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Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
02/03/2019 07:21:17

Just a placeholder for now. Who else is joining the build this year?

Thread: Announcing Plans for the 2019 Mass Build
02/03/2019 07:14:29

I will be joining the 2019 Mass Build so will post a build thread shortly. I have all parts and wood plus plans at the ready but our kitchen project has demanded my time recently.



Thread: Favourite Non Scale Sport Bipe?
25/02/2019 06:41:25

Here is my Skywriter powered by an OS62. She was built as part of the 2017 Mass Build. Original design was electric from Lyndsey Todd. Great flyer



Thread: Announcing Plans for the 2019 Mass Build
02/02/2019 08:07:45

Ref orders from Sarik. I placed an order for Renaissance parts mid Jan and yesterday rang them to get an idea of delivery. Apparently they have a large backlog and order despatch is taking longer than usual.

Good to hear that they are getting good business however.

Thread: Low pass Petes Build thread for Holi (Dereck Woodward Design)
30/12/2018 16:35:04

Well my Holi had her maiden this afternoon. 3 flights in total. The flying weight looks about 3lb 14ozs.

I have the C of G on the main spar which is a bit forward to the plan so I will adjust by moving battery rearwards. The battery is just over the UC at the moment so it can be moved back a bit.

How does she fly. Fast but generally good manners and nice to land as long as you take care. The first flight was a bit hairy until I corrected the trim for the current C of G and she needed a lot of up trim to get her flying level. This is why I think the C of G can go rearwards. But with care!!

Rolls are a bit barrely so will be looking at aileron deflections to try to correct that. Only 2 years in the making!!!!! Got there in the end.

Two more projects on the go now for 2019 as well. A Seagull Chipmunk. 80 in wingspan probably Laser 155 powered and I am also intending to join the 2019 Mass Build which is to be Renassisance from the Lindsey Todd design which was an RC and E free plan last July. I built Skywriter (also Lyndsey Todd design) in the 2017 mass build and converted the build for an OS62V 4 stroke. She is great to fly and a favourite. Happy days.

Best wishes to all for 2019 and happy flying.



30/12/2018 11:59:58

My Holi is now covered and test run today. Just control throws to adjust before she is ready for maiden which may be on 31st.

Power is an ASP32 which will make her a bit nippy to say the least..devil


16/12/2018 14:47:39

Well my Holi finally has got back to the building board. Here are some photos of the dry assembly. She is close to covering. Mass Build 2017 (Skywriter) plus down time due to operation slowed me down but here we are at last. Looks about 3lb 3oz uncovered with just tank, battery and receiver to fit. Bit nose heavy in this condition but I should be able to move battery rearwards to counter that so looks good so far.

Modifications from plan are 2 servos in wing for aileron, plus I decided to make the wing removable as space in my garage is dwindling rapidly! Looking forward to completing her and maiden in 2019.



Thread: Announcing Plans for the 2019 Mass Build
10/10/2018 06:00:25

Hi everyone.

I built Ballerina (MB2016) and Skywriter (MB2017). The format worked well for me I must say. I did not join the 2018 MB as the choice of models was not for me. Also Skywriter build and maiden was not until May 18 so I dragged my heals a bit. However I have 2 super models which I love flying.

Skywriter is a great size model as she stays made up and has done since 1st flight. I flew her at the Hobbyking flyin a month or so ago.

Will follow this thread with interest. I really like the idea of a meet at Buckminster.



Thread: Low pass Pete's MB2017 Skywriter build
12/05/2018 15:56:18

Finally I have maidened my Skywriter. Great morning for a first flight at our Ramsey Club field.

What a lovely flyer!!!! Looks to be very aerobatic and roll rate is fast and pretty axial. Very steady on the landing and greasers on all 5 flights I had today. Well chuffed to say the least

She needed a bit of nose weight to achieve the correct C of G even with a 4 stroke upfront.. The engine I have used (OS62V Four-stroke) is inverted and runs very sweetly. Plenty of power and the model is not overpowered at all. Looks great in the air and will I am sure become a favourite. Well done to Lyndsey for a great basic design.

I may well add some additional colour to the upper wing as the silver tends to melt into the clouds somewhat however.





Thread: The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
10/04/2018 05:16:38

I have been 100% JR for many years but receiver prices have risen so much last 12 months that I have made the decision to move to a Futaba 10J. The latest Futaba is a lot lower cost for receivers such as the S3008SB. 



Edited By Low pass Pete on 10/04/2018 05:20:00

Thread: Low pass Pete's MB2017 Skywriter build
03/04/2018 12:08:54

Well at last I have made progress and my Skywriter is getting close to completion. Just a few more jobs to do but most work is now done. She is slightly tail heavy but tank, receiver and battery yet to fit so hopefully will be ok to balance her. Weight as seen is about 5ib 4oz.

Covering is Red Profilm and Silver Solatex. Canopy came from a demised Seagull Edge 540 (cut down) as did the basic UnderCart which I remodelled accordingly. Engine is an OS62V fourstroke and given the weight it will be very sprightly I would say.







Thread: Skywriter builders
24/02/2018 13:07:35
Posted by supertigrefan on 21/02/2018 19:32:57:

Would you say it's a good idea to delete the top wing ailerons and just install the lower ones?


I would retain ailerons as per plan myself.


Thread: Skywriter Design
24/02/2018 13:04:44

Yes ther are several of us that have gone the IC route. I had to move F2 rearwards to suit the engine mount therefore it had to be made taller. Ref fuel tank. Get this as high as possible to the cabane bearers so the spray bar is at a better height to the tank centreline. the hole in F3 had to be made taller but no real issue

Then just build the cowling to suit which engine you intend to use. Mine is using an OS62V another has flown on an OS52 surpass.



mount. img_5981.jpg

Thread: Skywriter builders
18/02/2018 05:48:46
Posted by Simon Feather on 17/02/2018 11:34:57:

Mine was built with an OS52 Surpass, that is more than enough to power it through long vertical lines and elegant stall turns/cubans etc, and it goes quite quick! My build thread is here: **LINK**

Definitely a favourite model, currently awaiting minor surgery as the fuel feed clunk has detached.


Hi Simon have you any advise regarding control throws?

Thanks Peter

17/02/2018 11:16:22

Hi I am building mine with an OS62 upfront. Main things are to modify plan to get tank higher take a looks at my blog "Low pass Pete Skywriter build" I don't really think I will have any issues at all. Mine is just about at the covering stage. Progress has bee slow due to a hip operation late last year but now she is on the run.

A SC or ASP52 would I am sure suit very well. Note that I have made entry for the tank height by enlarging F3. This puts centre of tank about right on carb spray bar. You do have to redesign the cowl area a bit but no real issue.


Best Regards


Thread: Tim's Skywriter Build
16/02/2018 13:19:21

Hi Tim

I am hoping to complete my Skywriter soon but looking at the plan and article published in RCM&E cannot find any ref to control throws. Any advice would be very helpful as you have flown yours.

Best Regards


Thread: Skywriter Design
16/02/2018 13:15:46

Hi there I'm nearing completion of my Skywriter build and am looking at control throws. Cannot find any reference on the plans nor on the article that was published in RCM&E in Oct 2013.

Can anyone advise on these.

Thanks very much


Thread: Superglue Removal From Canopy
27/12/2017 10:17:36

I had some undercarriage legs that needed some wood to make then look nicer. Tried all sorts of glues but finally used some Bathroom silicone sealer. Stuck fantastically and a bonus is that there is a bit of give as well. So think that this would also be a good use for canopies as well. However to date I have used Canopy glue that dries clear to good effect. It can tend to run a bit but that can be cleared by a damp cloth.



Thread: The 2018 Mass Build Ideas thread
14/11/2017 07:30:21

Hi All

I joined the 2016 and 2017 mass builds. I have been a model flyer for many years and had almost stopped building due to ARTFs etc. I take RCM&E but had not built from any free plan in yonks. Then along came Ballerina.....

Even before the MB2016 was announced I really liked the plan. It fitted in with my likes and as I had built another Peter Miller design some years ago (Werewolf). Ballerina was ideal so me as I have got a bit fed up with ARTFing. The article in RCM&E for the free plan was so good (and also current) was I feel the overall deciding factor why Ballerina eventually was such a great choice for a MB. On top the designer joined the thread which made a huge difference.

When you look at all the Ballerina builds it almost was in fact a theme. The eventual build was so varied, some followed the plan 100% others went for for electric, there were different build styles (depron) and so on. So MB 2016 morphed into a theme.

MB 2017 was very different. Essential difference was that in 2016 the choice was restricted to a small list (all based on Peters designs). 2017 almost became a free for all for suggestions and 2018 is going the same way. I really liked the Skywriter design and voted for it and I'm still building her. I am actually a slow builder and on occasions can lose interest if I get into the summer months when other interests come into the frame. Looks as if John Stones had the same experience.

So why did the 2017 not succeed when 2016 was so good. The answer for me was simple...Too much choice. The eventual winner (Skywriter) is a very nice looking plane, but for some was more complicated for a short timescale build. Hence in my opinion it eventually appealed to a less wide audience. Not being a current plan may also have had an effect.

I quite like the idea of a theme and perhaps limiting the choice to say free RCM&E plans from the last year would be the way to go. However that could mean lack of choice for a very inexperienced build as some free plans are not always very simple straightforward builds.

I put up Holi as a 2018 contender but looking at the vote Chillbreeze and Grumpy Tigercat look to be more ahead. Tigercat for me would be a no build as I am not into twins.

That it from me.

Best regards


Thread: Low pass Petes Build thread for Holi (Dereck Woodward Design)
03/11/2017 17:41:06

Hi Piers

Your build looks great so far. Wing looks superb. I am amazed that my blog has actually inspired a 2nd build so I hope you enjoy finishing her.

I put Holi up for a contender for the 2018 mass build but do not expect it to win the vote.

Best Wishes and happy flying


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