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Thread: Chris's Webbit
06/05/2011 21:20:32
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 26/04/2011 22:50:50:
That'll learn yer to have a "holey" aeroplane!
Mind you, I don't think you are wholly to blame!
As long as you don't make a "holy" mess of the repair you should OK. Take a holistic approach to it that's my advice.
PS I like the trim - wholesomely patriotic!
PS Better stop digging myself into a hole with these puns - though I have a whole lot more of them if you want

Can you get these from a whole sailor?

Thread: Pound Land Edwards Epoxy
05/05/2011 07:49:55
Message to the Mods. I'm losing some of the text in this topic under the ads again.
AKA Webiteer No: 20
Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
05/05/2011 07:45:18
Got a new coffee this morning from starbucks it was an osma bin latte it had a white fluffy head with two shots in it lmao
04/05/2011 18:35:50
Heard on the news at lunchtime that the Irish Special Forces have helped the U.S in their fight against the terrorist's. They invaded Debenham's in Belfast this morning as they had information that Summer Bed Linen was on the 3rd Floor
Thread: Help needed please
03/05/2011 23:35:08
Hiya all. I have been delaying the joining of the 2 halves of my Webbit fuselage because I am uncertain how to make sure they are level. I do not have a building jig and will have to rely on the old method of eye alignment. Do any of you have some ideas so I can check everything is right before I add the sticky stuff? Cheers my friends.
AKA Webbiteer No 20
Thread: Ancient Servo's
30/04/2011 07:40:23
Thanks for this my friends. I totally agree with you, new servo's it is. I was trying to not have to chop the old girl around too much but on looking at the range of 'standard' servo's I don't think I will have to, looks like a straight swap. BTW, I am very pleased the way the plane has survived after all these years in the attic hanger, no spongy balsa just a clean over and she'll be as good as new, I will replace all the fuel tubes, tank and anything else I can get at and give the engine a good clean, it still turns over and has plenty of compression but it is cosmetically scruffy, can't have her turning up at the flying field in that state can we? Cheers all
AKA Webiteer No 20
29/04/2011 14:08:04
Hiya all. I have dug my 20 year old Precedent High Boy out of the attic hanger and looking it over it seems to be in goodish nick. I intend to keep as near to as it is now 'cos it was one of 'learn to fly' hacks and it has a sentimental value. It is powered by a Magnum 45 which still has good compression but the Sanwa radio was on the old 27 meg band. I wish to convert it to 2.4 but I am unsure whether the servo wires can be changed to suit. The servo model number is SRM102, it has 3 wires (2 black and 1 red) the connections are ok. I also got out, whilst I was in there, a low wing model I built and never flew. That is powered by a Magnum 15, I was/am thinking Webbit here it electric goes pear shaped. The servo's in this one are HiTech HS 300. The same question applies to these servo's as well. Cheers my friends.
AKA Webbiteer No: 20
Thread: Greenacres
29/04/2011 07:56:38
Posted by David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 29/04/2011 06:32:33:
Granted the Webbit is a simple airframe that encourages creativity but, notwithstanding, what's really impressed me is the level of individuality builders have brought to the design - fantastic stuff.
Looking forward to June, it'll soon come round.

David, you haven't seen mine yet. Although my Webbit is supposed to be 'as per' it will definitely individual. I will bring mine along but only for the photo (and a laugh) 'cos I will never get my A by then. Of course if anyone else would like to chuck it up for me that'll be ok . Cheers

AKA Webbiteer No 20
Thread: It's a flaming conspiracy
28/04/2011 20:37:13
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 28/04/2011 20:28:09:
You could always put an Enya in it Geoff

Hiya mate, bit modern for me that. lol. I could go to a Merco 35 or I think I've got 15 something or other up in the black hole. As your an ic bloke it may please you to know that my new prospective club is mainly ic so I am going to resurrect the President High Boy to fly at Lansdown. I suppose it'll need a lot of TLC to nurture it back to life. Just got to work out if I can swap the wires on the Sanwa servo's or that they may be too old and have to be replaced. Cheers mate.

AKA Webbiteer No: 20
BTW the soldering went well, made of good job of these as well. (well it looks neat anyway)

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 28/04/2011 20:38:32

28/04/2011 19:28:13
Hiya all. Wouldn't you just believe it. You are aware of the problem I have with soldering, although last night I made a pretty good job of a Deans plug, well I purchased a brushless motor to use in the Webbit and it came with 4mm connectors for the ESC, no problem went on a treat. Now due to my building technique I have purchased a new more powerful motor to deal with the extra weight. Guess what? it's come with 3mm connectors so now I've got to de-solder the 4mm connectors off the ESC and try to solder the 3mm's on. It's a conspiracy I tell you, a flaming conspiracy. Cheers my friends.
AKA Webbiteer No 20
Thread: Danny's BoBbit Build
28/04/2011 19:18:14
Posted by Danny Fenton on 26/04/2011 21:00:14:
Hey ho you two Thanks for the votes of confidence. A webcam in the workshop is something that some of the builders in the States have all the time. Not so much in the UK I wonder why? Mind you checking your progress in the morning in your PJ's and forgetting the cam is on is to be avoided!!!
Really looking forward to some great flying together again this year somewhere evening flying at Greenacres will be nice if you guys can make it?

Just uploading the time lapse of the covering sessions. Not as fun to watch as the build one but fun all the same.


HaHa, could be interesting, I don't wear PJ's. Where is the censor pen?

Thread: What have I done wrong.
26/04/2011 23:19:57
Posted by Sparks on 26/04/2011 18:35:13:
Hi Geoff, that 'flash' whilst soldering the connector has probably burnt out a track on the printed circuit board (PCB) that connects the three cells together at the top of the pack.
It would be an easy repair (soldering a bridging link) for someone with soldering skills, but please don't attempt it yourself as inadvertently shorting a LiPo can be both spectacular and dangerous as Tim points out.
Do you know anyone who can do the job for you? Hate to see a LiPo pack ditched for the sake of a simple repair.

Thanks for this Sparks. I don't know if anyone on here lives reasonably close to me here in Bath who could have a look, but failing that I made tentative steps at joining my local club on Saturday. I only got round to introducing myself to the Vice Chairman, the Safety Officer and a few of the Club members at the time. I will pop out to the flying site on Friday and see if anyone is missing the wedding and doing something useful instead. I can ask if there is a sparky in the Club who could help. Cheers my friend.

AKA Webbiteer No: 20
26/04/2011 16:17:35
Hiya all, many thanks for your input on this matter. I have learnt by my mistake and will not do it again. The reason for the sloppy soldering work at the beginning was because of the gun type iron I was using, it didn't help with my shaky hands. I have more control now using my old iron which I can hold like a pen. You will see many moons ago I posted a number of threads stating my worry and concerns over working with these things, I know they are dangerous and I am particularly careful over working with them but after spending hours getting nowhere my attention wandered and this is the result. I am still here and the house is still here so I can say I got away with this one. Cheers my friends.
AKA Webbiteer No: 20
26/04/2011 08:22:31
Posted by tom wright 2 on 25/04/2011 23:41:54:
It would be most unusual to get a faulty Rhino,i have had loads ,no problems i cant believe you have been that unlucky ,are you sure its a 3cell?
BRC do a simple battery checker for £3 .

Edited By tom wright 2 on 25/04/2011 23:43:22

Edited By tom wright 2 on 25/04/2011 23:47:25

Hiya Tom, thanks for this. I think, to be perfectly honest, and on reflection considering the difficulty in sorting out my soldering, that I killed this Li-Po 'cos when I first started the soldering fiasco I inadvertently 'flashed' the connections, only once mind but I take it that was enough. I have now reverted to using my old soldering iron which is far more efficient than the gun type I had for Christmas. We live and learn my friend. Cheers mate.

AKA Webbiteer No; 20
25/04/2011 22:23:27
Posted by Pete B on 25/04/2011 20:18:03:
Geoff, seeing as you had a bit of trouble soldering the main connections, I would think very carefully before opening up any Li-Po for soldering or surgery - you may be literally opening a can of worms. There's a lot of energy inside those packs and they can bite!
You mention getting a reading but you haven't provided any figures. What voltage does your tester indicate you are getting across the main connection ?

Thanks for this Pete. I have no intention of digging any deeper into this thing for the very reasons you state. The readings I got with a circuit tester the same as electricians use. I do not know how to use it but I turned the knob 1 click to the left and got 3 zero's, I tested the balance plug as per Steve and got a reading of 4 between 1-2 a reading of 0 between 2-3 and a reading of 4 between 3-4. I could get no reading from the connectors I soldered on so I use the probes into the wires behind the soldered joints and still got a zero reading. I think it is dead. I think I have lost this battle but will be forewarned for the next one. BTW how do you get rid of these li-po batteries, you can't just chuck 'em. Cheers mate

25/04/2011 19:14:21
Posted by Steve W-O on 25/04/2011 18:55:43:
Looks like the centre cell s dead.
The charger (if it is auto, and all lipo chargers should be) won't start charge.
I suggest you get hold of the shop that sold it to you.

Hiya Steve. I got it from HobbyKing but I have now nullified the warranty by changing the ends. Have to put this one down to experience I suppose. Cheers mate.

25/04/2011 18:52:05
Posted by Steve W-O on 25/04/2011 17:17:36:
If the battery is totally flat, it won't do anything . Ever
Without even a test meter, there is not much more you can do, but if you had one, the first thing would be to check the individual cell voltages on the balance plug.
Starting at one end of the balance plug, measure between pins 1 and 2, then 2 and 3, then 3 and 4.
If you have something there, check across the main terminals. (you half did that by plugging it in)
If it is 0 there, but good on the balance plug, go back behind the soldering and check there

Edited By Steve W-O on 25/04/2011 17:28:20

Hiya Steve done that. I got a reading between 1-2 nothing between 2-3 and a reading between 3-4. Any good?

PS both readings between 1-2 and 3-4 were the same. Just tried the mains, nothing there.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 25/04/2011 18:53:48

25/04/2011 17:27:11
Posted by Steve W-O on 25/04/2011 17:17:36:
If the battery is totally flat, it won't do anything . Ever
Without even a test meter, there is not much more you can do, but if you had one, the first thing would be to check the individual cell voltages on the balance plug.

Thanks for this Steve. I have got an electrical tester, you know, the yellow thing with the knob and 2 probes. Could I get some reading from this just to prove if there's power there or not? Cheers mate

25/04/2011 17:23:28
Posted by Matt Halton on 25/04/2011 17:17:25:
Geoff, you might have applied too much heat on one of the connectors on the 6mm male side, destroying the spring qualities in the thing. Try wiggling it around to see if it connects.. I might be way off, but worthy of a try first.

Thanks for this Matt. The connectors all appear to be ok but would a bad joint affect charging? Cheers mate.

25/04/2011 17:07:16
Hiya all. Eventually bit the bullet and persevered with soldering my lipo connectors. I had to use 6mm in the end but I made a pretty good job of it even if I say so myself. I tried to charge it using the charger supplied with my Art Tech Cessna but the charger won't recognise it. The Cessna battery still charges ok. The new battery is a Rhino 2350mAH. I also tried assemble it with receiver, servo's and esc so that I could bind the Tx but can get no response whatsoever. I do not have a battery condition metre. Cheers my friends.
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