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Thread: Lockdown Models
24/06/2020 06:36:46

"Lock Be a Lady" My new SLEC Fun Fly built during Lock Down. (Pretending to be a Mustang!). Old ASP46 for power that had lain in my cupboard for many years.

rmac 2020 058.jpg

Thread: SLEC Fun Fly - Lockdown Project
24/06/2020 06:27:36

"Lock Be a Lady" in flight at our Ramsey site yesterday.

rmac 2020 058.jpg

21/06/2020 03:44:43

My Fun Fly had her maiden 3 flights yesterday. It was a bit windy but it was no problem. Very pleased with outcome. C of G is just a tad behind main spar. I built a battery box for the battery which is accessed via a hatch on the lower Fuselage just behind the servos. I have not weighed her but would estimate about 4 1/2 pound, perhaps a bit less. 

The plan gave no indication on control throws so in traditional Low Pass Pete fashion they have plenty of movement. The elevator will need some change as it was a little sensitive with the current settings and for some reason I had forgotten a set any lower rates.

Great performance and she will happily cruise about on about 1/2 throttle. Good climb rate and a good quick roll rate. So I am looking forward to a less windy session. Very pleased with outcome. A very underrated kit and a pleasure to put together. Just what I needed to while away the time in Lock Down.

Just waiting for some lettering now to add some Nose Art.  Thinking of naming her "Lock be a Lady"  Covering by the way is Oracover Silver and Cub Yellow.  "F" (for Fun) and canopy are Black Solar trim.




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18/06/2020 11:17:36

Well here is my SLEC Fun-fly just about complete. Just waiting for some decals from Pyramid Models and then a suitable day for maiden flight. She will have some American Stars and bars and pretend to be a P51! If I could get some lettering she could be called "Lock be a Lady"  I opted for the ASP46 by the way.



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Thread: Post A test model
18/06/2020 11:10:44

I Have just completed my lockdown model a SLEC Fun Fly. Perfect for A Test.


Thread: Align Starter
25/05/2020 06:36:46

The obvious question is have you contacted SMC to ask the question? I would have thought that any commercially available charger for LIPOs would be ok as long as you have a compatible lead connector.

Thread: SLEC Fun Fly - Lockdown Project
21/04/2020 16:53:25

Well I have just test run the Irvine 46 and the ASP46 on a test bench in the garden.

Irvine runs as expected and is a strong contender. Used an 11X8 prop and 10% fuel. However the ASP runs even better. Wonderful tick over using the JEng quiet silencer. So it looks as if the ASP 46 will get the job. Saves about 57gms over the Irvine.


21/04/2020 12:55:54

Last consideration is fuel tank. The kit supplies a SLEC Red tank (6oz). Normally I would use a 8-10 oz tank for a 46. So fuel consumption/duration is a consideration. A SLEC yellow tank will not fit unless I do some mods. However that would increase nose weight.

All that said maybe the 36 would be the engine??????frown




Yes I know I have got the switch cut-out on wrong side.  As a user of mainly inverted 4 strokes that is where I put the switch.  But this is a 2 stroke install with exhaust on starboard sided so will need to put switch on port side and not starboard.sad

Edited By Low pass Pete on 21/04/2020 12:59:13

21/04/2020 12:49:15

Engine choices are:

Irvine 46 - 396 gms


ASP 46 - 339 gms


Silencer options for both above as the mounting is the same:

1. Irvine 46 original - 102 gms

2. Just Engines quit2 silencer - 111gms

3. Original ASP 46 - 89 gms




So lightest option is ASP46 with original silencer (428 gms). ASP Silencer is noisy so I would reckon to use ASP with original Irvine - 441 gms

Heaviest is Irvine with quiet silencer (507 gms or 498 gms with org silencer). Probably best of the 46 engines.

Have not been able to weigh the ASP 36 as it is still installed but probably similar to the ASP 46 methinks.

21/04/2020 09:24:29

Hi Adrian my build is basically to give me another hack model and not a serious competition model. The OS would the choice if I were intending it to be competitive but cost is really high these days which is a shame. Hence looking to use out of use engine from stock.

21/04/2020 09:00:48

Hello all

Well I decided to build a SLEC Fun Fly (IC Version) as a lockdown project.

Kit has arrived and Fus is underway. I'm very happy with the kit. Photos later. I have a question regarding engine size. Has anyone fitted and flown one with an Irvine 46 (One with silver carb)? If yes were there any issues with weight and balance?

I have at my disposal an Irvine 46, ASP 46 or an ASP36. the ASP 46 is significantly lighter than the Irvine (which is not the lightest).

My gut would be to source an OS35AX but these are not cheap (if you can find one), so the ASP36 could seem to be a good alternate. But it is already in a Werewolf.

However the Irvine is a very good engine so may be best choice but the question of weight comes in as the construction is light.

Any advice would be helpful.



(Low Pass Pete)

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Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
10/04/2020 06:40:27

I have ordered a SLEC Funfly (ICModel). This should be with me next week. I have a very nice Irvine 46 late model engine (with OS Carb) doing nothing so the Funfly will be a very suitable home for it.

Best to all


Speaking to SLEC apparently they are selling a lot of model boats at the moment.............wink

Edited By Low pass Pete on 10/04/2020 06:43:10

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
04/04/2020 04:36:45

1. Used up some 10 year old fence paint that I had squirrelled away in the shedwink.

2. Turned the family bathroom into a makeshift greenhouse,

3, Sowed seeds for the first time in years.

4. Turned 2 kgs of cheap carrots (0.26 pence) into Carrot and Coriander soup. Which joking apart is superb even though I say it myself.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
19/03/2020 08:24:45

Our club is staying open for flying with advice to keep social distancing as per government advice. The spring clean up and free BBQ has been cancelled as have committee meetings.

My personal opinion is that the benefits of getting out of the house in the fresh air far out-ways any potential issue.



Thread: Hangar 9 Valiant 10cc
15/03/2020 07:27:53

The new model had its first flights yesterday. Engine runs well in-cowl and has proved to be easy to start. Had three flights in total and she is very nice to fly. It was a bit windy but ok. The wheels are a bit small for our grass site so will probably change them.

The aircraft is a good predictable performer and did not need trim adjustment and now I'm looking forward to more flights. Did not try the flaps on first flights. Used plans for initial control movements but may well increase aileron travel. Will re-assess that on subsequent flights when conditions are less windy.

However Jon's suggestion of a Laser 70 proved to be good advice and the engine suits the airframe. The engine installation looks very tidy. Using Laser 5% and 12X7 prop for now.



09/03/2020 15:29:56

Just completed the 1st Engine run on my new Valiant 10cc. Laser 70. Engine fits the cowl very well and C of G spot on with no lead required. Required to mod the tank position to suit the Laser but this was no problem.

Ready to go once suitable day comes along.





Thread: Miss Sizzle
07/03/2020 14:53:05

She's a real sweety Peter. I am still flying my Ballerina and this new one looks a nice little model. What size is the motor and Lipo?



Thread: How to set up ailerons on separate channels (T10J)
07/03/2020 14:40:49

The simple way is to use an 8 channel receiver. Select Ail Differential and put L Ail on channel 1 and R Ail on channel 7. I have just done this on my new Hangar 9 Valiant.10cc. Then simply adjust end points to get the throws u need.

One bonus with 8 channel rec is that u can monitor the receiver battery on the Tx,

Edited By Low pass Pete on 07/03/2020 14:44:10

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
01/03/2020 09:07:59

Mine had an OS52 Surpass.  Perfect powerplant but it did need some small mods to the firewall.

Edited By Low pass Pete on 01/03/2020 09:08:27

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/02/2020 05:35:59
Posted by Peter Miller on 09/02/2020 18:17:15:

That is a thought. I must ask them if my slightly less than peffectly drawn plan would be acceptable

Hi Peter how about a new thread so you can show her off once maidened. When do you think she will take to the sky.


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