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Thread: Mass Build 2013 Formal Proposals
29/09/2012 19:21:41

Definately interested in the biplane idea.

Dave M.

Thread: anyone had experience using Wheelspin models ?
05/07/2012 01:04:56

For what it's worth...

I have ordered stuff from wheelspin a few times. My second Hitec optic 6 sport for a buddy box was 'shadow stock' and arrived within the week. I have only had very good service from them and would be more than happy to use them again in the future.


Thread: unwanted reverse direction of prop
30/06/2012 20:49:30

With most escs you can program with your TX, usually by plugging it in with the throttle at max until you get a specific code of beeps. Depends on the exact esc. If you havn't got instructions maybe someone else has? or maybe the all seeing google will know laugh

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
18/06/2012 14:16:31

Sign me up for the big one laugh

Blimey, only just starting out in RC and already I've got a list as long as my arm of future projects!

I'm currently working towards my A test with a Sky 40 trainer which I really enjoyed building and now flying.

For what it's worth, I think the EDF option will look so much better.


Thread: What the............?
13/06/2012 13:27:23

Wow, that thing sounds incredible! Certainly looks like a handful for the pilot.

Thread: Under powered motor
03/06/2012 15:35:02
Got in the air today and she flies beautifully once.Again
Thanks again for all the help.

01/06/2012 15:49:38

Problem solved!

I popped into my LMS today and picked up an 80A Overlander ESC. With it fitted, and with the 10x5 prop I get :

15V, 53A,790W. The motor was only luke warm after a few test runs too

I tried the 11x5.5 just to see but when it passed 60A at about 3/4 throttle I decided to abort and stick with the 10x5.

Thanks once again for all the help/suggestions. There seems to be a lot to learn in this hobby but with so many people willing to help it's that much easier.

Can't wait to get in the air again smiley

I wonder if my other motor would be any good in the Clean Sweep.........


31/05/2012 16:45:35

Blimey, that doesn't sound at all good! I'll get hold of a new ESC then. Higher rated this time. I'm slightly worried about burning out the motor now though crying 2

Cheers Ben


31/05/2012 13:20:24

A quick trip to my LMS and I now have a 10x5 prop. I also picked up a 10x7 to get more readings.

With a freshly charged battery here are the results:

-----------------------------10x5 --------11x5.5------ 10x7

Voltage under load ---16.15v -----16.0v -------15.8v

Current -------------------21A---------- 24A-------- 25A

Power --------------------340W------- 380W------ 395W

The total model weight including battery is 6.65lb or 3.02Kg.

I did notice that with the 10x5 prop it sounds like it's running at a higher RPM (very scientific I know!), which the results would seem to verify ie lower loading with the smaller prop. What this translates to in the real world I have no idealaugh


Edited By David Molineux on 31/05/2012 13:23:25

30/05/2012 22:49:57

The prop was very definately smashed in the crash!

I've just dug out the old packaging and I was using a 10x5 before! I shall have to get hold of one and give it a go. Would it make that much of a difference? If that's the issue then I will be a very happy boysmiley

Thanks all.

30/05/2012 21:12:07

The prop is an APC 11x5.5 electric.

The ESC is a Hobby wing Flyfun (Pentium) 60 opto and I'm using a seperate BEC. I have re set the throttle upper and lower points as per Chris's post above. The ESC does a self test when powered up and beeps 4 times which according to the instructions means that it is detecting a 4s Lipo. I'll try manually selecting 4s just in case.

I'll ask at the club on sunday about an RPM sensor.

Is it worth getting a new ESC just in case? I'm sure I could use it in another model in the future if it's not the problem (looks like I have a spare motor now!) but I'd rather not pay out if I don't have to.

I suppose I could just fly it as is but I'm worried about some underlying problem.

Once again, thanks for the help.


Edited By David Molineux on 30/05/2012 21:14:10

30/05/2012 19:28:30
If there is an increase in weight it's very minor.
Speed in the air is also a problem. Before the crash an increase in throttle produced a nice gentle climb whereas now it needs full throttle all the time. The club I fly with is lucky enough to have a tarmac runway so it speed along the ground isn't usually an issue. By the way, it's a Tony Nijhuis Sky 40. Thanks once again.

Edited By David Molineux on 30/05/2012 19:30:18

30/05/2012 17:51:17

Thanks for all of the replies,

The Battery I was testing with is a brand new Gens Ace 4000Mah, never even flown. just recharging to play again. I flew it on an almost brand new Loong Max.

As I said, it does get airbourne but it's such a dramatic loss in power that the Guy who is Buddy boxing me was really concerned about a problem.

Yes, the prop is on correctly laugh.

I reset the throttle max/min when I reset the ESC to datum.

Both the old and new motors are the 1150 Kv version.

I suppose a dodgy rebuild is always possible, I am really new to this, I can't see how that would effect the way the motor pulls. Before the crash it could get up to take off speed within a very short space. Now it nearly runs out of runway! Once in the air it behaves fine apart from needing full throttle all of the time.

Could the crash have caused somethiing in the ESC to burn out? I would have thought that it would not work at all if that was the case.....

Could the RX be at fault somehow?

Cheers David

30/05/2012 14:48:41

Hi all,

I have a really confusing problem. I recently crashed my Emax GT 3520 powered (4s Lipo) trainer. Before the crash it would get airbourne on about 1/2 throttle and could go vertical with ease. After the rebuild it could barely get off the ground at all. I stripped the motor but nothing obvious was wrong. I attached a wattmeter and am getting about 22 amps/340 watts with an 11x5 prop. Apparently thats not nearly enough. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new motor. Today my shiny new GT 3520 arrived. After fitting I decided to spin it up with my watt meter attached and I'm getting pretty much identical readings as my old motor. I wondered if it could be something to do with the ESC so I entered the ESC programming mode and reset it to default settings just in case. No change. Unfortunately I only bought the wattmeter during the rebuild so I don't know what I was getting before.

Any advice as to what could be wrong would be really appreciated as I am running out of ideas.

Cheers in advance,


Thread: How many flyable models do you have?
22/05/2012 17:32:16

Only 1 at the moment, my excellent Sky 40 trainer.

I can already see how the 'obsession' is taking hold though. I am planning to build a Clean Sweep next and I really fancy a DR1 triplane, maybe the DB sport and scale Tripehound. I'd love to build an EDF Vulcan too........

Thread: P-40 found in desert.
11/05/2012 19:13:24

I don't think that even an RAF pilot would think that could be restarted teeth 2

Amazing find.

Thread: GiantShark (Formerly GiantCod)
09/05/2012 23:40:32

As was mentioned above, I just hope that they don't get the MyHobbyStore customer service which is absolutely awful!

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 10/05/2012 00:04:46

Thread: Hitec Customer Support
09/05/2012 20:31:47

I recently had a minor mishap ( my trainer nose dived into the ground!). When I was checking over the damage I noticed that the antenna had been ripped out of my Hitec Optima RX. I decided to pop open the RX to see if it could be soldered back onto the PCB and found that it was a simple push on connector, but that it couldn't be repaired. I wondered if it was possible to get just a replacement antenna so I contacted Hitec customer support to see if I could buy one. The very quick to respond customer services at Hitec said that no, I couldn't buy one because if I sent my address he would pop me one in the post for free! Today my antenna arrived from the U.S. and once fitted, all works fine.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share this really excellent customer services experience as it seems pretty rare to me nowadays to find a company that provides such a fantastic service.

Well done Hitec smiley that's the sort of thing that keeps customers coming back for a long time.

Thread: Brushless motors - reliability survey
08/05/2012 23:40:56

Slightly off topic I suppose but I had an 'unplanned arrival' the other day and when I ran my motor to see if it was ok, it doesn't sound quite the same as before. A bit more 'mechanical'. It seems to run ok but I'm worried the bearings may be damaged? Is there an easy way I can check?



Thread: Hitec optic 6 sport telemetry
30/03/2012 13:17:41

Cheers A.T.

After re-reading my manual it is really obvious! I don't know why but I had convinced myself that it was flight battery telemetry rather than RX batteryembarrassed. Oh well,


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