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Thread: Christmas comes early
06/12/2011 16:08:04
Well what a surprise. Gert big box turns up at my front door just now, 'er indoors wants to know how much I've been spending now? On opening box with trembling fingers I find a Stand Box. I've only gorn and won the thing Yahoo! Many thanks RCM&E it will be put to great use. Cheers

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 06/12/2011 16:08:31

Thread: 2012 Vintage Mass Build Chat Thread
06/12/2011 15:55:22
Posted by Olly P on 06/12/2011 14:52:02:
Mental note - finish webit first!

Olly what are you playing at? I know you want to have the only Webbit ate Greenacres next year. You will certainly stand out in the crowd.

Cheers mate
06/12/2011 13:39:44
Posted by David Davis Telemaster Sales UK on 06/12/2011 09:43:25:
Posted by Olly P on 06/12/2011 08:42:33:
Fair enough.
Think I'll use electric motor on the power pod, and position an aerotow hook underneath, so can be towed up if the pod is not fitted.

....and I'll bring along my Senior Telemaster which is a vintage model and has a tow attachment and I'll tow it up for you!

Hiya David, if your Senior Telemaster qualify's does my Micro Telemaster count?

Cheers mate Geoff
Thread: All you Lancaster builders out there.
29/11/2011 17:11:35
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 29/11/2011 16:41:29:
Ah, but its only worth that if someone whats to buy it at that price!
Also, think on this: if you worked 7 hours a day thats 35 hours per week. Let's say you did that for 49 weeks of the year (just 3 weeks a year leave) that's 1715 hours per year. So this model represents 9 to 5 with a half hour lunch break and two 15 min tea breaks for over one year and 8 months! Suddenly £10,000 doesn't look quite so good - especially as it has to cover the cost of materials and running costs of the workshop as well!

Hiya David, trust you to bring statistics into it. The old chap said he worked for A.V.Roe during the war and built the model from actual drawings. What I meant to put across is that I have seen comparable models on here equally as well built but in a fraction of the time Cheers mate.

29/11/2011 16:17:02
All you Lancaster builders out there are missing out somewhere. I have just been watching the Antiques Roadshow and this old chap had a Lancaster model he had built. He said it did fly but not any more. The Lanc appeared to be about a 92" span and it looked tidy as well, except for the shaky hand painted logo on the fuselage just forward of the cockpit. It said 'Guy Gibson' ' Mohne Dam' a drawing of a bouncing bomb and a number of bombs depicting raids. Now for the good bit, the 'expert' said that he would get £10.000, £15.000 or £20.000 for it at auction. So, if you leap into this method of making money I would of course expect a fee for imparting this information. BTW he said it took him 2900hrs to build it.
Cheers you lucky people
Thread: End of an era
28/11/2011 12:29:54
Posted by Dorset flyer on 28/11/2011 00:04:57:
I wish that they would stop interupting normally scheduled programs on normal television for blooming FOOTBALL!!! i have no interest in any sport but football the least..... with Sky and Satanter around make the footy fanatic's pay to watch the games giving more revenue to Sky etc... and leave my blooming normal channels alone!!!!!

Blimey DF, another one not interested in football. I had to show my wife this 'cos she thinks I am the only one who doesn't show any interest in the stupid game. Cheers mate

Thread: Where can I buy?
26/11/2011 23:28:56
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 26/11/2011 23:22:30:
I don't know Geoff, but I do know that my missus would be delighted if I could get one. There are several household tasks in need of one. If you do locate a supply be sure not to let the rest of know wont you!

Yes my friend, I'll see what I can do.

26/11/2011 23:10:12
Since the upsurge in all things vintage I have noticed a lot of people are getting a Round Tuit, evidently it's something I need so where can I buy one please?
Thread: Two good Youtube videos
26/11/2011 13:49:22
Video's removed by user?
Thread: DC Engine Identification please
22/11/2011 08:40:03
Many thanks for this my friends, I can now sleep in peace, not knowing was getting right up my nose. lol Cheers
21/11/2011 22:48:59
I don't know Tom, hoping someone on here knows, it's beginning to annoy me. I only found the thing today when I extricated my old flight box from the dark recesses of my attic and there it was languishing in the bottom amongst the broken propellers. Cheers mate
21/11/2011 22:33:30
Hiya all. I have tried to identify this DC engine on Google but I can't find a match, perhaps it's me but the straight fins on the upper cylinder foxed me 'cos all the others seem to have a bulbous top. Cheers
Thread: Lost in translation
17/11/2011 18:08:31
Chip Fryer
Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
16/11/2011 10:12:59
I was offered a job in a circumcision clinic, £100 per week plus a share of the tips.
Thread: US issue title
13/11/2011 17:32:33
Posted by Martin Harris on 13/11/2011 16:56:27:
In case anyone's still wondering, I Googled "What You Talkin Bout Willis" and it seems to come from some US sitcom.

Yes, it comes from an American show called Different Strokes.

Thread: Hobbyking
07/08/2011 07:10:16
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 04/06/2010 16:53:38:
Ehhh, LMS is about 130 mile round trip, but at least he gives us 10% the price - which helps a little to offset the approx 50% extra I would have to pay above the price of Giant Cod etc.
On a serious note, I do support the shop when its practical to do so EG: if I happen to be passing on another journey, or if he visits our club nights etc, but sorrry, its the WWW for me most of the time - especially with petrol at 1.20 a litre !

Edited By Timbo - Administrator on 04/06/2010 16:54:02

Where do you live Tim? It's £1.39 per litre around here.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
01/08/2011 23:25:27
Posted by Terence Lynock on 01/08/2011 21:09:53:
If your feeling a bit low and emotional and you think a good cry would help have a look at this on Ebay....110718732005

Gotta be a woman driver.

Thread: The Wonky Webbit, The Story So Far
30/07/2011 06:03:59
Posted by Chris Bott on 29/07/2011 22:24:07:
Hi Geoff
Have you managed to fly it at all since? It really did go nicely without any real vices.

Hiya Chris, yes I've had a couple of flights but the last one I had a bit of a problem with. On landing I got a bit carried away and didn't notice the prop had stopped in the half past 12 o'clock position and I had to pick the biggest tuft of grass to settle it on. Took the motor and mount off as sweet as a nut. Easily repaired though and now can't wait for a bit of spare time to fly again.

Cheers mate.
29/07/2011 22:06:56
Thanks for this Steve. I am really pleased and surprised my Webbit flew so well. It was definitely wonkey. Luckily I noticed it early on and was able to 'build' the wonk out. Made me look a right idiot when it flew 'off the board'. Mind you I put that down to Chris's excellent piloting skills. Goes to prove one thing though Steve, even with my bad eyesight and shaky hands the Webbit must be one heck of a model to perform like it did. Cheers
Thread: Greenacres / RCM&E 2011 fly-in pics/video thread
29/07/2011 21:55:16
I didn't see any Webbits go in on Saturday, was I asleep?
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