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Thread: New Glue
31/12/2011 16:06:52
Hiya Ken. Thanks mate. And a Very Happy New Year to you and all in the H T P.
Geoff..............Hoping it works 'cos it's holding my Telemaster together dept.
31/12/2011 12:07:05
Hiya all. A Poundland special. 4 bottles with extension tubes for a £1, can't be bad. Works ok, about a medium thickness but does wick (a bit) Goes off in approx 6 seconds which gives me time to sort things out
Cheers my friends
Geoff......Thrifty dept.
Thread: Show us your workshop!
30/12/2011 11:07:26
Posted by Jim Carss on 30/12/2011 10:26:15:
Time is flying by if you pardon the pun,hit the big 70 in two months time.
NE23 old age dept

Been there, done that, 71 in March.

Geoff....Tempis Fugit dept.
30/12/2011 09:52:34
Posted by Jim Carss on 25/10/2011 13:42:18:
Andy / Tim
Got another tx in the garage somewhere,
50 yrs worth of gear on that shelf,nearly as old as me.

In your dreams Jim.

Cheers 'young' man.
Geoff............Very ancient dept.
Thread: RCM&E / Greenacres 2012 fly-in general chat
29/12/2011 21:51:17
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 29/12/2011 21:18:10:
Great news! I'll be there complete with "BEB Towers" as in previous years! One of the best dates in the dairy without doubt! Great flying site, great company and for the last two years great weather!

Hiya BEB, didn't notice a dairy there this year.

Geoff.......still can't wait dept.
Thread: I dont believe in spooks
28/12/2011 15:39:44
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 26/12/2011 16:32:54:
Well, the plot thickens!
In my Boxing Day cracker I got this.....

They're blurred because my hands are shaking with foreboding......(or it could just be that cameras and I don't get on!)
If David gets one I'm taking the whole matter to Sherlock Holmes.

Hey BEB I got two of those. Having a job finding room for the servo's though.

Geoff.............Cheap cracker dept.
Thread: Vintage Roll Call for Greenacres
28/12/2011 09:42:29
Hiya David, if the Micro Telemaster counts I'm in. I'll be at Greenacres anyway, unless my health gets any worse between now and then.
Geoff.....Fingers crossed dept.
ps. This bloke from NE-1 has started something with this 'dept' business, I'm running out of ideas.
Thread: Phil Wood in Hospital
23/12/2011 17:48:08
Garry, tell the ol' fella to leave the nurses alone and build his strength up and get out of the place. Tell him he's got a lot of good will thoughts coming his way to help.
Cheers mate
Thread: three cheers for the lads behind the scene.....
22/12/2011 21:47:51
Totally agree with all that's been said previously. Many thanks for all the help and encouragement . Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Geoff..............BS31 Thankful Dept.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 22/12/2011 21:48:11

Thread: Christmas dinner?
22/12/2011 04:29:45
We have always been traditional. Not many to feed this year, only 14 on Christmas Day and 18 on Boxing Day.
Geoff BS31 hotel dept
Thread: How Vintage is Vintage?
18/12/2011 19:19:17
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 18/12/2011 18:34:10:
Posted by John E ( Puffin Models ) on 18/12/2011 13:34:06:
Thank you BEB (are you who I think you are?),
Possibly John but I don't know who you think I am! To be honest I doubt it as I don't think we've met!

I've met him, once seen never forgotten. lol

Geoff..............Foot in mouth dept.
Thread: Mouse Hunt
16/12/2011 08:58:55
Hiya all, latest count is 10. Thinking of a previous post concerning 'tagging' the mice with coloured dye. Does anyone know of a non toxic dye I could use 'cos I think I'm getting some 'returnees'
Geoff (Litigern)
14/12/2011 08:26:36
Another (returned) one caught this morning. 7 now. Does Guinness have a record for this?
Geoff (Lutigern)
13/12/2011 17:51:32
And still they keep coming. One last night and one just now, that's six . Ah well it stops me getting bored. Cheers
Geoff (Lutigern)
12/12/2011 21:15:44
Got him/her/it. Succumbed to peanut butter. Still paranoid 'cos I can see things move out of the corner of my eye. I'll give it a couple of days and then start again.
Geoff (Lord of the Mice)
12/12/2011 14:43:34
Thanks Phil, I've actually got a dog but I think she's mates with the mice. lol
12/12/2011 14:06:25
Posted by Plummet on 12/12/2011 13:26:50:
The best bait I have found is peanut butter. Chocolate is also good. Cheese is supposed to be pretty useless!

Hiya Plummet. I've been using peanut butter, um perhaps a change of diet may entice the little perisher.

Thread: 2012 Vintage Mass Build Chat Thread
12/12/2011 12:21:06
Posted by Chris Bott on 06/12/2011 17:37:38:
Posted by Geoff Smith 1 on 06/12/2011 13:39:44:

Hiya David, if your Senior Telemaster qualify's does my Micro Telemaster count?

Cheers mate Geoff
Geoff it's a Telemaster so it definately qualifies.
How's it coming along? Have you managed to start building it yet?

Yes mate, well on the way but knowing my speed of building it will be ready for Greenacres. lol

Thread: Season's Greetings
12/12/2011 12:18:44
Hiya all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends on this great forum. Thanks for all your help and advice this past year.
Thread: Mouse Hunt
12/12/2011 12:15:28
Hiya all. I suppose a downside to living next to the country side is that at this time of year the local rodent population move to warmer climes. This year they have decided, once again, that my garage is a suitable place. Now don't get me wrong, I love all animals and would not harm them at all but these little perishers can cause a lot of damage. Three years ago I lost £150 worth of fishing tackle through their bad habits. I have purchased a B & Q humane trap, very efficient, and so far have managed to catch four of them in three days and release them in the fields far from my house, but, there is a fourth, I know he/she is there because I can hear it running between the polystyrene cladding and the roof. This one is proving very difficult to catch, it has got the hang of springing the trap without getting caught. This all brings to mind the Lee Evans film of the same name as this thread title. Failing all attempts to catch this little blighter is turning into an obsession. I think I'll run the Magnum up over rich and smoke the little Houdini out. Cheers my friends.
Geoff (BS31 Fumigation Dept)
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