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Thread: It's the grand pre-Xmas (better stuff than normal) giveaway!
21/12/2013 04:53:31

Yes please

Thread: Second build project
06/12/2013 09:20:42

Have you had a look at the Slec website? LINK

On that link I put up there is a funfly and also a Limbo dancer, which is quite similar to the cougar. Both of these have the option of electric or IC


05/12/2013 09:18:12

Hi Nigel

I too enjoy building as much if not more than flying. As my first low wing model I built a Sig Four Star 60, it is a fantastic first low wing model it was so easy to fly.

It has a built up wing and really easy to follow step by step instructions.

£103 from Sussex Model Centre LINK

There is some pictures of the build in my album.

I also considered a Mick Reeves Gangster although I wanted a tail ddragger.

Would you consider building from plans? Maybe with a plan pack?

Edited By Dean on 05/12/2013 09:19:46

Thread: How many of these actually took to the air?
30/11/2013 17:11:03

I picked up a complete kit for one of these for a bargain price, started to build it, then realised one wing weighed more than my complete Kamco kavalier plan built model!!! That didn't encourage me to carry on with it so sold it on.

Thread: Winter Tyres
27/11/2013 17:28:59
Posted by John F on 27/11/2013 15:04:14:

Sorry Vecchio but I don't agree. I am a Medic in the RAF. We do offroad training and lots of different terrain driving for roles where we are deployed. The most important thing we have learned is that you don't need specialist tyres, you just need to know how to handle the conditions that you're presented with.

Winter Tyres are going to be fine for snow but have no benefit on a normal, snow less, road thereafter. In fact the winter tyre can have an opposite effect and induce a false expectation of being safer, meaning the driver is still driving in a normal style in conditions that warrant a much more careful and considered approach.

Covering the roads around RAF Flyingdales for a few years taught me that many road users do not adjust their driving according to conditions and quickly pay the price for it.

Sorry I have to disagree here. If we were talking about snow tyres, with deep grooves and metal studs then yes they would only be useful for snow and useless on treated roads. however as they are winter tyres they are more than just for snow. They work far better than standard tyres in temperatures below seven degrees by reducing braking distances. The uk average temp between November and march is below seven degrees so they would be quite useful for 5 months of the year.

Winter tyres have a different compound and tread pattern to regular tyres, which gives them extra grip. Summer tyres in the same conditions become harder, less ‘elastic’ and consequently suffer from reduced performance.

Thread: Which transmitter?
26/11/2013 14:45:48

Mine has just turned up!!

Ordered at 12:54 yesterday arrived today 14:30! Great service Robotbirds thank you.

26/11/2013 12:22:01

Well I decided to go for the Taranis!

Hi Andrew

I must have ordered mine from Robotbirds about the same time as you, so with a bit of luck mine may turn up today too!!

25/11/2013 13:03:33

Thanks for the replies

Andrew, the Taranis is showing in stock at robotbirds it has a reciever with it for £169 which I didn't think was to bad a price, I have also just rang them to confirm they do actually have them they said yes they do!!


25/11/2013 10:24:33

Morning all,

where do I start, well to cut a long story short about 6 months ago I decided to quit the hobby due to paying for private speech therapy for my little boy, so sold off most of my modelling gear.

How things can change in six months!!! We now have a lot of help from the NHS plus loads of overtime at work means things are certainly looking up. So I am, after a 6 month break starting up again!!

I have been advised that, due to my future hopes of warbirds and in particular building a large multi engined bomber, I will need more than six channels in the future. Which seems completely logical.

I have looked at the FrSky Taranis my only issue being will I need all the fancy stuff it can do? And do I need a PC to use it/update it, as we don't have one!! We just use an iPad.

Also 2nd hand I have been looking at the Futaba FF9 and after some advice the JR dsx9 which I quite like, any opinions on these?

I want to spent around £150 on the Transmitter so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Dean

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
20/11/2013 22:56:16
Posted by GrahamWh on 20/11/2013 17:56:39:

Hello Chaps,

Very nice pics of the pups on the thread guys and a very informative build. I am in the process of scratch building a puppeteer from a Flair plan and am just about to start on the undercarriage. Please could someone say at what angle to the vertical the undercarriage legs are when viewed from the front? The Sopwith pup legs were at about 20 degrees, but the Flair pup looks closer to 45 on the pictures people have posted. Alternatively, the length of axle between its attachments to the legs?



Edited By Graham Whitehouse on 20/11/2013 17:59:01

Edited By Graham Whitehouse on 20/11/2013 17:59:28

Hi Graham, I am part way through building my pup, some pictures in this thread are of mine, if it is of any help I could photograph bits of the plans that may help or if you require I could photocopy the relevant bits and post them.



Edit: just re read you have got the plans, but if there is any extra you need give me a shout

Edited By Dean on 20/11/2013 22:58:56

Thread: Forum draw to win tickets to the Model Engineer Exhibition 13-15 Dec.
19/11/2013 16:08:31

Sounds fantastic! Count me in

Thread: Help with model ID
06/07/2013 22:12:04

Thanks again Tony!

sounds like it will be worth my while overhauling it then

06/07/2013 21:57:18




06/07/2013 21:56:00

I have just got this model, I have no idea what it is! As you can see from the photos it has mechanical retracts fitted, pretty sure it is a tail dragger.

Wingspan is around 66" and fuselage length is 57"

it is fitted with an old Irvine .61


Thread: You can teach monkeys to fly better than that! Cambrian Spitfire
21/06/2013 17:22:38


Looking forward to this build. Have you checked out Hobbyking for scale oleo's?

In the link below are some scale oleo's 105mm long but the pin diameter is 3mm. There may be others suitable on hobbyking's website



Edited By Dean on 21/06/2013 17:24:09

Thread: What 3rd model?
13/06/2013 15:24:08


I need some help deciding what to get next, I feel I need to make a move forward and fly something a bit more tricky. Eventually I want to fly warbirds, I have a Puppeteer and TN B-17 mid build and plans for a Stuka. As I have plenty to build I think I'm after an ARTF or maybe even a foamie.

Currently I fly a Wot4 and a four star 60 and have a Kamco Kavalier vey nearly completed.

I have had a great suggestion of a Havard, would be great to learn to use retracts and flaps.

Others I have thought of are Tucano or a P-47.



Edited By Dean on 13/06/2013 15:24:51

Thread: Getting back into R/C after a ten year break.
13/06/2013 10:07:47

Hi Darren

welcome to the forum and welcome back to the hobby.

I have had a break from flying, it really does get under your skin and you always have it in the back of your head "to start flying again."

once a model flyer always a model flyer!!!

Thread: Unexpected Item in Bagging Area...
12/06/2013 09:56:19

I always thought Tesco was a bit Deer!

Thread: Royal b17 scratch build
11/06/2013 09:46:32

Very nice Adam, I have started building a Tony Nijhuis B-17 that is slightly smaller at 72" and is for electric power.

will this one be I.C powered?


Thread: UBEC
11/06/2013 09:42:05

Hi John

if it is any help, the two models I fly use 5 Futaba 3003s in each, I use a 4.8v 2000 mah battery, no problems whatsoever.

The only thing I have been told about is that with high Mah Rx batteries they are good at supplying a low current for a long time but not a lot of current in a burst, to me if you're not moving all 5 servos to the full range in one fast movement it will be ok,

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