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Thread: Return of the Hill Top Posse
27/07/2011 21:48:15
Posted by ken anderson. on 27/07/2011 18:52:16:
yes your right geoff....he couldn't fly either .. ...and by the way -i see you are in this months RCME/greenacre's must be in with young-ish ashers and co.....
ken anderson ne...1.
ps---- enrico crashed another today------ dont tell him i told you...

I know mate, my 5 mins of fame. Write up makes it look like I was kidding about my Wonky Webbit but I swear I wasn't, it's just that I knew it was there and could build around the wonky bit. Anyway the good flying characteristics were down to the piloting skills of Chris Bott. Thanks again Chris. Cheers all.

27/07/2011 18:16:29
Hey Ken, I know you live in the out of beyond but isn't Orville a duck?
Thread: Spot the plane 3
19/07/2011 19:00:36
68 & 41 for me please
Thread: It had to happen at some point.
18/07/2011 09:27:40
Posted by Peter Miller on 18/07/2011 09:19:35:
No. Just screw it in so the jet is protruding well into the carb bore, about half way across is good. this puts it at the point of maximum velocity of the airflw.
That is assuming it is a clone of the OS airbleed carbs.
An that is lesson number one for any dismantling. one that every engineer learns
Check and if necessary sketch or at least note everything as you take it apart.

Edited By Peter Miller on 18/07/2011 09:20:48

Thanks for this Peter. I take it that it is an OS clone with the air bleed screw so I'll work on that theory. As for the lesson, I learned that many years ago but unfortunately age has diminished the memory and I always remember after the event. lol Cheers mate.

18/07/2011 07:46:53
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 18/07/2011 00:26:39:
Hi Geoff,
in the absence of any better information I always adopt the same starting point with any 2-stroke. Set the main needle 21/2 turns open. Then close the low end needle ("close" depends on wether its a air bleed or air inlet type!). Close the throttle then attach a clean bit of fuel tube to the engine inlet and blow into it. You wont be able to because the low end needle is closed! Gradually open the low end needle (keep blowing!) until you just hear a very quiet "hiss", then stop.
Unless there is something seriously wrong elsewhere the engine will at least start, and uaually run reasonably, in this setting. You can then proceed to fine tune it. Get the low end needle right first using the "pick up" test Peter described above. Then set the main needle for just a little on the rich side of max revs. Then finally go back a give the low end needle a final check and small tweak if needed. Bob's yer uncle!

Thanks for this BEB, very useful bit of info but I think you may have misinterpreted my question. I have removed the whole needle valve assembly and I don't know how far to screw it in so the jet is in the right place. ie; should the jet be level with the wall of the carburettor intake or protrude into the slide? Not very good at describing things, especially first thing in the mornings. Cheers mate

17/07/2011 22:55:10
Numpty here again. Due to the amount of caster oil issuing from the muffler I wondered whether the needle valve jet could be partially blocked with the stuff so I took out the needle valve and cleaned the jet. You guessed it, I didn't count the number of threads and now I don't know in what relation to the carburettor intake and throttle slide the jet is supposed to be. I know in old auto carbs this measurement was critical, is it the same with these engines? Cheers
16/07/2011 10:10:19
Thanks for this Brian, might give that a go, nothing to lose, except the goodwill of the neighbours. LOL
Cheers mate
16/07/2011 09:37:55
Posted by Peter Miller on 16/07/2011 08:36:01:
Sorry for all the mistakes in my last posting. I was rushing to get to the shops so I could get home and get on with building. The keys are very close on my laptop.
I only adjust the slow running (air bleed) with the engine stopped. As you say, too close to the prop. Even a long screwdriver is risky as that could go into the prop and be thrown anywhere.
There could be some other reason for the engine stopping when the plug lead is removed but it is normally a plug fault.

Thanks for this Peter. Whilst on about the air bleed screw, what's the way to set these initially? it only tells to adjust it in the blurb but does not tell you the starting point. Cheers

15/07/2011 20:05:07
Many thanks for this Peter, it looks like a way out of the problem. Plug gone bad?? I've just paid £6.50 for the flaming thing. Cheers mate
15/07/2011 08:31:22
O how the mighty have fallen. Trust me, bragging about how well my Magnum started after 20 years layup, well the blasted thing won't start now. It does start but as soon as I take the glow plug clip off it judders to a stop. The instruction booklet (yes I've still got it) says this is caused by the mixture being too rich and to gradually screw in the needle valve, this didn't work. I have followed all the troubleshooting tips in the booklet and still come up with the same symptoms. Also, whilst I have your attention, with the picture of Bob's thumb vividly imprinted on my memory, the needle valve and airbleed screw are in very close proximity to the propeller and with my shaky old hands this makes adjusting a tad difficult, has anyone come up with a solution to this such as an extension fitting to the needle valve knurled knob?
Cheers my friends
14/07/2011 08:16:56
And while I'm on a moan, £6.50 for a glow plug? And a make I've never heard of.
13/07/2011 20:39:45
Thanks for this gentlemen. My problem is that with the amount of flying I will get in it is not a financially viable proposition to purchase large quantities of fuel via the net, so I am stuck with my LMS. I have got another choice of LMS but it is a long way and I don't go that way very often. This other LMS does not advertise his wares on the net so I can't check his prices so it seems I will have to ring him. Cheers
13/07/2011 17:57:43
Whilst I'm on the subject, what is the price of fuel these days? The reason I ask is that I bought 1 Ltr of Model Technics GX-5 from my LMS and had to pay £7.50 for the privilege. Ok I understand that it has 20% caster oil and this makes it dearer than others but £7.50 a Ltr phew!
12/07/2011 21:49:51
Best part about it is the long forgotten aroma now lingering in my garage. Strewth I wish I could bottle it. Cheers
12/07/2011 19:24:06
Hiya all. Fuelled up the Magnum, primed it and connected the glow battery, flicked it once and the bloody thing started first time, scared the life out of me. Bare in mind this motor hasn't run for over 20 years, ok I give it a good clean but I mean to say how often does that happen?
Thread: Charity Mass Build - In Build Chat Thread
10/07/2011 19:39:23
Posted by David Gilder on 10/07/2011 01:57:34:
Just wondered if youd had any sales of Webbits since the flyin?
Curious to see if the flyin had any effect.... I know it effected me... Burnt legs.... even with factor 30 on.... Peeling like mad now!!!!

Well you would wear those damn shorts. Cheers mate

Thread: It's me again. Part One.
05/07/2011 23:40:45
Thanks for this gentlemen, some very good points to ponder here. I have already gone over the frame and fixings very thoroughly and I am satisfied with the condition. As the covering is in pretty good nick I wanted to avoid removing it so I have tested the joints by flexing/twisting the fuselage and watching and feeling for any movement, the fuselage is still tight. I will change the saddle clamps, this will be easy as I still have the engine out. Control horns and hinges all check out but I will replace all the snake inners as when I undid a clevis from a servo the threaded rod pulled out of the snake. I've started to clean her down and what a difference it makes, she fair gleams now. I have pressure tested the tank and it is still tight I have replaced all fuel pipes and removed the in-line filter as I will filter the fuel when I put it in. I will try and bend the undercarriage but it is some pretty powerful heavy gauge spring steel and it just does not want to move, on checking it the plane is level when stood on a flat surface. Cheers my friends
05/07/2011 18:52:12
This one died a death.
05/07/2011 07:26:47
Hiya DD. I take it from your comment below that you didn't rate the Hi-Boy, any particular reason? I remember when I last fiew it 20 years ago that it was a stable aircraft that you could potter around with or give it the welly should the mood take you. I passed my old SMAE test with it so it can't all be bad. Cheers mate.
3. If you can fly your Hi -Boy you can fly anything! Generations of British fliers learned to fly despite the Hi-Boy not because of it!
04/07/2011 20:04:03
Posted by ken anderson. on 04/07/2011 19:46:35:
Posted by Geoff Smith 1 on 04/07/2011 18:54:46:
Posted by ken anderson. on 04/07/2011 18:16:51: can get some good servo's for around £5.00 each...... save the bother/hassle changing everything around....come to mention it-you reminded me of Frank Butcher off eastender's when we met at the greenacre's do.....
ken anderson ne..1.

Thanks mate, he's dead ain't he? Yes Ken I know I can get servo's for that sort of money but I want to get servo's the same size as I've got so I don't have to hack her about to fit smaller one's. I've actually got one here and I am going to troll through the suppliers and see if I can match the size. How are you mate, I have been ever so flat since Greenacres, I really enjoyed it there meeting all you lot. Roll on next year. Cheers my friend

hello again geoff...some of the stuff on the giant cod site will prob fit the bill...feel the same as you RE - the greenacre's do...great meeting--you and i were like 'rose's' among the thorn's according to young asher's and co..... ...
ken anderson ne..1.

Hiya Ken, your right mate, we added some class to the proceedings all right. Just been and ordered 4 servo's from GC, they look the same dimensions so they should fit the servo tray. They had some good reports as well. Here's hoping.

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