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Thread: JB Weld
21/09/2020 18:19:27
Posted by Doc Marten on 21/09/2020 10:48:03:

I stopped using JB Weld not long ago. I was recommended to use it for a minor motorbike repair to the sensor magnet for the speedo, it fell apart. I tried again fairly recently for fixing a captive nut to the end of a ply engine mount, the nut came away. I was really disappointed by it.

What prep did you do on the nut? I epoxied together aliminium once- it ended up as a strong bond but only if surface was prepared first. Without it, it was useless.

Thread: 4 motor watts
15/09/2020 13:47:48

What happens if you swap the throttle channel and the aux- could it be a scaling issue or can you run them from the same rx channel to remove that variable? What happens if you swap ESCs (is it a calibration issue). All the ESCs timed the same?

I'm trying to get my head round the pusher props. Reverse motor and put on backwards to make a reverse rotation standard? Confused!

Thread: switching of main lipo battery
12/09/2020 23:14:07

Ooh that looks nasty. Cheap switch. Thin wire. Likely fake connectors. The holy trinity of "best avoided". Can't think of anything I'd use that for apart from perhaps power to a 12v soldering iron.

Thread: Richmond Park, new flying restrictions
11/09/2020 16:00:13

I must admit I don't know any r/c flyers who use "Virtual Reality" headsets. Lots using FPV goggles but they're very different (as well as already being covered in the ANO).....

The above notice sounds awfully like a "please observe....." rather than "though must".

I've e-mailed them asking for clarity.

11/09/2020 15:48:04

Hmmm. I'm not lawyer but some BMFA input might be of benefit here.

The Byelaws clearly state that

(13) in contravention of a notice exhibited by order of the Secretary of State, or after having been required by a constable not to do so— (a) play any game or engage in any form of sport or exercise, (b) use any kite or model aircraft or any mechanically propelled or operated model, or Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997 (informal consolidated copy, as at 1 March 2015) (c) skate or otherwise go on any ice;

So are these new signs "by order of the Secretary of State"?

Of course this is likely why at the Scrubs we had the Police Constables basically bullying us by telling us to stop flying as soon as we started (even though they had no good reason to do so). You carry on flying you breach the byelaws. You stop flying even though they have no reason to ask you to stop- you lose.

11/09/2020 15:40:46

Presumably all those rules are held within a suitably amended byelaw? In which case they can provide a copy?

Worth checking- at Wormwood Scrubs we had issues with new "laws" that actually weren't laws being thrust upon us with great enthusiasm by the Park Constabulary until we "clarified" the current legal situation.

If they have changed the byelaws as you say they should have consulted with anyone effected by the new rules. But consultation exercises tend to be paper exercises and can easily be ignored so.....

A classic example of this would be Care Quality Commission fee consultation process that happened at work. CQC asked all the primary care providers if they wanted their fees to be increased (1) staggered over 5 years or (2) instantly. Not surprisingly 99.9% of respondents chose option (1). Having spent lots of money on "consulting" they of course went with option (2). Ridiculous. One wonders what percentage of the fee increase was to pay for the consultation exercise they promptly ignored. There really should be some rules on consultation exercises....

Thread: Lipo charging - which leads ?
03/09/2020 22:52:14

It's not completely impractical. When I'm traveling I do most of my packs (up to 2200 3s) through the balance leads using cheap 2/3s Turnigy balance chargers. I've got two on a Y lead attached to a single 12v power brick so they're slow but I can still charge 15 batteries (mix of 2s 450s and 3s 850s) in 24hrs.

Thread: What exactly does expo percent mean?
01/09/2020 19:02:33

It's a good question! I've never assumed there was an agreed standard on expo percents. Then again now mostly flying quads so have to deal with expo, rc rates, super rates, feed forward, pid loops... I don't even know what half of them do let alone whether they are standardised!!!!

Thread: Learning to fly on a large trainer
28/08/2020 11:00:11

Perhaps I'm strange but when I was learning to fly I found the club Junior 60 the most difficult thing to "pilot". Perhaps it was just the one that I flew (perhaps fitted with a small FF rudder!!) but I found the lack of authority perturbing. It felt like the plane was busy flying itself and wasn't going to listen to the person twiddling the sticks. As a result even though slow flying you had to plan massively ahead like trying to turn a cruise-liner. Less R/C, more Ouija board. Perhaps the tutor had forgotten to give me control on the buddy box

28/08/2020 07:31:50

38cc engines are also pretty unforgiving.

If I'd tried to learn to fly with such a big engine I certainly wouldn't be able to touch type.

It's never good to plan to be kissed by a prop. Equally mistakes happen paricularly when learning. A big plane with a gas engine for a newbie? That's a lot of prop, a lot of mass. I wouldn't want to be at the field!

Thread: Me.109 myths
27/08/2020 22:36:57

Once when flying my hiboy2 I realised mid flight they I had no elevator authority. Transpires the clevis had popped off. Thankfully it happened when the plane was mostly horizontal. I gave it a blip of throttle and the nose rose. Did a few circuits and then bizarrely did one of the smoothest landings I've ever done. I'm still not quite sure how it landed rather than rekitting- the R/C gods were smiling on me that day.

Thread: Extension Leads Problem
16/08/2020 23:35:30

Hmmm. Interesting thought. My first thought was "ferrite bead" but agree a counterfeit servo could explain a lot.

Thread: "Bonding" stainless steel
13/08/2020 22:27:01

I may be wrong but I think 400 grade stainless can be annealed and heat treated due to higher chromium content and a different crystal structure. For a tie- rod unless in a marine environment I would opt for heat treated carbon steel and for me that would be a "blue glue"(ie mig welding) job.

13/08/2020 22:19:30

Which grade stainless. Some are far from strong. "Hard to bend"- define. Is brittleness an issue? On a tie-rod I'd go with rigid but springy. I recently used some 16mm solid 316 stainless rod for a hammock post spiggot. It bent like well cooked pasta! Stainless Steel is a family of metals.

Thread: Electric Motor failed ?
10/08/2020 21:48:14
Posted by Allan Bennett on 10/08/2020 20:46:36:
Posted by Andy48 on 10/08/2020 15:49:54:

Don't think its the "big prop", that's not large with electric setups, but a Funfly certainly doesn't need a 5S battery. My electric Funfly has more than enough power with an SK3 3548 840kv and a 4S 3000 battery. Easily get a good 10 minutes out of that on a 12x6 prop with 700+ watts. Flown more gently and you will get considerably in excess of this.

Don't forget that the heavier weight of a 5S battery will have a negative effect on the performance.

Given the choice of a 5S LiPo (which the motor is rated for), the"big prop" is the problem surprise. Amps draw, or consumption (depending on which way you want to look at it) for any particular motor is dependent principally on supply voltage and prop diameter and pitch.

One of the big differences between IC and electric is how they respond to different props. If you put no prop on an IC engine you'll get a shaft run and it will kill itself. Conversely an electric engine is happiest when not being stressed but will cook itself with a big prop that it will try to turn at the kV*volts RPM. When it comes to props they're basically the opposite of each other.

Thread: LED wiring
09/08/2020 20:56:22

It works but it's not the right way of doing it. As said you'll end up either with badly balanced packs or (if you balance charge) spending a long time on the charger.... And you could even damage a cell.

Thread: manual
09/08/2020 05:52:30

What this one?

If so have a look under files

Thread: Is this Power Supply Suitable?
05/08/2020 17:38:46

I think making your own power supply is really dangerous. It's much safer to buy one of these

scary PSU



I guess ultimately some people are happy messing around with mains voltage electricity and others aren't.

I think the server PSU mod is very low risk as the mains side is just a standard PC / kettle lead. The only downside is some sound like a jumbo taking off!!! I must admit I like the hot glue mod though, I've always been somewhat unhappy with the aesthetic of the exposed PCB pads and dangling low voltage leads.

Actually, probably the biggest risk with that style of PSU is a badly made UK mains plug with a partially sleeved earth plug (which should never be the case). Many cheap plugs (with semi sleeved earths) actually lose their earthing connection when you push them in fully. Not exactly great in a metal chassis PSU. My Imax B6 charger PSU has such a plug and when I touch the metal case I get a not so subtle but not unpleasant buzzing from my finger (50hz).....

Thread: FCC proposes $2.8m fine against Hobbyking for marketing non-compliant drone transmitters
05/08/2020 17:29:25
Posted by Barrie Lever on 05/08/2020 13:57:16:
Posted by Ben B on 05/08/2020 13:20:25:

It's a silly fine- it will do precisely nothing.


Without wishing to inflame an argument, why is it a silly fine that will do precisely nothing?

I am just trying to see another side of the coin and hope that you maybe able to explain.


I think it's silly because it won't have any effect. It will net the US government some cash but will not stop people having easy access to equipment that breaches FCC regs and won't deter Hobbyking or others from selling them as they now tend to just have to be "unlocked" rather than allowing FCC breaches as standard. The "unlock" however is so trivial that anyone can do it should they desire and a lot of FPV fliers I know just do the unlock as soon as they get them just in case they want to use those power outputs / channels in future. I can see why the FCC felt they neeeded to do something but cannot see it have any benefit at all at this point.

Hobbyking themselves have said the fine is for old equipment they don't sell anymore. Why? Because you now have to unlock the new ones. It won't stop them selling the new FPV gear that can still breach FCC regs if you so desire. Which I don't. However out of my 5 quads only one of them is truly restricted to the max UK 25mW power output and the rest (if I wished) could do more. Which I don't- unless I'm abroad.

Though I do wish the government would increase the 25mW max output a bit. Given the law of squares 100mW doesn't go that much further (IE it would cause IF interference for only slightly more) and would allow fliers a little more range.

I'm fairly pedantic so if HK were the only ones doing it or they were currently selling prohibited equipment I'd support the fine but a few years later- I just don't see it having any impact at all. And if the fine doesn't act as a deterent why bother?

Just my thoughts anyway.

The radio module though- if that breached reg as standard I'd support the fine. FPV transmitters you have to manually select power / channel so the choice is up to the end user. I haven't seen a radio module where you can change the power output or restrict channels so there it's a breach by default. Not sure if that makes sense?

05/08/2020 13:20:25

Personally I think the onus should be on the user. My FPV transmitters can emit at power levels I'm not allowed to use and on frequencies I cannot use. So I don't use them. My car was sold in the UK yet it can do significantly more than 70mph....

Attacking hobbyking will do precisely nothing other than damage Hobbyking (which is probably the sole intent and probably related to Trump's attack on China. People will just buy their stuff from Banggood etc who certainly don't care about things like FCC approval, intelectual property etc etc. And are also a Chinese company....

Many "modern" fpv transmitters now just come with solder links or ways of "unlocking" them. Even the much beloved DJI HD goggles can work at >1W by virtue of a widely available and very simple unlock. What's the difference?

It's a silly fine- it will do precisely nothing.

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