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Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
26/01/2012 22:17:18
Hey All
Sorry not been about things been a little hectic this way so not been able to get online, what with running a new business and other commitments

Well now I’m back for a few days.
Well today got some more done I have been adding the Engine mounting, some of the top cowling made a battery box and added the locating blocks for the magnets to fit the front on..
Not very much but its something oh and I have covered the wings too White with blue tips, they all looking good well I think they do. So far with everything I have added into the model its just about weighing 8oz with motor and battery J looking good.

Ok time for the replies to everyone again my apologies for the lateness in doing this …
each in turn here goes.


You really are a man of wisdom. But that was a quote I had seen before from my school days.
if I remember right it was a CDT Lesson of all things.
I have been working with your maths and come up with the basics of an engine mount position that I have put into practice. Not sure if its right but looking at the Plan of Tim’s its not to far off. Just set back a little cos the size of the 40mm mount to tip.
have worked with the just under the 2 mm side thrust and the same up thrust looking at Tim’s design its pretty close. .. I should be getting the prop you suggested in the morning so will fit that and see what it looks like..

I have been looking at your pictures and your write up. Have to say its looking good. I can see Steve’s points that he made, with the power to weight ratio.
I have gone with a 9x4 SF prop for my model on a 2812 motor on an 18A esc.. this is with the help of Steve as he’s a very handy man to know, he has helped me no end.
And has given me an insight into the electric modelling world that I hope to take what I have learned with me onto my next build

I think your model looks good but I have to say that the model you first made looks much better but then that’s me being a traditionalist
I love the open frame look. And the way you can manipulate the balsa.

I will add some more pictures of my work over the last few days in the next few days.
I am always up for help and criticism. Hope that the build so far is being liked .

22/01/2012 01:13:23
Well been waiting for more parts to finish this model.. now i have them all i think.. just waiting for the slow fly prop..

not got much done today seems that even though i have had some time to myself its not gotten anything done.


but least now i have the wheels sorted and the landing gear looking a little better.

and a kind friend ((((Steve)))) has sent me some shrink for doing the wiring so thank you there kind Sir..


oh and i have made a small battery holder not sure if its going to work well but .. its a trial and error work in progress .

so i got something done how ever little but as they say little each day the model will get finished ... and she will

21/01/2012 12:32:11
Posted by Steve Hargreaves on 20/01/2012 09:24:11:
Ran a ruler & a protractor over my Pix E plan last night.....Tim has set the side thrust at two degrees & the distance from F1 to the front of the cowl is 30mm
Using the formula from yesterdays lesson would give us TAN 2 X 30mm which equals 1.047mm.....spookily the offset shown on F1 is........1mm.
So that's an extra free period for Mr Hooper & 1 hours detention for the rest of you......
Just a thought too Adrian....the offset shown on F1 is indeed to the right but this is the front as if you were looking at it from the front. From behind the model the motor base should be offset to the left thus giving some 2 degrees of right thrust.
I also checked the length of my motor from mounting to prop driver & its actually 40mm so I will need to move F1 back slightly or build a thicker cowl front. For this motor then the offset should be TAN 2 x 40mm which equals fractionally more than the plan.....
Now my only problem is to build to an accuracy of


Just seen this post it was further up the post and I didn't know it was there.. really sorry.
thank you for looking into that for me.. how do you get closest to the 0.5mm that's not going to be easy with out a micrometer I would guess that's going to be the only way it could be done that's something I don't have..

The motor that your using is still the same one as I'm using..? or you going with a different one..when you say that the 40mm is from mount to the prop driver, do you mean the back of the prop driver or the tip.. so I can measure my one just to be sure.. ..then i can get my model spot on Too..
20/01/2012 18:29:08
Posted by Steve Hargreaves on 20/01/2012 14:12:11:
Maybe we should pause for a moment & remember the words of Mr R.J. Mitchell
"If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: it's all balls."

laughing @ this comment never heard this one before..
but that's true in a lot of situations

Ian i thank you in advance for your testing very grateful wondering if its going to be more than what i have got in..
Steve / Pete
thank you for all that info .. well i do think this plane business is more complicated than if first looks ... but with people such as yourselves giving the info does make some of it a little more digestible .. still i think its gong to take some time to work this little lot out..
but from what you have put has giving me a good insight into what i needed to know

its good having people all clued up on the ideas at hand ..
thank you all
20/01/2012 13:18:15
sorry for the multi post dont know why it did that only clicked send once odd
well i have to say i really like the idea of the full sides may do that to not on this model but on another ..i see you have nearly or if not the same motor as me .. what esc did you use im using 18A some say a 20A would be better.. but got it now..thank you for the picture i like to see whats happening rather than just explanations .. for some reason things sink in better 40 mm wheels they look well suited to this model like it.. will look online for some
thank you
20/01/2012 13:04:52
Pete B

thank you that put in perfect terms understood that one perfectly.. something's just need explaining and then when you do things next time it make life easier .. and gaining know how is always a plus..

Aerodynamicists will pull that one apart i guess .. they have terms i would only be able to guess what they would mean or how it would work..

again well put

thank you

20/01/2012 12:31:40
thank you guys
looks like its going to be fun putting this into the plane .. not done this style before.. everything i have done is engine power and cowling not built up....
I have flown about 5 times but some time ago.. So thinking about getting someone who knows what they are doing to test it .. not sure who yet though..
may have a word with Mr C Bliss
think there is a lot gone into it from all three sides here both of you and myself.. I know I couldn't have done it on my own..
Very grateful for everyone's kindness in here .. its like a model building family sometimes

sound stupid but why do we of set like this ? i have my ideas but im not going to air them as dont want look stupid if I'm wrong
19/01/2012 19:11:02
Hi Ian glad to have you aboard the post

thank you for you kind comments i like the look of your model seems the blue and white look is a good idea ... have gone and bought blue servos too so it all blends in. .


was hoping to test fly this one myself is she a dream to fly ??


may have a word around and see if there is someone close to me that can test it for me as I'm a little new to this..

Do you mind me asking what size wheels you have on your model they look like they're smaller than said on the plant that I have .. 1" or 2"


cant wait to fly this one Have to say that pictures don't do this model justice. she is better in person.



19/01/2012 16:32:52
thats Ok Steve didnt take it as you was taking a pop its cool np

I personally dont think maths is my strongest point im a hands on worker.. and my skills are computers and radio's 19 grade A's and a distinction diploma ACITP. but as i have yet to use it thats near worthless.


And the speed at which things are changing in the world of laptops n pc its about as good as a chocolate fireguard ..


wow thats some maths there will read that a few times then get back to you if you dont mind??






19/01/2012 16:13:21
according to the drawing the is a motor of set of 1mm to the right hand side of F1
19/01/2012 15:28:23
you sure you wasn't a maths teacher in a past life

well when i was a school life wasn't great and the teacher i had didnt give a hoot as long as the students turned up didnt really set any work .


so working out things like this will never be my strong point but it does get in there in the end.. just not as fast as everyone else




so in short then the difference in distance back from the left hand side front to the mount and the right hand side front to the mount ??? in deg or mm


19/01/2012 14:40:49
ENGLISH MR ENGLISH ?? TANGENT??Sorry Steve you have lost me a little .. not 100% knowing .. Im not sure yet will have to have a read up on the offset sorry
yes they was fast very happy cant get better than that
as soon as i find out will msg back
thank you
19/01/2012 14:22:17
Well that's an odd one . door bell just went and 3 guesses WOOOHOOO its all here .. motor, ESC, servos, battery WELL HAPPY looks like I can get on with things now.
Thank you i thought that you was going to say that but had to make sure there.. the more surface you can get is always best.

I have used metal inside metal so would that be the reason? as its all I had can i do the same as you said maybe rough it up a little ??

well now comes the hard part the motor mount angle / degree how do i work that out so its right??
always something to ask .. but by end of this i should know for the next one.. thats already planned>>>>
19/01/2012 12:57:06
now you have brightened up my day i can just picture how you found out the hard way and how fast you moved in the process .. sorry shouldn't be laughing .

thanks for that info .. I hope they do I have plans for the weekend and some building is in there .. I want to get the top of the cowling in place to make it look more plane like .. and to work out the engine mounting that's one to think about .. ... Nodding in agreement to the confusion part too..but its all worth it when I see it fly ..


well at the moment I'm working on the tx + rx . as I only have a Sanwa set at the moment old style not 2.4 .. so I think that will be my next payment buy a new one .. money not on my side

Wish I could pick up a little second hand one for this model but that's going to have to wait. just so much i need ....charger, watt meter, radio gear.. its never ending


thanks for the info on the G.C Was thinking it would get here in 3 days but with the hold ups on payments then its looking 4-5 its all build time wasted


Thread: We"ve WON Whoopee
19/01/2012 12:10:52
great news guys the flying patches are getting less now, we need all we can get ..good to see council doing their job right
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
19/01/2012 12:05:59
Thank you guys ...
I think that's the best way to do it got to have a good contact don't really want the glazing taking its own flying lesson..
On the covering to acetate front would you do it the you only contact it to half the balsa edge so that you have the other half for the covering to stick to .. or does it look better with it slightly covering the acetate to give a clean edge??

was thinking of using it on the top and sides but use acetate on rear and front not sure.. my pet-hate is glazing it never goes perfect.. for some reason..
last thing Tim .. some reason I'm having a problem with the wings staying in place.. its fine till I add the struts under the wing then it pushes them out or off centre..
I have cut a set shorter and its still not doing what i think it should ,
anything you would recommend?

Thanks for the links they will come in very useful I need both for sure.. I have some canopy glue its not great but its not failed me just yet .. but when I run out I think may have to get your suggestion if it has proven useful to others then its got to be worth a try at that price.
how did you know i have a no'3 scalpel perfect looking tooling its hard to find handy item's like that
Well on the build front seems that things have hit a stop for a day.. just got email from G.C as I'm a new member and using a new debit card its taken a day to process my payment so they are sending out my order today ... hope it gets here before weekend
Has anyone ordered from G.C and done the standard postal delivery...if so how long has it taken for yours to arrive
want to work on the wings being held before i do much more? if anyone else knows a way?? I would be interested in your comments
Thread: 'Windy Ain't It'
19/01/2012 11:41:26
Alan build coming along very well, its looking good tip top work
will be watching now i know what the build is.. i watch most builds in the hope i may get some tips from what others are doing..
dont worry about people not commenting i have a Pix-e build going at the moment i have 4 people commenting but there must be other people watching ..
I hope there is anyway
Keep up the good work
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
18/01/2012 14:31:18
i have 4 planes on the build board i just love getting hands on with building.. and seeing the finished product. stand back and say i would do that different of that different .. then build another one
i just love wood work.. and making something from nothing.
18/01/2012 14:10:56
Thank you Steve
its taking time longer than i wanted but time taken is time well spent i always say
18/01/2012 13:32:38
Thank you Tim
i was a little lost where to start next i was going to ask you ..if you hadnt put something in here
just a odd idea you say to do the glazing next i have some plastic for that but was thinking would clear covering be anygood or would that look a little tacky ???
and would you have any suggestions on the body and wing colouring still blue and white but any thing stand out design wise
Im still working out how to do the wording yet too.

Thanks again
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