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Thread: Charity Mass Build - Chat Thread
22/06/2011 16:30:20
Posted by Geoff Smith 1 on 20/06/2011 21:49:33:
Will there be trade stands at Greenacres? I need a couple of props and just haven't got the time to do the 15 mile round trip to my LMS. Cheers
Webbit No 20 Builder

Further to this, I made the 15 mile round to my LMS and it was shut, Cheers my friends.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
22/06/2011 12:31:40
One for you Ken.
The UN has said that if they capture Gaddafi they will put him where he can do no harm to anyone – up front for Sunderland.

Cheers mate

Thread: Greenacres
21/06/2011 17:37:00
Same here David. I've been looking forward to this and I intend enjoying myself.
Thread: The Wonky Webbit, The Story So Far
21/06/2011 17:24:24
Well here it is. Putting the motor on the front has reduced the ballast requirement by half. Still some cosmetic to do. BTW Solatex does not stick to liteply I had to strip of the sides and rub in some Rapid Bond PVA and let it dry, Not perfect but it will have to do as I have no more time to spend on it, ,maybe half an hour on Thursday afternoon. Cheers my friends Just spotted the wings aren't on straight, not intentionally I hasten to add. 

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 21/06/2011 17:33:13

Thread: Last bit of help please
21/06/2011 08:01:57
Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I am in the throes of moving the motor to the front reinforced former, not very aesthetic I know but it will decrease the amount of ballast I need and give me somewhere to put the ballast I will need. Getting a bit panicky now 'cos tempis fugit and all that. Only got today to finish the alterations and cover the fuselage and do a bit of cosmetic work. Rich, I'm using a 2850mah 3 cell Lipo as well and I think this could be part of my problem, I've got it as far forward as I can so that's where it will have to stay. Cheers all.
Last to finish Webbit Builder No 20
Thread: Charity Mass Build - Chat Thread
20/06/2011 21:58:53
Posted by Olly P on 20/06/2011 21:57:07:
Hope so, I've been authorised to spend by the purse manager...

Who's a lucky chap then? I've got to hide my wallet in the garage the night before before 'er indoors gets to it. LOL

20/06/2011 21:49:33
Will there be trade stands at Greenacres? I need a couple of props and just haven't got the time to do the 15 mile round trip to my LMS. Cheers
Webbit No 20 Builder
Thread: Last bit of help please
19/06/2011 21:27:42
Posted by Tom Wright 2 on 19/06/2011 17:26:34:
Geoff. It might be worth considering extending the nose with some lite ply faced balsa block, would not take long to do,IMO 6oz is to much to add but even so the model is probably capable of performing ok with the the extra weight .

Edited By Tom Wright 2 on 19/06/2011 17:27:15

Thanks for this Tom and Steve. I think I'm in for a rebuild. I am going to follow Steve's suggestion as this looks like the easiest and quickest way out. I'm a bit stuck for time before Greenacres but it will be done, maybe not maidened but definitely picture able. Cheers my friends.

19/06/2011 17:09:21
Posted by Tom Wright 2 on 19/06/2011 16:57:49:
Hello Geoff.
That amount of weight is significant ,although i am sure most builders will say its ok .For test flying i always attach ballast using Velcro under the nose.

Thanks for this Tom. With the Webbit the only place I think I can get it is in the motor bay, there is not much room in there but I can get a fair bit in there if I shape it. Cheers mate.

19/06/2011 15:24:17
Hiya all. I have posted this request elsewhere but it seems to have been bypassed. I am in the throes of finishing my Webbit and have a couple of questions to help me along. Firstly, on testing the CoG I find that I am going to need 6.5oz of church roof. Is this excessive? Secondly, where the heck do I put it? Clean answers only thank you.Cheers my friends.
Heavy weight Webbit builder (yes, both of us)
Thread: Who'll be at the Greenacre's 2011 RCME fly in?
19/06/2011 00:05:40
Posted by ken anderson. on 17/06/2011 15:34:35:
you could have been with us-but better you stay in the field - keeping the birds off the crop's.....
ken anderson ne..1.

Ken, I don't know if anyone's told you but there doesn't look like many slopes at Greenacres, what are the HTP gonna chuck their toys off of? Cheers mate, look forward to seeing you.

Heavy weight Webbit Builder (both of us)
Thread: Solartex and Solartrim
19/06/2011 00:00:12
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 18/06/2011 21:20:17:
Re the alcohol comment Alan. Interesting. I usually "do" solartrim using warm water with some washing up liquid as a wetting agent. Then float the solartrim on - squeeze down and bingo.
Now I've never tried this with vodka! But over the years I've had a number of students from Russia and Ukraine etc. When they go home for a holiday they nearly always bring me back a bottle of Vodka - the problem is (like you) I don't like the stuff, but I've never had the heart to tell them! So at home I have a cupboard the top shelf of which must have 20 unopened bottles of vodka - I think you've just given me a use for them! Well done mate, the missus will be pleased

Er. there's always Greenacres my friend, I'm sure we could help you dispose of some your excess stock. Cheers mate

Thread: The Wonky Webbit, The Story So Far
18/06/2011 23:49:22
The story so far. The control rods are in and working, everything that goes up and down and side to side are working, servo's centred and flying surfaces levelled. Now for the good bit. I tested the CoG and it is gonna need about 6.5 oz of church roof, this will give it a slight nose heavy attitude (maybe, 'cos I ain't finished the fuselage sheeting yet) that's for tomorrow. Is 6.5 oz excessive? Also, where the heck do you put all this lead in the Webbit? it is going to be pretty tight stacked around the motor. Before you ask, everything that needs to be is right up against the firewall, I can't move anything else up. Cheers my friends.
Heavy weight Webbit builder (both of us)

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 18/06/2011 23:50:17

Thread: Wing bands for the Webbit
18/06/2011 18:45:55
Posted by Doug Ireland on 18/06/2011 12:02:29:
I had the same thought Geoff so I went with 6" ones.
Not-quite-finished-Webbiteer No. 43

Thanks for taking the time to answer this Doug. Another trip to the LMS is called for I think. Cheers mate

Also not quite finished Webbit No 20
18/06/2011 09:41:55
Hi ya all. For those of you who have fitted wing bands to the Webbit what size did you use? I thought I read on here somewhere that somebody used 5" bands. On the strength of this I bought some as well but they don't half appear to be tight. Should I have got 6"? Cheers my friends.
Squeezed Webbit Builder No 20.
Thread: Who'll be at the Greenacre's 2011 RCME fly in?
17/06/2011 09:00:38
Che'z Smith, the temporary home of Geoff and Webbit No 20. Look out for the green mushroom at Greenacres.
16/06/2011 23:25:38
That's the sort of language I like to hear Vecchio my friend. See you there?
Webbiteer No 20
16/06/2011 23:06:02
Posted by Richard Harris on 15/06/2011 22:42:17:
Will be there at least one of the days, may even be able to camp but I have to work on that.
Bringing WebBIT/Twist, WebBipe,Nellie and Tempest (if they last this weekends fly-in ) may even chuck in the car one of those fixed wing things
My tee shirt has now arrived(for some reason it is tight around my lower half?), looking forward to meeting you all.

Ha! Ha! Rich, I pre thought that and ordered XXL. Mind you the main reason was that 'er indoors has remarkable talent for shrinking anything of mine, but don't tell her I told you. LOL BTW dare I ask what happens if we have a wet weekend? Cheers

Webbiteer No 20
Thread: Twin Merco
15/06/2011 21:31:02
Hiya all. I was showing a visitor the RCM&E forum and in skipping through came across a picture of a Twin Merco engine. I don't know if it was in Albums but I have looked and can't locate it again. Any help appreciated 'cos I really liked the look of it. Cheers all
Just discovered it's called the Merco 120 Flat Twin. A very rare item by all accounts as there were less than 100 of them made.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 15/06/2011 21:49:44

Thread: Who'll be at the Greenacre's 2011 RCME fly in?
15/06/2011 21:20:58
I am and I think BEB Towers will be present as well.

Edited By Geoff Smith 1 on 15/06/2011 21:21:58

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