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Thread: Steel rule hard to read
21/06/2018 13:30:29
Posted by cymaz on 17/06/2018 09:24:33:

Gary.....go and treat yourself

I just did - order a 150mm and 300mm - great link - thanks


Thread: Flea Fli RCME July issue free plan
18/06/2018 10:22:37
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 17/06/2018 21:02:03:

That`s the ground down version of the original mount to make it fit. As you see, it has been recycled a few times.

Doing this in the original orange/black scheme. The HK `jacinth` has arrived and is orange to the rest of us.

The canopy will be a problem getting hold of. Ideas anyone? I can get a Taurus one but at 18 quid no thanks.

Hi Martin

My Canopy came from Vortex Vacforms. For a few pounds, it saves a lot of messing around. I think it was CN44


Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/06/2018 10:14:53

Very positive news



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
11/06/2018 10:06:31

Still thinking about it. Very tempted with the RCV90SP but electric is a possibility.

The two big problems we need to resolve are:

  • Battery access - I cant see an easy way of doing this without dismantling
  • Cooling - electric and an enclosed IC engine will have the same issues.

If someone had a spare RCV90SP they wanted to part with at a reasonable price then I could be very tempted..


04/06/2018 14:32:52

Hi Ernie. At £20 that is a no-brainer... Do you need any help doing the CAD work?


Thread: Is this yet another scam
04/06/2018 10:21:07

Right answer... It is likely they will get a 1 in 3 chance of getting the card expiry year correct

Certainly sounds like a scam


Thread: 7 meter ash 31 build
04/06/2018 09:11:31

Following with interest Roo. That fus looks very skinny at the back end. How do you protect against whiplash?


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
01/06/2018 15:07:29

Am I on the list Danny? I would like a full set as well please



Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
01/06/2018 13:45:34

I think we are losing sight of the reasons for the new legislation.

EASA regulations are Europe wide and are designed primarily to protect aircraft.

The revised ANO by HMG is an extension of existing but primarily designed to clear airspace for commercial operations. This will be from 400ft to (I am guessing) about 1000ft. Whether we can differentiate what a 'drone' is or not is irrelevant, this will affect all SUAs

For the majority of sports fliers, once the competency and bureaucracy requirements are implemented and absorbed it will have minimal impact. We will still be able to fly albeit limited to 400ft or thereabouts. I look at this as a speed limit. We ALL speed to a greater or lesser extent, you run the risk of getting caught. A greater risk the more you abuse the limit.

What bothers me is whether we will be obliged to implement any tracking sensors or not and how that will be enforced. Unlike the EASA regulations, I am not sure whether Model registration is still a requirement as well as Pilot registration. It does not appear to be stated but if so, how will that work and what impact will it have?

But my biggest concern is the impact it will have on competitive aeromodelling - especially thermal glider flying and F3A. It's all very well saying that NOTAMs will be issued for competitive events, however, this will prevent trimming and practicing - both essential for a serious competitive aeromodeller.

There does appear to be a loophole in the new regs though. It refers to models controlled by Radio (actually remote) Control. It does not mention Free Flight which I assume will be exempt from the new regs..

Happy to be flamed on all that


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
01/06/2018 07:50:04

Thanks NF

I always thought it actually looked like a scaled up model aircraft.. Even the colour scheme is the sort of thing a modeller would go for..


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
29/05/2018 16:38:56

Good grief Danny. That is a lot of work. Thank you very much. I was going to do the wing ribs using profilli As I find its more accurate than tracing.

Ernie. What sort of price is 'expensive'? Hard to make a judgement without having some indication.


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
29/05/2018 16:15:59

It is something that I must master Martin.. I always end up using too much resin or it pools while it is setting..

29/05/2018 13:57:27

LOL - thanks Ian.. Still didn't get it painted this weekend. Planning to paint the Foka and this at the same time so working getting the Foka ready for paint as well.

Martin - it's a one off and I certainly didn't expect to spend so much time on this. I have done some moulding in the past but I cant pretend that I have been very successful..

Thread: All change at RCM&E
25/05/2018 15:20:38

Good luck David.

A wise decision.

Best wishes


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
25/05/2018 14:53:16

Thanks Paul.

If the weather remains lousy this weekend then it may get some Solartex applied..

However, I am *still* working on that cowl. It needs to be right.

I am trying to get it to the 'Stand Off Scale' standard where I can take it to a Scale Fly-in and hopefully it will be viewed as something just a little more than a sports model. I think that it's just a little too small to be a proper contest model but may fit in rather well with the new Light Scale class being promoted by the BMFA Scale Committee.

Thread: Text Problems
24/05/2018 11:30:12

Possibly a browser issue. What browser are you using? Also possibly hardware drivers


Thread: Deluxe Eze-Kote
24/05/2018 11:13:20

I don't think so. Its a great fuel proof 'resin' for skinning with thin glass cloth but it doesn't have the same strength or hardness as Epoxy resin


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
24/05/2018 10:06:01

A bit more progress. For a mass build model this is taking an age...


The fullsize had a piper cub tailwheel on an extended leaf spring like this.


The pivot for the steerable tailwheel was at the end of the leafspring and steering was accomplished by using two springs back to the rudder. Just like a model I guess

I decided that I wasn't going to make it steerable, the pivot would be too small so settled for a fixed wheel but will put in a dummy steering mechanism


Leafsping from a strip of brass with the 16swg piano wire 'leg' soldered on top. I'll fair it all in before painting.


The springs will go to a dummy horn plugged into the fuselage

Cowl has been fun.


The cowl blister has been added and also a joining strap using Danny's method of creating panel lines. There are some rivets (they could have been bolts on the prototype but the image was rather grainy).


Not very clear. Sorry. The strap goes top and bottom but clearly interrupted by the engine and silencer

Holes now cut for the exhaust and rear vent (I am modelling the original incarnation of the prototype - the later one had a different exhaust arrangement). It will eventually have a couple of nice angle aluminium pipes coming through the lower holes


Finally, the 'belly pan' under the wing has been built as well. Conveniently, the full size had a similar arrangement with joins in the same places (as far as I can see).

The cowl has just been painted with a little more hi build - hopefully it will get 2 pack this weekend and then I can cover the fuselage.

Still need to complete the cockpit detail, I want to try a couple of ideas for this.

More to come


Thread: Peacemaker
23/05/2018 09:13:30

Some photos of Martin's Peacemaker from Sunday

It flew beautifully






Thread: Scammer warning
22/05/2018 15:24:58

Not trying to hijack this thread, but I just received an enquiry from Henry Ford (possibly a different one) on the UKCAA Website

UK Classic Aerobatic Association

Thank you for contacting the Association We will respond shortly,




+44 7700 900077


Hello, I am interested in your planes. Please can you send me further details? Thank you.

IP Address:

UK Classic Aerobatic Association


The IP Address is Nigerian (which rings alarm bells) but the UK phone number quoted is a Fake..

+44 7700 900077, Mobile Phone Number, UK

+44 7700 900077 is a fake mobile telephone number. Avoid unintentionally using real phone numbers by selecting from our range of fictitious telephone numbers. You can find other random mobile phone numbers in the list below. Please note that all mobile numbers generated by Fake Number, including +44 7700 900077, are fake so won't work for phone number verification.

If you have been contacted by +44 7700 900077, you ought to be extremely cautious about answering their calls. The caller ID has almost certainly been spoofed with an officially reserved mobile number, either as part of an elaborate prank or worse yet, a malicious scam. Be vigilant and don't let fraudsters con you out of your money. Don't accept any calls or text messages from +44 7700 900077!

I probably wont bother ringing back..







Edited By Martyn K on 22/05/2018 15:25:22

Edited By Martyn K on 22/05/2018 15:25:56

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