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Thread: PIlot Akro
20/09/2018 10:54:12

Moving on with this a bit more. I thought that I would do a comparison between the Plan and N10LL (Laser 200) and also the plan and G-CDDP (Laser 230) which was my preferred prototype. Changes have a black line appended

plan v laser200.jpg

That's not a bad match. Minor discrepancies around the cowl profile and the fin and this prototype has a much sleeker canopy..


plan  v laser230.jpg

This is miles out The Fus is deeper, thrust-line is different and fin is different. Too many changes to cater for so unless a Laser 230 3v is forthcoming, it looks like I will be stuck with the Laser 200


19/09/2018 10:26:48

Thanks Jim

That looks very nice.

I have found in my archive a Laser 200 plan (1.8m span) that looks to be accurate enough for starters and I also have a Laser 200 3V as well. I would have preferred the Laser 230 but without an accurate 3v I don't want to proceed with that



laser 200 3v.jpg

Two more drawings to be printed.. oh hum


18/09/2018 15:32:45

Thanks Nigel

It would certainly fit with IMAC 10% rules but I would want it more accurate than that. Of the two variants, the 230 is more appealing mainly because its a UK registered aircraft and may be accessible. Just needs the tail moment shortening.

If I go ahead with this it will have an OS120FS Surpass III with pump - a heavy lump and the nose on the 230 is shorter so shouldn't end up too nose heavy. I think it would make an excellent project with enough design tweaks to make it my own.

I think I'll get the plan printed and take a closer look



Edited By Martyn K on 18/09/2018 15:38:07

18/09/2018 13:57:27

Thanks John

I have done a bit of photoshopping

akro v laser200.jpg

This is a comparison against the Laser 200 as you suggested

akro v laser230 compare.jpg

and this is against the Laser 230.

I have tried to centre on the (approx) wing and cockpit positions. What is clear is that the cockpit on the Pilot plan is far too big but that is easily corrected and the nose against the Laser 200 is too long

However, I think this is doable

Shame the Club 20 scale was dropped. Do you know why?


18/09/2018 11:40:30

Thanks John

I suspect you may be right.

However, I looked at the laser 200 but it didn't quite look right - mainly around the canopy which then affects the shape of the upper decking..

I'll keep digging. May need to find some 3views and overlay

18/09/2018 11:12:30


On my wish list is the Pilot Akro 1204M. I am really struggling to find out just which prototype this plan was based upon. The nearest I can find (looking at the cockpit outline) is a one off DALLACH DIABLO 2 (D-EMOO) which was a modified Stephens Akro which then spawned the Laser 200 and Laser 230.

However, the cockpit outline is wrong for all of these (except the Diablo)..



The plan claims that it is semi scale, which according to Lord Boddington means not-scale (his words not mine). It would be nice if I can find out just which outline was used for this plan so I could modify it accordingly.

Any thoughts?





Edited By Martyn K on 18/09/2018 11:19:25

Thread: UKCAA @ Huddersfield MAC - 30th September (Revised)
15/09/2018 10:33:56

Please note that due to a lousy weather forecast, this event has been postponed until the 30th September

Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
15/09/2018 10:17:02

Thanks John.

Marvyn - a dopplelganger? - nah - he is far too good looking to resemble me.

14/09/2018 20:57:48
Thanks Martin. The wooden prop in the photos is an 11x7. A 12x6 would probably be better. I did get a bit carried away with it. This is the first 'proper' scale model I have ever completed, the Chippie is now back on the bench so hopefully get some progress on that before the Fury build starts. I am also drawing up a 60 sized Mystic clone for next years UKCAA events. I'll publish details later
14/09/2018 10:51:22

Back from my holidays and cracking along to get this finished

All the control surfaces have now been fastened in and pushrods fitted. Trying to keep away from things like visible clevises which although convenient tend to detract on a demi scale model.

The cockpit has been completed and things like joystick, seat belts etc have been added. brackets etc from lith and quick release from washers and pins.

The pilot was a challenge. I eventually carved my own head (not literally) and produced Marvyn. Any resemblance to a person living or dead is entirely coincidental. Of course, he is a ginge, is there any other colour?


Body is polystyrene with foam legs and arms. I didn't bother with hands, that was a challenge too far.


Clearly a body builder but proportions look about right

I compromised on the exhaust after prevaricating for a few days. I bought the 90 degree elbow from just engines and fitted the standard exhaust.


A bit grubby underneath but it wiped clean. The exhaust isn't too obvious when sat on its wheels.

Final jobs included fitting the curved section of the cockpit canopy and adding a lith frame and rivets

and then suddenly,




it was finished.






and (airbrakes are dummies, cut from lith, painted and epoxied to the wing surface)




Actually, there are still a couple of minor jobs. There needs to be a black seal that fits around the wing root and a little bit of clean up still required.

The CG is just slightly on the safe side but I think I will need to move it back after the maiden, which is unlikely to happen this weekend

Not much more to come..


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
12/09/2018 22:44:18
Thats great Andy

Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
07/09/2018 21:38:33
Get a digital subscription Chris.
Thread: Wire bender
06/09/2018 09:06:44

Just saw this on Facebook. I hope its visible..

Link to Facebook


Thread: D B Ghost Rider 77"
05/09/2018 09:38:04

Doh, I must read things more carefully. Thanks

Thread: Rearwin Speedster 6000
05/09/2018 09:36:50

Had a few WiFi problems while on holiday so unfortunately, the updates didn't happen from my PC.

Progress was a little slower then expected, mainly because I was enrolled into doing holiday type activities so can't really complain..


Before I could do the upper stringers of the fuselage, I needed to get the fin built. A thick card template and 4 laminations of 1/32 balsa with one lamination of 0.006" carbon for strength and anti warp properties. All very straightforward. It also didn't take long for the heat to dry out the well wetted balsa laminations

The ribs are mainly 1/32 balsa with 3/32 for the upper rudder joint ribs and uprights


A test fit and all looks good. Rib spacing is as per full size. The fin slots into a little hole in te top of the fus and also a little cutaway at the rear.


Withe the fin built and temporarily pinned into place the upper stringers can be added. There is a thin piece of very light infill between the upper outer stringers and the sides of the fin to attach the tissue. The idea is that all parts can be covered and painted before they are finally glued together. Hopefully


The tailplane was made in two halved, 5 lams of 1/32 plus 1 carbon which is visible in this shot


When dry, both halves are glued together with a 1/16 balsa brace and ribs added. Hinge line spars are 3/32 balsa. All very lightweight wood.

And that is where it was packed up and shipped back to the UK where it now joins the Foka, Chippie and Dalotel (and shortly the Fury)..

But I do need to get this finished sooner rather than later. Just need to make some space.

More to come


Thread: NEW POLL - Which part of building a new traditional balsa model plane do you enjoy the most?
05/09/2018 08:20:15

I'd like to add an option that my most favourite bit not listed is the design activities if its a total scratch build.

Thread: UKCAA @ Huddersfield MAC - 30th September (Revised)
05/09/2018 08:18:46

Our next event is courtesy of Huddersfield MAC on the 16th September. Location is the WHAMS field near Holmfirth

The event will be a combined Fly-in with informal contest over the lunch break

UKCAA members have already been notified by email. Guests are welcome, if you would like to come along, please PM me for details


Thread: UKCAA @ Retford - Rescheduled - now 5 August
05/09/2018 08:14:44

Belatedly, some photos from the event. Turnout wasn't as high as we would normally expect as the event was postponed by a week. Still a fantastic day though with perfect flying weather.. All photos courtesy Tony Saxby


Sue Dunning - Steve's wife - in front of a collection of models that Steve had at some point been involved in.

Steve was an amazing and very versatile builder. We scattered his ashes on the field at lunchtime. Some of his ashes ended up all over me. I hope some of Steve's skills and wonderfully good nature rubs off on me.


The classic group...








Thread: Ashbourne Scale Day
05/09/2018 07:57:22

Please add me to the list as well.

Martyn Kinder

Thread: D B Ghost Rider 77"
05/09/2018 07:53:55

What power train did you use Chris.

Looks very nice


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