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Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
14/02/2013 00:27:20
Posted by bouncebouncecrunch on 13/02/2013 23:29:33:

I wont say good or bad, but if you know engines you should get it to run, experimenting with it certainly won't do you any harm and if you get it running well, you will sit back with a big grin on your face.

hi bounce
thanks for your comment. i have used a few engines and never really had any problem with them.. i had this one given to me still in wrap but in a new box as its old one was falling apart,
i think its pretty much a new one.. not had anything fuel wise inside it.. but if it runs ok i will be happy something for nothing that runs will always be a good start

Thread: problem with an order with Gs
14/02/2013 00:23:02
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 13/02/2013 20:22:16:

i too had a problem with an order , BUT it was royal fail with me gs were super and sent me a replacement duplicate order out i had to wait i think 15 days there is a thread on here some where discussing it

Hi good fellow i will have a look see if i can find the post on this... so far i think its the paypal side thats the problem but i cant be sure maybe it is the mail service cant be to sure..

14/02/2013 00:21:07
Posted by Rob Dunn on 13/02/2013 20:20:41:

I had this sort of problem last year with someone else i too did not receive any emails to show the order or had no option to print one of. In the end i used the paypal referrence and contacted the company by email. if you are still having problems you should be covered under paypal. I would give them a ring to try and find out what is going on if that fails or is out of the question you should be able to put in a complaint in with paypal. Paypal will take your money there and then when placing any order. Hope this helps

thanks for your comment .. thats how it was with me to a T thats how they have done things with me.. i will not be using paypal from now on though as last time i did it on card this time i used pp and its not worked out for the better..

13/02/2013 23:54:48

Hi BEB and Simon

Yes i have tried the contact us route and the 2 email addresses at the bottom of this page. not had anything in reply .. the only one i had was the day that i made the order i received one from paypal saying a echeque has been sent and another saying that its cleared over 6 days ago. now a little lost and not happy that £25 in money has gone out my bank via paypal to GS but with nothing in return just a ID code from PP . the last time i used them my products turned up within the week.. was very happy but not this time.. have been into all emails and nothing from them open setting and they added to contact list only the previous one is there
regards Adrian

13/02/2013 20:07:35

on the 2 feb i ordered some parts from gs all parts in stock .. i paid using paypal... the thing is i have had the money taken by them and not had anything in return ... no order email .. no products in the post, nothing..
I have contacted all three emails for them.. and so far not had anything in return ... any one have any ideas?? what i could do .. or have you had the same problems with them

Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
13/02/2013 18:21:43

i cant comment on these comments only in the fact that i have never seen or used this engine. i was once told that if you can use something for the use it was intended , then all well and good.. in its day it was probably perfect.. but we are all used to technology being so far advanced that anything that dont tick 10000% then we complain .

i think reading some of these post that this post has caused controversy. with the way that some people are thinking and regarding this model of engine, i dont want to cause any problems of race ... it is with this in mind is there any way that the full post / thread be removed ???


Thread: Should we be licenced
11/02/2013 12:42:16

good afternoon BEB
I disagree with this for a number of reasons ...
the main one being we are always asking for people to try and get others to join our sport, well in this case i doubt that most would have the money .
Ok there is the light weight models out there. but a lot of clubs have a reasonable joining fee then lessons then you have bmfa costs thats before you have even got a model.
then add to that the price of a radio set and model your close to £200-£300 its not like we get a lot of people joining now ... and adding the price of a licence or the lessions / test fee. would just make people look the other way or even just go out and field fly on other private lands.
i may be wrong .. just my 10p worth
regards Adrian
P.S. sorry if this has been said within the post didnt read all

Thread: RCM&E March 2013 feedback
06/02/2013 16:57:01

one happy chap this way got my one this morning , been having a good read while enjoying a nice cuppa and custard creams ... alllllllllll gooood yes keep up the great work
Reagards Adrian

Edited By Adrian Day on 06/02/2013 16:57:36

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
04/02/2013 00:22:01

thanks Timsmiley

03/02/2013 14:22:02

thanks Steve wish i could sell some he!he! loft is starting to fill up now got all my servos turn up yesterday only thing is ordered the other electrics from GS and rather than do card decided to paypal it.. wish i didn't now got to wait 10days .. for the processing ... so now i cant put motors in for a while.. not a happy chap..

i can make one from start to finish now in 2 days (with out the covering) getting the hang of things

i did make some changes to the rear window on the blue one see how it goes when i fit everything out in the front and if it makes the CG off to much

Thread: precedent hi boy
03/02/2013 14:13:01

thank you graybeard and ben...
looking forward to finishing it now .. now been told its a good trainer.. its just what im looking for.

Ben thank you for your reply, i do think its going to need a good 40-46 to run this one i think its a little heavy and would maybe benefit from the extra power? not sure... just need to look about for a little second hand 40 .. to run it .. i dont want a new one as this is only going to be a bridge plane for now.. ok you can pick up new now for £50 ish .. but on a mega small budget for this one as got others being built,
its not a bad plane.. hope it will take a bashing than my first model some years ago(just started again) 20years on)) didn't take much for instructor to smash it into a million bits showing me what he could do with a plane.
lasted 2 flights put me off after a £200 model was gone in 15 mins

Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
03/02/2013 13:35:43

thank you all ... may just see if it runs and then stock it not use it

think i will give it a bench run see what it does but if its not that good then think this one will be a stock item. i have a irvine 40 that can be used if not

regards Adrian.

Edited By Adrian Day on 03/02/2013 13:38:21

Thread: precedent hi boy
03/02/2013 13:00:34

thank you everyone that's a great start ... thank you Ken for the update on the date i was thinking about early to mid 90 so not to bad its a little late for the fuz but i have done everything else already its seems like a standard thing now only thing i didn't do was the wings as this one the owner had pre done and looks pretty well, everything else is now glued as started putting together last night there isn't much to this model to be honest..
basic ply wood work and 10 parts balsa that makes this build fast ...
the only thing i don't like is the weight its such a heavy plane.
other than that its a strong old thing.. don't see them like this very often

thank you all for your comments good to know more about this one. looking forward to seeing it fly hope its not a up and crash model

Regards Adrian

Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
03/02/2013 12:39:01

thank you everyone for posting good to find out what it is and yes you are right there is what looks lke a date stamp on the flange will pm you Eck if you can do a scan of it please would be good... as a free item not going to argue with this little engine its not got any mark on it, looks like its been run 3-4 times at most, ok that mat not be a good sign , but i have other engines here just like the look of this one..
just something about it

i have other carbs here for a 40 thats not runnning would that better suit it???

thanks again everyone and thanks for the pictures and info to thats a big help
do you all think its not worth using just dont want to have to spend out at moment getting another if this one works fine

Regards Adrian

Thread: precedent hi boy
02/02/2013 23:46:14

Hi all just been given this kit started building it today got most of it done too comes together pretty fast ... but i would like to know the age and any one else who has on or how has had one in the past???phbt.jpg

this is what its ment to look like .. my ones not like this yet


would like to see others models of this plane and if its good for learning with???
regards Adrian

Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
02/02/2013 23:33:40

cant work it out a friend sold it to me for £10 for a plane kit i got given yesterday a 62" precedent hiboy trainer but would have been good to know something about it... little lost other than that it was in a brown box with out any markings on same as the engine

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
02/02/2013 22:26:05

built another one... the blue one in this picture just wanted something for the new wings so been on a mini mission 3 day build


Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
02/02/2013 22:09:08




s you ask Chris here are the side views best that i could get

02/02/2013 21:58:30

Hi Chris
thanks for your comment .. there isn't anything on there at all not a single making other than a date.. will see if i can get a picture of the side but its half bolted in to a plane that i got yesterday... ... also i don't think that the exhaust is the original one that came with this engine
rgds Adrian

02/02/2013 21:42:34


this is the Engine sorry took so long drink was getting cold tea

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