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Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
27/12/2012 03:13:27

well i couldn't sleep so have made a new tail end for the Pix-E as wasn't happy with the old one, So now its setting and looking a little better than before. later today i will cover it and then i think it will be ready for fitting the push rods ..

looking forward to the fitting out of the electrics and seeing everything come together, have to say I'm much happier with this than my first one that i built.

more pictures to follow this afternoon.. bed calling as its now 3:10 am and the old eyes dropping
Regards Adrian

26/12/2012 22:53:29

Good evening Ian

like the set up i think i have links to them on page 3 of this post ... prices work out around the £25 delivered .. i know I'm happy with them.

sounds like you have been doing well then from what you have written when the pics starting to pop up keep up the great work the way your going you will have this sorted in the next few days

not good on having wing warp i would like that i did notice when i was coving the first model that you get some depending on heat of the covering.. so that's also a reason that i have added these into this one..
hope that what you have found on this page has been of some help.. the people that have been helping me i couldn't ask for more.. they have been a big help

well i look forward to seeing some pictures of your build progress

Regards Adrian.

26/12/2012 22:44:36

thanks Tim

wasnt sure the colours would go but they fell out the cupboard the other day together out of the 20 so rolls i have and they just blended .... dont know about the design of the colours together but its not my strong point

Regards Adrian

26/12/2012 11:47:46

thank you Ian
Merry Christmas to you .. Christmas was pretty good thank you .. just a relax day with partner and her family.. hope that your day was good.

thank you for your comments / question.. those struts are there for structural rigidity I wasn't happy with the strength of the wing as it flexes a little when not covered so wasn't taking any chances on this happening when covered .. its made this a pretty solid model now..

(where the idea come from ) Well I see a model with them a few years back just as a little strength for the first 3 ribs the person said that it stops twisting of the wings and helps take the pressure off the root rib ... don't take my word for it. as i cant say its proven till i have tried it.

I now like the look of it to now I have clear covering on the wings

regards Adrian

26/12/2012 02:09:22

latest picture

side view nearly finished

front nearly finished

wing nearly finished

side with out tail

rear view

window view

most parts together

So what do you think so far just the tail to finish, add the push rods, and electrics to finish then she ready to fly .. oh and the front glazing
but it looks ok for now

22/12/2012 05:16:43

Well been covering some of the wing today.. it looks ok ... but not happy with it dont' know why but think its going to be a recover job..dont like the tail end.. the main wings i like the look of simple clear covering with red and silver tip lines

but as for the tail well that's another thing.. was going with red/blue on my original design. so i covered the tail and now i don't like it at all .. how simple is it to pull covering off with out making the balsa get shredded or snapped ???? may have to make a new one not that i want to..

fingers crossed it will come away and look ok. anyone got simple ideas on taking the covering off????

regards Adrian

Thread: Pix - E Major
15/12/2012 12:40:14

he he! sorry should have put that didnt think..

15/12/2012 12:22:46

good morning Eifion
I get my copper from a local model shop called Colin bliss models.. you will find his shop online to you may have to email them think they will send it.
but you can find it on ebay here but its a little expensive .. i don't think a little thicker would matter to much if you couldn't get the thickness i suggested ok it would put a little extra in the weight dept.

As for forming the copper plate that's easy and as its so thin you can form it round most things..
i think you will do it once and then you will have it ... when i do it i cut the length i need then make an L shape put a length of wire into the corner then form it over the top ..then using blunt pliers i gentle form..
If its a little longer you can always trim it.. same way as Tim said with scissors

15/12/2012 00:35:00

Eifion i would also guess a pointed bradewl could be used just the same .. to make the hole.. as the copper is pretty thin..
Tim did the thickness seem ok for the copper i suggested? dont want to put something that other may not agree wit, and as your the designer your aggreance in what to use would be better than my suggestion..

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
15/12/2012 00:22:53

thats what i like Tim with threads like these its a constant learning curve, i think when you have good people like your self and Steve with the know how and the way that every modeller helps each other theres the odd one who goes competitive but all in all we help each other.. ... wish this world was more like this hobby all i can say..

thank you steve for your input there Still getting to grips on the prop front .. working with sizing and slow fly so on so on.. think i still have some learning ..
like the comment about the bridge you have some very wise words there. ...

Ian Sounds like you have been a busy bee today .. its great working on this model from the CNC kits make life simple.. fast and effective.. will be waiting for the pictures of the build process
The landing gear is a little thing to play around with i find on the model.. guess its try and test till you get the best..

All the best to you all

Thread: Pix - E Major
14/12/2012 14:12:38

your welcome Eifion
i got some 0.025 x 10mm x 150mm from my local model shop and cut it into 20mm lengths using tin snips folded it over with blunt pliers and soldered then i drilled a small hole once in place...but that's just me don't know if others do it different you could just drill it but in my books its not as secure as a little solder....

the wire for the landing gear is pretty simple i used pliers and bent it to shape over the plan.. most would make it in a vice .. cutting the piano wire i used a mini drill with mini disc in .. but i would guess a hacksaw would do it???

Hope that's a little help

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
14/12/2012 12:00:33

morning Steve
when i first started building it i was lookng and thinking how can i get one in there with the centre section built .. as i made the model on the plane and had glued the centre ribs in place took a little thinking and some simple cuts but got it there in the end needed it a little stronger as didn't trust the original fitting for some reason.. its a little better now i hope with the brace in and if i add the rod too should keep it solid

good to hear about the set up being ok .. i don't want it flying fast just a plod about model.. something for those nice calm relaxing flying days .. so if i stick with the slow fly prop and the setup from before will be perfect.. good good ..
120w thats some little motor not that i want anything like that 70 sounds good to me ??
thanks again for your help

13/12/2012 23:23:26

Evening Ian
looking forward to seeing the progress pictures .. should come together pretty fast now you have the experience of the build.. .. oh and i would make good the the plenty of warm clothing this weather is not on side..
will be watching intently .
rgds Adrian

Thread: Pix - E Major
13/12/2012 23:02:48

evening Eifion
it takes a little playing about to get the glazing right took me a little time to get right that's why I'm now building a second one now that i have learnt from my mistakes.. and i think i made a few but i have had a good teacher helping with electrics good sir Steve H . he Is a good man and from the way he works things out, i don't think there is much he don't know that's not worth knowing

thank you for the post on the weight of the model nice weight only 8 oz you have been working well on that one.
will put that with my model weight and see where it comes out over the top of your model.. see what i have added in the way of building my one with a joint wing.

as for your under cart if you take a look at my (Christmas Winner Build) you will see how i did my first but i would change the amount of copper plate and just make P clips out of copper plate so that you can fit a screw through. its lighter and looks good to .. If i remember right Tim's original model was done the same way look on page 2 of this post you can just see it in Tim's build pictures i think
regards Adrian

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
13/12/2012 13:14:04


above is the brace below is the hole for the carbon rod


13/12/2012 13:00:41

good Afternoon Steve

So from your workings i can stick with the setup I put in the first plane, that's good news will put in an order now i know that's all good .. don't think i would go with the 3 cell anyway as they are a little heavy for this little plane, thank you for the help in that respect,

As for the wing you can see it to well from the pictures but i do have a brace going from one wing to the other across the centre section its a 5mm x 5 mm rod or birch that goes on top of the main spar for an inch an a half each side.. its built into the balsa block you can see in the middle of the 2 wings i was also going to fit a little rod of carbon inside edge as i have put a hole with a small tube in side the balsa block .. will take a picture and post so you can see ... then you can let me know if i should change anything
If that's ok ??

13/12/2012 00:14:19

here you go Ian don't know if you think it suitable for this model.. i dont have latest pics of behind the wing centre as its now closed in i have a block behind the locating pin and some 1mm liteply at back of the screw fixing. then it has a 2mm balsa back on the centre section..

wing bearer1

wing bearer 2
wing bearer2

wing top view

top view of centre of wing

wing underside view
under centre of wing

12/12/2012 23:43:07

Just been to read your post now thats good going .. lets hope that this little model will do some thing like that nice one Steve


12/12/2012 23:38:43

good evening there Steve
like that may have to build a big version of the pix-e and call that the fat -e .. he! he!
as for my model on the last weigh in it is only going to be 340g . that's with everything Servo's, Rx, Battery, Motor, Prop, ESC and the completed wing and fuselage oh and landing gear.. i think that's everything i put in the scales.

don't know if that's a little to much for the little motor.. on your workings from before we worked out there was a little give or take in the weight dept. but i wasn't sure how much .

i was reading something the other day been trying to find it but cant saying to go up to a 3cell for a little extra but i didn't think it would go with this model .. but as before wasn't sure

what i would like to do is stick to the motor i have and the controller .. but i would like conformation from others before i try and fail..

going to go read your link now.. will look forward to your comment
regards Adrian

12/12/2012 23:09:48

Evening Ian

its good to gripe i dont mind you griping on here i understand your reasons too.

good to hear that your doing the same as me it works out your getting more for your money i feel when i make another model, that not only have i still got them to use again but i still have that model to build in the future..
think there is some form of logic there He! He!

i will take some pictures of the way i have fitted it and put some info on there to if it help you in anyway..
but i built it with everything the same as the plan but i left out the main rib that connects to the fuz i just tacked it in place to make sure the other parts matched i also changed the small length just under that rub i changed for 8mm x 5mm balsa . as this hold the rib in place

will post pictures in 10 mins hope that they will help a little more

thanks on the 3 cell front so in fact the battery will not make much difference just give me a little more poke if i need to take off and cut back once in the air?? i will be going with a slow fly prop??? don't know if that makes any difference at all??

regards Adrian

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