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Thread: Electric conversion setup for old Balsacraft Easy street
29/06/2020 14:22:31

I like the idea of the top vent holes at front as I have notice sometimes my battery is warmer than usual if I have given it long fast flight. Looks like some minor mods to the Easy Street 2 front cowling .

Edited By RC Plane Flyer on 29/06/2020 14:22:55

Thread: How far do you travel to the nearest decent model shop?
29/06/2020 14:16:50

I estimate I am 5 miles from Leeds Model shop never clocked it and 6.5 miles from the club field have clocked that one

Thread: Hitec Flash 8 Battery Life
26/06/2020 14:28:50

Just an update on my battery problems. So last November I managed to trace a new battery in England and duly did a charge on my multi charger. The battery only has a Futaba two pin connector and the charger was looking for a balance connection but able to over ride to do a charge and see how many Miamps was in put..Appreciate not much winter flying so changed to a charge battery when showing low on screen. So far so good when flying on Tuesday checked the voltage showing on screen 6.6 V no prob and not much flying time to account for. After two 8 mins IC flights in for a coffee and lets do one more flight, all filled up and away we go within secs into flight TX warning alarm going so get it down quickly. Something wrong somewhere back in the workshop decided to have a look at fitting a 3 pin balance lead, all sorted out on E Bay and new cables arrived today now I am able to see each cell and capacity. So Tuesdays battery that showed fully charge okay on Tuesday evening after getting home was only at 75% each cell so also modified other battery that had been charged some time ago this was only showing 64% each cell.

Both batteries now topped up on low charge showing 95% each cell Tx Screen showing 6.8v never seen that before and lets see how we go from here, setting up a pen and paper system to note down flying times in a day

Apologies if long winded but may make interesting reading for some

Thread: Blue Foam
26/06/2020 12:58:57

Just seen on BMFA selling pages various size foams for sale

Thread: Adding nose weight
22/06/2020 14:14:56

What size Rx batteries are in the model can you put some bigger cell batteries in ??

AA to say 2/3 cell or Sub C

22/06/2020 10:12:51

Alex I was once in your predicament and solved it by fitting the Rx battery in the engine bay is this an option

Thread: Advice - A steady hack
21/06/2020 18:30:57

Hi Robin apologies for intrusion I had the Wot4 e balsa kit some years ago and flew on 3S 2200 and found I was best flying 4 1/2mins and battery was warm, it had a Fusion Logic 400 watt motor in it and no balance problems. Over the years having a better knowledge on how to treat Lipos , charging at 1.8 amps not 2.2 and ensuring I leave at storage voltage I have used the motor battery set up in a similar plane and able to get over 5 mins now. On this set up I now have another wot 4 e kit waiting to be built when the test plane comes to its end or can sell it on

21/06/2020 10:58:50

FMS Olympus is that the expensive one ?? I have seen the FMS Explorer fly on 3S 2200 cells quite acrobatic

Thread: la.40 in an Acrowot artf?
20/06/2020 18:15:41

Just the one ?? how about buy two get one free ??

Thread: Chris Foss Xtra Wot
20/06/2020 15:26:37

Maybe worth a quick call to Chris' Foss Monday morning to check on electric set up ?? for that model before going much further

Thread: Advice - A steady hack
20/06/2020 13:36:36

Took a photo today for interest Easy Street

19/06/2020 20:04:13

I have fitted a wire frame under carriage and its a dream for take off and landings

Thread: Max Thrust Riot versus Wot4
16/06/2020 21:05:51

Just had a quick look and added upto £199 and thats just one 4S lipo at £69

16/06/2020 21:02:00

Keith Have a quick look on 4 Max web pages for power set up and costings and you an get the electric motor set up as a kit

Thread: Hatch Catch
15/06/2020 08:58:24

I am a servo arm and small screw user just have to remember to turn the arm the same way as screw thread goes in

Thread: Ailerons Set Up
14/06/2020 16:28:42

Maybe spell check should have put Ailerons

Hope thats the correct spelling

14/06/2020 13:05:16

I have 3 models with full wing airleons and two with airleons only half wing set up on the outer edges. I am finding that the latter two are very sensitive to inputs and having to tweek them down a lot . Does anybody else notice this ??

Thread: Radio cases
08/06/2020 19:19:14

Tx Storage Box

Here is my home made attempt A4 storage box from Hobbycraft Stores

Thread: Electric or not?
03/06/2020 19:33:16

Roger You will have to take a close look at the diam of a hole in IC prop compared with diam of the electric prop driver. Spacers are available and there is usually 8 with electric prop

Thread: Where are the Watts?
29/05/2020 13:24:35

If I remember a quick rule time amps  by voltage used to get the basic watts required

Edited By RC Plane Flyer on 29/05/2020 13:25:09

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