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Thread: Slough RCM
16/01/2019 18:33:45

Turn your machine off, reboot it.

Thread: Gyro assisted CofG
16/01/2019 15:04:03

I can't help think that this is like the Fermi paradox, on the existence of aliens he said, "if they exist, why aren't they here"

It's so obvious, why is it not routine. I just chop wood.

Thread: BAe Hawk T1 micro pusher parkflyer
16/01/2019 14:53:31

get a mate to chuck it. Good luck.

Thread: Krick Klemm or Mantua AvioModelli Fiesler Storch or neither
16/01/2019 11:08:29

Mine had a RCV 60, swinging a scale diameter prop, so that might give an indication of power needs for a low KV electric setup, as the RCV engine has a 2/1 reduction gearbox.

16/01/2019 10:01:41

I built the Mantua Storch back in the 90s. I get the similarities to boat building. They make 2 versions, one has a foam wing which tends to porky, one version is built up. The build of the thing was a nightmare. Just to build the fuselage top half, and bottom halves necessitated 2 custom made jigs to keep them straight. Loads of trouble for what is very much semiscale. Flew OK.

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
15/01/2019 20:56:12

So, a modern 200v, has just gone on e Bay for £360, plus postage.

Thread: Contacting retailers
15/01/2019 12:38:15

Nah, you likes a good argument STF. May your propellor remain unbroken.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
15/01/2019 09:57:44

SR71, just wait until friendly personalised offers you can't refuse come along, because they have sold your data again.

Thread: Contacting retailers
15/01/2019 07:20:47

Als Hobbies will know, give um a ring.

Thread: Motorcycles and model flying
14/01/2019 17:04:53

Get a Jap bike and don't break down.

But on post, the 163 mentioned above, 900 mm span, could go in a box, and with a proper clamp down to a top box carrier, edge on, would be stable and in the rider's wind shadow. Assuming a touring bike rather that a GP lookalike

Thread: Gyro assisted CofG
14/01/2019 16:16:10

Don't know, but a few thoughts.

Some of us use a forward CG, and a coarse elevator. Some use a CG further back, with small throws. This bloke started with a 25% CG, which I think is well forward, but that's his choice, his plane. He then moves it back, until he has a "wild ride", he describes. Now, I would reckon, any aircraft which has had its CG shifted from 25% to 37% without altering the control throws is going to bite. I wonder if any attempt was made to tame it without giro, and he never got to the stage where it's in unstable territory.

Still a whole ball park away from using it on a serious already weighty, rearward CG maiden warbird

I personally would have a go. No use if you won't fly it. But I would be kicking myself that I failed to get that back end less on the porky side, and/or not got the radio bits, batteries etc well forward.

But I might also be tempted to get it up with the lead up front, fly it carefully, and shift the lead out, once I've got it trimmed with the giro also trimmed out.

Hope he succeeds. Game of blood this hobby.

Thread: Depth placement
13/01/2019 19:09:38
Posted by john stones 1 on 13/01/2019 18:45:27:

Well simply put, my eyesight is not as good as it once was, hearing as well, bones n joints ache a bit also. My long time experience of modellers is you've always been further out than you think, but won't admit to it unless a tree says so.

Ain't that so.

Edit, but what gets me, is, when it happens, yer eyes keep going for a second, til reality intrudes.

Edited By Don Fry on 13/01/2019 19:11:58

Thread: Motorcycles and model flying
13/01/2019 19:04:41

When I rode bikes, Goldwings were the equivalent of drones. Too big to thread though traffic, occupant too stupid to realise others could. Mirrors a mobile fly killer.

I have been known to simply strap a small model to the rear racks. 4 foot, under 40 mph, country road, 6, 7 miles.

Thread: powered beginners glider(with wheel under fuse)
13/01/2019 15:06:41

HobbyKing Bixler is quite capable of soaring. And it has a "proper" undercarriage.

Thread: Nutball
12/01/2019 19:25:04

Thank you David, got the concept. Thank you for the carbon fibre website. I had lost the address, they are good, and they do epoxy colours, just the job for a epoxy skinned aircraft, to get a weight free base colour.

Query, if you stuff an epoxy coated balsa core, in a protruded tube, would that not improve rotational stability to stress fracture.

Edit, for a fee, my whippets like mice for breakfast. Small high speed bits of fun, the mice, not the whippets.

Edited By Don Fry on 12/01/2019 19:30:34

Thread: Famous model flyers
12/01/2019 15:22:55
Posted by leccyflyer on 12/01/2019 06:40:15:

I listened to an excellent programme on Radion 4 Extra the other evening about Stepher Hawking and discovered that he was an aeromodeller in his youth, specifically a radio control aeroplane flyer.


Thread: Nutball
12/01/2019 15:17:58

David, is the motor mount just plugged onto the carbon spine, with a (filled epoxy?) load spreading ( balsa?) cone?

Thread: Brexit-Deal or No deal.
11/01/2019 19:04:41

I don't quite understand the question. In practice, if the UK is no longer a member of EASA, then U.K. regulations in relation to model aircraft might diverge. As as a side line, If outside a customs union, UK and EU hobbyshops are not going to trade across the English Channel. But the wind still blows, and aircraft can fly.

But, a major point is keeping a belief that the likes of Johnson, Rees Mogg, and Fox keep telling, that 70 million people dictate terms to 500 million, that 70 million countries dictate trade terms on the same basis as 500 million blocks, and all the other beliefs they expound, that economists are wrong, and a bright future awaits. If wrong, the hobby won't do well.

I well remember 2008, buying stuff for pennies on E Bay. I was not one of the poor souls pitched out of work.

Thread: Latent Servo Response
11/01/2019 13:49:46

I had an own design 6 foot hack, designed to take different engines, fly nicely in any conditions. Good it was too. It went in. Everything was tested to death. It was put down to, but not proven, to a switch. Then a second one went in. Plan built for an 80. A glow motor job, and it went to failsafe. (First was petrol, and they stop on loss of power, or signal). It was the receiver, new, expensive, high end piece of scrap, going to fail safe every hour or so.

I never found out what was wrong, because I took out my frustration and anger at it and myself by jumping up and down on it until it was mashed into the gravel path. That's about 400 hours of work lost.

Not trusted goes in the bin. You know it makes sense.

Thread: My last foam board build before the balsa journey
11/01/2019 09:07:05

And when you do go balsa, remember the board. There's a lot to be said for hybrid foam/balsa airframes. Depron wing ribs spring to mind. Cheap, quick, light. What's not to like.

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