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Thread: Jim build thread
25/03/2019 06:49:55

Agree on that Tony. Sorry not to have replied earlier but we were away.



Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
16/03/2019 09:26:13

I think he is 1/8. He came from DB Sport and Scale (unpainted) and I added a bit more lower body so he is taller than supplied. He is destined for a DB Sport and Scale 58in Tiger Moth (if I ever finish it) so I may well source another pilot for Renaissance.



Thread: Buddie's build thread
16/03/2019 06:14:43

Ref how to load Photos.

1. Click on Albums on same bar as Forum

2. Click on add Photos

3. Create an Album. This will be where you put all your own photos

4. Now open your as yet blank Album

5. Click Edit photos and the add new photos

6 Select your photos to upload.

Think I got the sequence right. It is easier to do than write about. What I do is to put my photos in one folder on my laptop then load them to the album from there. The process is a bit clunky and I have not found yet how to load directly from a phone as you can if using Facebook.

When adding a photo to a blog click on the camera item and select your album from the list shown. You can have many albums by the way. Then select the specific photo you want to insert in your blog

Cheers hope that helps a bit. smiley


Thread: Tony Oneilll Renaissance
16/03/2019 05:58:32

Great progress Tony. I thought that the sheeting was a bit thick as well but not at that point yet.



Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
15/03/2019 17:25:03

One of my pilots (actually destined for a Tiger Moth) checking out the cockpit for size. The seat back rest from an old Warbird will possibly be rehomed in Renaissance.


15/03/2019 17:21:57

Todays progress. Sorting the throttle link and servo. I have mounted the servo on a removable plate. No real issues.



I have decided to make top hatch as per plan. Dubro 10oz tank is a nice fit with room for a battery if required.


Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
15/03/2019 07:42:22

Ref wing joiner stiffness. Mine was also very stiff. I have left it installed on the most stiff side as the other one releases ok.

Strikes me that the builders had not matched the components and just packed them and sent the kits on their way. Most unlike Seagull.

I found that rotating it back and forth on each wing panel helped to ease it off by the way.



Edited By Low pass Pete on 15/03/2019 07:47:18

Edited By Low pass Pete on 15/03/2019 07:48:14

Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
14/03/2019 17:26:50

I have deviated a bit on the Undercarrige. I have some old used Legs from an ARTF (demised Seagull Edge 540) so have decided to rework these.

Paint has been stripped away and bend altered in line with the plan and then a second bend. Yet to finish these and I have not yet decided to repaint or not. I will not be adding the extra spreader bar as per plan as they do not need it.


14/03/2019 17:21:31

A couple of shots to give an idea of the engine layout. Work in progress. The throttle linkage posed a couple of head scratching moments but all should be well. The Silencer area needs more work however.



14/03/2019 17:18:21

Progress is going well on the Fus. No real issues noted so far. Instrument panel has been mounted. I have used some dials that came yonks ago free on a copy of RCM&E. I'm running out so come on mag how about some more please. As you can see I have gone for 90deg engine mount as per plan.



Thread: Jim build thread
10/03/2019 21:35:02

Ref F2 and 2A. These are laminated to align the wing dowel holes and 2A is 1/8 in wider each side. I have just put a slot onto the fuz doubler to provide a keyway for 2A. This helps to hold the assembly in place.

I have also fitted some additional 1/2 in square behind F1 to give a more positive location. I am using a 62 4 stroke so I feel it wise to beef up some areas accordingly. I have also revised the tank floor as I intend not to have a tank hatch but fit the fuel tank from the rear through F2 Not having a hatch will mean more strength.

Hope that is useful.



Thread: Buddie's build thread
10/03/2019 21:17:05

Hi Peter, welcome to the Mass Build. This is my third one and have been building over a number of years. Golden rule, Measure twice Cut once!!! Hope u enjoy the build. It is far more rewarding than assembling an ARTF model.

What power do you think that you will use?  I will be fitting an OS62 4 stroke.

Best regards

Peter (Low Pass Pete)

Edited By Low pass Pete on 10/03/2019 21:41:30

Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
10/03/2019 06:06:11

Hi Danny.

C of G on mine is set as per build instructions (130mm). Have not actually weighed her but she needed no ballast. Receiver battery was mounted on the plate just rear of the fuel tank. I swopped the kit fuel tank for a Dubro one. Also I have a small 2s Lipo fitted to supply the landing lights with an electronic switch.  Otherwise as per kit. save for a repaint on the kit supplied pilots to improve their look.  They were not the best but do look better now.


Chris Bott also has a Forum post ref C of G by the way.





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Edited By Low pass Pete on 10/03/2019 06:11:45

Thread: Chipmunk C of G
10/03/2019 05:55:01

I have flown my Seagull 80in Chippy with C of G at 130mm as per build instructions and she seems to fly well with it at this. Mine has an OS 120 upfront and with flaps fully deployed there is very little trim change.



Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
09/03/2019 06:36:51

Good day everyone. I have just completed and flown my Seagull Chippy. Mine has an OS120 4 stroke for power with a just Engines turbo Header for exhaust.

I balanced her as per plan. Virtually no trim required on test flight at all. Looks to be a super flyer and only needs the power of the 120 very little of the time. I found no issue at all with weight of tail but I suppose if going electric it may well be more of an issue.

I am impressed with the flying qualities of the aircraft and deploying the flaps brings virtually no trim change which was very surprising.

The aircraft will fly nicely at a more scale speed.

Best Regards


Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
07/03/2019 07:02:31

A great loss indeed. I had never met Dave but had followed many of his posts especially on the 2016/7 mass build threads. My condolences to his family.



Thread: Tony Oneilll Renaissance
07/03/2019 06:40:15

Great progress Tony. Just love the control stick. Fresh from the forest maybe  Looks as if you are building in your loft so you model is already skywards



Edited By Low pass Pete on 07/03/2019 06:45:26

Thread: 2019 Mass Build
06/03/2019 06:48:13

Nice ruler Chriswink.  You can't have enough good tools.


Edited By Low pass Pete on 06/03/2019 06:49:15

06/03/2019 06:45:24
Posted by Chris Walby on 05/03/2019 18:13:54:


Taking your suggestion I think you are right that the centre line is not shown on the drawing.

If I take the various dihedral braces + the dowel plate and derive a new centre line then things look okay.


Proof that we are correct is given by measuring the new wing span and calculating the with the wing dihedral of 3 degrees comes up with a wingspan of 54.09 inch.

As the model is advertised as 54 inch I am happy we are close enough!

Now next problem is that the small brace is not long enough to reach the second inboard rib so I am thinking of just moving the rib in a bit as per photo. Can anyone see a problem with that as I could just make a longer brace?

Edited By Chris Walby on 05/03/2019 18:26:54

Looks like a plan Chris, well a slightly modified one anyway. Good job.smiley


05/03/2019 13:55:36
Posted by Chris Walby on 05/03/2019 13:10:57:


I thought II had measured from wingtip to dotted line and the wingspan was about right!

I'll redraw it tonight with the correct wing dihedral and see if it comes out where you indicate on your photo, no doubt you are right.

Good job this is a mass build I would have made even more mistakes than normal wink

Proves the point I made earlier Chris ref value of mass builds. Measure twice cut once I say again.



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