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Thread: precedent hi boy
23/11/2014 01:04:50

thank you John its a few 6 inch cracks that are just starting to sit up on top of the with nothing major.. just where its been sitting in a bedroom ..
still looks pretty good but if im going to get it flying may as well get it looking its best...

do like this plane want to see her fly soon


23/11/2014 00:37:08

well its been some time since I have been able to post ... when i was last here i was going through a rough time and this year has taken its toll . getting back on feet now and mobile again... well im back and back to building.. tonight is just a flying visit but thanks to all those who have been posting while I have been away. been so long but im glad to be back.

Its great seeing all the ways you have dressed your hi boys.. .. dont like seeing the crashed ones though .lol. bit worrying that could happen so easy to these.. still only takes a second to make them look like sticks again.

will be sorting out the wings now I can get to them. and able to start working them back to new .. forgetting that the wings are pretty much as tall as my at 70ish inches i think.. dont hold me to that .. as its been sitting for nearly a year its going to need some sheeting replacing as its started to crack and lift ... not sure whats best for laying that back down.. PVA ??

Well i look forward to catching up with you all and chatting about the plans for engine and more

Thread: It's the grand pre-Xmas (better stuff than normal) giveaway!
20/12/2013 14:39:47

merry Christmas to you all .. wish you all the best of luck and David please count me in

regards Adrian

Thread: Clean Sweep 36
28/11/2013 21:34:02

thank you Tim great being back, your working well i see ... wont be long before your flying this one on its test flight ...keep up the great work ..

27/11/2013 00:13:40

You have my attention Tim as always your only on day 3 and looking promising for another finish line..

keep up the great work and will be watching how it comes together

Thread: precedent hi boy
26/11/2013 01:59:55

hi all well as asked for by Allan here are just a few pictures sorry no wing shots as still in build.





25/11/2013 01:55:02
Posted by David Davis on 23/11/2013 11:11:01:

Hi-Boys are a bit like Marmite!

There's no denying they are tough. One of them slammed into our Treasurer's Volvo punching a hole onto the rear wing!

There's also no denying that they are heavy and as a result fly rather quickly. Older beginners find them a bit of a handful in my experience and would be better off with a vintage model or something like a Boomerang which are capable of slower flight.

Just my two pennorth!

Hi David

I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of this model .. its got a good design that will take some punishment . I agree with the marmite terminology . I wasn't sure on this model at first but not I really like it. and think I would buy another just for the parts list. (At the right price)

i was thinking about getting something a little different to learn with but as a freebie I couldn't turn it down .. and more so from a model shop owner. dont get that every day ..

thank you

25/11/2013 01:47:53
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 23/11/2013 10:47:28:

ive got a kit for a hiboy very little been done n pretty much unstarted ,no one seems to want them any more

Ben I really like this model ok I think if I was to build it again I would maybe make some changes.

I would look for another kit and if I see one at a low price just so that I can use the parts as a template to make it from balsa to make it lighter .. and maybe change the landing gear as well. the main problem with my one is the wing. it has a problem with the coating, its coming away from the foam inside. and needs a recover. other than that I'm pretty happy with it.


25/11/2013 01:40:13
Posted by Allan Bowker on 22/11/2013 21:00:28:

How's the build of the Hi-Boy coming along Adrian?

This was my trainer back in 1991 and I still have her. As already said, tough as old boots and quite a bit heavier than modern trainers, however not a bad thing. Flown mine on an Enya SS30 which pulled like a .40, however was underpowered.

Keep us updated, some photo's would be nice. Perhaps we will have a 'Vintage Trainer Meet' one year at an RCM&E event?

Hi Allan

thank you for your interest, its getting there very slow as been a little busy getting back on feet from a bad few months,
just the wing to get covered now . so I will upload a picture or 4 in next few days so you can see how its going,,
I have to agree this is one heavy model and its as strong as an ox . its well designed kit.. not sure how she going to fly just yet. but will be looking forward as just a try out model she flies its a bonus .
and as it was given to me its not going to be a sting if it crashes

That sounds like a great idea for the future meets .. a vintage model meeting.. even if its a section at a show.

Regards Adrian

22/11/2013 14:50:43

hi Buster Prop thanks for your msg

i have sent you a pm hope that you get it ... if not do you have any pictures of it and a price please as maybe interested
please send me a pm if possible

21/11/2013 11:30:12

anyone else used google sketch up to design plane parts?
been trying it out and not a bad programme to use ???

tail des in skt.jpg

18/11/2013 19:23:18

been working on a new program and finding out it can be used for more than just box design .. not sure if others think its any good though.. used it last night to design the tail of the hi boy

hiboy tail 3jpg.jpg

hiboy tail 2jpg.jpghiboy tailjpg.jpg

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
18/11/2013 13:55:46

thank you Pete im back now ... seems everything was right just wouldn't take anything of my logging details. for 2 days now it takes everything fine ... little lost as to why that happened though.. thanks for everything .. looking forward to getting back t things now .

Thread: foam/Polystyrene wings
20/03/2013 20:33:06

hi chris
the power supply is a computer power supply use the red and black wires as they are 12v the yellow is 5v and to start it you join the green wire to the black on the multi block that goes into the mother board... dont cut any others for some reason they dont work.. just the only thing i have found is that it only just works one 24" wire... i have also used a car battery charger that seems to work better and you can have a 30" wire .. so a little better

the second question
i cant answer i think that will be a god question for the other better wing builders.. i think from building car parts you can do it .. but not 100% sure

Regards Adrian

20/03/2013 00:56:54

wow a lot to take in!
thank you all for your comments a lot to reply to, will get back to you all some time later today ... as just about to hit the hay .. been a long day .. made a power supply today for the foam cutter and tested it .. its a little cool for my liking but it cuts at a slow speed but clean .. will get back to you all soon thanks again Kind regards

Thread: Pix - E Major
18/03/2013 19:30:11

hi tony are you building this from the plan in the mag of are you building this from the kit form?? will help if i can.. ??

Regards Adrian

Thread: foam/Polystyrene wings
17/03/2013 23:37:31

hello all sorry just got online been a busy day ...
Steve I was told to try using building PVA on them but i dont know just yet what to try ... never done them before been looking it up on you tube but not found anything that explains in enough detail.

David the model is a small light weight own design based around a model called the wasp but i have designed the tail and wings made some changes to the fuselage fitted a motor servos inside just have the wings to make.. going to make it a little 4 ch. mini sport. its going to have 1200mm span joined in the middle in the normal way.. its not going to be fast as working on the model coming in under 1lb auw on around 90w motor .. ...steve does this sound right ??? i know you know this area

thank you db Don't know to much about adding spars to foam wings i guessed it would depend on the thickness of the wing..

more input is welcome on this issue

regards Adrian

17/03/2013 00:52:22

i have some 6x6 if that would be any better? i have a lot of 4x4 and 6x6 that i can use.. what would you suggest
was only going with the 4x4 for lightness that's the only reason i was going to use it but if you think thicker would be better will go with that??

will keep you posted on how it goes 
thanks again

Edited By Adrian Day on 17/03/2013 00:56:30

16/03/2013 22:41:19

thank you Dave for your fast reply
sounds good to me... if its worked for someone else it may just work for me

its just going to be used in 600mm lengths and going to have 4x4mm spruce spar... then coated with a 1 mm balsa veneer .. ... do you think that will be strong enough ?

thanks for the advice again.. what grade sand paper??
Regards Adrian

16/03/2013 21:45:56

have made a foam/Polystyrene wire and wanting to make a simple light weight model wing ... can anyone tell me if this Polystyrene would be any good for this application ??? Polystyrene from Wickes .... be grateful for your help
Regards Adrian

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