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Thread: 2019 Mass Build
05/03/2019 09:15:32

I am certain that the dotted line is now NOT the centreline of the wing centre section. I think it is actually not shown as such but can be plotted at the end of the spars.

Laying my parts out supports this theory


Thread: JR resurrection?
05/03/2019 05:22:26

I have jumped back to Futaba now. I have a JR XG8 which has been great but the price of new receivers (if you can get them) was getting excessive. I feel I made a wise decision.

Radiolink's new products look tempting but are so new to the scene and raise the question will they be reliable and available in the long term. Time will tell.



Thread: 2019 Mass Build
05/03/2019 05:06:23

Ref anomalies on wing build. This why in my opinion the Mass Builds are so useful and good interaction. The feedback via this Forum is great and we all hopefully end up with a great model which may not be exactly the same but as a result of some hard work and thought regarding plans etc. look and fly well.

I have never designed my own model to date but this is now my third Mass build and I had similar small queries much as Chris has found on the other ones. Free plans sometime do not seem to be transcribed as per the original designer intended as the plans are drawn up by others for print. I'm sure Peter Miller would agree with me on this as the Ballerina plans (MB 2016) had some small issues. Ballerina was however a very successful Mass Build.  I converted Skywriter (MB 2017) to IC power and have a super sport biplane.

Happy building everyone.


Edited By Low pass Pete on 05/03/2019 05:09:09

05/03/2019 04:23:13

Chris you may have a point. A very quick look at this early hour suggests that the dotted line on the plan for the wing centre line may be incorrectly drawn at the least. We need to correctly establish what the problem is before we assemble the wing.  My gut feeling is that the main brace may also be long.  It would not be the first time to have anomalies on the plans and also the cut parts as well.

Would be best to check via the designer Lyndsey Todd if possible. I will do some more detailed measurements later if possible today.

Best regards


PS  if you take a look at the build instructions you can see that when Lyndsey built the original the main brace did not meet the No 2 rib.  That picture also confirms that 11 ribs per wing half is correct.  Also I would expect that if the dimensions of the 2 dowel locating parts for the front of the wing align with holes in F2 then this would be a good guide to the final correct dimensions of wing centre section between the first rib on each wing half,  Hope that makes sense.

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04/03/2019 19:35:47

I agree Chris. Plan shows 11 each per wing. The parts supplied from SARIK are 24 ribs so there are 2 extra ones. I had already considered making an extra one for the centre joint of the 2 wing halves so I will be able to use these extras on the centre line.

Chris I think there are in total 3 main ply plates that show dihedral.  2 with holes for wing dowels which are different lengths and the main one which will install by the ribs.  Don't cut anything until you are sure of dimensions.

Remember measure twice and cut once, or u could be sorry.


Edited By Low pass Pete on 04/03/2019 19:40:35

Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
04/03/2019 19:25:10

Progress so far.

Basic side fuz underway. I have decided to revert to engine as per plan i.e. 90 deg. F1 is moving about 1cm rearwards. Therefore the tank floor has bee trimmed to suit. The servo floor will be trimmed to allow fuel tank to be fitted/removed to the rear and not via top hatch. which will be made permenant fit and non removable.  I feel that will add strength to the fuz and with a 4 stroke that is no bad thing.

Trial run to see how this works shown below.


Edited By Low pass Pete on 04/03/2019 19:27:16

Thread: 2019 Mass Build
04/03/2019 19:13:06

That looks great Tony. Can I send you my panel for finishing pleasewink Are those Pin Heads perchance?



04/03/2019 14:33:02

To find the build instructions Search "Renaissance" using Search this Site. Also you will find Lindsey Todd's original build blog on the prototype.

Very helpful.

Best Regards


04/03/2019 14:09:56

There is a very useful build article available on the rcm and site.

Shows centre section of wing.


Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
04/03/2019 07:33:31

But no idea where this bit is intended to fit.


04/03/2019 07:32:44

Fuz sides under way.


Thread: 2019 Mass Build
04/03/2019 07:30:56

Hi all

Does anyone have any idea where this part fits? (6mm Triangular 2 off).


04/03/2019 07:28:56

Chris there is no centre section. Looking at the plan it shows a whole wing half which ends at the dotted line. It shows one of the two location dowels.


04/03/2019 07:15:25

Hi Chris

Sad to hear about the loss of BEB. I did not know him however but had seen many posts from him on the Forum.

One or two questions.

1.Who is now the main moderator of the mass builds?

2. In the initial announcement there was mention of a meet up at Buckminster for the build. Is that still the plan?

3. Any idea what the winning Lottery numbers are for next Saturday?

4. Any chance we could get the designer Lyndsey Todd on board?

Best Regards


Edited By Low pass Pete on 04/03/2019 07:38:58

Thread: OS 46 FX
02/03/2019 15:07:31

I have used Contest 10 and found that a good fuel that seems to suit most engine 4 or 2 strokes. However Jon at Laser really rates the Laser mix.



Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
02/03/2019 14:55:04
Posted by Percy Verance on 02/03/2019 13:11:31:

The curvy bits on the added on parts of the fuselage increase the glueing area though Pete, so the bond will be stronger. Mmm, not sure about the Slec tank though. I much prefer Dubro or Sullivan tanks. The Sullivan tanks have a moulded in tag on the rear with a hole in so you can hook a bit of wire on and pull them out more easily should the need arise...and the Dubro tanks have the lower part of the tank projecting forward past the filler neck, which virtually eliminates the chance of trapping the tank tubing as it passes through the engine bulkhead. The Slec tanks have a similar design, but use those awful plastic outlets which can get oily, at which point the pipes slip off.........

I'm pleased to see the quality of the lazer cutting looks good. I ordered a set of parts for the Ohmen a couple of weeks back, but they have still to arrive. I did read that Sarik have quite a number of back orders for parts sets though, so it may be a while yet. It's good to see/hear building is gaining popularity once more......

P.S. Adding a floor to the tank bay will make tank extraction easier too. A bit of 1/8 sheet balsa or liteply with holes in it for lightness might do it.

Edited By Percy Verance on 02/03/2019 13:29:38

Agree on the idea of a Dubro Tank Percy. I have just used one in my 80 in Seagull Chipmunk. One good thing with a Dubro tank is that you can add a second Clunk pick-up for refuel/defuel which is very useful.

The Sarik parts are pretty nice as well as you have commented. There is a tank floor included in the precut parts as well. My set of parts did take a while from Sarik and when I asked them they seemed to be very busy. Good to hear as we need the plans service to survive and not to be lost.



02/03/2019 11:46:28

I probably will not have a top hatch over tank as access is fine from inside Fuz.  Again will made front fuz stronger.



Edited By Low pass Pete on 02/03/2019 11:49:50

Edited By Low pass Pete on 02/03/2019 11:52:07

02/03/2019 11:46:27

Quick dry fit to work out Engine and fuel tank layout.

Inverted engine layout seem favourite for me with a SLEC yellow tank which should give a long duration in the air. F2 moves back about 1/2 in and will need a very small infill at base to maintain driver position and cowl shape to plan.

Probably will not have a top hatch which will make front Fuz stronger.


02/03/2019 11:41:54

Here is the fuz side layout. sarik have a novel answer to depth of fuz. In 3 parts plus a 3mm doubler. Looks neat but confused initially with shapes.


02/03/2019 10:19:41

Just a few photos to show where I am on this journey. I have bought the pre-cut parts etc. from Sarik models by the way. Not finally sure if I will invert the engine yet or stay with 90 deg as per plan.

Photo 1 Shows General view of fuz formers.

Photo 2 Shows some of the ribs. Cut from lite ply.

Photo 3 Shows the engine that will power her. It is an OS62V (same type as in my Skywriter). Looking as if to keep prop driver as per plan then F1 will need to be repositioned about 1/4 to 1/2 in rearwards.  The 62 is a tad longer that a 52 surpass which was what I understand Lindsey Todd used on the prototype














Edited By Low pass Pete on 02/03/2019 10:22:10

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