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Thread: Pix - E Major
08/01/2013 18:20:11

yes thank you Steve, got that sorted in the end it was something simple, the hight of the snake exiting the fuselage was the problem it was to close to the top so was rubbing and not letting it push fully, all working now, will post some more pictures later this evening or tomorrow morning.

thank you for your helpsmile

08/01/2013 17:32:17

Steve i agree there with this motor its the same one that i have its a nice little runner and has a lot of pull in it, and even on a slow prop it still wants to run away ... i think its going in my latest build too.. been doing some adaptation to the wings that are going to be added to my build blog in a little while

Regards Adrian

06/01/2013 01:58:41

Hi down under just seen your post ... the model i have just built has the same 1650kv as your motor and the write up says that its 250w motor in my learning from my build i would say this is more than powerful enough for this build .. .. i may be wrong but i think that the KV is right.. the shaft thats coming out not to sure on though ... looks like you would have to make some changes to the length before you do anything with it.. 
Regards Adrian

Edited By Adrian Day on 06/01/2013 02:07:08

05/01/2013 22:58:17

sounds ike good idea there steve will have a little look and see if i can make the changes .. have done a little work on it today got some more movement just by taking the exit covers off odd i know but its worked a little

05/01/2013 00:32:31

thank you both Steve and Eifion for the comments i should have put a little more info.
Steve the good news is this i anticipated this problem in advance so i still haven't covered the bottom section of plane .. i have also done what you have said about the glueing in 4 places with a little tape round so can remove them..,

the issue i have is just on the point exiting the model at rear there isn't sufficient movement from the snake being pushed .. there isn't any bending inside a little from the inner on exit.. also the rudder moves free as a bird when not connected.. .... its just that the push rod sits to close to the model on exit and its not got sufficient movement with out hitting the side of the fuselage so it stops short.. of a full movement. its ok in pulling the rudder back but not pushing..

i hope that this is a little more help will look at what you have put and see what i can change from what you have both put

Thanks and regards

04/01/2013 01:17:11

Tim sorry to bother you.. little lost ..

have built the other pix-E that you have seen on my blog. but now i have a problem and I'm a little unsure how to sort it i have have put in snakes running from cockpit to tail.. now when i connect them i don't have any push movement . pull is ok but as for push it moving about 3 mm .. do you have any idea how i may combat this .. would really like the servo's inside this model.
Regards Adrian

Thread: What are your 2013 build plans?
04/01/2013 00:44:11

like what im seeing here there is a lot of models going on this years list. seems that not only are there a lot being built but a lot of models being made at same time .. guess that works if your waiting for parts or power systems so on so on..
please keep up the great posts cant wait for the line up of all the newly built models

please feel free to post more pictures .. its good seeing the stages of builds that people are at when they post this now and if they post the finished model

Regards Adrian

02/01/2013 19:21:33

look at that model GrahamC i want one of those .. nice craft work there..

now that's a model i would build . smart, nice looking, old timer style, with a little elegance ... and looks like a great medium challenge build... for those dark early evenings .. but perfect for those summer night last flights .. if you get my meaning

02/01/2013 15:34:43

Looking like model building is big at the moment with the amount of people who have a long list of models they are wishing to build ..

its out standing that there is a lot of old school models mixed up in the list so far.. its great to see that people building models when there are so many RTF out there ... nothings better than a traditional build ...

well so far its giving me a great over view to what the year has to offer with this forum ... some great planes so should be some great build blogs and some very worth while informative information to be had..

I think the future of modelling is going fantastic .. just need more people getting into it i have 3 friends i have got involved this christmas .. lets hope that the sight of the builds that are going on in this forum can turn some heads and get the word out .. that its fun, enjoyable, rewarding and that more should be getting into it

Regards Adrian

02/01/2013 11:37:05

nice list there Steve

Mini Panic

Mini Jazz

Pix 'E' Major

Phoenix 2000

Possibly an Acro Wot.....

not seen the mini picnics will have to look them up will be watching for those and my fav Pix-E .. been thinking about building a Wot too. but not sure .. looking for a little simple training plane plan..

happy new year to you Steve i hope to see some build threads with your name on wink
Regard Adrian

02/01/2013 11:27:48
Posted by bouncebouncecrunch on 02/01/2013 11:19:25:

G'day there Adrian my builds drag on as time permits but this is my scenario.

1/6th sig j3 cub /not clipped scaled as best as my skills allow. 1/3rd of build complete

Sig Wonder /electric this time- to replace the one I stood on. build is from the plan.beercocktailcrook

plan built stand off scale Rearwin Speedster 42", major restructure after rat made nest with wingtips, most of the plans, and a few ribs.angry 2

House of Balsa P51 /electric.

WOW sounds like you have a very busy year a head,
Not good on the Standing on or the rat little so so they dont care where they nest do they,
. i wish you every bit of luck with your builds and will be keeping eyes open for the build threads

02/01/2013 11:19:43

nice one CS Looks like a little busy new year for you then .. have been popping into that post the last 2 weeks .. looking good there. love bips thats going to be a future plan build for me tiger moth .. got the plan just need the wood .. and its a big plan so its going to be along term build

Regard Adrian

02/01/2013 10:58:39

hows the plan A coming along Olly ? think i see you post about that before .

02/01/2013 10:18:34

Good morning all, and a happy new year to you all,

well the new year is now off to a good start and build post are all go, please tell us what your building and if you can post a picture, Even better, add pictures of your progress if you so wish.. so we can see how your build is coming along

Also if people are building the same model as your self post your questions and help on this at same time.. I look forward to reading and seeing your pictures of builds

Regards Adrian

Thread: Pix - E Major
31/12/2012 16:49:00

what i used Tony was they these little things they worked well for me and are very light .used it on both my pix-e's look half way down this site for MINI METAL PIN HINGES

as you can see in this picture
tail 2

regards Adrian

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
30/12/2012 23:19:31

got the landing gear added on today couldn't wait till the delivery arrived so went out and got some new wheels from a local shop yesterday.. so now she sitting pretty good on foamies yes

landing gear added

29/12/2012 00:23:56

Thank you Tim
nice to get a compliment like that from someone I look up to in the Model building world,

the clear covering really does this model justice, I think your design work needs to stand out the only thing that I didn't think about was the fact that I had written the numbers and lettering on the ribs and wing parts.. so they can be seen.. .. I just hope that the craft work I have done is up to the scratch of being shown..

also i have been watching your builds and a few others. and been trying to learn some new techniques that I have put into this model that I didn't know before making the original..

Thanks again Tim

Regards Adrian

28/12/2012 11:08:18

thank you Steve .. and to your request anytime mate yes

forgot to add I weighed her in today with out wheels and elec's 185g think in oz that about 6.5oz not to bad fully covered was thinking she would be a litlle more 7-8 oz but seems to be on a good diet nerd

Regards Adrian

28/12/2012 10:56:54

well test fitted the tail last night and fitted a windscreen bar then this morning fitted the windscreen so taken some more pictures

let me know what you think .. I don't think she looks to bad but like other poeple's judgement

tail 1

tail 2

window 1

window 2

window 4

window close up

also plucked up the courage to glide test this morning so with a little push away she glided about 15ft levelled out with a perfect belly landing.. very happy indeed

27/12/2012 16:33:10

thanks Steve been a productive day shaping the tail feathers and covering its now nearly finished .. going to make the landing gear this evening.. looking forward to seeing it sitting like a proper plane.. not on it belly.

just ordered the electrics, and the wheels so they should be here by 3/4 jan be happy then

regards Adrian

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