back home, engine out, strip and clean the pump. A quick test on the test mount and the engine was peaking OK so back in and waited patiently for the next opportunity.

So, on Saturday, attempt number 2. A little bit of tweaking required to get the Dynamic Carb setup so it would transition cleanly from idle to peak.

A much better flight but slightly under elevated. Model is very smooth but the engine died after about 3 or 4 minutes. Enough time to check that it does the basics OK though and its not twitchy.

A bit more tweaking. I was having problems with an air leak in the retracts (Seem to hold pressure on the ground but deffo losing pressure in the air) so had to settle for locked down undercarriage. .

Flights 2 and 3 followed the same - engine OK on the ground but dying in the air after a few minutes. Very irritating. On the 3rd landing, the left uc leg collapsed and the model skewed off and slid into the laid flat fence post. No damage except for a paint chip which will be easily fixed but I think the model was giving me messages to get the uc swapped out..

SO I cleaned up and brought it home for a good look. Next job is to get the UC out and check the seals in the UC cylinders or probably swap out for an electric set...

I still need to sort out the motor. It seems OK on full throttle but dying in the mid throttle range. Pipe length needs optimising as well but it flies beautifully. Very smooth but not stupidly fast (except for dead stick landings).


Thread: Prostate Cancer
08/04/2019 11:14:27

This is a long but interesting paper from an old friend of mine.. Lots of detail but a genuine human/patients experience

Andy's Story

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