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Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
30/11/2018 16:46:38

Colin, Martin and Danny, Thanks for your comments.

Only managed to work a bit on the plane. Added the leading edge to the center panel and sanded to shape. Also adjusted the position of the wing. Drilled the holes for the wing bolts throught the top of the wing. Positioned and glued the wing hold-down and some triangles tock for reinforcing the joins.


The vertical part is the included in the parts set. The horizontal is 3 mm ply (Hight quality. Once drilled I`ll add the blind nuts.


1/4" triangle added.

José Luis.

28/11/2018 16:29:45

Will continue with the monologue....

Managed to work a bit on the center panel. Sheeted the bottom except the ply hold dowm part. As Martin did I´ve added hardwood blocks in the front spar location to attach the flying wires. As I had not 20 swg brass sheet I`ve used some Steel plate. Once fixed in place I finish sheeting the top.



Fixed some 1/16" sheet to bridge the step over the spars.


Sheeting finished.


José Luis

26/11/2018 18:02:45
Hi Danny.
I ve put some brass tube in the centre panel. The carbon rods are glued in the outer panels
26/11/2018 16:33:01

During the weekend had some forward and rearward progress.....

Prepared the left panel for joining to the center. Prepared a piece of balsa with the height at the tip. Put the carbon rods in the center and filled with balsa the inner free space. Once ready prepared a batch of 30 min epoxi and added some silica. Filled the space and joined the tip panel to the center and put the ply braces over the lot.



A few hours later tried to separate the tip panel from the center, But the rear rod got glued. When I was trying to force the joint I hit the lamp with the wing. PANIC ¡. Broke the trailing edge and the tip. ARGG ¡.

Next day I calmed down and re-CA all the parts and made a few missing.

Today made the joint of the right panel. This time I applied some vaseline to the carbon rods and no sticking problems.



Tomorrow will finish the panels and begin on the landing gear.


José Luis

Edited By Jose L. G. on 26/11/2018 16:35:25

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
23/11/2018 16:58:24

Hi Danny. My ply brace has the grain in the correct direction. Also have to make a second one of each.


José Luis.

Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
23/11/2018 16:54:40

Today finished adding the bottom longeron and wingtips doublers on the right wing.

As I`d glued the ply doubler on the panel I can glue the front part of the second rib. When I was working on the ribs I spotted that the center ribs are the wrong type as they are as the ply on the center. I applied a bit of glue around the laser cuts before cutting as intended.


Continue work on the center part. How can I put the spars in the front and rear?. Use a pair of ribs, slot the spars and fix with litte CA to avoid gluing the ribs.


Once glued the spars I cut the brass and carbon rods, filled with balsa the slots betwen the spars leaving the space for the brass tubes.



I`d put some masking tape on the end of each tube to avoid glue ingress.

Next glue the tubes filling with epoxi and microballons and close with the ply braces.


Tomorrow I`ll cut the ply and joint the thre panels of the lower wing.

José Luis

22/11/2018 18:07:13

Today added the bottom strip in the trailing Edge and wingtip. Also glued the ply reinforcements to the spars in the wing.


Next the right wing panel. As you had developed some familiarity with the wing this panel goes easily and quickly.



Next Will be joinimg the panel to the center section. Expectec recibe the carbón rods tomorrow.


José Luis

21/11/2018 17:52:58

Today built the wingtip, Added the top longerons an false leading Edge.


Put some weights over the wing to mantain it flat.


Wingtip. When I began adjusting the parts noted that I had leaved short the botton spars. Added the mising part and glued on top the wedged parts. Thinned the spars in the wingtip and glued with alifatic resin all the ribs/spar.

José Luis

21/11/2018 17:47:22
Posted by Danny Fenton on 20/11/2018 21:41:04:

Lovely work José Luis, I too started looking at the lower port wing. I am thinking spruce for the main spar, and hard balsa for the rear spar, I stripped some hard 1/4 for mine. I try and keep the materials simple.

Where do you get the carbon tape, and how much is it?



Thanks a lot Danny.

The carbón strips I used was from Dave Brown Products from the USA. No longer available.

I`ve searched and had,t found anything similar- In Alibaba found a company that sells strips of 0.2x50 mm. Other possible seller can be

José Luis.

20/11/2018 15:52:25

Hi to all.

Made some work on the instrument panel. To continue with the cockpit I applied two coats of sanding sealer to the wood inside the cockpit. Later I`ll put some aluminium paint before gluing the instrument panel.


Not fully scale- Pending to add some switches....

So to continue I need the center panel of the lower wing to work on the landing gear.

Prepared the C1 and C2 parts gluing the small parts to the lower one. Drilled the holes for the fixing screws. To glue all the ply parts I used epoxi resin of 30 minutes setting.


I leaved for 24 hours before adding the top C1, also with epoxi. I glued the front and rear ply braces raising 1/8" both.Later I`ll cut the parts that goes in the outer panels. Still awaiting the carbon rods and brass tubes.


Next I begin working in the left (Port) wing. Previously I separated all the ribs for the lower wings from their parent sheets. Made two sets of ribs. Weighted each set and one weighted 4 grams more than the other, so I mixed the ribs to reduce the diference to 0,4 grams. I always do this to avoid lateral imbalance.

As other people has done I shimmed the spars with 1/8" and 1/4" at the trailing edge.



I reinforced the trailing edge with carbon tape. Its pre-cured so you only have to cut the size you nedd and glue it. Probably I`ll also add the carbon to the spars.

One note. When I was preparing all the parts for the wings I weighted all the spars (1/8" x 1/4" and had a lot of difference betwen them. I tried to pick the sheet of 1/8" more hard I have and cut a few spars and weighted them. Very dissapointing. So I stripped a full sheet of 1/8" and paired all the spars. The front are the ones bought and the back of the stripped ones.

Until next.

José Luis.

Thread: Tony B's replica
20/11/2018 15:23:16

Hi Toni,

Nice progress.

José Luis

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
19/11/2018 10:26:22


On page 45 of the main thread Ernie posted a pic identificating the etched pars.


José Luis

18/11/2018 17:01:28
No. The problem is the former. Do you have the drawing from Danny?
Jos? Luis

Edited By Jose L. G. on 18/11/2018 17:02:09

18/11/2018 09:42:49
Hi Colin.
The spanish version has a longer nose so you can put the motor you have and adapt the cowl.
Jos? Luis

Edited By Jose L. G. on 18/11/2018 09:43:55

16/11/2018 16:09:48
Mine is 76 mm long !
Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
14/11/2018 17:52:08

I'd made F1 from balsa as Danny did.
Thread: Tony B's replica
14/11/2018 17:19:02

Looking very good. Great work as usual.

José L.

Thread: K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.
14/11/2018 17:12:36

Very Little progress. Have to repair a pair of models.

After checking the plan, tapered the side stringers of the fuse from F9 to F11 and glued the side panels of the tail.


After the glue have dried I prepared a pair of balsa infills for the elevator cables. Tomorrow I`ll drill a pair of holes for the tubes.


Tha balsa pieces are recessed a bit so not Will show in the covering.

Also began working in the instrument panel (Thanks Tony).


The last work for today is fix the captive nuts for the motor. This are 4 mm. The center part of the nut is longer than the thickmess of the firewall so I used various washers of 6 mm to manage the seating of the nuts.


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
14/11/2018 16:58:42

A pic of a few Furys with tailwheels.


The tex of the pic.


Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
14/11/2018 16:54:13

Hi Colin.

Nice aproach to the landing gear. I`ve bought a few oleos, probably overkill. Also to mount the oleos I need a secondary bulkhead. We´ll see if I continue with that or simplify.


José Luis

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