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Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
09/03/2013 21:40:20

thanks tim

sounds good to me happy days lets hope the weather is fine tomoz so can take her out been a little windy for the little pix-e


09/03/2013 21:12:40

just noticed i didnt put the motor spec
CF2812 1650KV Brushless Outrunner Motor


RPM/V (kv): 1650 RPM/V
No. Of cells: 2-3 Li-Poly
No load current / 10 V: 0.9 A
Max. efficiency: 82%
Max. efficiency current: 7 -15 A (>75%)
Current capacity: 15A/60s
Internal Resistance: 0.15 ohm
Stator Dimensions: 22x10 mm
Weight: 39 g
Shaft diameter: 3 mm
Recommended model weight: 200 -800 g
Recommended prop without gearbox: 5-7 inches

Model Cells KV Prop RPM Current Thrust
CF2812 3S 534 7X6 11000 15.5A 730g/1.61lb

09/03/2013 16:15:53

good afternoon pix-e fans
well i just finally got myself a V/A/W meter yes is pointed in the right direction by some good people on here.. been having a little tinker and now its all working very happy.. well just tested the original pix-e set up .... and looking pretty good i think... tested a 15 c and a 20c 1300mah 2s lipo on a 18amp esc and a CF2812 1650KV Motor ... and its showing these readings ... i think they look pretty good but I'm NO EXPERT

please let me know if this is any good if you can and if my reading are correct

prop 9x4
watts c15- 65w c20-88w
amps c15-10a c20-11.7a

watts  c15-39w c20-52w
amps c15-5.6a c20-6.7a

hope that sounds about right thats what the meter was saying

Edited By Adrian Day on 09/03/2013 16:17:55

Edited By Adrian Day on 09/03/2013 16:18:55

Thread: bought a power analyser today HELP NEEDED
09/03/2013 15:14:31

thank you everyone for you help on this... i have just had a friend over who has put a large 6s on and its gone into mental mode bleeping and screeching screen flashed two meter then a menu popped up ... its now working fine with the batteries i have here ... it seems ok so far... thanks also to john Olson for send me the instructions for setting everything up ... perfect... now happy ... just have to test everything now ... looking forward to the out comes

Regards to you all ..

Edited By Adrian Day on 09/03/2013 15:15:55

09/03/2013 00:03:03

thank you all for your comments i have msg GS to see what's happening i will PM you John thank you will send you my email.. hope you have a great day's flying
i don't seem to have anything working it just keeps going have put in on for 5 mins and no menu pops up and none of the buttons work either...
for some reason

don't know if its because of the battery I'm using don't think it should make any difference

kind regards Adrian

08/03/2013 20:06:23

thank you for the info than that looks pretty much the same one..... for some reason there isnt any menu at all.... its just flashing TWO METER and beeping... not giving me anything weather its connected as balance or as standard power wire there isnt anything at all ????

that is what has lost me

08/03/2013 19:37:32

Received this today POWER ANALYSER Have plugged all wiring in and for some reason beeps at me and the screen just says TWO METER thats it nothing else ... anyone know if this is right as for some reason there is a lack of instructions in how to use
Be very greatful for any help possible

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
04/03/2013 22:40:22

nice one ... congrats to all winners maybe next time :He! He!

Thread: RCM&E April 2013 Feedback
04/03/2013 22:38:19

nice one this month .. got my one this morning wasn't thinking it was going to be here till mid week but very happy .. and so far at a glance some great reading to be had.. great cover shot too..

keep up the great work

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
04/03/2013 01:33:42

hi please count me in happy to win anything.. it all helps in this modeling world .. thanks you good luck everyone

regards Adrian

Thread: 'Jemima' vintage model from RCM&E plan - build log
23/02/2013 19:38:53

thank you Dale ... havin a thick moment ... when i get the issues i take out the planes and the pages an put them in a folder ... thats why i didnt see it in reading the mag ... thankyou for letting me know .. now i know what i will be getting up to next ..
Regards Adrian

23/02/2013 15:05:43

hi sorry to post this on here been following your posts n build, been told this was a free plan than was in rcme ... but was just trying to find the addition with the plan in, would anyone know what the months / year it was please
Regards Adrian

Thread: Building 'Jemima' from the RCM&E plan
22/02/2013 11:18:50

your welcome
was thinking about building one but i have a few things on the build bench at the moment.. but there is a future in this model being seen in the bench as a like the style of this one.. like to see the outcome on this one..

22/02/2013 10:07:44

watching this build .. good luck .. looks a good build so far

Thread: problem with an order with Gs
16/02/2013 14:26:30

thank you Pete
perfect just the thing i was looking for ... thanks for your fast help thumbs up

Regards Adrian

16/02/2013 04:16:29

well a happy person got my order today ... was sent out at 4pm on the 14th and was with me on the 15th by midday .. all seems to be in good working order apart from the esc thats got a few dead spots anyone know how to programme these with out having to have a programme card??? this is the ESC

regards Adrian

14/02/2013 21:22:52

thank you BEB and Major,
not had the luck that you have had major but i have received confirmation email saying that it was put in the post at 4 this afternoon. i hope that it gets to me double quick but i would guess that with the post being the way that it is, that's going to be monday now but i can but be thankful that i have things sorted out now..

its good to that they did get back to me as soon as was possible and that the 2 people Tom and Simon got things sorted as fast as they did.

I hope that this is a one off for me as i have been planning to order some more things from them , but i would hope that this doesn't happen again
regards Adrian

14/02/2013 15:39:06

Hi Simon
thank you for your msg thanks for the number too .
yes you was 90% right there .. as it was sent via a echeque they hadn't seen that it had cleared i have called them and they have assured me that it will be sent out in the the next 24 hours . and have apologised for any problems that have been caused ..
fingers crossed then that they turn up in the next few days ..

thank you again for the help and thank you to everyone else for your comments and help also

regards Adrian

Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
14/02/2013 14:46:03
Posted by David Davis on 14/02/2013 09:57:36:

In my experience the problem with MDS engines is that they were inconsistent. The 38s were generally sound, some of the 40s and 48s were ok especially after you'd replaced the carburetter. Just Engines had a caburetter specifically made just for MDS engines, while other owners sustituted a Super Tigre carburetter. As for the larger engines most of the ones bought by my club mates either did not run very well or soon wore out.

Our club was given an ARTF trainer fitted with an MDS 48 a few years ago. I volunteered to get it airworthy. Initially, I could get the engine to run at high speed but not at low speed. Further fiddling got it to tick over but advancing the throttle caused it to stop. I tried a change of plug and a change of fuel but it still wouldn't run properly so in the end I gave it to a retired Rolls Royce engineer who altered the taper of the needle valve on his lathe. It still wouldn't work. We replaced it with an SC 46.

I've never owned an MDS. Compared with just about any other two-stroke in the Eighties, their quality control was poor. However, if you can get yours to run reliably Adrian, with or without a replacement carburetter, then you've got a cheap engine. I'd go for the later silencer though if your flying field is noise sensitive.

Thank you for your reply there is a lot to be getting on with in there
would any other 40 size engine carb fit this model engine?? or would it take even more setting up if this was to be done??
i dont know if I will end up using this engine just like the look of it ... for some reason its not like the new ones .
but i do have a engine i have been looking at thats a 46 that i may just put in this plane not sure yet .. as just learning I think i need something i can just start and run pretty easy not something that i would have to hope would work when on flying site..
Regards Adrian

14/02/2013 14:35:14
Posted by Charles Smitheman on 14/02/2013 08:16:27:

One of our sadly missed club members would not hear a bad word said about MDS engines. He is the only person that I have met who felt this way. Mind you Joe derived great satisfaction from spending so long on the phone to Ripmax that they would apparntly give him copious amounts of free spares, apparently he had a box of new carbs, found by the chap who cleared out his stuff. Dont ask, wasnt me, and its all gone!

I have an engine called a Drone Gold Crown. Fixed compression diesel. Built in the States in about 1946. I have never seen anything worse made. The con rod touches the crankcase in places. I showed it to Joe, who really coveted it. He showed me his gnarled old knuckles and said that these had been caused by ... a Drone Gold Crown. He was proud that he had been able to start his one. There are many way to enjoy this hobby.

I was given a huge MDS once, it looked unrun. Something around 120 size. I put a prop on it and gave it a flick. The ring fitted so badly that it made the sort of noises we used to make as kids with a hand in ones armpit. I gave it to Joe, and he was delighted. Sadly he passed away shortly thereafter.

They dont make them like that anymore, thank goodness.

That you for such a great reply, and a reminisces of how modelling and friendships go together so well,
the MDS engine i have here is currently on the bench not in my plane as the holes in the engine bay are drilled out for a irvine 40. and the spacing for the MDS is 3mm different but i would like to try and get this one to run, i think that is how modelling used to be, it was about spending time building and tinkering like your dear friend joe .. its not just about buying a RFT out the box there you go plane.. its about making something out of nothing and looking back and saying I DID THAT.. Joe must have been a satisfied man, this world needs more people like him..
regards Adrian

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