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Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
14/09/2018 20:57:48
Thanks Martin. The wooden prop in the photos is an 11x7. A 12x6 would probably be better. I did get a bit carried away with it. This is the first 'proper' scale model I have ever completed, the Chippie is now back on the bench so hopefully get some progress on that before the Fury build starts. I am also drawing up a 60 sized Mystic clone for next years UKCAA events. I'll publish details later
14/09/2018 10:51:22

Back from my holidays and cracking along to get this finished

All the control surfaces have now been fastened in and pushrods fitted. Trying to keep away from things like visible clevises which although convenient tend to detract on a demi scale model.

The cockpit has been completed and things like joystick, seat belts etc have been added. brackets etc from lith and quick release from washers and pins.

The pilot was a challenge. I eventually carved my own head (not literally) and produced Marvyn. Any resemblance to a person living or dead is entirely coincidental. Of course, he is a ginge, is there any other colour?


Body is polystyrene with foam legs and arms. I didn't bother with hands, that was a challenge too far.


Clearly a body builder but proportions look about right

I compromised on the exhaust after prevaricating for a few days. I bought the 90 degree elbow from just engines and fitted the standard exhaust.


A bit grubby underneath but it wiped clean. The exhaust isn't too obvious when sat on its wheels.

Final jobs included fitting the curved section of the cockpit canopy and adding a lith frame and rivets

and then suddenly,




it was finished.






and (airbrakes are dummies, cut from lith, painted and epoxied to the wing surface)




Actually, there are still a couple of minor jobs. There needs to be a black seal that fits around the wing root and a little bit of clean up still required.

The CG is just slightly on the safe side but I think I will need to move it back after the maiden, which is unlikely to happen this weekend

Not much more to come..


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
12/09/2018 22:44:18
Thats great Andy

Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
07/09/2018 21:38:33
Get a digital subscription Chris.
Thread: Wire bender
06/09/2018 09:06:44

Just saw this on Facebook. I hope its visible..

Link to Facebook


Thread: D B Ghost Rider 77"
05/09/2018 09:38:04

Doh, I must read things more carefully. Thanks

Thread: Rearwin Speedster 6000
05/09/2018 09:36:50

Had a few WiFi problems while on holiday so unfortunately, the updates didn't happen from my PC.

Progress was a little slower then expected, mainly because I was enrolled into doing holiday type activities so can't really complain..


Before I could do the upper stringers of the fuselage, I needed to get the fin built. A thick card template and 4 laminations of 1/32 balsa with one lamination of 0.006" carbon for strength and anti warp properties. All very straightforward. It also didn't take long for the heat to dry out the well wetted balsa laminations

The ribs are mainly 1/32 balsa with 3/32 for the upper rudder joint ribs and uprights


A test fit and all looks good. Rib spacing is as per full size. The fin slots into a little hole in te top of the fus and also a little cutaway at the rear.


Withe the fin built and temporarily pinned into place the upper stringers can be added. There is a thin piece of very light infill between the upper outer stringers and the sides of the fin to attach the tissue. The idea is that all parts can be covered and painted before they are finally glued together. Hopefully


The tailplane was made in two halved, 5 lams of 1/32 plus 1 carbon which is visible in this shot


When dry, both halves are glued together with a 1/16 balsa brace and ribs added. Hinge line spars are 3/32 balsa. All very lightweight wood.

And that is where it was packed up and shipped back to the UK where it now joins the Foka, Chippie and Dalotel (and shortly the Fury)..

But I do need to get this finished sooner rather than later. Just need to make some space.

More to come


Thread: NEW POLL - Which part of building a new traditional balsa model plane do you enjoy the most?
05/09/2018 08:20:15

I'd like to add an option that my most favourite bit not listed is the design activities if its a total scratch build.

Thread: UKCAA @ Huddersfield MAC - 30th September (Revised)
05/09/2018 08:18:46

Our next event is courtesy of Huddersfield MAC on the 16th September. Location is the WHAMS field near Holmfirth

The event will be a combined Fly-in with informal contest over the lunch break

UKCAA members have already been notified by email. Guests are welcome, if you would like to come along, please PM me for details


Thread: UKCAA @ Retford - Rescheduled - now 5 August
05/09/2018 08:14:44

Belatedly, some photos from the event. Turnout wasn't as high as we would normally expect as the event was postponed by a week. Still a fantastic day though with perfect flying weather.. All photos courtesy Tony Saxby


Sue Dunning - Steve's wife - in front of a collection of models that Steve had at some point been involved in.

Steve was an amazing and very versatile builder. We scattered his ashes on the field at lunchtime. Some of his ashes ended up all over me. I hope some of Steve's skills and wonderfully good nature rubs off on me.


The classic group...








Thread: Ashbourne Scale Day
05/09/2018 07:57:22

Please add me to the list as well.

Martyn Kinder

Thread: D B Ghost Rider 77"
05/09/2018 07:53:55

What power train did you use Chris.

Looks very nice


Thread: Rearwin Speedster 6000
21/08/2018 16:11:25

Well, here I am on holiday and so far the build has traversed 3 countries, France, I cut out wing ribs, Germany I started on the Fus, Didn't do anything in Austria but in Italy, work on the fus progresses.

So, rattling through my holiday snaps...


Lower fuselage sides built on top of each other. This was quite curvy and it was tricky trying to keep the upper longeron straight


To complicate things, the fus sides are not upright, they form a trapezium so it was assembled upside down on my little building board


Like this...


I made a couple of jigs to keep the fus sides at the right angle. Wood is very light and I was just a bit nervous that a gentle knock would do a great deal of damage.


A 1/32 ply nose former and motor mount - extensively hollowed out.


All the side and lower longerons were fitted before the fus was removed from the building board. That helped keep the upper longeron nice and straight. The right hand side has the door frame fitted at well


The challenging bit this afternoon has been trying to manipulate these cheeks/cowl sides into place, A very tricky compound curve..


Another shot. Still a bit of tweaking to do before I fit the lower part of the cowl.

And this is what my mobile workshop looks like

holiday workshop.jpg

Caught unawares..

More to come


Thread: Ancestry. com.
16/08/2018 09:01:52

I have used Ancestry for about 10 years and its pretty good. There are several companies - findmypast, thegenealogist etc that offer similar services. We use FTM with Ancestry to help build the tree. For the past 4 years I have also subscribed to thegenealogist diamond service - apart from census records which all the companies provide, they have more unusual records - like tithe records which are great to finding out where people really lived.

One tip though, have a look at the parish records that are on line - each company has different records. Once you get back before about 1820, you will be delving into parish records - this usually means a trip to records offices if records are not available online

I have traced my wife's family back to 1710 but hit a brick wall - even though I am pretty sure that I know who the person was and where and when he was born and who his parents and gp were.

Found a couple of interesting stories that have made it worthwhile but I have also generated a real interest in social and military history,

It can get expensive. To be sure who your ancestor is, you need a birth, marriage and death certificate (c £10 each from the GRO - don't buy through the genealogy companies - they are expensive) - don't rely on Census records, they are only a snapshot in time and help fill in the gaps in the story you will build.


Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
09/08/2018 16:23:25

A bit more progress

The airframe has been sprayed with KlassKote clear (2 thin coats). Seems to have gone on OK..

So mainly been working on the cockpit and the cowl installation


Engine loosely fitted and this much protrudes. I can learn to live with that


However, I do have a problem with the silencer. I think I will need a right angle knuckle join then short extension and I'll make my own silencer which will be heat insulated but screwed to the firewall and the exhaust venting from the centre. That will have to wait for a couple of weeks though as holidays are getting in the way


From the front it looks like this. There are two dummy oil coolers. The original only had one on the LHS but I have added a second to fill an empty gap. The coolers are made from 1/32 balsa with 1/16 balsa spacers with the radiator bars angled very slightly. Quite fiddly. Painted Satin black then a little silver dry brushed in to give a bit of a highlight or two.

The cockpit instrument panels have also been progressing


The panels are cut from black art paper, the instrument faces are from the RCM&E download - reduced in size slightly and printed onto photo paper. Knobs and fuse holders are cut from the inner of push rods and mainly painted black. The key is a washer with a litho key glued into place.


The gap is intentional. No instrument was fitted at that point.

The instrument bezels were cut from thin single core instrument wire, wound as a spring and then circles cut off. Epoxied into place. Glass is 0.5mm PETG

The 24 channel crystal controlled transceiver dartboard was a fiddle. I used mu Silhouette to cut the shape, tacked it down and then carefully removed the unwanted bit. The triangles are about 2mm long.. Took 3 attempts.


It should look like this


Mine now looks like this. Not too unhappy with that. It is a learning exercise after all

I need a pilot


Sadly, Ken is just too big even with 90% of his torso removed


Seats and retaining straps fitted


and the front windscreen with a litho border. I hadn't spotted that it kinked slightly.

So - still to do. Find a pilot and dress and fit him/her. Stuff like seat belts and some cables that I missed need to be added and sort out the silencer.

And I am away on holiday now for 3 weeks. Back in September

More to come but there will be an intermission


Thread: Are there any kits for “Classic” F3a style flying
07/08/2018 07:26:38

Hi Stuart

What do you mean by 'kit'? Do you mean a traditional Built up model using wing ribs or foam cores or something ready assembled that just needs fitting out?

UKCAA classic era is pre 1996. There are many plans available for models from this period, but unless you can hunt down an MK kit then there isnt very much,

There is the PB Models (now Cloud I think) Bullet and Tornado and there are some cottage industry manufacturers in the USA who offer a number of classic kits as well:

SPA Link

I have often wondered whether there would be any benefit to the UKCAA CADing up a few popular designs - like the Loaded Dice and other UK designers models and providing short kits, in much the same way that I have done for the smaller Kwik Flis and the Mystic. These could then be ordered on demand with about a 4 week lead time.

Need to keep away from the Prettner range though as Hanno's model flying estate - including the rights to commercialisation - is currently up for sale.


Thread: Solarfilm
03/08/2018 10:09:14
Posted by bert baker on 29/07/2018 17:36:43:

I plan on giving the Diatex 1000 a go with the dope thats coloured.

Need to be careful. Coloured dope is usually non shrinking.

I discovered that when I built me first free flight glider (a KK Conquest) in 1970


Thread: Air Retracts and how to store in a raised position
02/08/2018 16:09:13

This is what I do. Simply unscrew slightly, rotate and tighten up.

Works a treat and quite unobtrusive



Thread: P.P.I. Yes it's Boring But.......
01/08/2018 11:42:29
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 01/08/2018 10:11:28:

Martyn, when I did it it was simply a blitz of all past bank accounts and credit cards. Surprisingly it turned out that I'd overpaid on a personal loan years ago, with interest Natwest repaid nigh on the sum of the loan!

Thanks Bob

I have only made one claim for mis-sold PPI which was very successful, I got back about 3.5k however, I was aware that I had genuinely been mis-sold as the bank - Halifax - simply added this AFTER I declined it. I have never knowingly bought PPI but I also have kept almost no records of old Credit Cards and personal loans. Once gone, I simply erase the history in a shredder

01/08/2018 07:44:24

Hi Percy

Did you actually know what you were claiming or were the claims just speculative?

i.e. I had a card from bank x in 1999 and there fore I will claim anyway.


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