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Thread: Blackhorse Hurricane 46
14/07/2019 22:07:56

20190714_110327.jpgFinally got round to flying this bird today. Really nice to fly and very solid and planted feel. Got mine on 6s and with mixed flying got 8 mins flite with 47% left in lipos.

Only changes i made were 3 inch wheels and re-worked the wells to suit and added gear doors. Also bought the cowl back about an inch or so as i thought it looked too long. Just got add a little weathering and jobs a goodun20190714_110334.jpg

Edited By ARC on 14/07/2019 22:11:26

Thread: Seagull Mosquito weight
30/06/2019 21:57:26

Hi Chris , looking at the wing and from inside the root its definitely doable. Was expecting to see a largish leading edge with sheeting but its not. Got sort of a flat brace thats drilled all along to which a small leading edge is glued/ sheeted.

The trick is going to be getting the air out. Im thinking a kind of scoop that goes over the top of esc that will direct the air downward to a slot cut into the underside. I think it will work in theory just got to make it neet and tidy and hide it all amongst the "black" of the radiators. Will post a pic or two up when i have it sorted.



28/06/2019 20:22:57

Hi guys,

Picked my mossie up today and very impressed. Going electric with overlander motors and 6s per side. Has anyone thought of fitting the esc into the leading edge between the nacelle and fus. The real one had rads installed there ???

Thread: Blackhorse Turbo Beaver
31/05/2019 13:07:46

Maidened my Beaver last month , superb on 8 cells with a 17x10 3 blade prop. Tracks lovely and has a cracking sound to it.

Would recommend if any one can get hold of one

Thread: Servos 3d model
21/03/2019 14:28:29

Hi folks, will be picking up a multiplex sc330 kit , servo wise they are recommending hs82mgs. Having used newpower for some time now im tempted to drop a set in but theres a trade off. To get the same dimmensions as the 82's ive either got to go with anologue and match for torque weight etc or go digital but lose a little on torque.

Whats opinions on digital vs torque out there

Thread: Ripmax WOT4 GP/EP
16/02/2019 11:07:18
Fly mine on zippy 4s 5000mah 40c. Nice snug fit just bring the tray forward a bit and angle upwards. I'll post a pic later to explain
Thread: Acro Wot Foam-e chat
20/01/2019 20:39:15

Has anyone out there found a good replacement for the standard motor that will drop straight in ???

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
18/12/2018 08:02:25
Posted by Glenn Philbrick on 17/12/2018 16:25:06:

dsc03975.jpgEven better with a pumped OS 91.

I run my electric acro wot on 6s using two 3s 5000 packs, I run to a time of 6mins which gives me time for a go around if not satisfied with the approach and I usually end up with about 15% left in the batteries. My hatch is on the top and I have not had to use any additional weight to get it to balance. It flies just like the IC one although it feels different somehow.

6 mins from a 6 s 5000mah seems a little low , you must be at wot all the flight. My previous AW on 6s use to average 10mins with throttle management .

17/12/2018 13:29:48

Has anyone shoe horned 6s 5000mah in there and flown it. Got my lipos (2x3s) in there and right up to the bulk head and hatch is closed ,looks quite neat and tidy just interested how the c of g will work out

Thread: Seagull sea eagle
17/10/2018 20:24:07
Problem sorted. Its was a combo of yhe 12x8 prop and a heavy prop nut. Dropped a 12x6 on it and a standard prop nut. Run up on my watty........43 amps 616w constant for 3.5 mins . Just slightly warm, so in flight with cooling air 😁
17/10/2018 18:30:54
Yes i agree, id have thought the f3a was a slicker airframe compaired compared to the wot4 so it has to work less harder
17/10/2018 16:10:59

had a thought last night while trying to understand why my system is running hotter than expected on the f3a compared to the wot4 of same weight ,wingspan & prop

When the cofg was set at 100mm as per manual on the f3a , to achieve this i had use a ruddy big prop nut to get weight forward.

Now the cofg is 20mm further back i can drop the 50g nut for a normal type and adjust lipo to balance.

Would the extra 50g weight on the prop shaft cause the motor to work harder than normal??

16/10/2018 16:31:58

Hi, full chat on a fully charged lipo was well over 900w and touching 70amps. I think i'll try the 11x8 or 12x6 and see how it goes. They do not come down hot , warm as you say but maybe a smaller prop in diam or pitch or both may make the diff.

Weekends looking good so will experiment

16/10/2018 15:35:05

maybe i need to prop down a little , currently running a 12x8

16/10/2018 15:33:13
Posted by Nigel R on 15/10/2018 22:50:20:
ARC bit sure why you feel it is lacking power. I'm running the exact same motor on 4s5000 with a 11x8 apc in a 4.75lb chilli wind and vertical is unlimited.

BC yes it is a narrow fuse for sure but easily modified at build time.

Hi ,

Its not lacking power but after a 6min flight just doing circuits my motor and esc were both warm to touch . i wouldn't expect that, doing aeros maybe and pushing it a little but just stooging around at these temps i expected it to be stone cold.

15/10/2018 13:39:30

looking at whats avail , the 5045 / 10 v3 would do a good job on 5s , by my calcs i'm increasing weight by around 237g from 4s to 5s . I could drop the mah but that would mean a new set of lipos which i dont really want to purchase

15/10/2018 13:36:37
Posted by Nigel R on 15/10/2018 09:32:04:

BC I can't see this being a 3d model those controls are "standard" size.

ARC does yours weigh 5lb with lipo or without?

Hi ,

Its 5.1lb with the 4s 5000mah lipo.

15/10/2018 08:37:18

Having had a little more stick time on Sunday with this , I'm not convinced the 4s set up is enough for this 5lb bird. Dont get me wrong its powerfull but you are nearly at your limits on the motor and esc. I'm thinking 5s with a G46 motor on a 80amp esc 

Edited By ARC on 15/10/2018 08:38:43

12/10/2018 18:36:31
Totalled my wot4 doing a 3 turn spin practising for my B and i just lost it.......whollop straight in
12/10/2018 18:34:18
My correction my motor out my wot4 is a 3548 05 v3 thumper. Just re-balanced mine at 117mm no nose weight needed. My 4s 5000mah 40c is just hanging off the rear of the tray so re-cutting some slots for velcro is needed. Again checked and double checked on watt meter. 45 amps on 685w at 3/4 throttle more than enough power and keeping well below the 60amp limit.
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