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Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
17/08/2019 14:51:36

Ballast.....The Hammer likes ballast!!!

Thread: Gliders
01/06/2018 22:54:28

I have both the Mefisto and Hammer. I think they were both excellent value for money when I purchased them from Flyingdog at least four years ago. Both have had 1 pair of replacement wings due to being used almost daily!

Thread: pegasus models hurricane
16/02/2017 22:33:22

A couple of pic's of my Pegasus Hurricane which is sloped spec'd along with a smaller Me 109



Thread: Super Rookie Engine
16/12/2015 12:09:10

A fairly recent video of a non powered Rookie. Looking forward to seeing yours Dai

Thread: Trigger's Brush!
18/11/2015 14:22:45

My old 1.9m Mefisto is ready to soar again. Recently I have repaired the snapped fuse and re painted with 2K paint, replaced the wing with a new 4 servo wing covered in clear and translucent blue Oracover, new tail feathers, new snakes, new servo's and hardware throughout, new TX and new paint job to the nose cone.

She's just like new! but a little bit heavier 925g


mefisto comp 1.jpg


mefisto comp 2.jpg





Thread: Gliding video thread
28/08/2015 17:17:20

A short film from South Gower where the Sun always shines laugh



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Thread: The rain passed over
24/08/2015 11:43:42

After practically 4 continues days of low misty clouds and rain the Sun shone on Sunday afternoon. A quick visit to the slope was in order. The patchy clouds and 20mph wind made it great for flying and I attempted to multi task by trying to fly and photograph at the same time. p2000 & vag.jpg

I almost came a cropper on a couple of occasions.


p 2000.jpg

multi tasking.jpg

Thread: Faze 6 and Traceur video
19/08/2015 22:42:20

Hi Andy

The location is Deep Slade, locally known as Hunts due to the proximity of Hunts Farm where you park and it's just a short walk to slope. Deep Slade is between Southgate and Pwll Du Bay on The Gower Peninsular and like a large chunk of the Peninsular is owned by the National Trust. So yes it's a Public Site but luckily off the beaten track. Rhossili isn't that far away either but PG's never bother you at Hunts.


19/08/2015 09:13:06

Managed an hour at the slope yesterday and took the GoPro. There was plenty of Sunshine and lift. If the truth be told a little too much for the 600g AUW Traceur. The Faze 6 is a Phase 6 with a clipped 66" wing with a straight not swept back leading edge.

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Thread: Hammer F3F Another one Build Blog
22/07/2015 23:17:29

Hi Peter

I'm sorry I don't understand some of the above post! Did you really cut the pre-hinged ailerons and flaps off. And the part about needing to fill the leading edges of the control surfaces. I don't remember having to do any of that. The finish on the wing looks nice though.


Thread: Phase 6 Wing
16/07/2015 21:06:29

Hi Andy

If you don't get any luck for you P6 wing quest Mike @ West Wales Models used to advertise them on his website for £39.99. I haven't seem them lately so perhaps give him a call he might still be able to get hold of them.


Thread: XL Vagabond by Hacker
11/07/2015 22:19:46
amt subframe.jpg
Then you start to assemble the all moving tailplane. A little care needs to be taken just to ensure you fit the control horn on the right side. At this point I fitted the rest of the control horns, again being careful as there is a pair for the ailerons and a slightly different shaped horn for the rudder.
servo tray.jpg
Following the fitting of the tailplane and rudder it's a case of gluing in the servo tray and centre wing bulkhead plus some minor ancillaries. After which it's just a case of fitting the servo's and control rods. However, you will require a little patience to fit the supplied clevis's as the parts are pretty small (You have been warned)!
xl & buster.jpg
After 5 hours the XL vagabond is ready for the slopes. I only wish I had ordered the 4.8V flat battery a week ago!!
11/07/2015 22:19:20
I do enjoy watching the French performing slow and low slope aerobatics with large gliders. With this in mind I've been looking for a glider to help me learn and perhaps one day fly like the French. My 3D Traceur is a little too small, light and twitchy. The P2000 is close but not quite aerobatic enough and modified P6 isn't a million miles away either. I'm not a good enough pilot to try these manoeuvres with the Hammer just yet. I have tried and have paid the consequences! And the Mefisto is still sadly out of action waiting for a new wing.
When I came across the new Hacker XL Vagabond it looked just like the glider I had been looking for. Large 2m wing, Epp bouncyness and relatively light.
So here's what you get and what unfortunately you don't get.
xl box.jpg
The manufacturing of the parts is really impressive along with the art work and lam covered aerofoils. The fuse is left naked which for the cost is a little surprising as these kits aren't cheap.
Once you have read the instructions you'll soon be aware of two glitches. The kit doesn't include servo extension cables or the parts for the +/- 90 degree pulley controlled tailplane. This came as a bit of a shock as Hacker make no mention that additional extension cables are required and actively promote and photograph the pulley powered tailplane in their marketing literature.
cf reinforcement.jpg
The first job is to make long shallow cuts into and along the fuse, then to push in and glue 5 lengths of reinforcing carbon fibre rod. As I didn't have any foam friendly CA glue I used the hot glue gun and trimmed off any overspill once cooled.
Thread: Hammer F3F Another one Build Blog
08/07/2015 22:33:02

Hi Peter

I have added about 200g of ballast on the CoG to my Hammer and it goes well. Those guys up North add up to 700g when fully ballasted and then it really motors.

Have you seen this thread when it comes to a neat way to load and lock your ballast: **LINK**

It's on the Hammer's little cousin the Mefisto and it's half way down the page.

07/07/2015 21:16:36

I've had my Hammer for a couple of years now and have found the fuse to be quite robust! But as you are adding a ballast tube and extra weight to wings in the form of 25g/m2 FG then perhaps adding some fuse reinforcement is advisable. You might also need a good stock of 4mm nylon wing bolts! Seriously though depending on which hole you're filling in your hangar you shouldn't be disappointed.


I do have a whole album of Hammer construction photo's on here which might interest you but not sure how to add a link. You could try the link under my Avatar!

Thread: How do I remove a slight twist in an EPO fues?
04/07/2015 12:39:16

I think as fliers we all go through periods when nothing appears to go right. The more often you fly then the more frequent these challenging times occur. Purchasing a model which doesn't fly as expected is thankfully quite rare but I'm sure you have had many happy hours of flying with models you've had to tweak and tune. Whether it's because I'm from a sailing background where you and the crew are nearly constantly working the sail controls to alter the sails shape to get the best performance I'm not sure, but to me tuning is an inherent part of flying. However, in saying this I do have a couple of gliders which rarely see the sunlight. At times I see them as just lost causes which to be honest they probably are but I'm not going to give with them. There'll be a day when I'm in the right mood and I'll persevere to hopefully improve their flight characteristics (I hope).

Occasionally, again relating to sailing. It is best to start from scratch again! Take everything off all the adjustments, masts and shrouds the lot and then start putting everything back on in an average position. This often gets you back to a well balanced boat, meaning it can sail into the wind by itself with no input from the helm (rudder). Perhaps this is something you could perhaps try. If this fails then you'll have to dissect the design of the wings and fuse to identify where the flaws are.

Don't give up without a fight yes

Thread: New kid on the slope
29/06/2015 13:26:35

I hope you all had a good weekends soaring. I certainly did as my Son took to the real slopes for the first time. The lift was good on Saturday and Brilliant yesterday add to this he was learning with a 60" Wildthing it wasn't long before he found his wings and was confident turning both into and away from the slope and was starting to roll and loop. Thanks AH (SAS)

Harry 1

Harry 2

Harry 3

Thread: Another PSS Foray
08/06/2015 20:47:11

Hi Peter

Unfortunately, I wont be at the Orme but do plan on flying and making new friends at the Bwlch in Sept on the Saturday.

To answer your question I never envisaged using oil paints as I find acrylics a lot easier source and mix. In fact I mixed the colour for the underside with vinyl matt emulsion found in the garage and a little bit of green from the kids craft box. The brown was also home mixed with a water based primer undercoat and the kids dark brown. Although, the Green was mixed professionally. So in essence I wanted to keep the costs and mess down. Oracover/Solafilm and oil based paints would have proved a very expensive way of covering the complete model. Adding the F/G over a scrap of film gave a good textured finish, enabled me to keep the resin wetting out to a minimum and can be painted with a water based paint. Not forgetting it also more robust than film a lone so should last a bit longer!

05/06/2015 08:00:58

Hi Phil. This Hurri has a three servo wing. The flap control is a little bit Heath Robinson and needs a little adjusting so the wing seats better towards the TE. But it appears to work just fine and I do enjoy flying with some snap flap in the mix. The hatches on wing are the servo aperture covers, the servo's are in place but I haven't got round to fitting the controls just yet. I'm away RC yacht racing in Falmouth this weekend so by this time next week we should be ready for some dogfighting!



04/06/2015 22:34:55

Almost finished, just a couple of small jobs left to complete



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