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Thread: Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is
02/02/2013 21:27:58

going to post a picture in a few mins of a engine its got no making on saying what it is!!! there is no size or a manufacturer on it just a code that looks like a year of manufacturing .... can anyone help please

personally i think its a 40-46 but not sure???

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
02/02/2013 21:22:55

thank you Tim & Steve

Steve i agree there i think that i will be getting one on my next order thats for sure need it for building next model may go with another one of Tim's builds... maybe even a old school bi plane .. if i fancy a challenge .... will keep in mind the prop idea not putting one on less its ready to go
thank you for that heads up

Tim .. thank you didnt know if to go a little more involved with this on being little heavier and having the ailerons on it...

I know that is a little off the Pix-e but anyone ever heard of a precedent HiBoy training plane????
rgds Adrian

01/02/2013 14:38:31

my teacher should be happy lol(mr Hargreaves) I'm learning

thank you thats how i did it working off the watts and working back to get the right safe Amps .. so
V x A= W Simple when you remember these things

not got a meter yet but going to invest as starting to get back into things more now.. so going to need one.. they dont cost much when you think about the price you could lose out when you mess up on the motor / esc / battery front and could end up in loss of everything model included ..
on the prop front was going to get a 7 x4 8 x3.8 and a 9 x4.7 all SF 2 motors 2 esc and 2 batteries order all in one go save some on p&p

01/02/2013 13:54:41

Hi Steve

The watts i was looking for would be about 75w-90w so if my math's works right it would be around 10.7a - 12.9a max on a 2s does this sound right Steve??? that's why i went with the 18a ESC so if needed the burst rate would be around 15a.....
not sure what size prop i would need to accomplish it though as from previous workings we found the 8x4 to be best suited???
(maths of w / v= A)

Regards Adrian

01/02/2013 12:59:11

thank you for your hard work there Ruprect

thanks also for all the info on the power set and the watts / Amps out.. looking to go with one of 2 a 7 x 5 and a 8 x 4 .. i think they seem to be giving watts needed also the amps are pretty good when it comes to the 15amp motor rating, as i thinks 15 is only a burst rate. with the selected props all being under @ around 11a and 9a

i like the last part of your post was / are you a solicitor .. I would think that all posts are just a guide not a perfect outline, due to the changes in manufacturing and conditions that the experiments or flying was undertaken, as theses change by the second so the only person who would be at fault would be the person undertaking the controls at said moment..

Regard Adrian

01/02/2013 11:58:30

good morning Steve welcome to the party
thank you for your input its always welcomed, with open mind. and a grinsmiley

good to hear that you think i have chosen right on the prop size i wasn't sure like the idea of about 80W that would fly characteristically , not wanting the model to fly like a sports planeangel but i may order 9x4 to go on the new model just for the extra push.. if i order all 3 then test all see how it all goes from there, .. dont want to over load anything

had a laugh as i was putting together my setup i remembered you saying about the prop adaptor earlier in the posts .so last night i was talking about it to may partner .. then when reading this, this morning, made me smile lol this is the prop adaptor i was thinking about getting PROP ADAPTOR
hink its right for the job 3mm shaft.??

thank you again for the last part in your post too, good to know that details and that the setup its pretty good to go.. will keep this in mind for future use... looks like what you had put before in your previous lessons may have gone in a little lol

thanks again and regard Adrian

31/01/2013 23:24:43

thank you Pete
i have tried to keep to their advice the best that i can .. not sure if i had or not .. wasn't sure if the 20c 1300 battery was ok or the esc with said battery

regards Adrian

31/01/2013 22:59:55

thank you tim and ruprect .... the prop i was going for before Tim commented was going to be 8x4 slowfly prop and a model thats under 1.5lb that the motor says its able to pull, upto 800g think that about 1.7lb

thank you tim will go with what you said will order the 7 x 5 do they do a slow fly in that size or just go with a standard??? as now got ailerons fitted, if that makes any difference to the equation ???

regard Adrian

31/01/2013 22:20:05

hey all sorry been a little while building just been looking up power set.. please could you let me know if this all goes together ok???







Let me know more soon as pos please RC friends as need to order this soon as i can

Thread: PSS A-10 Thunderbolt II - build blog
18/01/2013 02:04:04

speechless build following this one for sure .. fantastic build and workmanship

Thread: February 2013 issue feedback
15/01/2013 23:30:20

thanks BEB good to hear be a happy chappy if it come tomorrow

Regards Adrian

15/01/2013 23:04:26

neither has my one it came 3 days before the shop date last month
but waited in today (building the pix-e) and still the post box is empty will be like a waiting dog tomorrow .... i hope it comes looking forward to it..

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
14/01/2013 00:02:34

thanks you Tim , I have both wings for this model so will fly it with both and see if its any better I think it could be a different small model .thats designed not having ailerons . not sure if its going to change the CG much. but soon as i get it powered will work that out

do you think it will fly ok with the this style of wing or can you see future issues

Regards Adrian

13/01/2013 14:56:17

well got some more done today all the wings are now joined together so and push rods now in place so here are th elastest pictures





13/01/2013 00:38:04

a few more pictures of the new wings ... just some simple glueing to do now and then build the servo box then its ready to go, think she looks ok let me know what you all think..









10/01/2013 16:23:19

been working on the second wing today
got most of the parts cut and some redesigning of the push rod and bell crank sorted
And now looking forward to the build side get this one up and running see how it looks when covered should be ready for covering in the next few days

10/01/2013 00:36:16

thank you Tim

like that it wont be able to do 3D just want a little more manoeuvrability nothing too over the top ..
Do you think that the size of the ailerons are going to give enough authority being the size they are???

the way Im hoping to do it is to sit the servo between the 2 wings and using the push rod on a bell crank.. seems very free and moves with the lightest touch so was hoping to just have a little 9g servo.. as want the weight low .. i think i have added about 2g doing what i have, so its not to bad..

thanks for the help Tim.. do you think the redesign looks ok? or would you do it different at all

09/01/2013 01:54:26

Hi Steve thank you for that info i will do that .. i wasn't sure how much to put as didn't know if the effects would cancel out each other,

I can see what you mean now .. thinking about it you would have to feather it as you go.. so would you think that doing it with out any is better than 1/2" i was going to do 3/4" before you put not to put much so wasn't to far out.

I don't want to take to much away from the real design that Tim has done .. but just add to what i would like from this model. may use the wings on my redesign of the PIX-E .. may call it the Pix-e Plus

also Steve while your here can i ask do you think that a little 9g servo is ok to use to move the ailerons or do you think that its not up to the job??

rgds Adrian


Edited By Adrian Day on 09/01/2013 02:25:56

08/01/2013 19:35:52

Hi Ian
thank you

Yes its going to be a second wing for the pix-e to see if its able to have ailerons or not i have a little dihedral planed but i was going to ask that question when and if people posted .. seems you was thinking same as me

the only reason i was going to add a little was then it may self straighten as i don't want this plane to spiral just bank when turning as i want to keep 95% of the models original character not make it a sports plane

I could be wrong on this Idea (Any one else advice would be good too)
Rgds Adrian

08/01/2013 19:14:56

push rods fitted now and working


second view


working on a second wing set for this dont know if it will work the way i have done it.. its just test

wing wf.jpg

wing wf1.jpg

dont know if the size and placing of the aileron will be ok or not
its about 8 inches long

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