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Thread: Typical ain't it.
22/03/2012 21:38:53

Hiya all. Since it's inauguration I have always looked at the ' Phoenix' fly in threads with envious eyes, so I went out a bought one. And what happens? Nothing! What has happened to the fly ins?

Geoff.........Lonely dept.

Thread: Phoenix Flight Simulator
14/03/2012 22:26:39

Arrived today, good service from Kings Lynn Models. Got it set up and having great fun with it.

Geoff.............kid with a new toy dept.

12/03/2012 19:23:14

Well I've been and gorn and done it. Taking on board the helpful info given on here I've purchased the whole shooting match complete with DX5 transmitter. I suppose now I'll be pestering everyone with how to use the flaming thing, me being a computer illiterate old fart. Never mind I'm bound to have some fun with it.


Geoff ..............definately broke dept

Thread: Aeromodelling Buzz words?
12/03/2012 19:17:24

How about 'greaser' for a hot landing.

Thread: Phoenix Flight Simulator
10/03/2012 21:01:00

Thanks Steve, been there, done that. You are given the option to click your location, USA/Canada or The Rest of the World. The rest of the world button just shows a blank screen. I have gone through every possibility on the search screen and it always comes back to the unresponsive screen. Seems like I'm destined not to find the answer.


10/03/2012 17:31:46

Hiya Steve. the site will only let you select USA enquiries, Rest of The World will not load.


10/03/2012 15:49:52

Thanks for this Steve. Can't contact Phoenix it appears they don't want to talk to anyone outside the USA.



10/03/2012 12:46:22

Hiya all. I have just had a birthday and have accumulated enough money for the Phoenix Flight Simulator but not, unfortunately, enough for the tx that goes with it. I have 2 tx's ( Radio Link T6EAP) and (AirTech ETB62A). The Radio Link has a 5 pin DIN socket at the back and the AirTech has, what appears to be a 3.5 jack socket. Can someone point me in the right direct as to which adaptor I can purchase. Also, how does the lead which comes with the Phoenix terminate, ie; 3.5 male jack plug. Any help and advice greatly appreciated, as usual.


Thread: Planets out tonight
07/03/2012 21:37:36

Download the amazing and you can see for yourself. A great fun site.

Geoff....stargazing dept

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 07/03/2012 21:53:27

Thread: AOL
06/03/2012 13:02:30

Hiya, I've been with AOL for years and although there have been a few problems I can live with them as they are few and far between. Better the devil you know etc:

Geoff..............satisfied dept.

Thread: Hobby King Problem
05/03/2012 23:02:53

Many thanks for this gentlemen. Pete, I didn't open the attachment 'cos something didn't seem right. The link to the FedEX site is spot on and says that what I've got is a scam. I will forward it to FedEx as they ask and then delete it. Once again many thanks.

Geoff...........relieved dept.

05/03/2012 22:51:29

Hiya Christian, no mate it doesn't give any identification on the main e-mail. There is the offer to download an invoice which may or may not have that information on it but I am loath to download it in case it brings me more trouble.

Geoff..........cautious dept.

05/03/2012 22:36:42

Hiya all. I am waiting for an order from Hobby King. It has been dispatched, Today I received an e-mail proportedly from FedEX. Copy below.

FedEx notification,

The delivery service couldn’t deliver your package.
The package weight exceeds the allowable free-delivery limit.

You have to receive your packagen personally.
Print out the "Invoice Copy" attached and collect the package at our office.

Please read carefully the attached information before receiving your package.

Thank you. FedEx Customer Services.

I am a bit concerned as I have paid postage on this order and they required me to download '"an invoice" to take with me. I have not had this trouble before. Is there a problem?

Geoff...........worry dept.

Thread: Happenings
05/03/2012 11:12:54

Sorry to hear about The Modellers Den closing. This is my local shop and I have supported them in the past but as David said they have taken to selling plastic kits and car oriented stuff. We are not very well covered by LMS's in this area and it will be a great loss.

Geoff..................nostalgic dept.

Thread: You wonder why I am grumpy??
03/03/2012 10:03:42
Posted by ken anderson. on 03/03/2012 08:33:51:

poor myron......also dont forget that the new one(photo card)has to be renewed every 10 year-or else you'll get Done.....

ken anderson ne..1 dept.

When you get to my age Ken it ha to be renewed every three years.

Geoff.....Old Farts Dept.

Thread: Engine cutting when looped tightly
27/02/2012 09:24:28
Posted by Ben B on 26/02/2012 22:12:09:

crook cheers Doug!

BEB- yes, it just so happens there is quite a big loop of pipe. Good thinking! I'll see if I can eradicate that loop and see what difference it makes. There's no speeding up, it just runs rough for a few seconds (as if the mixture is wrong). I'm assuming it's going lean. I suppose the carb is quite high relative to the fuel level, add in a loop and a reverse suction as you describe is a possibility. I'll remove the curved section and see what happens.....

Hiya, just a thought from someone how doesn't know engines but with the tank below the carb could it not be possible that, what you take for leaning out, is in fact the engine flooding and going rich?

Geoff.......sticking his oar in dept.

Thread: Quick competition
20/02/2012 19:23:06

Oh yes pretty please.

Geoff.....wishing dept.

Thread: Motor Shaft removal
20/02/2012 18:05:21
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 20/02/2012 17:06:26:

I've been trying that with a Turnugy 300 - and using the drill press just resulted in a very sore arm - with the shaft staying exactly where it was

The problem is the mount as is means that it's VERY up front and would have to have a bulkhead or something right at the nose (I suppose I coiuld try to get some studding and make a stand-off - but finding a convenient hardware place that doesn't involve a taxi ride there and back is hard. I hate these 'shopping areas especially when they aren' on a bus route

Hiya Daithi my friend. this looks promising, NOT, this is the motor I've got. Doh!



Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 20/02/2012 18:06:52

20/02/2012 12:10:03

Hiya all. How easy is it to swap an electric motor spindle? I have a motor with two drive methods ( spindle or nut) and I wish to reverse the spindle and use that. Not very clear I know but I hope you know what I am trying to ask.


Geoff .....flumuxed dept.

Thread: The Power of the Forum
14/02/2012 17:17:44
Hiya all.
I've been trying for weeks, literally, to get my Magnum GP40 to play but despite all efforts it has proved very stubborn. Apart from very short bursts it would not run. I have tried every setting possible, by the book, without the book and I've even thrown the book at it followed closely by the bookcase. I have been trying again today and this afternoon when 'er indoors bought me a cuppa and said 'how much longer you going to mess about with it' I said that I am going to have get help on the Forum. Hardly had the echo of these words dissipated when the flaming thing burst into life and is now running perfectly apart from a slight hesitation on pickup. Long Live the Power of the Forum.
Geoff...chuffed dept.
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