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Thread: Hands free mobile calls
24/08/2019 14:44:33

The simple answer would be to increase the fines so they cover the associated policing. Ditto speeding. We regularly gets cars going twice the speed limit down our road yet the police say they only thing they can do is an annual "education" day were they stop the cars and advise them against speeding.

I don't understand why. Just fine them and use the proceeds of that day to pay for the next!

Most days in an hours drive I'll see at least one (and often two) people driving on the phone. I even saw someone driving a moped whilst texting!

I also fail to understand why all traffic lights can't be fitted with red-light cameras. Having almost been killed by a National Express bus that blew through a traffic light about 10 seconds after it went red it's a bit of a sensitive topic for me.....

Thread: Glue for PLA and PET-G
21/08/2019 10:44:35

I really wouldn't worry yet about how to glue things together. By the time you work out how to use a 3d printer, get it all dialled in etc you'll know

3d printing isn't complicated but you do need to learn how to use the machine, how to calibrate it etc. It takes a while. Admittidly PLA is much easier to with than some of the other materials but it still takes a while in my experience.

Thread: Finding Models
03/08/2019 16:16:00

Richard- that doesn't sound right at all. I suspect the unit is caput. Even if the heatshrink was covering the outlet of the speaker it should be fairly noisy...

Thread: New FPV microcam/FPV cam 31 gms, water resistant
03/08/2019 14:14:43

It looks quite good. Equally- is that an affiliate link? If so you should probably divulge this for the sake of transparency.

Thread: Can you charge a LiPo through its balance lead?
01/08/2019 16:11:19

Charging via a balance lead is fine. I have a couple of lipos charging this way as we speak. Only issue with charging in situ is if the cell puffs (can't get it out) or bursts into flames....

Thread: Electric Cars.
31/07/2019 11:09:29

That's the logical solution. I drive a big people carrier (Diesel). Most of the time it's just me driving so it's a complete waste most of the time but pays off for weekends away, trips to the dig store etc.

I'm currently looking at 100% electric cars and a medium car with a toe hook would work well. A caravan attached with a big generator in it could do the rest when needed. I can see quite a market for rentable trailers full of batteries for those occasions also.

31/07/2019 11:09:26

That's the logical solution. I drive a big people carrier (Diesel). Most of the time it's just me driving so it's a complete waste most of the time but pays off for weekends away, trips to the dig store etc.

I'm currently looking at 100% electric cars and a medium car with a toe hook would work well. A caravan attached with a big generator in it could do the rest when needed. I can see quite a market for rentable trailers full of batteries for those occasions also.

Thread: Finding Models
30/07/2019 21:31:49

This is one of the advantages of flying fpv. You can remove the omni RX antenna to just leave a patch and use SSRI to direct you. If your quad has GPS it's even easier because you can see coordinates in the osd.

Thread: Connecting to flight controller boards
30/07/2019 21:26:58

Zadig is quite old. The Impulserc fixer works better in my experience. Usually you just need a better lead- about 75 per cent will not work,. I find genuine Samsung micro USB cables cost effective. The spf3 should be able to handle bf4.0 though personally I am not convinced yet about 4.0. I've had a few quads with scorching hot motors so tend to use 3.6 mostly instead.

Thread: Slowing down (a sports-aero) on landings - flaperons or spoilerons?
06/06/2019 15:53:27

Agree on the importance of rudder on finals. Less likely to tip-stall / spin (banking and yanking at low speed sounds like a recipe for disaster).

Just thinking of mention of the thread of electric planes- presumably with an electric set-up the only implication of the power of the set-up is that a more powerful set-up is likely to be heavier (bigger battery, bigger motor). There's no "tick-over" as such, no idle speed to adjust, prop is almost irrelevant- the ESC could even be set on brake to add to the drag (though the risk is always broken props on nose-over).

I do share concerns with the chop+glide / don't go around again type philosophy. It's less of an issue nowadays but I know friends used to avoid going round again due to a concern that after prolonged idling during the glide phase the I.C. engine would splutter / die when opened up. I also think people keep the speed too high during the glide and too much of the flare is used to kill the excessive speed. Then again I also see too many harrier-style landings with planes coming nose-high almost on the point of stalling- and then people wonder why they end up spinning out when a gust of wind hits....

One of my best ever landings was when the elevator fell off my plane! Only had the rudder and throttle to play with and it was a greaser- and about as slow a landing as I'd ever managed.

IE my vote is for a fairly horizontal landing with a moderate amount of power applied.

06/06/2019 09:13:16

Spoilerons kill speed nicely but increase the stall speed so you have to fly slightly faster. They're good on a glider though. You also have to be careful not to use the aerolons that much when spoilerons are active because you can induce a tip stall.

Flaps work well. You just have to bear in mind that if you abort a landing you might need to increase the speed before lifting up the flaps otherwise you might find you're actually below the stall speed of the unflapped wing.

However you do them it's worth using servo slow function to slowly introduce them.

I played around with spoilerons and flaperons a lot on my SpeedAir when I first got it- I was always coming in too hot. After a while I just learned to get it slowed down on the landing circuit so that I didn't need flaps or spoilerons.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
31/05/2019 09:26:40

I think the main thing we should push for is an agreement to fix the price. IE they should show confidence in their scheme / calculations and fix it for ten years (other than inflation). My concern isn't the cost now, it's in three years when lots have given up flying due to the cost / hassle of registration and the original figures have been shown to be bonkers at which point the charge will be much more. I fly five or six times a year only due to family / work commitments. There is a price it just wouldn't be worth it- at which point I either don't fly or just take a chance. It'll probably be the former.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
29/04/2019 19:24:47

I really worry what this will do to the hobby. My impression is that it is a hobby that lots of people temporarily move away from but come back intermitently. I know I fall into that group- flew at university then stopped for a while then rediscovered my stuff and had a fly and flew for a few years, then stopped for a while, restarted. Having to re-register might well be enough of a barrier and stop people re-starting flying. I also worry it will be a barrier to many to learning to fly.

The silly thing is will have zero impact on those intent on misusing the hobby / technology as they obviously just won't register or will use a hacked registration.

I fear it's just a way of making money out of a minority hobby on a false premise....

Thread: Why can't I buy from Banggood?
19/04/2019 22:40:36

Probably a cookie problem. Trya different browser or using a mobile. Or ensure you are allowing cookies for BG.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
08/04/2019 16:27:57 is one of many studies I'd point to

Digital Rectal Examination for Prostate Cancer Screening in Primary Care: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

" CONCLUSION Given the considerable lack of evidence supporting its efficacy, we recommend against routine performance of DRE to screen for prostate cancer in the primary care setting. "

As said, it doesn't do harm to do it but people shouldn't be put off getting checked because of the fear of DRE when its fairly unhelpful in asymptomatic screening.

08/04/2019 16:21:12
Posted by David Mellor on 08/04/2019 14:05:39:

As I said, I'm sure the post is well intentioned.

It's just based on 20 odd years of doing DREs and acceptance amongst clinicians that it's a fairly unhelpful test and good evidence that many clinicians struggle interpreting what they're finding. I still do it on an almost daily basis (patients expect it and usually after discussion agree to have it). However my post was an attempt to point out that DRE isn't the be all and end all of prostate checking and very useful monitoring could occur without it.

IE most of the time people agree to a DRE but lots more don't come to get screened because they falsely think that screening only occurs via DRE and don't want one. Which is beyond a shame.

08/04/2019 12:29:11

Please don't be put off getting checked due to fear of the finger. The truth is sticking a finger up the backside of someone without symptoms is not a particularly useful test in the majority of cases and therefore (as a GP with massive hands) I tend to just not do it.

It's useful if someone has symptoms (to see if the prostate is enlarged) but for screening of asymptomatic patients it's not useful or strictly required and as said it puts up the PSA test for the next few weeks.

What's increasingly apparent is that changes in the PSA level within normal are also quite important IE if a patient's PSA level is still normal but has doubled in a year or two it can be very relevant.

So the answer gents is please get your GP to check your PSA level annually and just decline the finger if offered and you don't want it!

Thread: C rating on Lipo's
23/03/2019 22:22:04

Even within the same brand of batteries you'll find massive differences. Take HK Nanotech- I find the 2s 450s are really good - low IR and take a whooping nicely. Go up a few hundred mAh however and the IR drops massively and you're better going GNB (e.g. 2s 650 GNB beats the nanos hands down).! It's a bit silly really.

It's a minefield. Take C ratings with a MI inducing pinch of salt. If in doubt buy 1, check the IR and then decide on whether to buy more (bearing in mind IR changes massively with capacity). A tinywhoop size battery with a IR of 50 would seem ultra yet on a 2200 it's pants.

Thread: Growing chillies from seed
16/03/2019 18:35:53

PS if you do buy one of the cheaper LED "grow lamps"- be really very careful- the first one I bought had a flat plate at the front with the LEDs stuck on it and two wires appearing from the base into the middle of the plate and soldered in place- transpires it was totally exposed 240v AC! Quite literally shocking!!!

16/03/2019 18:33:44

Chillis like heat and time. As advised refridgerating is helpful as is a soak in cold tea for ten minutes before planting. I personally don't do the kitchen paper trick as the seedlings sometimes get a shock when they hit soil and get sulky.

I'm currently growing thirteen chillis under grow lamps

1 Bhut Jalokia (Worlds second hottest- currently harvesting red chillis of this one)

2 Carolina Reaper (Worlds hottest chiili currently)- both about 4 inches tall- about to pot them on

4 "Roquito" style plants - still small seedlings

3 Scotch bonnet plants (flowering)- taken from cuttings from last year's bush (which I'm also attempting to over-winter)

3 Serano chillis from Wahacha "guerilla chilli planting" seeds

Only the Reaper and Bhuts took a tea soak to get them going.

Growing chillis under grow lamps is very achievable- I used about 60W total LED power for the above plants.

Most important thing with chillis grown indoors is you won't get chillis unless you artificially polinate- I tend to use a cotton bud for this. Otherwise (unless you get a rogue bea indoors) you'll just get lots of lovely flowers which immediately drop without chilli formation).

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