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Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
02/02/2012 22:13:14
thank you guys

Steve have pm'd you .

Pete B
Thank you yeah i have they are a little meaty for what this model is used for i wasn't sure what to do there was going to use a washer and crimp but didn't know if it would do the job'
yes it a 35 mhz job its nothing special but it works the planes parts for now. till i can get another..
i like the idea of that link you gave to me there Pete will that go with any 35mhz TX ..? I'm not up with all the info on TX / RX Use my one is like this one but the tx has more switches its a brick like thing..
this model moves now i have fitted a prop to it not the one i want still waiting for it to come in but its dont stand still when on 2 clicks . its across the path in a straight line .. i think this ones pretty powerful .. didnt think it would go like that on 2 clicks.there is about 15 click speedy.
dont know if it will fly like that though.

Steve you have me smiling here drill holes emmmm there isnt much to drill on this
Thanks again guys

Edited By Adrian Day on 02/02/2012 22:19:22

02/02/2012 15:23:09
i need new wheels and rx and everything for the next model i will work on the weight issue by using everything in weight measured covering and balsa so on so on..

really not happy on this one .... bin it!! springs to mind today


02/02/2012 15:16:06
thanks you for looking that one up .. again maths that's lost me glad you think its on right side i hope that its still on the ok side of things wheels are 20g each just checked them and the cover per roll is 50g i used about half roll blue half roll white so i would say 50g only thing is i dont know its name as its rolls that have no labels as its a shops old stock given to me so that accounts for about 2.6oz if im right oh yes the RX is an old boy its out of a old timer
along with the controls
02/02/2012 14:41:52
just weighed the RX its 26 g standard 8 ch sanwa till i get one for this model ;-(
Thread: looking for a Gypsy Moth plan
02/02/2012 14:36:53
Hi Jim
thank you for letting me know not good on that front,
I'm currently talking to a man about a plan for the moth D82 .. He has a plan for the model We are looking for I have msged him back now waiting for a replay with a price or something .. his one is faded a little but he's going to see about copying it.. not sure how or what its going to come out like but its a premier balsa model D82 moth

Will keep you informed when I find out more If i can get one i will copy for you .. if he don't do 2 copies
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
02/02/2012 14:23:48
just thought i have added some extra balsa in the top where the wings join and i have put some extra ones under battery compartment too would they really do that much
02/02/2012 14:19:27
Hi Steve n Tim

I cant work out where that extra weight has come from its got me .. ok i have a standard size 6 ch receiver in it but don't think that's that much and i have built a battery compartment out of light balsa added a few balsa triangles im thinking its the wheels as i haven't yet got round to getting the light type.. and it could be the mount i have made for the landing gear.. not sure ..

I looked on there to Steve think your right i got a little higher as i went with the packaged weight oooopps sorry

Steve I thank you again for your generosity and i have opted for a cotton covering at the moment on balsa not dowel .

Tim I'm in talks with a friend to see if he will fly it he's been doing it about 20years + so fingers crossed

still a little worried about the weight issue

01/02/2012 22:35:28
not happy about the weight of this model AUW everything in in all built 20oz but everything electrical 9.5oz model weight is 10.5 dont know how i can lose the weight of this model and if the motor has enough power to move that weight???

I hope so it works out about 567g and it says that the rec model weight is 200 - 800 dont know if thats on a 2s or a 3s 

Edited By Adrian Day on 01/02/2012 22:38:30

Thread: looking for a Gypsy Moth plan
01/02/2012 20:00:39
well Jim that was a short time ago emmm i was 2 years old now thats saying something.. that would have been the original premier balsa company the one im looking for
.. the one that was in southminster essex .
. have looked on that site and on search engines and found that there is now another company called premier balsa thats now in the usa..
They dont have that model by the look of things Does the moth thats on traplet website look like the one you have ?? The main type
as i have been told that there is 3 types of this moth... dont know how true this is?or if anyone else knows anything about this model.. i have seen this model in a lot of colours and with some degree of body changes .. mostly on the tail end ..not sure if its like the mk1 mk2 so on or if its changes that the owners have changed..

What size wing span is your model?
01/02/2012 18:35:14
wow Pete thank you for that link that's brought back some memories ..
its a stunning model and well made .. thats how i remember it.. the kit was well packed and yes it had more than enough balsa and parts to keep you going even if crashed
As Jim has emailed the man in that post will see how he gets on if thats ok

If its ok with you please can you let me know how you get on i would be grateful
will keep fingers crossed for you there too Jim.
you must have been so happy to have that for xmas they are graceful models and not the everyday fly. something i class as an end of evening calm down.

thank you both
rgds Adrian
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
01/02/2012 18:22:06
Thank you Steve

for all the info there... Are you sure again helping me out .i have to take my hat off to you your very helpful and kind gent .. one day I may have something you may need i hope .

I have some cotton here not sure on its strength its just the basic type wasn't sure if that would do the job in hand. .


so doing the cotton and epoxy works pretty well .. was going to use 3 mm dowel rod as the strut .. make the metal staple type retainer as you said then make a small 1 mm hole in the dowel and wrap with cotton or such like to bind it to the rod would this be any good or to heavy ?


Or would you think its to heavy duty and to stick with balsa???

<<<grateful friend dept>>>


Thread: looking for a Gypsy Moth plan
01/02/2012 13:01:32
wow sorry everyone for the late replies just found my link to this thank god

David I have pm'd you .. thank you ..


I like the look of your models and your recommendation on the DB kit

I was thinking about going down that rd but its that nostalgic prem balsa kit that Im looking for it has a past holding for me , As my dear departed father worked for premier balsa making the kits and the plans.. so this is going to be a model I'm going to build kind of in his honour and memory

i like that model you have there Jim always like that look. thats an old one by the look of it

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
01/02/2012 12:37:38
Hi sorry Steve for not replying sooner been such a busy couple of days .

Well got some more done the last few days in the evenings covered most of the model added glazing and fitted everything electrical in glued the tailplane on and put the push rods from servos to horns tested all working just a little adjusting to be done for finals but its moving and nothings touching. just need to test the throws

As for the prop have ordered a 9 x 4 from Colin bliss, Just waiting for it to come in for collection. fingers crossed it will come in soon.

didn't see this before I added the glazing so have fitted sides then front as for the rear glazing I haven't done it I have put covering over it as not got enough acetate .Will take a leaf out your book and save plastics now..

. it looks ok but not 100% happy but this one is only my prototype model.. ready for my main build. so now I know how and what looks ok or not I can put it right..

question to anyone who can answer it..

what is used to hold the metal that goes into the half hinges to the wing holders cotton or ???


28/01/2012 14:58:20
Good Afternoon all

well this morning I got to work on the Electrical side of the model, tested the servos and the motor and esc .

everything is running perfect and moving the way its meant to so far so good ..

just the fun part of now waiting for a new prop to turn up.. not happy about that but all good .. guess its something that happens in this hobby.

most of the cowling now finished. think next thing is adding all the acetate glazing and then cover the model good times and looking forward to it now this model is looking good now .. going make a swinging hatch this afternoon.. any one else who has built this have any suggestions how to do the glazing??? back then front then the sides any other ideas on that one..


28/01/2012 00:31:16
thank you Pete

if only i had known about this one earlier .. made a purchase of some magnets from them about 2 hours ago and having some problems with transaction .. they have double ordered it for some reason so i have had to message them .. see how i get on..

on the measuring front yes your correct i have measured for the prop spinner .. so i would have to make more changes if so .. and not liking the sound of that....


i know what your saying about the bits n bobs box i seem to be doing really well with my box at the moment .. i call it the(IWCIHODB) IT WILL COME IN HANDY... ONE DAY BOX.

I seem to be buying things and finding i use maybe 2 out of 10 then have 8 over for next time. all good in this hobby


27/01/2012 23:19:59
thank you Pete
the one i ordered was a 8x4 SF prop for some reason things have not gone to plan. todays been one of those days ... the prop adapter I am using is One like this Propeller adaptor But in a 3mm shaft for the motor i have chosen .
the propeller is this one that i have been sent for some reason propeller not from this company from another closer to me.
looks like i may have to order something different or invest in another type of adaptor

hope that this is of some help
thanks you

Edited By Adrian Day on 27/01/2012 23:40:54

Edited By Adrian Day on 27/01/2012 23:42:45

27/01/2012 20:46:07
Thanks Pete

yeah your perfectly right there .. its too small plus its to thick for the type of adapter that i have .. i have about 10mm thickness and the propeller centre is about 20mm so it wont let me locate it.. anywhere near. not sure what to do ??? any theories ?

thanks Adrian

27/01/2012 19:14:07
oh yes Steve i agree there! behind every comic there is a wife or partner ..... normally wishing they would shut up .. he! he!


it doesn't look like its going to be that hard to fly from flying a trainer plane its simple ish..

but hey im new to all this so its going to seem a little daunting ..

My battery compartment is a little different to that of Tims .. but it a perfect fitting for the battery stops any movement.

well today has been eventful .. went to my local shop to pick up my prop only to find that its not going to fit my prop adapter not very happy...

got my magnets and the plugs for the esc and a charger to .. so its all getting there now.. just have to start putting things together.

anyone know anything about a JP 4460304SF PROP What adapter would i need ..


27/01/2012 12:32:51
My Partner just asked me what i was laughing @.... I like you comments about your miss right was a funny one.
yeah you inane rambling has help me I will say that. and very happy about it.
I'm thinking of building this one as my best then my next one is going to be my test pilot as now i know the way to build this its a work in progress.. but I do think I will get someone else seasoned in flying to test this one..

I'm looking @ about 12-14oz once its built trying to go best I can may just be a little over but fingers crossed, the only reason I say that it may be a little more is due to the building of the battery holder I have built in so that it doesn't show anything electrical .

27/01/2012 12:11:04
Hi Ian
I hope that you didn't take what I said wrongly
i do like your model and as someone once put it in a pm to me "you can make changes to designs its trying things out that may make things better But in addition it may make things worse.. its a learning curve,"
we never got anywhere in this would with out trying things.. some one had to start things off"
As for the CNC Kit its worth getting i still have my one as what I did was use them as templates so I still have them for future use.. As I like this model I'm planning a fleet of them
thanks to Tim
thank you for your comments and keeping up with my post I await seeing your flying pictures of this one if you can get some
I will post some pictures soon
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