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Thread: Calamoto
12/04/2011 08:40:47
Posted by Dave Potter on 12/04/2011 08:33:03:
Never let a friend fly your airplane.

Err ex friend? lol. Strewth mate don't do things by half does he. You'll need archaeologists to extricate that one. Cheers

AKA Webbiteer No: 20
Thread: Webbit - Pat's build
11/04/2011 21:18:04
Looks to me like I will be the only one with a bog standard Webbit at Greenacres. YO! Cheers my friends.
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Thread: A Money Spending contest?
10/04/2011 17:02:50
Section of post by Gary Binnie.
Spot on Tim! 'Bling' is a feature of other hobbies, my late father-in-law was a keen clay pigeon man, when I went with him to his club he used to point out the 'Yuppies' with their top of the range shotguns who couldn't hit the side of a barn door with them, it was painfully obvious even to me.
Agreed Gary. Clay Pigeon shooting is my sport as well and have experienced the yuppie culture. When I started I had a (very) cheap Spanish over and under, I learnt to shoot with it and shoot well. Trying not to brag here but after a while when I turned up at shoot the talk got round to "Who's gonna be second" I represented my County three times. I haven't got that gun now because I have arthritis in my lower spine and couldn't swing a heavy double barrel gun so I bought a second hand Beretta semi auto which I still have now. It is much lighter than the double. I look at flying models in the same way, I will buy what I can afford, enjoy it and get as good as I can. What I can't abide is the braggers, and there are a few. I will wait for the first one to say "What are you using that c**p for? You need something like this?" yes well err. Cheers my friends.
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Thread: Lansdowne Model Flying Club Bath
10/04/2011 15:00:28
Posted by Chris Bott on 10/04/2011 14:41:32:
How about phoning the phone number that's on the BMFA?

DOH! why didn't think of that. LOL Just called 'em Chris and spoke to a Paul Davies who was a bit surprised no-one was there this morning. Evidently it's more likely to find some flyers there on Saturday afternoons so I'll give it a try next week (in the pouring rain) Cheers mate.

AKA Webbiteer No: 20
10/04/2011 13:30:47
Posted by Chris Bott on 10/04/2011 12:18:13:
Geoff the BMFA website lists the Lansdowne club club in the Somerset section. There is a name and phone number too. BMFA Website clubs list

Hiya Chris, thanks for this. I have been that route but when I click on the Club site I get a popup saying Error 403. You do not have the privileges to enter this site???. Whilst at the flying field this morning I read the Club notice board and one statement said " They welcome visitors to the club...." As you say FB3 someone may spot this and give me the 'password' so I can get some info. Cheers my friends.

AKA Webbiteer No: 20
10/04/2011 11:55:13
Hi ya all. Is there anyone on here who belongs to the Lansdowne Model Flying Club in Bath? The reason I ask is that it is the nearest Club to me and with the intention of introducing myself I attended the flying field this morning. Plenty of room, I was the only one there. I have tried to find contact details on the net but am told I do not have permission to see them. Please help 'cos I need to join a club and this looks a good'un. Cheers my friends.
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Thread: Aviation Funnies
08/04/2011 15:28:06
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 31/03/2008 13:39:00:

Hiya Tim. I'm plowing through this thread, very enjoyable as well. I don't know whether it's worth while mentioning but the ads are covering a good proportion of the text. Cheers mate.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
08/04/2011 12:07:16
Posted by Geoff Smith 1 on 07/04/2011 14:35:23:
I've taught my missus a lesson for not letting me build in the dining room. I've put some new batteries in the bathroom scales. Who's got a long face now then? Yehaaaa!

It's flaming well backfired!!!! We are on a diet.

Thread: Forum Issues
07/04/2011 21:22:53
I'm on chrome as well but I'm not getting the problems you are mate. Cheers
Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
07/04/2011 21:17:56
Posted by Terence Lynock on 07/04/2011 19:43:11:
Look at it this way, we promised to love,honour and obey, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer but nobody said anything about fiddling with the bathroom scales did they?.......
What you do see, is nobble the scales so they dont work for a few weeks until you get around to fixing them, then you adjust them up about 7 Lbs so she thinks she has put a load of weight on.
You tell her not to worry and you love her just the same to make her feel better but after each time she weighs herself adjust the scales downward a Lb so next time great! lost weight! and bingo she is in a good mood and you can head for the LMS, I aint been married 38 years without learning summat....

Edited By Terence Lynock on 07/04/2011 19:48:10

Terrence you are a very devious chap, but I like you. Cheers mate

07/04/2011 17:11:13
Posted by Terence Lynock on 07/04/2011 16:59:25:
I dont suppose you readjusted the internal zero stop while you were at it? its usually just a variable capacitor on the electronics board, you can get them to read up to 9.9999 Lbs overweight quite easily....

Don't tempt me Terrence. Mind you she has a lot of paying back to do. HMMMMM.

07/04/2011 14:35:23
I've taught my missus a lesson for not letting me build in the dining room. I've put some new batteries in the bathroom scales. Who's got a long face now then? Yehaaaa!
Thread: Can I use this?
06/04/2011 18:45:50
Posted by Pete B on 06/04/2011 15:15:15:
If you've watched the video tutorial I posted on your 'encouragement' thread, Geoff, and you've got your joints tidied up, I don't think you'll have a problem. Like so many small skills, it's all about practice, familiarity and confidence....

Hiya Pete. Thanks for this. I have watched your video and have enjoyed it. I am really grateful for any advice and help given on here. Perhaps it's the fact that through life I've been knocked back some many times that I've lost a lot of confidence in what I do so I keep pestering the good people on this forum to make sure I'm going in the right direction. Cheers mate.

06/04/2011 14:57:09
Thanks for this gentlemen, like the man said " If you don't ask the questions you won't get the answers" As I said before I have never used the thing and am unaware of it's capabilities. Cheers my friends.
06/04/2011 12:25:42
Posted by Ultymate on 06/04/2011 12:22:14:
It'll certainly test for continuity Geoff but that's not the same as checking the load carrying capabilities of your connectors.

Hiya Ultymate. Thanks for this. I suppose I really want to see if I've got a connection before I start putting power through them. Being a new'un I don't really want to play around with lipo's and risk a fire. Cheers mate

Webbiteer No: 20
AKA Geoff

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 06/04/2011 12:26:20

06/04/2011 12:17:02
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 06/04/2011 11:14:03:
Its a multimeter - so exactly what do you mean "test your new lipo connections" ?

Edited By Tim Mackey - Administrator on 06/04/2011 11:18:26

Hiya Tim. As you know I've been having a bit of trouble with my soldering of these joints and being a bit of a 'belt and braces' sort of chap I would like to test the connections for ? continuity. (if that's the right terminology) Cheers mate.

06/04/2011 10:44:58
Hiya all. Can I use this to test my new lipo connections? If so can some please tell me what settings to have it on and what readings I should look out for. Flaming well lost the instructions ain't I. I have never used it before so be gentle. Cheers my ever pestered friends.
Webbiteer No: 20
AKA Geoff
Thread: Help using one of these
06/04/2011 10:20:31
Hiya all. I have one of these and I'm wondering if I can use it to test my new lipo connections. Problem is I don't know how to use the blasted thing 'cos I've lost the instructions. Can someone tell me if I can use it, what settings to put it on and what readings to look for. Cheers my ever pestered friends.
Webbiteer No: 20
AKA. Geoff
Thread: Webbit example build: Fuselage, Tailpane
05/04/2011 23:31:03
Posted by Big Bandit on 05/04/2011 20:18:22:
Hi Andy, glad it's helped, any questions give us a shout.
I think it was meant to say the elevator joiner, that's the short length of 1/4 sq spruce in the picture and glues in the recesses at the inner ends of the two elevator half's, the reason for beveling it first is it's too easy to sand away too much of the softish balsa of the elevators if it's glued in first.

Hiya BB, there's me not making myself clear again. What I meant was that I know where the joiner goes but what's confusing me is what part of the joiner do I chamfer, I 've always left 'em square. Cheers mate

PS.  Silly arse me just re-read your post and it became clear. Thanks mate.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 05/04/2011 23:32:48

Thread: High seasonal demand for the Post Office Tower
05/04/2011 17:38:37
I'll have half a pint of what Steve's on.
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