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Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
09/03/2020 19:19:53

If the worst comes to the worst I shall walk to Waitrose, buy a few beers and sully my backside with the free copy of the Daily Mail. Normally I wouldn't consider anything of the sort but desperate times call for desperate measures. I woudln't normally be knowingly in the same room as DM....

Thread: So what is the FAA trying to do in the USA ?
15/02/2020 21:55:26

It's as stupid as it is unnecessary. A simple stratification of altitude would be much better. I don't want Amazon buzzing over my roof at 50 foot just because they've persuaded the powers that be to hand over the skies. Anyway Amazon etc will be delivering on quads which do vertical delivery. So just say up to 400 foot belongs to the landowner and above that ID system its required. If you want Amazon, McDonalds or whoever to deliver you authorise them to land in your airspace after giving online authorisation . The US solution is just lazy and covers up immature tech.

Thread: Low voltage lipo, how to charge.
06/02/2020 23:48:08

Don't bother. Even if it was an expensive battery I wouldn't bother. I've tried resurrecting discharged lipos and it doesn't work- sometimes some of the cells will wake up but the chance of all is slim and those that do will have IR issues. So even an expensive battery I wouldn't bother. On a 3s 2200? No chance.

Even if it appears to work when it burns down a plane / garage / house it's kind of an expensive way of saving money.

Thread: Chinese suppliers
02/02/2020 14:53:12

The really crazy thing is when it comes to Influenza (which is circulating in the UK, is killing people and for which there is a vaccine) we really struggle to get people to have the vaccine.

It's all about perception......

Thread: Good Service - Flying Tech. Bad Service - Banggood.
02/02/2020 13:04:37

Out of about 200 BG orders the only one that ever didn't make it was the first! My first FPV goggles! It was very annoying waiting and being told to wait even more but they duly resent it without argument and every single order since then has arrived without issue. I might have been lucky though with the CS person I got.

The only thing I find is that sometimes items are cheaper from international sellers through Ebay so BG isn't always a bargain. But I still order from it 2 to 3 times a week. Even if at the moment I'm avoiding doing so.

BG CS can be rubbish though. I ordered 2 CCW motors and 2 CW motors for a quad. they sent me 3* CCW and 1* CW. I contacted CS and they said I had to supply a video of my opening the containers. I suggested that most people don't routinely video "unboxings" just in case they've been sent the wrong thing. They then said they'd act if I could send them a picture of the incorrect items with the envelope they came in (which by then I had thrown away). I suggested I could send them a photo of the incorrect items next to some photo ID (to confirm it wasn't just some photo off the net of mismatched motors) but they said they had to have a photo of the packaging so they could trace the package.

While this was going on I got fed up waiting and ordered 2 more CW motors. And they duly sent me 2 more CCW motors! That one I just sorted through Paypal as I couldn't be bothered to go through BG CS who seem mostly hell bent on obstructing. The CW and CCW motors had different colour nuts so it looked off having different colour nut on one of them. In the end I just CCW motors on the quad given that I had so many of them by then.

Thread: Chinese suppliers
01/02/2020 08:23:09

There's an interesting (if inconclusive) article on the likely source of the infection here:

30/01/2020 19:25:37

Agree- perhaps a bit early to panic. I work in a GP practice and lots of flapping about the risks but reality is that the number of confirmed cases may well be a significant under-estimate. We obviously can count deaths at this point but true number of cases is more dificult. So the death rate might well be significantly less than reported.

One of these days there will be cause for panic but not sure quite there yet. After all so far we've had Swine flu, Bird Flu, SARS. MERS ("Camel Flu", Zika... And yet I'm still hear letting patients sneeze all over me.

The only one that got my truly twitchy was Ebola but that one tends to resolve due to the high mortality rate.

We shoudn't be complacent and I probably won't be ordering quite so many goods from Banggood etc but it's difficult not to. Half the time when I buy stuff off Ebay despite saying it's UK based it's flipping drop-shipped!

Thread: Mini Camcorder
30/01/2020 07:16:52

Sounds like a job for a mobius mini! You might need to think about a little airflow depending on whether you are recording hd and what construction the plane is. IE if you rammed it into the nose of a foamy and set it to record hd it could overheat. It's a little camera doing a fair bit of work.

Thread: Probable scam?
21/12/2019 16:13:14

There was also a scam going round recently whereby people from "the NHS" would ring elderly (IE perhaps vulnerable) patient saying there was now an administrative charge of £2 for flu vaccination and as they had had the vaccine a charge was payable and they needed to take a credit card number for this "small admin fee". Not surprisingly if anyone gave their CC number it was £2 that got taken.

Another quite cunning scam impacting on the NHS was scammers would order a load of ipads using the contact details of the manager of a GP practice (invoiced so payment later). The scammers would have tracking details so would be able to monitor when the delivery had occurred- they would then turn up at the bemused practice (wondering were these ipads had come from) pretending to be from the local NHS IT department saying it was all a mistake, they were for a different practice and they would take the unwanted ipads away....

Thankfully most practices have pretty good CCTV so quickly the ID of the culprits were caught and the last time they tried this a switched-on practice manager rung the police and who nicked the person.

21/12/2019 10:40:23

At work our manager got an email from "Ikea" saying he had a refund due. He forwarded it to me saying it was an obvious scam (we hadn't bought anything from Ikea for about three months). The phone number to ring looked similar to Ikea customer services. I just rang the main number (instead of the one on the email). The person on the phone said they couldn't confirm much as I wasn't the account holder but that a refund was due (based on the refund number in the email). Our manager then rang and after half an hour it transpired they hadn't actioned a 3-for-2 on some bags of Dyme bars he had bought there and they owed him £3! It only took a total of about £200 of our time to get this refund!!!!

Thread: Andy Symons PR on Countryfile
18/12/2019 23:06:36

I thought it was good stuff. Not in depth and hoping for bob#2 but can't complain about a bit of publicity for the hobby / sport.

Thread: Christmas Present for a Two Year-Old.
11/12/2019 13:35:25

ps if you do go for those they do break if sat on / crushed but a bit of cyano and kicker works wonders, I've repaired my daughters glider a few times (people tend to take enthusiastic run-ups, fall over then lawn-dart the thing into the carpet).

11/12/2019 13:34:06

I bought my daughter and her friends one of these each


Thankfully I didn't install the wing as shown in the photos :D lol!

They actually fly really nicely. Might just arrive in time if expedited shipping. I suspect also like most things on Banggood they are available from UK sellers, just try to make sure they actually have them in stock and aren't just sending you the drop shipped one from Banggood and creaming off the profit....

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
09/12/2019 14:41:57

I'm really confused! Do we know if the upcoming CAP 1789 and EASA drone rules will impact on the requirements of registration? Some of the questions in the BMFA test and the CAA website rules seem to contradict 1789. e.g. EASA suggests < 250g legacy models can be flown pretty much anywhere, just not over crowds as part of the A1 criteria.

e.g. says for <250g you don't have to register but you still have to follow the rules which means you can't fly closer than 50m to people (30m) for landing.

Such a drone, however, would be A1 which means you can fly over people but not crowds.

So which one is it? >50m until EASA comes in and then A1?

It would help if the CAA produced an app were you could plug in the details e.g. whether you're registered, weight of model, FPV or not, location etc and it says whether you can fly or not! I've read as much of the specifications as I can and I'm completely lost. Not overly tempted to ignore it and just go fly and cross my fingers but really this is drowning the sport in bureaucracy.

Why didn't they just have a "flying a drone without due care and attention" or "dangerous drone flying" law and be done with it- allow judges to decide what is / isn't allowed! Or have a non-specific "health and safety" set of regs which mean you have to assess whether it's okay to fly. Some of the specs seem very specific and yet at the same time vague (e.g. what is a "recreational area" or a "congested area".

Thread: Ebay sellers...
08/12/2019 21:58:28

Yikes. Diesel engine and an electric starter. Recipe for some interestingly shaped conrods. What do you reckon one of those containers is full of glow fuel??,,

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
26/11/2019 22:15:46

How do the distance regulations (distance to property) etc relate to sub 250g models? Eg if I fly my inductrix (all 30 grams of it) round my garden am I in breach of ANO or has that actually always been the case and this registration scheme just means I can't claim ignorance. Having passed the bmfa tests I feel I should know the answer but don't! Presumably I should also have someone next to me if I'm flying fpv!

Thread: Solar powered shed
23/11/2019 18:23:12

My solution for a similar quandry was to install a 100+Ah leisure battery. A cheap inverter for tools, 12v LED lighting and job's a good'un. Heating is tricky but in winter I tend not to use the shed as much. I insulated it in polystyrene and then lined it with ply and painted it so it's pretty bright in there and only really gets too cold when it's freezing outside. When I want to charge the battery I just run a temporary cable down to the garden. Unfortunately it appears the local mice population have discovered the joys of insulation- last time I went in there the whole place stank and had mice poo smeared all over my stuff.....

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
19/11/2019 13:20:41

Do we have clarity yet on the 250g limit yet- is that with fuel? What about batteries? With an electric vehicle is that without batteries? I suspect not.....

Do we think it's likely the rules will be enforced with any enthusiasm (if at all)? I'm wary as on our local council run flying site the Park Constabulary have historically gone beyond enthusiastically enforcing the byelaws and made up quite a few of their own!!!!

e.g. the BMFA test confirms I can't fly behind a tree. What about a sapling. Tall blade of grass? Low flying pigeon?

I'm wary because one of the flying sites I go to has rugby posts. Now theoretically someone 10cm wide could be playing hide and seek at the top of the rugby post and in the 0.01 seconds I fly behind the post on the final turn I could massively miscalculate and hit them. Admittidly a somewhat niche situation but an officious Park Constable could nonetheless act on "the law".

Hopefully some common sense will be enforced. Big fines though for a slightly muddy plane weighting 253 grams!!

18/11/2019 17:15:23

Well that's my test completed. It wasn't exactly hard!

Thread: speed 400 x 3!
29/10/2019 12:08:56

I think in this day and age using nicads and brushed motors is the equivalent of hair shirts and self-flaggelation. It's possible but the question has to be why. When I returned to r/c about 15 years ago I had a flying wing with a speed 400 and for a while flew it on nicads (even then it was massively out of date technology). It was slow, flights were short and the motors burnt out there brushes and by all accounts it's best to "run them in" with no load in water (it all starts getting a bit painful).

I swapped to brushless inrunners and lipos after about 3 months and that sorted that out.

If a kit I was building came with inrunners, nicads, brushed ESC etc and I wanted to keep it completely stock I'd keep them but in a situation with no ESC (and ? no battery) I wouldn't even think going brushed. A 2000(ish) kV inrunner in a 28mm can will normally fit a speed400 installation without modification.

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