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Thread: Greenacres RCM&E 2011 Summer Fly-In
28/01/2011 11:53:39
Just one question. Will I need to bring my passport to visit the North East contingent?
28/01/2011 11:27:35
Posted by Steven Butler on 27/01/2011 18:28:43:
Just got the webbit and spare wood. Quite daunting for someone who has never built from a plan before. please make sure you all post loads of photos for me as a guide as I have probably bitten off more than I can chew.
Still it'll be a good fun challenge

Don't hog the room then Steve, I'll be looking right over your shoulder mate. We will take this journey into foreign fields together. LOL

Thread: HK Orange Rx
28/01/2011 07:56:17
Hiya all. I know this is a bit late but the explanation by John Privett (10/09/2010) was absolutely first class, I, a comparative newcomer understood every word. Many thanks John.
Thread: I don't mind a challenge.......
28/01/2011 07:39:27
Awww come on you lot, where's your sense of achievement gone. Just think to yourselves "I CAN DO THIS"
Thread: Greenacres RCM&E 2011 Summer Fly-In
27/01/2011 18:38:09
I'll be there in my nice warm snug fishing bivvy. Strewth I'm like a kid at Christmas, can't wait.
Thread: See ! This is what relly happens !
27/01/2011 09:14:42
Hiya all. Are you guys married?
Thread: I hate Solafilm and Profilm
26/01/2011 19:24:20
This thread is usless. Adverts covering right hand side
Thread: My dream
26/01/2011 12:29:50
Thanks for this lads. As you may know I have flown before and I think I can manage the Webbitt, I will power the Webbitt (Elec) for my style of flying, I do not like guided missiles. The Super 60 will be my relaxer. I can't see any problems at the moment but you lot will be second to find out if I do.
I am looking forward to both builds but the camaraderie involved in the Webbitt build I would not miss for the world but  April 1 st does seem a long way off. Cheers my friends.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 26/01/2011 12:33:45

26/01/2011 10:33:20
Is to build and fly the old Super 60. I had one of these years ago and the memory keeps coming back. I'll hone up my skills with the Webbitt and who knows? BTW has anyone done a Build Blog on the Super 60? Cheers

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 26/01/2011 10:34:39

Thread: Charity Mass Build - Chat Thread
25/01/2011 19:37:56
Not working here either Chris. BTW is the flyer finished 'cos after Greenacres it says "which takes  place over??

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 25/01/2011 19:41:20

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 25/01/2011 19:42:16

Thread: A national flying site?
25/01/2011 14:33:52
Hiya all, time for my twopennyworth. I, like many others on this site are pensioners being 'got at' from all sides these days. £26 per year is a lot to me but I consider worth it. I would be strongly opposed to the purchase of a permanent site (using my money) that I couldn't use due to the distance involved, unless it's in Somerset of course. Ha! Ha!. Cheers
Thread: T-Shirt Idea
25/01/2011 13:48:11
Although I've already said in another thread YES I will buy a Tee Shirt.
Thread: Servo Plugs
23/01/2011 19:57:46
Thanks for this lads. I will now mount an expedition into the darkest regions of our attic and see if I find all my old bits and pieces. I may be gone for some time.
Thread: Greenacres RCM&E 2011 Summer Fly-In
23/01/2011 19:52:41
I'll definitely be going. Anyone else gonna be under canvas?
Thread: Servo Plugs
23/01/2011 10:48:21
Many thanks for this lads. I've got some old Futaba and Sanwa servos knocking about is it worth trying these? Cheers my friends
23/01/2011 09:09:21
Hiya all. Have servo plugs become standardised ? The reason I ask is that you see Tx & Rx packages across the range of makes but rarely see servos included. Does this mean that all servos will fit any rx ? Cheers
Thread: I remember Sandown.
20/01/2011 18:18:48
Posted by flytilbroke on 20/01/2011 16:55:18:
Hi Geoff, seems you are just a tad more of an old duffer than I am From the replies so far, my thought that the shows seem to be heading even further South seems correct

My Mrs and I are planning the "Nationals" for the first time, although given the distance probably only a one time event.

Hiya my friend. Ahem! an old duffer? I don't know what you mean

Unfortunately the shows aren't getting south enough, I told 'er indoors that I shall be missing from Ch'ez Smith for two consecutive weekends in June, strewth you'd have thought world war 3 had started. after 51 years married she still won't leave. LOL I even bit the bullet and asked her to come with me, now I'm not that daft 'cos I know she doesn't do camping any more. I would have been in stuck If she'd have said yes. Are you planning the Nationals this year? If so I'll see you there. What about Greenacres? Cheers mate
Thread: Charity Mass Build - Chat Thread
20/01/2011 05:02:49
Posted by Steven Webb (Steve Webb Models) on 19/01/2011 18:29:55:

Geof - I hope you enjoy the build. Welcome back to wood!

Thanks for this Steve, yes mate I think I'm gonna enjoy myself doing this. Cheers

Thread: Definition of a Modeller
19/01/2011 22:25:23
Hiya all. r6dan has put a thought into my head with regard to the age of modellers on this site. He is 33 years old and the youngest in his club. Are there any young up and coming on here to keep the sport alive, or is it a general thought that it's a 'geeky thing' like r6dan says. We have the same problem trying to get young people interested in acting. I know it's in the wrong thread but I've put it here because of r6dans thread above. Cheers
Thread: I remember Sandown.
19/01/2011 19:47:00
Posted by Lindsay Todd on 19/01/2011 19:33:25:
Have to say Weston Park currently, looks like being bigger and better still this year.

Looks good but it is so close to the Greenacres fly in. I don't think 'er indoors will wear me being away 2 weekends on the trot. Cheers

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