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Thread: Old Geezer New Hobby
12/06/2011 09:12:24
Same from me, welcome Dave. BEB says it all they are a friendly bunch of guys on here ready with a helping hint if you get into bother with building or flying. I should know 'cos I've tested 'em out pretty well my self . Cheers mate
Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: 12V Car Batteries & Chargers - What Are You Using?
10/06/2011 08:53:16
Posted by Romeo Whisky on 10/06/2011 08:38:29:
Depends how much charging you intend to do at the field.
If most of your charging is at home, then a good mains-powered PSU is better than a leisure battery - or better yet get a charger that can run off the mains as well as 12V - there are loads of them about.
Then if you want just a couple of extra charges at the field each time then a portable battery pack for starting a car with a flat battery is the cheapest and also the easiest to lug around. You can get them from loads of places but they vary incredibly in price for exactly the same thing. I've seen them in Makro, B&Q, Aldi, etc - B&M Homestore have them for £25 at present. Halfords and Machine Mart also do them but for exorbitant money. They hold about 17A/h capacity and generally come with a wall plug to keep its own charge topped up. (They are great for starting your car in emergency too!).
If you intend to do virtually all your charging at the field then a good leisure (caravan) battery is what you need. (And a trolley to cart it to the pits!).

Hiya Romeo Whisky, I use these as well because I have to carry a Nebuliser everywhere I go and it has to be recharged regularly. I just plug the charger in the cigarette lighter connector and away we go. A most useful bit of kit. It can also be recharged itself from the car cigarette lighter whilst on the road. Mine also pumps up tyres most efficiently as well as starts cars. Cheers

Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: Greenacres
08/06/2011 09:39:42
Strewth, I'm like a flaming kid at Christmas, will the 24th never come?.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 08/06/2011 09:40:03

Thread: Grumpy's thought for the day
08/06/2011 09:34:14
It's been a good day, now watch some (insert your own word/s here) spoil it.
Thread: Completed Webbit Gallery
07/06/2011 23:03:04
Posted by Steven Webb (Steve Webb Models) on 07/06/2011 16:42:22:
Amazing - I'm over the Moo Moon - fantastic well done everyone!

Mine will bring you down to earth Steve, but be assured it was built with loving care, only trouble was I read the plans. lol It will look a picture dressed in it's yellow and red Sunday best. Cheers my friend

Webbitstein Builder No 20
Thread: gliding get together?
07/06/2011 08:23:25
It's alright for you chuck it and chance it guys, I live in Somerset and hills are at a premium, it ain't so much fun off a bungee. Cheers my friends
Webbitstein Builder No 20
Thread: Greenacres
06/06/2011 23:26:38
Posted by Richard Harris on 06/06/2011 23:21:55:
That looks good Geoff

Thanks mate, came out better looking than I thought it would. Given me a lot of confidence for covering the rest of it. BTW what do you clean the face of your iron with? Although mine looks clean I still can see traces of red when sealing the yellow. Cheers my friend.

Webbitstein Builder No 20
06/06/2011 22:49:46
Well here's the first bit finished. I've renamed it Webbitstein 'cos I had a conflict with a scalpel blade and it has more blood on it than I've got. Never mind just got to pin the hinges and then on with the wings. Cheers
Webbitstein Builder No 20
06/06/2011 16:37:59
Posted by Richard Harris on 06/06/2011 16:10:42:
Not one to be negative but don't you think talk of a competition kind of takes the 'fun' factor out of what has turned out to be a lot of fun (for me any how)
For me it was an excuse to build another model, try something I have always wanted to and just fly (nearly racked up 50 flights on the standard WebBit). Looking at all the threads I am sure that most have enjoyed it too and I for one have learnt a lot from other peoples building techniques ( I now use a sock for covering thanks Danny!)
The bonus for me will be meeting you guys

Hiya Rich, not in total agreement with you on the 'fun competition' bit. I can just imagine now some of the comments, in all different dialects, comparing the models. I should think that many a laugh will be had knowing the wit of some of the gang. TBH building the Webbit has not been an easy experience for me, I think I worried too much to begin with, still do in fact but that's me I'm afraid. I can honestly say I have enjoyed it and now I'm getting colour on it and hiding the wonky bits it don't look bad in a half light through squinted eyes. LOL I say If my Webbit gets a laugh, which it's sure to, I shall well pleased. Bring on the fun. Cheers my friend

Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
06/06/2011 11:27:33
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 06/06/2011 10:23:42:
Hi ya Geoff, I'm sure your WebBit will be fine - just remember its very hard to see the slightly wonky covering when its at 100foot and doing 40mph! Don't stress about it - its all just good clean fun if I've any say in matter even the "competition" element will be a bit "different"!
For example I think we should have an award to every person who flies a WeBit at Greenacres for whom the WebBit in question is their first traditional kit build. Encouraging folks to "have a go" at building was certainly a big part of my personal motivation for promoting the Mass Build in the first place. I think we have enough "prizes" in the pool to do that - is that correct Dave G?

Hiya my friend, 100ft up and 40 miles an hour! what are you trying to do man, frighten me? 300 feet and 20 miles an hour would be more like it. LOL. It will look a right hotch potch of colour, I've covered the fin and the elevator in red with the tailplane in yellow which means the rudder will be yellow. The fuselage will be all red and the wings yellow and ailerons red with a red leading edge to help with orientation. Got in a right state with it now. I wanted some sort of evenness but it's not to be, mind you the free Steve Webb stickers will come in handy. Never mind it'll make everyone else's will look better. LOL Cheers my friend, looking forward to meeting you at Greenacres along with everone else. Will be a good'un. BTW does a 20 year gap constitute a 'new build'?

Wonkey Webbit Builder No 20 Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 06/06/2011 11:29:16

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 06/06/2011 11:30:28

06/06/2011 07:52:03
Posted by Richard Harris on 05/06/2011 23:04:10:
Pulse jet I say!!

I don't think the airframe will take the strain in fact I know it won't, it will struggle with 2 helium balloons. Never mind it was built with love and affection and a few kinks. Whilst I'm on, progress is slow but I am covering it. Rather loathed to close the fuselage up until I'm happy with the security of the snakes, I don't want them coming unstuck and having to rip it off again. Cheers my friend.

Wonky Webbit Build No: 20
05/06/2011 20:35:25
Hiya Dave, I think a little something different may sway the judges decision, I'm going to have a couple of helium balloons on mine, it'll need all the help it can to get up. LOL AND if anyone mentions Viagra I'll scream.
Wonkey Webbit Builder No : 20
05/06/2011 20:21:47
Posted by David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 04/06/2011 20:19:27:
Dave G and BEB and all webitteers - we'll have a few little trophies to hand out like last year and we thought it appropriate that 'Best Webbit' should be one such. Hope that's ok, assume you're happy for Graham and I to judge the field?
Just for a bit of fun mind, not a serious comp........

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 04/06/2011 20:19:56

David, can you make one of the prizes a stand off, say 50 yards or more, I might stand a chance then. Cheers mate.

Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
03/06/2011 23:09:55
Posted by David Gilder on 03/06/2011 22:38:16:
I will be very obvious when I arrive Geoff
Greater Manchester Police Staff Uniform!!!! Travelling straight from work!!!
See you there!!

Edited By David Gilder on 03/06/2011 22:38:30

Many, many thanks gentlemen, er good evening officer, it wasn't me. LOL. I'll look out for BEB towers, sure to be a canvas mansion. BTW does anyone know if there is water available on site, I am not very approachable until after my 3rd cup of coffee in the morning. Are you camping (canvas style) as well David G? I've put the G 'cos I believe BEB is a David as well and don't want cause any confusion. Even 'er indoors has agreed that I need a break and is sending me off with her good wishes. On writing that, should I be worried? Cheers my friends.

Wonky Webbit Builder No 20.
03/06/2011 22:18:12
I'll be there from Friday afternoon until sometime Sunday. Looking forward to it as it will possibly be my last foray with a tent, health being the major problem, but by golly I will enjoy it.
AKA Wonky Webbit Builder No 20. Which will be hopefully accompanying me.
Thread: Can someone please explain what a BEC is and does.
02/06/2011 21:58:25
Thanks for this gentlemen, I will read it a few times to see if it will sink in. Well at least I know more about them than I did an hour ago. Cheers my Friends
AKA Wonky Webbit Builder No: 20
02/06/2011 20:50:11
I have seen many references to a BEC in relation to electric flight systems. Can someone please explain, in laymans terms, what a BEC is and what it does. Cheers my friends.
AKA Wonky Webbit Builder No: 20
Thread: How much do you spend on the hobby per year?
01/06/2011 07:24:48
Posted by Martin Harris on 01/06/2011 00:34:56:
Tom (is RC mad)
Although it seems expensive, you've actually got it pretty good - when I were nobbut more than a lad (scarily, it doesn't seem 10 minutes ago) - a basic proportional outfit (6 channel tx, rx, 4 servos and NiCad batteries and not even servo reversing) cost me the equivalent of around £1500 in today's money!
Stick with it and you'll start to build up a collection of useful stuff if you keep your eyes open at club bring and buys, ebay, shows etc. - who knows, make yourself useful at your club and you may find the odd bit of surplus kit coming your way...
How much do I spend? I try not to think too much about it but as Tom W2 says, one year it can be a few hundred pounds, the next you hope the wife is in an understanding mood!

Edited By Martin Harris on 01/06/2011 00:36:33

Ah, there's the rub, as the Bard would say.

Thread: New feathery additions
01/06/2011 07:22:03
Posted by Myron Beaumont on 01/06/2011 06:33:44:
Seems to generally be a good year for birds, maybe 'cos of the mild Spring. The feeders here are incredibly busy, after a lull when I guess the eggs were being incubated. Now have 2 woodpeckers at the feeder, presumably male and female. We can tell them apart because one is slightly larger and they have diffeent ways of extracting a peanut. One hammers away for a while and then extracts a nut, the other is more savvy and realises less energy is needed and just takes a peanut and flies off. Not sure exactly where the nest is, possibly in an old holly tree. The yellowhammers, chaffinches and blue tits definitely have young and the tree sparrows have fledged theirs and are bringing them to the feeder to be fed by the parents.
Must be great to have nightingales, Terry - I've never even seen one.

Hiya Chrissy. These 2 woodpeckers must be commuting. LOL We have 2 regular visitors to the nut feeder as well. Had a laugh at one the other day, must have been a young'un, 'cos you could see him (red head and bum) trying to work out how to extricate the nuts from between the wire. He made it in the end and there's no stopping him now. Cheers

AKA Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: Charity Mass Build - In Build Chat Thread
31/05/2011 19:46:34
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 31/05/2011 18:06:29:
No not all finished yet Geoff - I'm still plodding along - but then I was very late starting cos of other committments. I'm about half way through covering.

Thanks David and BEB. I am helping my Son get his market stall in Bath up and running so I'm there all day and I'm tuckered out by the time I get home. I'm afraid my Webbit ain't gonna look pretty but it still looks as if it WILL fly. I've got the film on the fin just about, I'd forgotten how to do it but it is coming back bit by bit. I was totally surprised when the power train fired up first time, most unusual. Cheers my friends.

AKA Wonky Webbit Builder No 20
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