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Thread: Who'll be at the Greenacre's 2011 RCME fly in?
15/06/2011 20:23:58
I'll be there as well, Sally SatNav all primed and ready.
Zummezet Branch
Thread: The Building of the BebBit
15/06/2011 18:20:08
Oh dear mate, what can I say except hard luck with the Webbit. Will it be ready for Greenacres? It would be interesting to find out what exactly happened so that the rest of us Webbiteers can watch out for similar symptoms. Cheers mate
Nearly finished Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: What would forumites like to do next?
15/06/2011 09:45:54
Hiya all. Here comes the cynical old so and so in me creeping to the fore. I would very much like to get involved with something similar to the Webbit build but some of these ideas that are floating around are bordering on the realms of fantasy IMHO. Don't ask me what I would do because I haven't got a clue, but if I did it would be something simple that EVERYONE could partake in whether they belong to a club or not. The schemes above seem to restrict ALL forumites from participating. Cheers all.
Cynical Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: The Wonky Webbit, The Story So Far
15/06/2011 09:31:16
Thanks for this gentlemen. The tail skid seems to be the answer as I didn't want to reduce the fin area. I will most probably fit an undercarriage to it in the near future should the test flights prove ok. Cheers my friends
Sorted Webbit Builder No 20
15/06/2011 08:26:00
Why is mine longer than yours? Now that I've got your attention let me elucidate. When fitted my rudder fin extends well below the bottom of the rear fuselage. As I have not fitted wheels the first landing is going to see that ripped off. Have I made a mistake somewhere or should I trim to fit?
Cheers all,
Elongated Webbit Builder No 20

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 15/06/2011 08:28:04

Thread: What does this mean.
14/06/2011 08:22:19

Hiya Myron my friend. I have the rather posh sounding T6EAP. It seems I went the expensive route 'cos mine was the exorbitant price of £59. Like I said it does everything most of which I will never use but it does look impressive. I'll see if I can get a picture on here for you to drool over. LOL
Cheers my friend

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 14/06/2011 08:34:04

Thread: The Wonky Webbit, The Story So Far
14/06/2011 08:08:35
Many thanks for the comments my friends, looks good on here but may not stand up to close scrutiny. I had a right pigs ear of a game with those wing BTW the reason I haven't sheeted the fuselage yet is because I using push rods for the control system. I have never used this method before as I have always used snakes but on the Webbit I felt they exerted too much pressure. Now the question. Do I need to put a support in the fuselage for the push rods or will they manage under their own steam? Cheers my friends
Nearly Finished Webbit Builder No 20

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 14/06/2011 08:10:26

13/06/2011 22:49:16
Well this as far as I have got. Another step forward, I'm now waiting for the inevitable two steps back to appear.

Tail assembly not yet glued so that's why it's wonky.


Wonky Webbit Builder No 20

Thread: What does this mean.
13/06/2011 21:58:34
Posted by Myron Beaumont on 13/06/2011 21:26:15:
Quite right. There is no menu nor model memories either.
It's just like Tx's used to be, ie reversible servo travel is all there is on each of the four channels .Then again ,it's dirt cheap & so are the Rxs.
I just adjust the horns on my models I use it with by mechanical means you might say .I think the Planet and a couple of other cheapies are similar if not identical internally but can't be sure about that.of course.
Works well nevertheless -plenty of range for the small models I use with it .(Lekky ones dare I confess !)

Hiya Myron, have you got the same radio as mine? Mine has got them flaming electrical trims and not manual and there is a six model memory facility plus all the other bits and bobs which I will never possibly use. Cheers mate.

No So Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
13/06/2011 13:13:08
Thanks for this Tim I'll give it a bash.
Not so Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: Greenacres
13/06/2011 13:10:44
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 13/06/2011 10:19:17:
All together now...Ahhhhh
Except for myself, who remains slightly glad that you guys too will miss the do - as will I, for far less exciting reasons though.

You haven't bowed to pressure then Tim? Your still determined not to enjoy yourself over that weekend. Sad

Geoff (Who will be there)
Not so Wonky Webbit Builder No 20 (Which will also be there)
Thread: What does this mean.
13/06/2011 09:09:33
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 13/06/2011 09:06:24:
It teaches the ESC the travel throws of your throttle.

Thanks Tim, does it have to be done first only I have already connected it up to check my power train.

13/06/2011 09:01:49
Thank you for this gentlemen. I put it down to my age and the time of day. Question is that I have seen reference to an action where you put the throttle stick on your TX right up then switch on and bring the stick back. Will this apply to my set up, only I don't want to do it and the motor starts up in full chat. I have a Radio LInk from GC system. Cheers my friends
Not so Wonky Webbit Builder No 20

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 13/06/2011 09:02:34

13/06/2011 08:51:13

Thread: Help!
12/06/2011 13:50:10
Posted by Richard Harris on 12/06/2011 12:00:09:
You are worrying too much, it will be fine
Now this will sound a bit odd. When I check the thrustline of my motor I use a piece of wood, say 350mm x 20mm x 6mm thick with a hole drilled in the middle. This is then bolted on to the prop driver, I make sure the wing is square measuring from tip to tail.
Measure from the wood to LE each side and adjust the motor to suit until it is parallel.
The reason, my eyes are not the best in the world!

Thanks for this Richard, another one for the memory bank. Cheers mate.

12/06/2011 13:48:27
Thanks for this gentlemen. Unfortunately I am a perfectionist and a worrier which is not the best of combinations but I cope. What I have done this morning is cut another former to fit in front and up to the original of the (twisted) motor former. I have placed, behind the 'low', side a piece of 1/32 balsa and epoxied the whole lot up. It has straightened it all up with the motor now in line with the centre line of the fuselage, if I need to incorporate any thrust lines it will be easier to get the washers under the mounting. I will have to extend the cheeks a bit so the front former will then fit the new motor position. Cheers my friends
Not so very Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
12/06/2011 11:50:07
Thanks for this Andy. I am viewing the plumb bob from the top of the fuselage and it is to the right so it is the wrong way, something to do with a bloke called Murphy I think. I have found some longer screws so now I need some small washers for the backing. Cheers my friend and good luck with your build, so what are you doing talking to me on here? get on with it man.
Very Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
12/06/2011 11:44:13
Thanks for this BEB. The wings are definitely spot on as I took a measurement from the wing tip to the rear of the fuselage and it was exactly the same both sides. I have offered the tail assembly to the fuselage and, shaky fingers apart it seems to line up. I haven't attached the tail yet because I am changing the operating system from snakes to pushrods. I felt that the snakes exerted too much pressure and as I am only using 9g servos I wanted to keep it as free as possible. Do I need any side/down thrust on the Webbit? Steve seems to think not but I notice a lot of the lads have put some in. Cheers mate.
Very Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
PS Do I get a prize for being the last to finish? LOL
Thread: Ben Buckle Junior 60 Electric conversion build
12/06/2011 11:33:12
Looks great Prop, makes my fingers itch just to look at her. I've had a go at the Webbit and know my limitations and shortcomings but I would still love to have a go at a Super 60 again. I would use ic as I have some engines laying around that need a home. Great job mate.
Very Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: Help!
12/06/2011 11:17:11
Hiya all. Come up against a problem with the build of my Webbit. Now everything looks straight(ish) but the No1 eyeball spotted a distinct list the left with the electric motor. It wasn't till then I realised there was a problem. I have offered the wings to the fuselage and surprise, surprise the measurement is spot on from the wing tip to the end of the fuselage the problem appears to be in a former that is not quite straight in the fuselage. I have tacked a piece of balsa to the rear of the fus and on a level (checked) surface I have used a plumb bob and discovered that the fuselage is about 2mm out of true. This may not seem a lot but it sticks out like a sore thumb. The only way out, as I see it is to sand the front cheeks down on one side until it stands straight and attach the motor to the front former, this will help with the CoG as well. Anyone have any better ideas considering the nearness of our trip to Greenacres. Oh and BTW can you lot sort this weather out before the Cheers my friends.
Very Wonkey Webbit Builder No 20
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