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Thread: Fugly build/kit review
03/06/2019 18:02:49

Alan, on mine the spar web is not balsa but thin ply.


Thread: Aerial shots from my HK Cub
24/05/2019 19:32:38

What a waste of my time that was, including the opening "credits" which lasted over a minute. Self indulgent, or what?

I rest my case.

No apology this time, Ian

24/05/2019 12:12:19

I mean no disrespect to anyone and especially not to Cliff - each to his own etc - and I feel certain I am in a small minority, but I have to say I find these types of videos utterly and completely boring.

Whilst the person doing the filming, and others, may get enjoyment whilst watching playback from the videos, it does nothing for me. Looking at fields from above? No thank you. The brief part showing the model in the air from the perspective of the flier - great. But the rest, forget it.

With apologies, Ian.

Thread: Sticky throttle
15/04/2019 13:47:42

Would it be possible to cut the throttle by flicking a switch 3 times making it go through zero 3 times within, say, 1 second, or so - similar to the way in which the self-test is initiated with the S6R and S8R?

This would not be too onerous when cutting the throttle on purpose but would be unlikely to happen accidentally whilst flying or any other time.

I take the point about accidentally knocking the switch whilst flying. I am using switch SF as the sticky throttle cut switch but have reversed it so that when towards me the throttle is off and when away from me it is on. This maintains a larger gap between it and the adjacent SE switch so that my fat fingers are less likely to inadvertently cut the throttle. Also, when putting the TX down on its back, the switch is already in the "towards me" position and the throttle is off. If it was the other way round, then putting the TX down on its back might inadvertently flick the switch and enable the throttle.

However, I still think the 3-way flick would be the ultimate safe way of not accidentally cutting the throttle.

Anybody know how to do this?

Thread: Online magazine viewer problems
12/03/2019 23:42:57

The April issue is still using the same rubbish viewer.

I think its time to complain - I pay for a Print + Digital subscription and I'm sorry to say that the digital version is not fit for purpose.

Now I see that, when zooming in, some of the print characters overlap and some characters are missing. Along with problems trying to navigate around. It really is a rubbish system.

Beth, don't let the tail wag the dog. Tell your IT guy to reinstate the old viewer.

Thread: S6R receivers
22/02/2019 12:54:26

Hello Chris and Mike

Yes, it was a servo thing. The Max Thrust servos in the Riot twitch upon power up but move nowhere near as much as the Airtek Kpower servos did.

I have fitted the S6R into the Riot temporarily and everything is functioning as I would expect.

Thank You to everyone who answered my queries. Without your help I would still be pulling my hair out. I really am very grateful.


21/02/2019 00:35:55

Thanks Chris and Mike.

I'll put the Rx into my Riot tomorrow and see if the Max Thrust servos behave themselves (I'm using Airtek Kpower servos on the bench)


20/02/2019 20:02:27

Nope - just done yet another 2 Self Checks and I still get more than 90 degs movement on powering up.

When I move the Rx on the bench, in Auto Level mode, the most movement I get does seem to correspond with the maximum throws from the Self Check. Its just powering up where I get a problem.


20/02/2019 17:12:29

Still on the bench.

I am replacing an X6R in my Riot with this S6R. I have set the S6R %age throws on the Mixer screen the same as they were with the X6R. This gives approximately 30 degs of movement either side of centre.

When I power up on the bench, the servos begin to move erratically for 2 or 3 seconds whilst the led on the Rx is red and yellow, then the led turns green and the servos snap back to their centre position. During this erratic movement the servos sometimes move to well over 90 degs. This happens with the stabiliser turned on or off. I would assume it is a Rx thing since it happens in the 2 to 3 seconds that it takes for the Tx to take control when the led turns green.

I am concerned that this initial dance may drive the servos in the Riot beyond the limits of movement in the control surfaces and damage either the servos or the control surfaces or the linkages.

Is there any way of reducing or removing this movement upon powering up?


(sorry to keep banging on about this pesky S6R)

19/02/2019 23:14:29

I haven't "back-tracked" to find what was wrong, yet, but just a few thoughts...

I don't think it was a Rx number problem since everything worked normally when I disabled the stabilisation function. I don't think it was my messing with the Special functions since the Channel Monitor showed normal movements. I don't think it was a with/without luac problem. I don't think it was a Self Check problem.

Since the problem only arose with the ailerons, elevator and rudder - the throttle worked normally - I think it was sloppy technique with the initial calibration process via the Tx. I believe I may have been fooled by the transmitter telling me to press enter in order to go on to the next calibration position without checking to see if the yellow led on the Rx had stopped flashing and turned green. Additionally, since I had to keep both the Tx and the Rx relatively close to each other on the bench, the "telemetry lost" warning kept coming and going.

This morning I paid particular attention during calibration and everything appears to be working OK. I'll revert to my initial Rx number and put my Special Functions back and see what happens.


19/02/2019 10:57:56

Hello Mike

Working properly ! At least on the bench.

I re-flashed the firmware to my Tx - without luac - put in a new Rx number, removed a couple of my own lines from Special Functions, re-calibrated via the Tx, performed a Self Check and the servos appear to be working as they should.

I'm not sure which of the above, or combination thereof, were causing the problem but when I've got time I'll back-track and try to find out what I was doing wrong. I'll let you know (just to add to your knowledge base, so to speak)

Personally, I think I jiggered things on Special Functions but I would add that calibrating via the Tx seems a bit hit and miss. In future, I think I will calibrate via the PC and use the Tx only to make adjustments.

Again, many thanks for your help. Ian

PS I was disabling the S6R altogether, not just Quick Mode.

PPS What is luac ???

19/02/2019 00:10:37

Mike, I'm fairly sure I turned off Quick Mode, only. I'll make sure tomorrow am and also try using a different Rx number.

Many thanks for taking the trouble to help me. Ian.

18/02/2019 19:57:23

Sorry, Mike. I thought I had covered everything but forgot to say that I performed the Self Check. The blue led came on, the servos danced and when they stopped I moved the sticks to their extremes - but not the throttle - but the servos didn't move this time. Powered off then on again - nothing.

Thanks for the link, Eagle. I have read that thread but will re-read it.


PS   I should add that the Channel Monitor on the TX shows the movements I would expect.   Ditto Companion. 

Edited By IanR on 18/02/2019 20:08:32

18/02/2019 18:19:18

Well, I would set the trims and carry on, except...

My X9D+ is upgraded to 2.2.3 (ae5ac05b) downloaded from Companion with lua, luac. eu and noheli selected on the settings page, the Bootloader is 2.2.3 and I have flashed 2 x S6Rs with the latest RX firmware (s6rlbt20180328_1.frk). I have used the lua from the TX to calibrate the S6Rs with the default Quick Mode. Whilst in the lua script I reduced the Rudder Gain slightly but left all the other parameters untouched (because I don't understand them).

I fitted an S6R into my Riot and only the throttle worked. The rudder would twitch ever so slightly but the ailerons and elevator were completely dead.

I have tried both S6Rs on the bench connected to servos with the same result.

I have gone back into the lua and disabled Quick Mode and the servos react normally. Then re-enabled Quick Mode and back to square 1 - no joy.

Can someone please help. (and also explain why lua and luac)

Thanks. Ian

17/02/2019 13:20:59

So set the trims as necessary and carry on !

Thanks for the replies. Ian

17/02/2019 10:49:25

A question about trims for an S6R in Quick Mode.

I can see how the trims work in Stabilisation Mode. Whatever position the sticks or the trims are holding, the S6R tries to remove any unwanted movement.

However, if I apply trim to achieve straight and level when the S6R is in Normal Mode (i.e. with the stabiliser and auto-level functions turned off) what happens when I enter Autolevel mode?

For instance, say I do the Self-Check on the bench without any trim applied. Then at the field, when flying in Normal Mode, I need to apply trim to prevent a roll to the left. The Self-Check has been done without any trim, so what happens when I switch on Autolevel mode?

Does the S6R ignore the trim I have applied and simply try to achieve the attitude of the plane when the Self-Check was done? Or will the trim kick in and "fight" the S6R's autolevel position?

(I have upgraded to Opentx 2.2.3 and up-dated the S6R firmware and am setting up at home.)


Thread: Online magazine viewer problems
15/02/2019 23:31:16

Hello Beth

Is there a good reason for changing the viewer or is it just change for change's sake? As the others have said, can we please have the old viewer back.


Thread: Catastrophe!
25/01/2019 16:30:44

I don't understand how to check the servos with a Watt Meter. I thought the Watt Meter only told you what was going on with the drivetrain.


Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
01/01/2019 09:46:46

Very, very sad and shocking news.

Rest in peace.


Thread: Ammo box
15/11/2018 23:15:37

Pat, try here. f:0">

I bought a couple a while back - they are very clean.


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