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Thread: Hartatack
28/11/2018 17:04:15

I have had a search and cant find anything either. The GBRCAA forum may me a better place to ask


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
28/11/2018 13:58:15

Happy to Help Ernie

The full console is here:

Best wishes


28/11/2018 13:23:54

Hi Ernie



Best wishes


Thread: Suggestions for camera system please?
28/11/2018 13:05:10

Apologies BM. That wasn't clear to me..

28/11/2018 11:42:52

If this video was taken in September 2018 then at 3000ft above take off height then that flight  was illegal.. IMHO that is reckless and you are jeopardising all the hard work that the BMFA has carried out to gain us the height restriction exemptions..


Edited By Martyn K on 28/11/2018 11:43:54

Thread: Touche
28/11/2018 09:21:23

At the UKCAA @ Huddersfield event, one of the HDMAC members brought along a very nice epoxy glass fuselage - already primed. After some deliberation, it was established that it was a Touche a very elegant design reminiscent of the Aurora.

So for the princely sum of £25 I bought the fuselage but with no drawings or plans to go with it.

From a FB posting, I was put in touch with John Palmer who provided me with some sketch drawings, followed soon after with some better scans from a kit that Andy Green had.

Glass fuselage and Foam wings. It must be ARTF. laugh

With that info, I ordered a set of wing and tailplane cores from Bill Manley (Bil Kits) and made a start on the fuselage. Now, the idea is to build this while glue is drying on the Fury and the Rearwin Speedster, so updates may be a little slow.

Power will be a pumped Webra 61RE Redhead on a pipe (of course) that I used in my Magic which got decommissioned a couple of years ago.

The first task is to get the firewall into place. The template that Andy scanned for me gave me the outline but the first major problem is that there is no obvious datum to measure from. The drawing says 3 degrees right thrust and 1 degree down so the former was marked up, drilled and the nylon mount fitted.

The only thing that I could use was the vertical (I hope) LE wing seat to measure from so with a piece of wood as packing (to clear the flange) the location of the former was very carefully measured and skewed and tilted to compensate for the down and side thrust.


The engine is fitted so that I can check the alignment at the nose ring. When happy, the firewall was epoxied into place and allowed to set.


With a spinner fitted and a 2mm adjustment in height that doesn't look too bad.

The mount is bolted to the firewall using 4mm rubber rawlplugs


These have a lock nut and washer on the back. You can see the small gap between the mount and the firewall. This is a sort of poor mans soft mount. It certainly seems to work on my Mama Mia and helps isolate the engine from the fus - hopefully keeping the noise down.


Although not shown on the drawing, I added a nose ring from 3mm liteply


Last week the wings and tailplane arrived from Bill. I have to admit that these are some of the nicest foam panels I have ever seen. Perfectly finished and a quick check on the sweep back showed they were perfect.


The fuselage was put aside while I made a start on the tailplane.

LE and TE cut from sheet balsa and glued with a very thin smear of Gorilla polyurethane glue


These were sanded to profile and the tailplane tips laminated from 2 of 1/2" sheet


The tailplane fits in a slot in the fuselage. This already had a moulded flange, so this was opened up carefully (using a dremel with diamond cutting disk) until the tailplane fitted, checking that it was central and horizontal using the string triangulation method


When happy, the edge of the flange was marked onto the tailplane and the two halves glued then glassed together


This wont get fitted permanently until the fuselage gets painted

The wings have also had the LE and TE fitted and sanded to profile.


Next job will be to fit retracts. I have some s/h rom air retracts that I intend to use but I am waiting for some airline to test them before I commit to fitting them. I also need some beech bearers from the LMS as well, so I may as well crack on with the Fury while I am waiting

More to come


Edited By Martyn K on 28/11/2018 09:22:01

Thread: MF's Hawker Fury Mk1
27/11/2018 16:05:33

I haven't got this far yet but I assume there is a former under the panel that is 'recessed' If so I would be inclined to separate the panel from the former and try packing it out with strips of 1/32 balsa.


Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
27/11/2018 11:23:19

Those carbon tubes and rods will be more than adequate. I use the same method on my RC gliders and they get far more abuse than these models will get. The trick is to get the tubes supported down the full length so they don't buckle. I used balsa and then epoxy for any gap filling. When I took my Bubble Dancer F3J glider to the club night at the pub we actually tried to break the wing by bending it over our knees and failed miserably. Mined ewes - that was with 10mm carbon rods as joiners

23/11/2018 17:14:15
My braces were correct as well Danny
Just looking at your spar extension. When you cover the tip, the soar extension will be visible. To get the right profile you will also need to sand the top profile quite a lot. My extensions are hidden and finish at the inner edge of the tip. I think the underside treblers should really be 1/16 balsa but it's no big deal sanding them down. I suspect there may be 20 variants of Doing these tips 😂

Edited By Martyn K on 23/11/2018 17:14:50

Thread: Preval Sprayer
22/11/2018 16:33:11

Is is easy to clean or is it a use once and dispose? Looking for something that will spray Klass Kote without risking damaging my airbrush


21/11/2018 15:20:18

BMFA News is almost self funding from Advertising revenue. I worked out that the net cost for 6 issues per year was about 83p (not 83p per issue) per member.



Edited By Martyn K on 21/11/2018 15:20:38

Thread: Moonglow
21/11/2018 15:15:37

I have been advised (by Shelly on FB), that 1" dihedral under one wing tip (other side flat) is  about right. She has made 2 moonglows. 2" under each tip is way too much



Edited By Martyn K on 21/11/2018 15:16:23

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
20/11/2018 13:33:40

Anyone got a decent 3v for the Mk2?

20/11/2018 13:32:05

Thanks Manish

Interesting. I hadn't realised that the Mk 2 had an additional cooling vent for the larger engine. Just what we need.

20/11/2018 13:31:02

I wasn't suggesting that John.

What I was suggesting that you may think twice about flying something precious if the weather isn't suitable but you may not consider the pits area in the same way. Ultimately, its the pilot's choice but in the event of an accident, you may kick your self for not considering the pits environment in the same way as the flying environment.

Personally, £4 pounds isn't a problem to me either and I voted in favour at the AGM


20/11/2018 13:05:26

I do wonder whether there is some case for a member to take some responsibility for their actions in a 3rd party claim (i.e. where they are the 3rd party).

For example whether there is increased risk due to poor pit management, the pits and car park are too close to the flight-line etc. Pits area is too small, insufficient space, whether there is sufficient facilities to secure models, whether taxiing from the pits to/from the flight line is permitted.

A bit like jamming your car into a tight parking spot and then complaining when someone dings your passenger door because the driver of the adjacent car didn't have space to open his own drivers door.

It's all about risk analysis, nothing grand, but just taking a sensible look around before you get you multi thousand pound model out of the cotton wool protected environment where it currently resides.


Thread: Lion Air Crash
19/11/2018 11:54:23

Force Nose down anti stall has been around for years. The reason for the Trident crash at Staines in 1972 was because the pilot over-rode the anti stall pitch down after retracting the LE slats too soon.


19/11/2018 11:49:57

If every club recruited one extra member every year, the subscription level would stay fairly static.

19/11/2018 07:14:59

Yes - still a bargain..


Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
15/11/2018 21:56:27
Retracts. 😂.

I like the sander. How do you attach the disks?
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