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Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
26/11/2019 17:17:11

Hi Danny.

About "latex gloves". The latex is permeable (lets pass throught) to solvens and chemicals. That`s the reson that they

recomends barrier creams with latex gloves.

The vinyl and nitrile gloves are not permeble to solvens and chemicals so are better for use with epoxi r/ polyester resins.

Using the correct protection in neccesary for avoiding alergic reactions.

José Luis

26/11/2019 11:15:36

Hi Danny.

I`m still in the background. My Fury is still missing the top wing. My eysight is not better tan before, so I have serious problems but decided to finish it. Probably I resume building next january.

I know the feeling when no one make comments on your own thread. I few years back I made a "Panther" autogiro designed by Richard Harris and didn`t received nil comments.

I`ve seen your videos on tissue covering, as has passed a long time when I used this technique. Also I`ve seen your video on fiberglassing and peel-ply application. Very entertaining. In the recpect I`d seen that you use latex gloves and these are no recommended actually, Better use the vinyl or nitrile variety.

Still pending to see the foil covering video. Also I`ve suscribed tou your channel.

Please keep coming.

Best Regards

José Luis

Spain. (now rainy)

04/11/2019 19:02:27

Hi Danny.

Still around the fórum.

ou can clean the CA spillage with acetone. Not dispose of the scissors,....


José Luis

Thread: Tony B's replica
14/03/2019 09:38:06

Fantastic work Tonny ¡

What type of glue had you used for attaching the paper? I suppouse must be compatible with the depron you had used in the model.

At the moment I`d been unable to source some dope in my side of europe (restrictios on shipping). I ordered some from Retromodeller but cancelled the order due shipping restrictions.

José Luis

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
06/03/2019 12:00:01

Nice work Danny !

I´ve used the RDS system in my competition/Composite gliders. Not in scale subjecs.

Recently I don´t have more RDS sets, so I am not able to use it again. I`ll have to think about amini Lathe. Ummm.

I bought a few RDS sets for Futaba servos. Now I have no more in stock.

Jose Luis

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
03/03/2019 11:02:26

Hi guys.

Ab initio I used the F6, as drawn on the plan, and sheeted the sides. with the bulged sides. After discussing the wrong shape of the fuse I`d cut the sheeting at the line of the side door. Installed the new F6 as drawn by Danny, and fixed the new sheeting.

José Luis

Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
19/02/2019 12:04:01

Good afternoon guys !

Now I'm recovering from surgery on my left eye. Also they put inside some product yo cure the injuries that initiated the Lost of eyesight.

So probably Next weekend I'll be back with my Fury's.

Hi Ernie I"m interested in the masking templates for K3736.

Good winds my friends.

16/01/2019 11:57:50

Hi Jim.

I`m sorry for my delay on answering your question.

Well, the modell is not ready for covering yet. The sad info it`s that I Will be unable to finish it. I have to quit any type on modelling, Reading, writting, ….

On December 18th I suffered the lost of almost all the eyesight in my left eye (the good one). I now see really bad. The image is crushed, tilted and a missing área. Really dissaponting.

I Will try to follow the others progrees .

As anote have finished the moild for the cowl and after waxing it last monday I layup a first cowl. I`ll open the mould toorrow.


José Luis

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
20/12/2018 17:17:01

Hi Ernie.

Checking the Wesburg Drawings tell that the dihedral of the top wing is 1 degree.


José Luis

Edited By Jose L. G. on 20/12/2018 17:17:28

Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
19/12/2018 15:48:48


Added the bottom sheet of the nose Hatch. Once glassedI`ll cut the Hatch.


Also made a few detail work on the wing pockets for the archor plates of the center panel.


Added the missing sheet on the bottom of the center panel.

Today carved and glued the foam blocks on the bottom of the nose. As I understand The sheeting finish at the front landing gear wire, behind is covered by the radiator. (??)


Tomorrow Will sand the foam blocks to shape.

Also working in the mould of the cowl. The plug is finished and I`d applied a few coats of release agent (wax&hellip

I`ll Split the mould on a top/bottom plan, so I`d made a parting board of melamine chipboard. Also drilled 3 holes for the keys of both parts. I use Steel balls. The parting board and balls are being waxed.



José Luis

17/12/2018 17:25:14

Hi Guys.

Progress of the last days.

After gluing the ply supports for the struts added the remaining capstrips. Also added the leading Edge strips.



Today shaped the leading Edge strips. First used arazor plane, next a sanding block.


Also sanded the top trailing Edge strip and faired the wingtip. Stilla bit of sanding to do.

Next work is to finish the bottom of the nose. Checking the plan I noted that the block of balsa has no use because the bottom must be more or less 1/8" thick. I am going to makea bottom Hatch so I glued some 1/4" triangle around the bottom. Prepared a plyt cover with balsa. Now drying. Tomorrow I`ll cut the Hatch and glue in situ. Next I`ll add the side cheeks with blue foam.


Till next.

José Luis

13/12/2018 17:02:45

Thanks Danny. You too ¡

Completed all the capstrips on the bottom panels except the top of the ribs that support the struts.


Bottom capstrips.


Top of wings.

Also debur the brass parts and filled the top edges for avoiding cutting the thread. Fixed the brass parts with epoxi, tied with kevlar and fixed with glue. also added some balsa to fill the space betwen the ply and the spar. Need a bit of shapping.


Will continue.

José Luis

11/12/2018 17:53:02

Today finished adding the bottom sheeting to both bottom panels. Tomorrow will add capstrips.



José Luis

11/12/2018 17:51:19

Hi Danny. You are right ¡

I`d added a bit of weight with the landing gear modifications, but I have a few plans for saving weight.

First whe I changed the Ply F1 with abalsa one I saved 50 grams.

I`m finishing the plug for the cowl. The one I received fron "S" was in poliester resing and weighted 140 grams. Also was cracked in the bottom and I havn`t noted it. I think I can make one about 80 grams mark. So another 60 grams less.

I had made a carbon spinner at 17 grams plus backplate.

More to come.

José Luis

10/12/2018 11:53:09

This is the pic of the brass part that joins both parts of the landing gear.


10/12/2018 11:49:43

Hi guys.

Little progress last week. Take advantage of the fabulous weather we had last week- Little wind and temperatures around 20º C. Went flying three days in a row face 1.

Now to the plane.

Aligned the wing with the fuse, drilled the holes for the blind nuts and fixed them.



Once I have fixed the center panel of the wing on the fuse finished the landing gear. As I had glued the 4 mm piano wire to the oleos also used glue for fixing the brass part that hold the cross bar of the landing gear. Also had a hole for fixing the metal bracked of the rear part. This bracket is a comercial one from MP-Jet.



The cross bar can slide on the brass part, but checking the landing gear the piano wire takes the changes in geometry.

Today began work on the lower panels adding the leading Edge sheet.



José Luis

03/12/2018 16:34:13
Hi Mart?n.
Not sure yet !
Tomorrow Will solder the parts. Need some gas for the torch. Im going to solder a brass fork to pivot the rear brace. Will check the movement on the compression state.
Jose Luis

Edited By Jose L. G. on 03/12/2018 16:36:02

03/12/2018 15:52:03

This weekend I`ve been working on the drawings of the landing gear for the MK i. Today began the fun factor.

First I separated the brass parts from the main sheet. Tried a few methos of doing it. Hacksaw, jewellers saw, … In the end I used a heavy scisors and doing in áreas.

Once cut I filed the surplus of the tabs with a jewellers file. Bending the brass around the wire is tought.


The scisors I used for cutting the brass parts. Also I classificated the parts in small bags.


Main landing gear with tabs fixed. I extended the lenght of the legs 20 mm (the travel of the oleos). Have to glue the bottom wire to the oleo and add the suport for the landing wire on the top. Next I`ll join both parts of the landing gear. The oleos are 110 mm in lenght.


Added the infill in the strut área.


José Luis

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
03/12/2018 15:38:14


Dear Teacher, I`m guilty. I havn`t looked at the Nimrod Pictures. Hope not to loose some points….


José L.

02/12/2018 09:36:35

Hi Danny.

In your last pic appears that you had shortened the trailing Edge of the wing.

Are you planning something ?


José Luis

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