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Thread: it all whent wrong today
09/01/2011 21:30:17
Hiya my friends, you are most probably right in your posts, I put it down to 19 years off the sticks. It seemed to me that when the nose dropped, I had the power still full on, that the wind got on top of the wing and 'cos I had the rates on I couldn't get enough elevator to counter act it. Anyway lessons learnt. He's to the next time. Cheers
09/01/2011 20:34:53
Hiya David, You weren't stood behind me were you? I had exactly the same thing happen but I think I know what went wrong. I took off with the dual rates on and all went very well until I got above tree height. Bit blustery up there and as I pulled round for an upwind leg the nose dropped and I seemed to lose all control, perhaps having the rates on restricted the control movement I needed. Still never mind it is repairable so we will try again when the wind is not so strong. Cheers
Thread: Flying tomorrow?
08/01/2011 22:41:06
Hiya Flytilbroke, had a few of them in my time, must concentrate on keeping it S & L. Cheers
08/01/2011 21:40:56
Thanks Wingman, Slow and 2 mistakes high I think until I get my twiddle fingers back again.
08/01/2011 20:43:25
Hiya all, many thanks for this information. I have flown before but the last time was in 1992. I hope I haven't lost it. I am very new to this new technology, I knew nothing about the 2.4ghz system until this week. Quick story, rushed into hospital just before Christmas and just made it. I have had to give up smoking after 61 years and as an incentive I am spending what I would have on tobacco on this great sport. Hence the reason all this is so new. My son will be with me to assist so I'll be alright. Cheers
08/01/2011 20:03:13
Hiya Wingman, typical me, half of necessary information again. It's a 2.4g system and it's the radio (cheap) supplied with the Art Tech Cessna 500 class RTF. There is no actual makers name on it. Cheers
08/01/2011 19:29:28
Hiya all. Now I'm not going to say this too loud but it looks like the weather  will not be too bad tomorrow. If I get the chance I will maiden the Cessna but prior to that of course I will need to range check my radio. Can you give me some pointers how to do this properly as it is not covered in the manual. Cheers my friends
Thread: Balance Charger for all Batteries?
05/01/2011 14:23:10
Many thanks for this Frank. I am getting the hang of this lark slowly but surely. I have never been electrically minded and I have always been wary of it but getting great info off of this great  forum and reading as much as I can it seems to be gelling. Cheers my friend.
05/01/2011 08:51:33
I knew there was something else. I have playing (ground flying around my living room) and have partially used up the battery. Is it safe to top up the battery without having to discharge it? Cheers
Thread: Dual Rates
05/01/2011 08:37:02
Thanks BB. I suppose I ought to happy to still be here to dream about the maiden flight. 3 weeks ago I was 'Knocking on Heavens Door' but the good people at the Bath Royal United dragged me back.  Cheerful old sod ain't I.  Do you know BB, when I was at work the flaming weather always changed on my days off, do you think it could be a conspiracy?
Cheers my friend 
Thread: Balance Charger for all Batteries?
05/01/2011 08:29:25
Hiya Wolfie, thanks for this. I should have said that I am a total novice at this lark and have no special equipment to hand, at the moment. The charger I have is the Art Tech V2 balance charger with a switchable charge rate of  1.0A to 0.3A. Cheers
05/01/2011 07:37:26
Hiya all. The Li-Poly battery in my Cessna came with it's own balance charger. The battery supplied is a 2400mAH x11.1v. If I buy alternative batteries for this plane, as has been suggested, will I still be able to use the charger even if the mAH is not the same?
How many cells should the battery above have? The reason I ask is that I just noticed a small hand written label on the back with 'Voltage reading each cell' It only gives 2 readings 3.94 & 3.94. Cheers
Thread: Dual Rates
05/01/2011 07:17:55
Many thanks for this BB. That's another one of the mysteries out of the way. I only wish the weather would let me get out for the maiden flight. It's not the model that's the problem, it's me, not been a well bunny lately. Cheers my friend.
05/01/2011 04:19:24
Hiya all, never ever having such refinements as Dual Rates on my old steam driven Futaba where and when would I need/want to use them? Cheers  
Thread: Newbie question on battery flight times.
04/01/2011 14:04:15
Many thanks for this r6dan. cracking  information, I will inwardly digest this lot. Cheers
04/01/2011 10:59:01
Many thanks for this BEB. I've had a good look at video's and read up and I think I can sort this soldering lark out with much trouble. What size soldering iron do you suggest for general all round work? Also I think I'll go the way of bullet connectors, they seem to be the best option for me. A problem I may experience with these alternative Li-Poly batteries is the size. The Li-Poly battery supplied with my Cessna 182 has the dimensions of 133 x 43 x 15mm. This fits into a purpose built plastic cage in the fuze. The alternative batteries may be a bit  fat to fit. BTW, just gone through your Sopwith Pup build, excellent series, started to make my thumbs itch again. Cheers my friend.
Thread: Hiya all
04/01/2011 09:27:16
Thanks for this Alan. I'll just have to keep it 2 mistakes high until I get back into the swing of things.  Cheers
Thread: Newbie question on battery flight times.
03/01/2011 18:04:08
Thanks my friend. I am worried about the connectors, I take it that you (me) have to do the plug changing, There by could be a problem. Strewth if I keep on like this you gonna think I'm a right wimp. I have little or no experience of soldering or the like, would it be easy for me to pick up? also what about the balanced charger connections, those little white 4 pin plugs look a different kettle of fish. From your description I appear to have a battery with a Deans connector. It appears from reading the blurb that when the charge to the motor reaches a certain point it will power down the motor, a useful bit kit for me. I hope you lot don't mind these questions, they may seem trivial but I don't want anything to go wrong when I get my first flight in. Many thanks to all for your help and it is really appreciated.
Cheers my friends,
03/01/2011 11:35:47
Wow! thanks for this info my friends this will surely help.
BEB These Li-Poly batteries worry me (getting old and careful) Haven't I read somewhere that these batteries must be charged through a dedicated supply and not one which is running something else? Connectors, are all Li-Poly battery connectors the same or does one have to change them to suit your model? Don't worry lads I will get the hang of it soon.  Geoff
03/01/2011 10:10:08
Hiya all, my first question so be gentle. I have purchased my first  model, an Art Tech Cessna 182 500 class RTF. It came supplied with a 2400mAH -11.1v Li-Poly battery. Maximum flight time of 10 minutes, I take this to be at full chat. Now my question is that 10 minutes is not what I would call a pleasant Sunday afternoons flying. Ok I know I can purchase more batteries but at £40 a throw it don't come cheep. What does everyone else do to get a decent days flying? 
Cheers my friends.
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