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Thread: Amazon completes first Prime Air delivery in Cambridge
15/12/2016 11:53:59

Would a powerful water pistol or a high pressure hose be effective against them, or even a rainy day?

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
13/11/2016 16:19:48

Just tried to put in a order for some electric props and a adapter from HK, props would have had to come from West coast USA and the adapter from HongKong. Think I'll go elsewhere.

31/10/2016 11:04:11

Finally managed to log in to HK, needn't have bothered. They could save space by saying what's in stock and not bothering tell what they don't have, 'World wide'.

Thread: Life Today and Customer "Choice".
20/10/2016 05:35:52

When ever I go into Costa and ask for 'black coffee please' I'm always asked "would you like milk with that". I've tried various answers like "Would that make it blacker" to the simple "no thanks" only to be met with astonishment. Bill Bryson once covered the whole subject with more humour and just a hint of anger.

Thread: How windy is too windy?
29/09/2016 11:53:28

Last week I went to my usual flying field and the wind was moving around a bit. Managed two flights and got both models down safely, even if my heart rate had reached dodgy levels. Next day wind was just from one direction, managed nine flights before duty called. Wind speeds were forecast to be between 10 mph and 12 mph on both days.

Thread: Magazines gone under
28/09/2016 21:44:05

The shop where I buy my RCM&E has about five different magazines on tractors. I would have thought, even in a rural market, that must be over supply.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
31/08/2016 12:17:17

Thanks 'WolstonFlyer', I had ordered from them but they accepted the order but didn't deliver the goods and won't acknowledge my e-mails. I'm in dispute with them and PayPal have raised a issue with them.

31/08/2016 10:24:22

Hi, don't know if this is the right place to ask, but does anybody know of a UK supplier for EPP foam sheets, 15mm thick. Have tried loads of places but all they can supply is polystyrene. Thanks for any help.

Thread: Line of Sight
27/07/2016 08:37:45

Don't forget when Thatcher stole 27Mhz because she thought she'd get more votes from the illegals using 'Citizen's Band radio', whatever happened to them?

Thread: The ingenuity of man........
15/07/2016 11:35:24

Don't know which is my favourite but rocket bike butcher has to be a serious contender.

Thread: Spring has sprung , who's been flying?
07/05/2016 16:00:27

Had my first outing of the year yesterday, the weather was superb. Only damage was a prop when a model pecked on takeoff, grass was a bit long. Only stopped flying when I got to the "Just one more flight" stage so all models made it home in one piece.

Thread: More Flooding
29/12/2015 20:04:07

A lot of the flooding could be prevented if they hadn't stopped dredging the Ouse back in '82.

Thread: Christmas '78 - Learning to Fly -' oh Betty the plane is out of control'.
24/12/2015 22:03:38

Still think John Finnegan's 'Cabin Pressure' is the real thing. From my time in Transport Command a lot of the programme rings true.

Thread: Where are we going to fly?
06/09/2015 08:51:03

Can I suggest the purchase of those high powered water pistols to make commercial drones less viable.

Thread: Lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut
17/05/2015 15:56:19

It's a pity some of 16 Sqn's low level BI8 photos aren't available, especially the ones from El Adem where you can recognise the squaddies regiment by the photo of his belt buckle, now that was low flying, the guy was digging a trench at the time.

Thread: Giant Shark - what's happening?
15/05/2015 21:48:53

Best of luck with the HK Euro order Bob, 14 days and counting for my order, contacted them and they said as I hadn't paid fro tracking it was my problem. I'll see what PayPal has to say about that.

Thread: Concorde, 10 years
11/05/2015 10:18:58

When I was at RAF Upavon we had some administrative duties for Filton and Fairford. Used to watch them engine testing, for Concorde, at Boscombe Down. Good luck with the apprenticeship.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
10/05/2015 16:25:43

John, your right in your description but most people won't recognise a urinary extraction vehicle even when it stares them in the face.

Thread: Giant Shark - what's happening?
04/05/2015 15:56:37

Stopped using them when they charged me postage for a duff charger they sent me even when they'd re-imbursed me for it. Only wanted dialogue after I mentioned it on the forum, swore then never again.

Thread: How much do you have invested in your current models and kit?
01/05/2015 10:20:19

I find my spending on models/rc gear is still cheaper than renting beer by the night, it's also more enjoyable.

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