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Thread: Black horse Fieseler Storch
06/10/2014 19:55:07

Hi Folks,

Anyone got one of these. Picking one up soon and thinking of running a power 110 on 9s. Should come in around 17-18lb so on this set up it should be good for 100w/lb

Any thoughts.

Thread: Blackhorse Stuka electric
12/08/2014 16:48:16

Hi Mark,

Hows the Stuka going.


Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
12/08/2014 15:02:46

Couple of pics of my seafire at our club.



Thread: E- Scale Seafire
27/07/2014 09:04:02

Yep i agree, didn't even try mine . Just swapped out for e-flites and better oleos. Did try the spats but have since removed as they don't stay on.

27/07/2014 08:35:03

Thanks Guys.

26/07/2014 17:58:19

Some nice flying today with the Seafire, cracking model and flies superbly. A few pics to enjoy. smile







Thread: Seagull Lancair Legacy 70"
25/07/2014 18:55:55

Hi Flint,

Yes I think the kit is a good buy. The cowl & fuselage are large enough to house any configuration of motor and electronics you choose. Flying is no more difficult than your average low wing warbird type model and yes its terrific fun and looks superb.


25/07/2014 13:34:40

Hi Flint ,

Mines still going strong the only weekness is the front nose leg. It needs re-enforcing or alter the angle to help with the "heaveir" landings.

The actual retracts fitted in no problem and I fashioned some gear doors out of plastic sheet.

I have since the maiden experemented with a 4 blade prop which increases Amps but gave a better flight and helped slow it down better. The flaps have very little affect to be honest , but as you thought its very similar to a warbird and has to be flown all the way in.

Its very smooth in its flight and nothing scary but do watch your speed as it will stall and being 10lb+ thin wing chord it will go sharply.

Otherwise its a nice model and looks lovely in flight.


Thread: E- Scale Seafire
18/07/2014 13:43:10

Hi Folks,

Just getting to grips with my electrified version of the seafire. Anyone out there running one. Already had the maidern and it was fine no probs at all except for a blustery day which made the landing scary.

Any thoughts long terms reviews.



Thread: Canopys - How to fix a canopy
08/07/2014 13:14:47

Mines screwed on on my super tucano. just glued some blocks at the back to give the screws a little more bite.

Thread: Blackhorse Grob Tutor
29/06/2014 23:32:00

Another nice flight tonight, with a few pics.








23/06/2014 23:53:39

Thanks Terry.

Flew again Sunday evening and done a few loops, rolls and some low passes. Really nice and very smooth, very easy to fly. No stall as such and the slow flying is unbelievable. Low pass with full flaps and slowed right down and i was convinced it was going stall but it just carried on tootling around. Excellent.

Timed a full 9mins mixed throttle flight and my lipos showed 3200 &3150 going back in. Which on 5000mah's is quite good.


21/06/2014 14:01:27

maiden the grob today with no probs. cofg was 5mm in front of recommended setting and was ok. No issues or bad habits flew lovely. I did make a few alterations from the manual to save a little weight and get it below 9lb. Came finally at 8lb 9oz.

Tracks nice on the ground and the 16x8 three blader gives it plenty of ooomph. Only needed 2 clicks right aileron and its was steady

Didn't try the flaps as it was quite gusty today but still floated her down onto the mains then the nose.

Got a few pics to enjoy but no one at the field to get flight pics. Tomorrow hopefully !!!!imgp8267.jpg






Very please with the kit/set up and would recommend this highly.

21/05/2014 13:25:22

Hi All,

I know there's a current thread on the seagull Grob. Anyone built and flying the B/H version. Already had the seagull and was dissapointed. Have decided to give the B/H a go on electric.

Any thoughts welcome.

Thread: Hobbyking balsa Spit
21/04/2014 08:16:15

For anyone that's interested, dump the retracts. Opted to set up similar to the ripmax spit and put two "grab" holes under the wing right on the c of g. Hand launches no probs.

Flies really well and looks quite good for a semi scale spit. Flying a mixture of 3 & 4s from 3300 to 5000 and it handles them no probs.

11/04/2014 18:06:54

Anyone running one of these at the mo using the retracts on grass.

Just about finished mine using e-flites 15-25 retracts , BL32 Motor on a 12x8 3 blader with a 4s lipo. Cofg at 75mm auw is 3lb 4oz.

Anyone chime in here , good or bad


Thread: Seagull Lancair Legacy 70"
10/04/2014 13:32:38

Hi Mike,

Yes its flown.Flew with the 3 blader and a 4 blader both on 8s. Its quick and quite sharp in response. dailed in 40% expo on the elevator and 50% on rudder.

Feels lighter in flight than its actual weight. Looks nice on sharp steep banks and low passes. Due to the thin wing I didn't attempt a stall but suffice to say on landing with full flaps it slowed down quite well with no shocks. Need to fly it in tho all the way.

Duration wise I saw 8.5 mins with two dummy runs on landing. putting back in 3100 to 3500 on 5000mah lipos so quite pleased there.

Struts are holding up well and gear doors on mains are still on !!!!

On tip was to increase the angle forward on the nose leg, otherwise it digs in and puts a strain on the retract.

Nice plane all in all and looks terrific .


Thread: E-flite Diamante
21/12/2013 20:23:10

Hi Folks,

Have recently dropped on an E-flite Diamante. Has anyone out there got one up and running. Going with a p32 equivalent and 4s 5amp lipo.



Thread: Blackhorse Stuka electric
07/12/2013 08:32:00

Hi Mark,

Yes , used all four flaps. I'm running a dx7 with an AR7000RX, so my flap is a switch rather than a slider. 1st setting is about 30-45 degrees, 2nd is nearly full 90 with the servos straining !!!

The cowl was a right pain to line up with my back plate but got there in the end.

I also made a wooden plug and glued a blind nut in for the arile on the canopl. sawed off a bolt and glued into the plastic ariel. Just screws in and out now, save breaking it in the car.

Will try and get pics loaded this weekend but my cameras and the blink so looking for a new one.

The 18x10 is perfect for my power110 on 8s and it looks right too when spinning. I initially done a few runway runs to see how it felt and quickly became apparent it wanted to lift. Quite a short run(about 30-40ft) on about 75% power and went up no probs. Had to throttle back as it was to fast for scale. Half power was plenty but nice to know there is reserve there if needed.

It has a very "solid planted" feel to it. No twitching or any instability at all. Looks superb low and slow . Invest in some petes pilots , they really set it off.

With your sound system its going to be awesome. !!!!



01/12/2013 21:16:53

Maiden went well, only needed 1 click left aileron and straight and steady. cofg was spot on at 90mm. Only needs half power for nice scale speed. The 18x10 gave a good balance of torque and speed.

Nice easy flying no bad habits at all but the spats are a weakness ,any but a perfect landing and they will crack and split. Used half flap to land which slowed her down nicely and just feathered her in, two little bounces and she was settled.

I think taping the spats to the wing might be a better idea in the long run or velcro or something non permanent.

My field is fairly smooth and the grass was short but it still damaged my spats.

Nice model tho and looks superb slow and low. A couple of petes pilots really set it off a treat.

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