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Thread: Band / music challenge
28/03/2011 13:37:59
Hey Steve, was your link supposed to take us to the Queens University in Belfast, if so who are we looking for? Cheers mate
Thread: Wittman Tailwind build with lots of pics
27/03/2011 23:49:23
Hiya Ton, I'm not usually so gushing but it really is a delight looking at your work, you are a master. I am just about to build my first model for about 20 years (The Webbit) and if I can achieve this with a fraction of your skill I will be elated. Cheers my friend and keep posting those pictures, in my view one of the highlights of this great magazine.
Thread: Page problems again!!!
27/03/2011 15:52:37
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 27/03/2011 13:51:19:
Ive been through that thread now, and knecked and amended stuff.
Its a classic example of people not doing things correctly such as linking, inserting photos, and copy and paste etc.
Try it now Geoff and report back.

Edited By Tim Mackey - Administrator on 27/03/2011 13:52:24

Many thanks for this Tim. It appears that whatever you Mods will do it will not prevent this from happening over and over again. The thread is ok now but you shouldn't have to do it. In future I will have to live with the problem. Perhaps it's my fault for reading every post in every thread.

Cheers mate.
27/03/2011 13:25:12
Posted by Pete B on 27/03/2011 13:17:25:
Could be the links posted by Ton at 29/11/2009 20:57:28, halfway down page 4, perhaps?
The page appears fine to me, though (Vista and Firefox)

Edited By Pete B on 27/03/2011 13:18:04

Hiya Pete. Ton on the 29th is ok here as well. Go up the page to Brian Pain (22/11/2009 @ 12.33.22) this is where it starts. Cheers

27/03/2011 11:49:27
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 26/03/2011 23:44:38:
Goeff, the problem is indeed well known. But on the page you originally reported it on I could not see any problem when I loaded it. Indeed later you yourself reported that you could not see either! I don't for a moment doubt that you did see it - but the problem is we can't fix things if we can't see anything wrong! And just for the record I don't believe we've ever "fobbed anyone off"!
If you tell me what page on what thread that problem you photo'ed above is I'll happily go and look at it and fix it if I can.

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 27/03/2011 00:19:29

Hiya BEB. I am not very articulate and have most definitely not expressed myself at all well. I would NOT upset anyone on this great forum in any way or form. Most of what I have posted on this problem was my attempt at dry humour. I promise I won't do it again. Now the thread I was reading was on the Wave Flying Boat instigated, I think by Ton Van Munsteren. About four pages into the thread a post was received from Brian Pain (22/11/2009 @ 12.23.22) this was the first post displaying the problem, Ton's reply to this post also 'bled' under the adverts although all his previous posts had been ok. Brian Pain replied on 24/11/2009 @ 00.12.14 and this post also bled under the ads. Cheers


Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 27/03/2011 11:57:36

26/03/2011 23:12:56
Thanks for this John. Nobody has openly accused me of any of the things I mentioned BUT, the way it seemed to me to be fobbed off and with other posters saying they couldn't see it made me feel a bit inadequate. I am using Windows Vista OP and Google Chrome as my browser. I changed to Firefox and IE to test the theory but got the same on them so I have reverted back to Chrome with which I have had no problem in the past. It does not happen with just one thread, it seems pretty general. John, this is not the first time I have bought this up but they just died a death. If you can go over the other posts I made concerning this and you will see what I mean. Cheers.
26/03/2011 20:26:37
Got it. As you can see I am not dreaming, I am not an idiot and there's nothing wrong with my eyes. Cheers

26/03/2011 10:56:04
Would you believe it. I've got two pictures of this problem on my camera and can't get the things on here. I've tried to follow the instructions but get stuck, the pictures not wishing to go on my gallery. You may (will) think I'm going on about this a bit much but don't like to be made to look like an idiot. There is a problem and now I have proof. Sorry about the bit of a rant but this has really got to me. Cheers my ex friends.
Thread: Charity Mass Build Clothing Orders
25/03/2011 22:47:18
Posted by Ian Jones on 21/03/2011 00:01:25:
Sorry Geoff, reading may post again it does look as if I was encouraging you to place a larger order - I should have put the reminder in a seperate post. I was just trying to ensure that it didn't get lost way back in the thread.
Regards, Ian

Hiya Ian, not at all mate, no offence taken here. I hadn't given it a thought until I read this post. Cheers my friend.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
25/03/2011 14:02:33
Posted by r6dan on 24/03/2011 18:07:36:
First time I have had it running, 4 strokes sound great

Hey Dan, I bet your the neighbourhoods favourite. LOL

Thread: RCM&E Subscription - FREE GIFT
24/03/2011 09:17:03
Just sent the first email off about my errant free subscriber gift. I wonder what epic this will turn out to be? In view of the above woe's it could turn into another Gone With The Wind. LOL Cheers my friends
Thread: What exactly killed my big seagull
23/03/2011 15:14:55
Posted by r6dan on 23/03/2011 14:16:16:
If you see what I meanPosted by Geoff Smith 1 on 23/03/2011 14:05:16:

Hiya Tim, just a question from a newby. What does IYSWIM mean, I've seen it crop up a few times and have now got very inquisitive. Cheers mate.




If you see what I mean

Thanks Dan, another mystery solved. Cheers

23/03/2011 14:05:16
Hiya Tim, just a question from a newby. What does IYSWIM mean, I've seen it crop up a few times and have now got very inquisitive. Cheers mate.
Thread: A Matter of National Modelling Importance
23/03/2011 13:08:54
My Mate Marmite. I love the stuff although someone left some Champagne Marmite here the other day, didn't like that though. Take some to Greenacres to have on my early morning toast. Cheers
Thread: Anyone tried this yet?
22/03/2011 23:39:51
Ha Ha! Comic Relief is over lads. So, I am a NoNails Wood Glue virgin. If my Webbit falls apart at Greenacres you'll know it ain't no good. Cheers
22/03/2011 19:44:21
Evidently out of the 42 views nobody has used it. Cheers
Thread: RCM&E Subscription - FREE GIFT
22/03/2011 19:43:01
Strewth Mick and I'm worried 'cos mine hasn't turned up since February. Cheers
Thread: Anyone tried this yet?
22/03/2011 14:17:59
Just got this from Mr Block & Mr Quale. Seems to be pretty good for our application. Cheers
Thread: Main Switch for Electrics
21/03/2011 07:33:57
Knit one pearl two then Steve?
Thread: Charity Mass Build Clothing Orders
20/03/2011 23:09:26
Posted by Ian Jones on 20/03/2011 23:02:03:
And a very fine choice it is Geoff.
I'm not letting birthday boy Dave Gilder get away with being the only one with a hoodie, I've got one on order too.

A reminder of the current discount offer for larger orders:

If your order comes to over £50.00 (excl delivery) then you can get a £10.00 discount at the checkout by entering the voucher code SPRING2011. This offer is valid until 04/04/2011.


It would have been a bigger order but my flaming birthday has just gone. Cheers

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