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Thread: Phoenix On Line Session
05/04/2012 21:55:15

Phoenix session now ended.

Geoff......Billy no mates dept.

05/04/2012 21:54:05
Posted by Tom T on 05/04/2012 20:09:51:

I will be there, being square sounds a little painful :D

Do you have the newer version? the V4i?

Edited By Tom T on 05/04/2012 20:10:27

Hiya Tom, I've got the latest beta version 4.0j


05/04/2012 19:54:43

Hiya all. Phoenix Session tonight at 21.00 hrs. Be there or be square.

Usual sign in - modelflying..... Password.... forum


Thread: A few Friday freebies!
02/04/2012 22:05:22

Too flaming late again.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 02/04/2012 22:07:45

Thread: Phoenix. What version are you using?
02/04/2012 20:12:37

Hiya John. I have upgraded from V3.0s to V4.0i. Like you I'm having problems upgrading to V4.0j Final. I agree with what you said about the beta testing and this is what me upgrade in the first place. I had tried to join various sessions only to be told that they were using a version higher than mine so not to be left out in the cold I upgraded so that I could join in. Guess what? I am now being told by some sessions that my version is too high. ARGHHHHH!


02/04/2012 12:38:01

Hiya all. It seems that there are so many versions and sub versions knocking about it got me to wondering what version the forum participants are using. If we are all on different versions it means that we won't be able to fly together.

Geoff..........Out on a limb dept.

Thread: Phoenix Online Session
01/04/2012 16:08:26

Hiya Rusty. Just got back from a couple oof days in Weymouth. It will be good to crash a few..BTW have you got a mic so as we could chaT?

Cheers mate.


29/03/2012 22:23:00
Posted by Rusty C on 29/03/2012 22:15:49:

no worries bud, its very hard to type and fly anyway crook

Its a magic tool the sim best money i ever spent!!!


Too right, I'm having a great time with it. It's getting the old twitchy fingers back in the groove,

Cheers mate.


Thread: Hey! I'm a grandad!
29/03/2012 22:20:58

Congratulations Tony. Christmas just got dearer.wink


Thread: Phoenix Online Session
29/03/2012 22:13:54
Posted by Rusty C on 29/03/2012 22:12:07:

session closed


Hey Rusty, sorry I didn't answer you but I'm only just getting the hang of Phoenix and did't know how to get the message screen. Cheers mate.


Thread: Typical ain't it.
27/03/2012 16:32:39

Thanks for this Olly my friend. I seem to be up to date with the aircraft and fields bit. I searched for an update for the latest version and could see the beta download but I try to avoid any beta until they sort out the wrinkles which invariably accompany them. Cheers mate.

Geoff.....not so confused now dept.

27/03/2012 15:50:15
Posted by John Privett on 23/03/2012 21:02:54:

Geoff - why not start one yourself? Pop a post in the forum and I'm sure you'll get a few turn up.

Hiya John, thanks for this. I didn't start a session myself but decided to join a few others to see how it all worked. Strewth mate I thought my flying was a bit iffy but trying to fly with the sound of disintegrating balsa all around me made me actually duck. lol. Are they all like that I wonder, not the modelflying site I'm sure but the others. Just as a btw, any Phoenix flyers on here answer me a question, I tried to join a couple of groups but was rejected because they were using 'more up to date version' of Phoenix. Now I am using Version 3s which appears to be the latest so can someone enlighten me as to what could be the problem?

Geoff.......biut confused dept.

Thread: How hard can it be to fit a tow-bar?
25/03/2012 23:23:27

Hiya Steve, just as a by the way, towbar AND electrics are being introduced into the MOT test.


Thread: Mini Super Build
25/03/2012 23:18:55

Hiya all. Steve I've just been watching your videa of your mini super overflying your patch. Now going off thread a bit. One of my favourite television programs is Time Team. During this program they sometimes fly over an area and you can clearly see marks in the ground showing the possibility of buildings etc; If you look closely at the green field you fly over you can see definate lines (different colour green) of what appears to be a row of buildings.

Geoff...........Archialogical dept

Thread: Birds, it's that time of year again.
24/03/2012 16:14:43

Oh I forgot the pair of Great Tits nesting in the front box. We have had viewings of the box at the back of the house but no takers as yet.

Geoff.....must change my estate agent dept.

24/03/2012 16:12:49
Posted by ken anderson. on 24/03/2012 15:40:25:

thats not the sort of birds i'll be watching as the weather gets warmer..... smile d

ken anderson ne..1..... bird watch dept n/e.....

Same here mate, as long as 'er indoors don't see me. wink

Geoff............Can't remember dept.

24/03/2012 12:02:26

Hiya all. Well, our little feathered friends are now claiming places to raise their broods. Any clever,funny or awkward one's in your locallity? I have a Wren who has decided to take up residence in my garage. My garage, by the way, is a three sided affair with the garden side open. No problem here but I always run my ic engines up in there so thats out of the question. Another typical is that I have just got the thing starting and running first time. Ah well, I get pleasure out of watching to frantic to-ing and fro-ing of this pair. Cheers all.

Geoff.......Bird watch dept.

Thread: Phoenix Online Session
24/03/2012 11:52:26

Don't you people ever sleep? Old bones like mine need rest and by the time you lot start I am well in the land of nod. I will catch up with you one day and then watch out, my flying is getting better, more landings than crashes, but sometimes I get finger tied. Cheers my friends.

Geoff.....keep yer 'ead down dept.

Thread: Typical ain't it.
23/03/2012 22:44:29
Posted by John Privett on 23/03/2012 21:02:54:

Geoff - why not start one yourself? Pop a post in the forum and I'm sure you'll get a few turn up.

Thanks for this John. I have never been on there before and I don't know how it works. Once I've been on with the lads and get to know the drill I will start my own sessions.


23/03/2012 07:45:15

Hiya my friend, as I said typical ain't it, I went to bed at 22.30 last night. Ah well maybe the next time.

Geoff.......... missed it again dept.

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