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Thread: Speed Twin ST2 - a twin-engined kit build
08/03/2012 20:55:41

so im working in the right direction thats good to know well its back to the drawing board for me then..

how do you know what the ribs should look like when you do the builds

07/03/2012 22:27:55

Hi tim thanks for that info
i have been trying to work out a design, looking at your design its a working art , its really not simple .. as people make it look .. i was working from a drawing (3view) of a pilatus pc21 i was working on the idea of multiplying the picture till i got a working size wingspan
Kind of if say the picture was 4 inch wings span then i would multiply it by 10 giving me my 40" then every dimension i take do the same .. dont know if this works..

i take my hat off to you for this model it does look a very hard one to work with the idea of artistic licence , i did the same when designing my cub made some changes to make it my own..

just wish i could work out how to use devcad or something like that to do the wings i cant seem to get the rib shape.. for my edge or my cub ... dont know how you do it ..


07/03/2012 19:34:36

following this one for sure looking good so far Tim don't take you long once you get your hands on a design..

how do you work out the dimensions to put it on a plan is there certain points that you work from.. to the the scale..??

Top marks so far will keep looking
Regards Adrian

Thread: Futaba 6EX
07/03/2012 13:10:25

Hi All
thanks for your comments , i think i will go with the uk sets things out so i know where i stand . and dont need hidden extras being put on for good measure..

As Im such a good boy and all that.. dont want to get on the wrong side of the law now he! he!

some things are not worth the risk when you can get them on GC and T9 think thats going to be the place to go

Thanks again for your comments

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
07/03/2012 01:40:04

Ian thank you

i like the look of that simple but effective and is that still using the little red motor the same as the one i have on my model..

as you say 16.5 oz thats not bad for having that full sided ..


06/03/2012 03:08:47

well done Ian on the maiden flight of your model hope to see some pics now its all finished .. how does it look???

good to hear it all went well

06/03/2012 03:06:47


will be happening very soon gents got my new TX / RX 2 days ago all fitted now and awaiting a nice evening / day for a test fly .. the weather not on our side for the test that was going to happen tomoz so will keep everyone upto date .. pictures will follow .. thanks for keeping eyes out on the post gent

cant wait to see this one go now its killing me seeing it sitting on the bench everyday calling ... come fly with me lets fly lets fly away lol

Sorry not been online for a little while .. but back now .. time to learn to fly .

05/03/2012 12:40:03

not writen anything in a while .. well build 2 has come a long way just got to put in the wing locating rods then this models near ready for covering .. just needs the motor ordering so that i can fit the motor mounts as for some reason the order didnt get processed 2 weeks ago but hey thats life i guess i may go a little bigger on moter size this time maybe a couple of watts for the road as i can always tone it down when its flying more power better than no power lol....

as long as it dont mess the mount up


more pics to follow

Thread: Futaba 6EX
04/03/2012 19:56:28

good evening there Steve ..
hope life is treating you well kind sir

yes i have a new 2.4 now yes with a receiver that I'm pretty happy with oh its so light in comparison to the breeze block Sanwa thing .. but this one i want is for the build of the new PIX-E testing everything and don't want to go over the top on pricing .. kind of 0 - 20 is good..

have looked at your link have you ordered much from them may just have to get that one looks pretty good works out about 14 before p&p
who are T9Hobbysports ?? not heard of them before i don't think



04/03/2012 17:52:01

Thanks you everyone

sorry i should have put that in the first part carperfect its a 2.4 yes got it yesterday combo but i want a little something for test building so it dont need to be anything special but something thats cheap and can move the servos

thank you big Phil will look into them and see what they are like thank you ..

Thank you Tony H never tried anything hobby king not sure why for some reason someone once said they charge you when picking things up from the postie .. but if they anygood may just do it.. thanks for the links they a big help will have a good look and go from there

04/03/2012 14:58:21

Can any one please tell me if giant cod or anyone do a low cost receiver for the Futaba 6EX transmitter,, only want a 4 channel for a little model ?? links all good ..thanks In advance

Edited By Adrian Day on 04/03/2012 14:58:55

Thread: Reply box changes
16/02/2012 15:19:33

Hi all yes these chnges have not helped me on this one i run my inernet on google chrome you CANT use any of the links above the post part it freezes the page and you have to open a new window and start again.

i cant past links pictures if anything in posts not even a smiley icon...

dont know what to do now

Thread: starting a business
14/02/2012 19:40:15
I am glad that i didn't offend you in any way .. i try my best not to .... I'm glad that you took it the way that it was intended..
I have always been taught in business that you should keep your cards close to you .. thats why i didnt put to much into the previous parts of my post... there is always some one willing to take advantage of information and in business that is something that you need to keep to your self..
anyone can start a business these days but as you say sometimes you need to look at the big picture. and whats going on around it.
Thank you Steve for your comments and i welcome your views
14/02/2012 10:38:46
Thank you Steve
i hope i didnt come across nasty in my wording i just put things that way i say thing in my head and work with it .. i apologise
i thank you for your comments in your previous post as much as the one im now replying to,
When i first started out 15years ago in car audio i had nothing and i mean nothing a small shed with maybe 5 items of tools no money at all .. a friend had a wood yard with MDF that was not selling and was going to put in a skip.. (15 x 8x4sheets) i asked if i could take it .. this made me my first £1000 in my 2nd week work.. since then i have built a business that makes a reasonable profit ...
I have worked hard to get what i have and never asked for anything from anyone.. only opinions. I take what people say as a big part of my life .. as its those who i intend to sell my product to .. so they are the people who count..
I work in 2 ways that i believe.
I work on the supply and demand .. if some one want something i have to give then its a bonus.. i also work on freedom and freewill ... By this i mean that i maybe selling something that others sell and they maybe cheaper .. but i dont make you buy from me .. IF you do it WILL be the best i can provide and thats again of your choosing .. (freedom) and again a bonus, I wont try selling you something you think that you dont need.
Thank you again for your comment and Again i may or may not venture into this line of work . But an avenue I'm tempted to look into.
Best regards

14/02/2012 10:01:17
i agree with you shops are dropping faster than planes..
Internet has taken over big time and my wife can vouch for that ..
As she has helped a number of companies start over the last 2 years who only sell online.. its a shop front that dont cost as much as high street shop front ..
GBBO are now giving away websites ( for free for 2 years with google search admission free. and much more .. if you know how to build sites or if you pay someone to build it .. you can start making in a week ..
And there are ways around sales on ebay and other websites that lower your cost of advertising and monthly layout ..
14/02/2012 09:39:57
Hi Steve
I currently run my own car audio business so this would be a weekend thing that just may or may not add something to my income , the main thing is that there isnt a layout and if people do buy from me, it would be a bonus but the income isnt a problem to myself if i make an extra £1 per month then so be it..

as for my business plan and accounting so on so on my wife if a fully qualified accountant and business advisor .. who has been working with me for the last 10 years, ok model building may not be something she would specialise in and she would agree with you that it may not be viable business but as i put above this isnt the be all and end all of my income.. more an add on to something i like / hobby..
on the property front i could work from home or i have office space above my business workshop that i could use.. but dont
i have been talking to 10 different suppliers of balsa and modelling products and yes i agree that there isnt that much of a call for business
at the moment 4 of the companies are making ends meet and the others are doing very well but as Tim M put they have put in big money .. so they can cut costs on buying bulk orders
also this is only an idea not a set in stone Idea and something i may not venture into .. getting Ideas from public is the main thing and everyone who has commented on here has said not to do it
in closing i would say nothing ventured nothing gained. and if people dont try building a business how ever small then this economy and even hobby may get worse either way..
how did JP start how did RCM&E Start?? as an idea and a small one nothing starts big and stays big ..
on looking on here there are threads saying about this build that build everyone of those had someone supply one or more products to build it.. who can say how anything will turn out in this day and age .. there must be Some calling for suppliers as RCM&E and other companies Sell plans some one has to build them and some one has to supply them..
I hold my hands up to anyone trying to make something in life, and hard work may only get a little reward but its something .. when you have nothing..
13/02/2012 22:45:47
Hello all

Thank you all for your comments ...

well i have been looking into things and found some short cuts ..

thanks to a local shop owner.. i now dont need any stock as he is going to stock what i need and sell to me I just add my % on the top then when i need parts or anything like that i just go to him and send out..kind of killing two birds with the one stone..

.keeping the local market going and still running my own business ..

and now i dont need any stock just keeps eveything simple..working from home and not having overheads means lower prices and maybe more customers


but i will be keeps it on side of the tax man at same time..


just got to work on things more..

Tom T : I have looked into what you have been saying on the things changing and if its worth while.. looking at the market there is gap for more balsa suppliers at present climate more people are making their models rather than buying RTF's and finding a good supply is key to this if you have a good stock then of stick, sheets, block, you could hit the market with the right price and a cost effective delivery price.

the more people will order..


dont know if my wordings correct.. the website @present is only floating .. but can be viewed but no sales are being taken at the moment.. untill i get the art work sorted out i have added what i can ..

will post when its more viewable //

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
13/02/2012 16:40:42
keeping the faith that it will fly .. just never know till as you say it floats away will be keeping fingers crossed ..

yes your right there on the Colin Bliss front its the same one .. yes did it for charity and the heli still going strong in his shop window .. if you search the net there is a clip of him flying it. .. Good thing is he is a fully qualified examiner heli n fixed wing training .. so he should know what his doing i guess to get this one of the ground..

this is the said flight
13/02/2012 16:18:30
Hi Steve no its still awaiting testing but have had the once over from Colin bliss and according to him it all looks very promising .. .. only a little changing to be done on the push rods as got a little play and that,s not a good thing.. Mr bliss has kindly said that he will test it for me just waiting till im on the mend then will work out a date for it..

Not sure on the video but will get some pictures all going well.. if it dont crash


or you may even get a pictures of a smashed model

fingers crossed it should go ok


13/02/2012 15:04:13
Hi Tim and Steve
yeah i can see your point there .. its a hobby not a business at the moment but when you start making it your business its only be comes that .. not as enjoyable .. ..yeah i think i will have a think about that side of things..

Edited By Adrian Day on 13/02/2012 15:05:25

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