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Thread: Charity Mass Build - In Build Chat Thread
31/05/2011 17:31:10
Has everyone finished their Webbits? I am going very slowly with mine. I've just got the power train in and working and I have just got some colour on the fin. Just got the snakes to play with and with fat fingers and shaky hands like mine it ought to be hilarious. Looking at my build I think I'm going to need a pound of church roof to get the CoG right. LOL Never mind it will be ready for Greenacres, flying or not. Cheers
AKA Wonky Webbit Builder No: 20
Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
29/05/2011 22:17:16
Posted by Terence Lynock on 27/05/2011 22:00:48:

Thanks Terence absolute magic. I love this piece and have never seen Kraftwerk actually doing it on stage. Great.

Wonky Webbiteer No 20
Thread: Spot the Plane 2
27/05/2011 22:12:55
Gotta try a daft one 58 is where it's at.
Thread: The 'spot the plane' competition
23/05/2011 13:17:06
One good thing though, if Ken wears it at Greenacres he will be easy to avoi.. er I mean spot.
Anyway well done that man.
Wonky Webbiteer No 20
Thread: 12-am and off to maternity
22/05/2011 16:30:18
Posted by john haz on 22/05/2011 15:20:23:
Congrats to you and mrs DF.
Hopefully Mrs DF will soon recover from such a hard day or two & little DF will start exploring this strange new world ! Then your work will REALLY start LOL
All of a sudden, being 50 & having a 25yr old son doesn't seem quite so tough

Edited By john haz on 22/05/2011 15:20:56

Being 70 with the youngest at 29 and still at home does.

Wonky Webbiteer No20.
Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
22/05/2011 14:40:49
Breaking news . The Irish have joined in the attack on Libya.
They sent in 3 ships - 2 full of sand and one full of cement..
it was a mortar attack

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 22/05/2011 14:41:09

Thread: 12-am and off to maternity
21/05/2011 22:16:55
Congratulations DF and Mrs DF, a beautiful baby, she is bound to be Daddies little girl before long. Cheers
Wobbly Webbiteer No 20
Thread: How green WAS my valley?
21/05/2011 22:11:09
Wonderfully true Terence. It's a pity we didn't have the green thing back then. LOL
Thread: The 'spot the plane' competition
21/05/2011 22:06:55
Gottabe 33
Thread: New feathery additions
18/05/2011 22:25:38
Hiya all. With Tony talking about second broods, is there an ornithologist amongst us? I want to know if there's a chance the Great Tits who nested in my box will come back for a second go. I don't want to go cleaning the box out if so. Cheers
AKA Wonky Webbiteer No 20
18/05/2011 07:39:42
Posted by Myron Beaumont on 18/05/2011 05:47:49:
Lovely story about the song thrush. They seem to be getting very low in numbers - can't remember when I last saw or heard one.

We've got one, just turned up last week. I guess he's only a young'un 'cos he don't half take chances on the lawn. There are a lot of cats around here. First we've seen for years so it's nice to have him here for a bit. Cheers

Wonky Webbit builder No 20
17/05/2011 07:50:05
Talk about coincidences Myron, I was just reading your post and I looked out of the window in time to see a woodpecker shinning up the willow tree to get to the nut dispenser. We haven't seen a woodpecker around here for yonks so perhaps this may be the start of a long relationship. Cheers mate.
Webbiteer No 20
Thread: Report on Polyphilla (Phil Wood)
15/05/2011 17:12:14
Get well soon Phil. Take it steady for a while. Cheers mate.
AKA Webbiteer No 20
Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
13/05/2011 22:15:48
They found a journal Bin Laden had been keeping in his compound… his last entry was "I'd better go, someone's at the door..."
Thread: New feathery additions
12/05/2011 08:28:26
Posted by Dorset flyer on 12/05/2011 00:00:20:
Many years ago i was walking along Poole Quay near where i live, it was late evening, very cold and as i passed a slipway i noticed the body of a seagull bobbing in the small surf.
I walked over to see if it was still alive, and it was...barely...
I took it home, kept it warm and quiet for the night hoping for the best, and sure enough the next morning he was flapping about really lively, and somehow a little friendly i suppose, he didn't bite or panic and i even have a pic somewhere of him sat on my shoulder.
Anyway i took him back to where i found him, gave him a little kiss on the head and he was away, you would not have thought it was the same bird.
Can only assume he had somehow got too cold, well glad i found him.
That gave me a good feeling!
Now.......... um........... i seem to have made myself seem a little sensitive...hmm..... um........

Well done DF, a man after my own heart. If they can't help themselves it's up to us. Cheers mate.

AKA Webbiteer No 20
11/05/2011 20:54:47
Hiya all. Can't keep up with the little blighter's down here, we have to fill the bird table five or six times a day and still it's empty by evening. I've got four seed dispensers around the garden as well, all empty now as I look out of the window. I give 'em their breakfasts early in the morning before going to Bath. By the way, if any of you manage to get to Bath make sure you come and see me. I've got a stall selling Fair Trade Goods, I am at the top of Union Street at the junction with Upper Borough Walls. Cheers.
Del Boy Geoff
AKA Webbiteer No 20
10/05/2011 11:50:16
Posted by Eric Bray on 10/05/2011 11:23:54:
Am I on twitter? Thought it was ... no, forget it!


10/05/2011 08:26:10
Hiya all. I just couldn't resist telling you about this. I made my first bird box this year and put it in a tree outside my front window. Within 2 weeks a pair of Great Tits took up residence. We watched them going backwards and forwards for a few weeks and yesterday it all paid off. The parents enticed the little ones out of the box and there were 6 of 'em lined up on the branch and one by one they took off. Good luck to them. They almost feel part of the family. Cheers
AKA Webiteer No: 20
Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
08/05/2011 07:05:31
Hi mate, I don't want you to panic, but I'm texting you from the casualty. Turns out the new Dyson Ball cleaner isn't what I thought it was.

08/05/2011 06:54:14
What's the difference between Iron Man and Iron Woman? One's a superhero and the other is an instruction.

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