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Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
12/02/2012 00:10:54
I wish that I was Tim, wish that i could make a living of building planes and selling them .. or even anything around the model / hobby side of things.. i would be happy then ..
thing is with myself i dont like to over price something... but then we all need to make something out of our time.. we take to build something.
Thread: starting a business
09/02/2012 02:50:42
Hello everyone.
I have been looking into starting my own business .. selling model building parts ... balsa , glues, push rods coverings I have contacted suppliers and got some great prices .. but pardon the pun do you think it would take off ...
I have just got the website to try it out but need some feed back ...
I would also be looking for more suppliers and stock..
Any Information would be gratefully accepted
Regards Adrian
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
09/02/2012 02:05:48
dont think i got a lot of followers ... on this thread? but got a lot of info from the main people. well have started working on my new models i now have the CoG sorted out on the main build so that's now finished .. just waiting for my friend to say he will fly it for me..
Well today have been asked if I'm selling it .. in a RTF .. as a they have a TX/RX I don't know what to do there weather to sell it if so how much should I sell it for, OR keep it and fly it and just build a new one for this person again at what price???? any Suggestions ???
well got the tail made for pix-e2 and been out and got all the balsa enough for 3 models piano wire for 2 models all at a great price .
thinking of staring my own business in balsa ... balsa smart models he he!!! I get supplies at a good price i could add 10p on everything and still undercut everyone else
dont know if people are still looking for suppliers though??
06/02/2012 10:52:09
you was the one who took it of his page he he so did I..
I Sent it to a friend to try and get him to ask is dad to do it for me he is a sign cutter/writer he uses vinyl and prints onto it then cover films.. his works pretty good..
not tried the other method you suggested either may give that a go.. sound little easier..
yeah the breeze block RX is going next month ..when i get paid going to order a Hitech 6 TX with RX for it may off set balance though but will be better and lighter..
05/02/2012 23:02:34
Hi tim .. I Have your picture of the clip-art you did that you published on another blog i think..
it has 3 dif types one it with the 2 small ones for the tail and one big one for the wings ...
if you want it I can add it to my Build thread so you can get it back??

its was the perfect day here for it to just didn't have anyone to fly it for me .. I was really tempted to do it my self but was good .. so I left it at home.
Steve I have the logo for the pix e but i cant print anything at the moment that and I don't know how to do the idea that times just said.. ... never had to do it . guess I could learn it ..
on the CoG Front I have tested it and to me its sitting a little lower on the Tail end .. think what I will do is move the RX forward and slide the battery forward to see how that goes don't want to add anything to it if I can help it.. hey
Will have a little try later I think.
05/02/2012 02:36:01
Hello everyone ..
Well i had some time on my hands tonight and cos i like this model so so much i have cut all the parts to build 2 more. just got to get some stick work for the fuselage and some LE/TE .. Then 2 more builds at same time this will be fun .. looking forward to it though
All good fun
(((Double Build dept )))
Thread: The cheapest radio 2.4 GHz
04/02/2012 19:03:37
i like the look and the quality of the hitec kit .. best and depending what one you get .. they are pretty good .. as for the futaba one they have been going years and they know what they are doing in the world of rc.. but Im a would go with the Hitec out of the 2
Thread: Sharkface EP
04/02/2012 18:56:15
very welcome we all here to help each other.. and make new friends and learn as much about the hobby..
04/02/2012 18:50:01
well its looking good Tom cant find a fault with it..
sometimes its good having that extra help even if they are not doing the hands on work.. they tell you how it is and then you know your doing it right or wrong and you can asking things that would cost you money in most model shops.. you also get more advice than someone who is selling the goods as your not buying from them. there is no judgement passed we all start somewhere ..

keep up the good work and nothing wrong with your English
04/02/2012 17:51:03
Hello Major

I see you have a following .. already and you have some of the best people helping you out.. with the information .. like what i see so far will keep watching to see how you get one

good luck



Thread: The cheapest radio 2.4 GHz
04/02/2012 17:42:44
So in conclusion then it would be best to buy something thats marked in the first place rather than find out the hard way ..
so what i put in the first place is about right ok its kind of up to you if you buy something none marked as such but for the cost of £15 - £20 difference .. safety comes first in any thing i life.. and insurance is the one thing that will not be covered if your seen not to comply with health and safety .. in the uk.. BMFA or Otherwise.

Ok you may only be flying in a field not in any shows or club but as many of fliers have found even the best can come unstuck with models flying off into the sunset .. who it hits when out of control is your liability .. I agree with:
Posted by Steve W-O on 04/02/2012 13:05:28Posted by Paul Marsh on 04/02/2012 12:48:41
Why risk it?
i thank those who have agreed with me ..Im new to this hobby and Im not a know it all just going with whats been said before.. and what i was warned about when i first started hobby..

Regards Adrian.
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
04/02/2012 17:24:04
Hi Tim
I think that method is called fly and try technique isn't it ... ... I have tested the CoG and the plane has a small tilt to the tail end nothing much .. balanced under the wing on 2 rods in a board its drops buy about 4 mm is that right or wrong ??? ... i know there is a saying but i cant remember the way its said a tail heavy plane will fly once an and a nose heavy plan never flies again .... or is it the other way round????not sure what way it is..

Can anyone let me know if My CoG is right or wrong
Thread: The cheapest radio 2.4 GHz
03/02/2012 18:38:54
Hi Major
one thing with HK so i have been told some of them cant be used in the UK cos they dont have the CE mrk ..and some clubs dont allow them .. please if i am wrong ladies and gents please let me know..
Im no pro at this hobby.
still learning
of set your hobby with partner if you get some thing get her some thing too .. makes it come out like your being thoughtful too extra marks all the way
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
03/02/2012 18:08:44
Thank you Tim

that's self explanatory really didn't even see that on the plan but now you say about it i have noticed it ...

so if it balances on the wing joiner that will be ok but if i can get it closer to the marks on the plan all the better???




Thread: The cheapest radio 2.4 GHz
03/02/2012 15:51:41
you are in good hands here if your new to this hobby ... as i have recently found out i have only been in the hobby a few months well back in this hobby a few months.. and being on here has help me no end ,,, thanks to Steve Hargreaves and Tim Hopper just to drop a few names in .. always remember if your new to this world and your flying you need to look at the getting something from the uk with the right EU makings and to join BMFA recommended BMFA ...
there are a lot of companies out there that do cheap TX / RX COMBO'S that are not covered by the EU and if you have them and your insured with BMFA i dont think it covers you..

ask about on here others may know better than me..

i agree with Steve here Major the Saturn controllers are pretty good for your type of model and again same with the servos the 9g ones i just got are fantastic servos

Also watch out on buying from Ebay theres been some copy cat equipment being sold .. you have to watch out there .. servos and gyros have been the main ones and also tx's i know 3 people been got there...

you could if your desp for just a little somethings go to hereflysky 4ch tx and 6 ch rx
hope that this has helped you a little

Edited By Adrian Day on 03/02/2012 15:55:15

Edited By Adrian Day on 03/02/2012 16:04:03

Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
03/02/2012 15:08:40
Thank you Pete for your comment its good that people give good comments when you have taken time building something when your new to a hobby, and there is so much I was unsure on with this build having this forum and the kind words of encouragement from people like yourself, Steve and Tim among others .. cant wait to see this one fly .. one day soon it will .. and as you both have said not to bin it.. and the kind words about it.. i will make sure it don't fly bin airways ...
Steve on the CoG Front NO! not as yet funny thing is i was just reading up on where to test the CoG On this model ..
but still looking .. not sure where i have to test it, was thinking its on the part where the wing joiners are located ???
At present she balances round about the landing gear fixing i think that would be around the middle of the wing
does anyone know where i could get the printing of some pix-e stickers done??
03/02/2012 11:45:46
Thanks guys


thanks for your kind words sir, I don't think I'm that good I get by the best that I can .. and learn from the best builders on here best i can follow any way ' maths not being strong point..

Hope that its done your plan some justice and made you feel that your time and hard work making the plan is more worth it..

i would love to Have something i have designed be built by others .. not my luck.


Thanks for your comment and i have pm'd you back..

cant wait to see her fly now .. i hope that she flies if not she going to look nice pottering about the grass

i think she will after the test last night she giving off so much wind power feels like I'm standing behind a 40ic when at full power .


I have a long way to go before im a M-M.A.S But if and when it happens i know who to thanks

thank you


Thread: The cheapest radio 2.4 GHz
03/02/2012 03:08:29
have you been on GC and looked at getting everything on there .. just finished my pix-e major build for everything motor esc lipo servos was as little as £24 with post.. planet 5 ch TX and RX £52 .... Have you not got anything from your past model TX wise and just order a RX rather than everything?
Thread: Pix-e major (christmas winner build)
03/02/2012 02:46:53
Well as i said here are the new pictures not sure how good you will think of it its the first try of this model..


As i was saying in a previous part of my post the landing gear could be a factor in the weight..
As you can see i only have to make the hatch and cover the wing struts .. think its nearly there
Still not 100% happy with its finish .. as this afternoon the glazing has slowly blown from my using a contact glue.. but its something i wont be doing next time thats for sure lesson learnt

Edited By Adrian Day on 03/02/2012 02:47:47

03/02/2012 02:20:28
Pete i will invest in one now you have said that .. And sorry i cant help but thank people for their kindness is helping .. i hope that my build has noted some info i think Steve and Tim are great people and have helped me no end..
And now you have shown me the way to teach the esc thats something else i didnt know .. now i will do that in the morning see how i get on .. well i will be adding some pic's shortly hope that they look ok.. let me know what you think.. not happy with all of it but have learned things to do next time and things not to do.. and there is a lot ..
thank you
best regards
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