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Thread: RCM&E Fly-In 2019 - general chatter
09/09/2019 13:31:02

Hi. Is there any restriction on using 35Mhz at the Fly-In? If no do I assume that peg on system would be in place.



Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
07/09/2019 21:24:58
Posted by Chris Walby on 07/09/2019 20:24:15:


Looks really good and glad you have finished it off in time for next week.

If it flies anything like mine and I am sure it will be as its better built you will be impressed.

PS - at least your pilot isn't looking as ruff-alo as mine!


07/09/2019 20:02:03
Posted by Low pass Pete on 16/03/2019 09:26:13:

I think he is 1/8. He came from DB Sport and Scale (unpainted) and I added a bit more lower body so he is taller than supplied. He is destined for a DB Sport and Scale 58in Tiger Moth (if I ever finish it) so I may well source another pilot for Renaissance.



The pilot decided he liked the plane and refused to move so I glued him in. For those with very sharp eyes you might be able to see a red triangle on his upper arm with a white XV on it. Apparently he used to be a member of 15(XV) Squadron (RAF). Mind you I don't recall seeing him when I was on the squadron back in the Buccaneer days at Laarbruch in Germanywink

07/09/2019 19:53:32

Thanks Piers.

I really dragged my heals on this build, but got there in the end. I am pleased with the final look but some of my covering is not brilliant

Details -

- Engine OS62V 4 stroke.

- Dubro tank with a double clunk which is helpful when defuelling

- Wings and tail - Silver Solartex

- Fus Blue Profilm which I had left over from my Ballerina 2016 Mass build

- Flash on Fus is silver Solartrim

- Diamonds on Wing and rudder stripes White Solartrim and blue Profilm

- Lettering supplied by Inwoods Models (thanks Nick)

- Weight no idea as not checked it but it has come out light.



Thread: How many mass build Renaissance
07/09/2019 15:06:03

Finally completed her. I should be able to test fly before the Fly-In next weekend. Planning to be there on Saturday perhaps Sunday as well . But not staying over at present.


Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
07/09/2019 15:02:22

Well my rendition is finally complete. Ground runs done and 1 week to go for the RCM&E Fly-In.


Thread: How many mass build Renaissance
28/08/2019 09:50:37

Do we know which day the Rennaisance judging will be. Not 100% that I will be able to make both days at moment and it would be nice to see all the models at once.

Still yet to cover mine and test fly so I have a deadline.


16/08/2019 08:23:46

My build is now more advanced and I have a fighting chance of completion in time for 15th. If not complete I hope to bring my 2017 build Skywriter anyway. Formation would be good.

Cheers Peter

02/07/2019 05:41:19

Hi Chris

I'm hoping to make it. But my build is a bit behind.



Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
27/05/2019 09:19:36

Hello Guys

Well I am now well behind everyone else. Project not forgotten but has been held up due to:

New Kitchen install


etc etc etc.

Will not be able to get back to her until later in Juneindecision

Cheers for now


Thread: Matt's renaissance build
27/05/2019 09:14:30
Posted by Lindsay Todd on 12/05/2019 21:21:49:

Nice one, it struck me that a biplane version would work well. Lindsay

I agree Lindsay and it flew as well as my Skywriter it would be ace.



Edited By Low pass Pete on 27/05/2019 09:14:47

Thread: 2019 Mass Build
05/04/2019 08:23:09

General tip on wingtips

If you look at the plan where it shows the general view of rib construction side view. This shows a dotted line running from the trailing edge to the centre of the leading edge. This is the glue line for the tips. The pictures in the instructions also support this. Just add triangular supports from edge of tip to the spars (front and rear).

Hope this is helpful


Thread: Tony Oneilll Renaissance
03/04/2019 09:02:49

Good progress Tony. I'm now miles behind you as we have guests this week and a kitchen fit before Easter.



Thread: 2019 Mass Build
28/03/2019 07:49:48

Good choice Chris. Plans are sometimes not as clear as they could be. The free plans sometimes are not very specific and some are better than others. Always think how to build strength and avoid joints. In time you get a feel for something not right. All part of the experience. Good luck and press on mate.


28/03/2019 07:21:49


My advice would be do not chance it. The tailplane is about the most crucial part of the plane.

Martins advice is sound and what I would do if in the same situation. I probably would have a couple of 1/4 spruce joiners one at the rear and the second positioned to get max length.

If you did not use epoxy to join the tailplane initially I personally would be tempted to rebuild.

Hope this is helpful


27/03/2019 06:34:56

General tip on build of tailplane

The plan only shows one half of the tailplane. I would suggest that the centre section is cut in one piece so to be as one piece and not 2. Also would suggest to make lower cross part as one piece as well

This will make the tailplane stronger.

Always plan to avoid a joint where possible as joins are a potential weakness.



Edited By Low pass Pete on 27/03/2019 06:43:40

27/03/2019 06:30:04

General points on the wing build.

The plan is not specific on some points. Looking at the instructions and photos it seems that the original build did not have webs between the upper and lower spars.

I personally intend to fit webs. I think this will add strength for a very small amount of extra weight. The plan does not say what thickness sheeting should be. I will use 1/16 as all my other builds.



Thread: Chris Mass Build thread - Renaissance
27/03/2019 06:22:12

Chris please see my reply on the general build ref some of your issues.


Thread: 2019 Mass Build
27/03/2019 06:19:12

Chris Ref your issues

No 1

No problems with elevators. Just use wire joiner as per plan. However ref tailplane. Please ensure you join your 2 halves with a strong epoxy. Alternately remove the centre section and replace with a single piece. This would be much stronger.

No 2

I would remove servos and snakes and reverse as per plan. Just smile and carry on.

No 3

Make a centre section rib from 1/4in balsa and fit in the centre line. Sheet to this extra rib from each wing. This will have two bonuses. Extra strength and will make sheeting easier. One finished and covered all will be fine.

Hope this is helpful. Do not despair. The great thing about balsa is that errors are simply put right.



Thread: Chris Mass Build thread - Renaissance
26/03/2019 18:50:32

Chris if you look at the plan area that shows a cross section of the wing it shows 1.5mm sheeting all round the wing but also note that the upperview of the wing shows a fairly typical sheeted front and rear area and therefore the ribs would have cap strips about 1/4 in or so. The sheeted areas (inboard and outboard)have circular finish. Also you need webs between each rib from top spar to lower spars.

I also have had no 1.5mm in my wood pack and will have to purchase that. I am not impressed with the wood pack as it is no where near complete and requires much stripping for 1/4 X 1/2 for the rear tails etc.

The pre-cut parts have been generally ok ish but the cores for the elevators were too wide by 1/2 in and I have simply trimmed these to suit the plan.

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