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Thread: model coverings
16/06/2013 18:02:51

I finished my clean sweep with coverings from GS. I was very impressed although i'm not sure what I'll use the other 4 1/2 metres of black/white cheque for........ The white adhesive can look a little unsightly at joins although I've read that a little alchohol will rub it off (not tried). Getting the colour you're after can be a bit hit and miss due to stock levels angry.

I'm a big fan of Oracover apart from the price (hence the GS coverings on the CS, I think I got 3 rolls (15 metres) for the price of 1 roll (2 metres) of Oracover!)

Recently used Solarfilm for the first time (came with my Fusion kit) and altough not a fan at first I'm coming around to it. I find the backing can be awkward to remove unless at the edge of a roll but it shrinks really well. The transparent 'yellow' is very, very orange though.


Thread: Let the Harrier come home
07/06/2013 16:31:47
Posted by Peter Miller on 07/06/2013 11:09:11:

signed. MInd you, the RAF are so strapped for aircraft they will probably demand it. The Navy would like it back but have no carriers to use it from.

I believe that The Fighter Collection are worried that they may have their aircraft commandeered by the RAF.

We still have one 'carrier'. HMS Illustrious is still in service and could take her.

It's strange, I used to hate those noisy 'zoomies' when they operated from Yeovilton but I must admit that it'd be nice to see it back in the UK.

Signed by the way smiley


Thread: Are you a flyer or a builder?
05/06/2013 10:35:07

I only started flying because I fancied having a go at building and then wanted to see it in the air once I'd finished. Unfortunately, recently seems to have seen a fair amount of re-building.......


Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
03/06/2013 12:55:00
Wow, that looks fantastic, congratulations. I am definitely going to build the larger edf version. Can't quite stretch to a turbine.
Thread: Members Map
29/05/2013 21:45:50

I'm also in laugh. In somerset as well.


Thread: LX model / Banana Hobby F22 single 70mm
21/05/2013 19:21:42

I've seen these online and am intrigued. Did you order from Banana Hobby? I've read lots of bad things about them.

btw, welcome to the forum


Thread: Glo Pro vs Electric Prop
19/05/2013 07:57:27

Well, I'm not a expert but I do know that over 50% of the prop's thrust comes from the outer 25% of the prop and so the centre section lost due to the spinner should have little to no effect on the performance you get.

No doubt someone with more knowledge will give you a better answer soon though!


Thread: No sympathy for LMS
09/05/2013 20:45:47

I have had very similar experiences. Before joining a club I tried getting help/advice from my LMS. I was treated like an irritant, not worthy of their time. I left really dissapointed and annoyed. Surely novices need the most time/help and if you treat them well you could get a good customer for a very long time. Thankfully, I can get everything I need online and once I joined a club I got all the friendly advice I needed.

Get loads on here too wink

Thread: In your experience what's the most common cause of a crash?
09/05/2013 20:30:15

I selected 'Pilot Error' (or should that be inexperiance/overconfidence?) as that definitely sums up the couple of unplanned arrivals that I've had blush

I have seen a few at the field that seem to be loss of signal though. A particular club mate has lost at least 6 models and has sent his DX8 off for investigation. Nothing was wrong with it apparently, but he's lost some since.......

Thread: Where have all the GOOD trainers gone?
02/05/2013 13:31:00

If a bit of building isn't an issue then the TN sky 40(SLEC) is very good. Mostly ply so it's tough and I went from never having flown to passing my A within a couple of months with mine. I find it very forgiving too. Only issue I've had is I built mine electric and because of its weight (about 3 kilo's) the flight times are limited to about 5 mins with the 4s setup I have fitted which wasn't ideal whilst learning.

Great model though.

Thread: Trainer Advice Please
30/04/2013 09:22:33

Hi robin,

How about the Tony Nijhuis Sky 40? there's a 'kit' available from SLEC. I have really enjoyed building and flying mine and passed my 'A' with it last year. It is pretty tough ( mine has had to be blush)

As for radio, I researched for a while and decided on the Hitec Optic 6 sport which is great. Unfortunately, no one at the club I joined uses Hitec so buddy boxing proved awkward. I ended up buying a second one! Might be worth finding out what others at a local club use?


Thread: 35mm 1100kv outrunner best choice?
29/04/2013 13:22:14

I had heard that the E-Power motors on GiantShark were just unbadged E-max motors. When I ordered one of the GT series ones (3520 I think??) it even came in an E-max box!! Very good price and seem to be put together well.


Thread: Clean Sweep!
28/04/2013 15:54:01

Got to the airfield this morning and there were fairly strong cross winds exactly 90 degrees across the strip. The wind was gusting quite unpredictably too so I decided to fly my Sky 40 and see how things went. After a slightly ropey cross wind landing I was thinking that maybe I should leave the CS to better conditions. Then one of the club instructors Jeff said he'd take it up for me for initial trimming etc. I was really keen to see her airbourne so that sounded ideal.

A minute or 2 later, Jeff throttled up and away she went. From the off she flew brilliantly! no trimming required at all for hands off. In fact, after a couple of quick loops and rolls to check everything was working, Jeff handed me the TX and let me get on with enjoying my hard work smiley.

I am absolutely over the moon with my CS. It is exactly what I was hoping for, A nice step up in speed and agility from my trainer but not scarily so. It loops and rolls with ease (I didn't try for anything more adventurous just yet!) and it just flies like it's on rails. I really couldn't have hoped for more.

I might see about getting someone to film it next time I go flying.

Cheers Tim for such a great model, I think I'm going to enjoy it for a long time.



Sylvain -  I wish I could do coverings like yours! it's a thing of beauty.

Edited By David Molineux on 28/04/2013 15:55:23

27/04/2013 07:57:36


Absolutely smiley. I can't wait.


26/04/2013 20:59:44

Well, after what seems like forever I have finally finished my CS. It's only the second model I've ever built and hopefully will make a great follow on to my TN Sky 40 trainer. If the weather is OK I hope to maiden it this weekend.....

Here are a couple of pics.


I was trying for a racer type look which I hope suits it


The # 2 is the model memory in my TX (An idea I 'borrowed' from another post I read a while back) but hopefully also looks like a racing number. A bit at least!


I'm quite pleased with it cool


Thread: What else do you do?
13/02/2013 19:27:25

Well, so far 17 years in the Royal Navy. I generally love anything which gets the adrenaline going. My avatar is my beloved RSV Factory.


Thread: RCM&E March 2013 feedback
06/02/2013 17:52:06

Everyone seems to be pleased that the mag is arriving earlier. I'm upset that it seems late. Not got mine yet

Thread: Piece of advice for a beginner
03/02/2013 16:00:49

Hi Boris,

I built a Sky 40 and have been very impressed. It was ideal for passing the BMFA A test and is remarkably crash resilientblush.

Definitely buy from SLEC if you do choose it. I bought mine from Myhobbystore which was significantly more expensive and doesn't come with the majority of the accesories that you get from SLEC.


Thread: How do you react when you break a model?
23/01/2013 17:02:37

I crashed my beautiful Astro Hog a few weeks ago and am still sulking now! Entirely my own fault. Nose dived into the floor whilst inverted. It'll get fixed eventually.......

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
21/01/2013 16:00:19

Apparently there have now been traces of Zebra found in Tesco bar codes.

oh dear.........

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