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Thread: Fuse
25/03/2019 19:09:11
Posted by PatMc on 25/03/2019 17:26:48:

David, if you have decided on the Caprice you can get a set of laser cut ribs from here, saves a fair bit of hassle.
I've got a rib set for a Graupner Amigo glider which were excellent quality.

For fair, read a lot. A plane flys on its wing. And cutting ribs is a knack.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
25/03/2019 11:50:40

Glad to hear it's overpowered. One of they is my next build, after all the maintenance and repairs jobs (which is taking forever because I am prevaricating)

My planned install of a Laser 160v was looking weedy until, I read your comments.

The front air scoop, push the air up, and drag out as manufacturers vents on the cowl bottom?

Edited By Don Fry on 25/03/2019 11:51:12

Thread: Charge currents
24/03/2019 13:04:55

The lead acid. A tenth of capacity, on the PB program. So that's 700mAh. That's conservative, and the charger gets to 2.4 v per cell and starts to slow the charge.

the enloops are a bit more complex. Your charger will try to detect a full battery, it's a very small rise in cell voltages, detected amoung rising voltages as the cell charges.

Bottom line is, the charger misses the peak if the charge current is too low. Most folk reckon to do it at about 1/2c, to c. So that's 1 amp to 2 amps for the 4.8 v pack. The transmitter pack, same maths, look on the side for its capacity.

C is the capacity of the battery as written on the pack, i.e. 2000 mAh on your 4.8v pack.

That sort of cell is not fussy, and if you were in a hurry, with your charger, you could double the charge current.

Edited By Don Fry on 24/03/2019 13:05:48

24/03/2019 12:23:43

What sort of charger are you using. Does it try to detect if the battery is fully charged, or is it a dumb charger. Makes a big difference to how you charge batteries.

Edited By Don Fry on 24/03/2019 12:24:21

Thread: Fuse
23/03/2019 19:32:21

But, I would advise, you are on a radio control website. Search the Web, "free flight gliders".

They will be a lot more knowledgeable about that branch of the hobby, and bottom line they will be more up to speed about current trends, and responsibilities, of free flight machines. Be aware, you can get seriously in trouble with old bill if you fly too high, or in the wrong place.

And, you have not yet have the joy of watching you pride and joy, climb in a thermal, and disappear from a dot in the sky, to nothing, before the fuse burnt through.

I would fit a radio controlled version of the fuse.

Mind instead of doing that, I would fit a second servo in the elevator, and rudder, and you get back to an Orangebox.

23/03/2019 06:54:40

A square box is the easiest to make because it is the easiest to get everything square, and symmetrical. If you are starting out, a good kit is IMO the way to go, because you have some instructions to follow, and the wood supplied will be fit for purpose (hopefully).

PatMc, thank you for that, I will store that knowledge away.

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
22/03/2019 17:28:29
Posted by PatMc on 22/03/2019 13:46:58:
Posted by kc on 22/03/2019 11:05:44:

Some clubs have completely different types of flying sites to others. Any club in an urban area flying in a public park with houses all around and roads alongside will need to be much more careful to avoid problems than a club flying miles from houses and surrounded only by fields. Hence the rules may need to be different.

It's so easy to import a Rx direct from China which may have been tried and found OK or it might be completely unproven in UK. You probably cannot afford to experiment to see if mixed makes cause any problems if you are a club in an urban environment. But in a club flying miles from any member of the public you might be able to experiment safely with an untried combination of Rx and Tx.

Edited By kc on 22/03/2019 11:06:47

The law is the same wherever your club is. The same level of diligence is universally applicable.

But in all fairness PatMc, I have a scannned area, not smaller than 500 m by 500 m, in front of me where I can crash in safety, and in practice bigger than that but not scanned. I appreciate KC's point. Some areas are a bit tighter, and need a rule or two to minimise risk. Still not accepting that blanket bans on the likes of Orange and Lemon is justified.

Thread: Fuse
22/03/2019 16:57:05

PatMc, I've been toying with building a flat field soarer, is a 100s type much better than an Orange Box type. I would like a casual low key machine, probably with a motor on the front. Plan build. Not a great investment in time.

Edited By Don Fry on 22/03/2019 16:57:29

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
22/03/2019 11:03:13

Permit in law is a bit more restrictive. Lend someone your car with duff tyres is permitting its use. Knowing someone else has duff tyres on a car not controlled by you is not permitting in law.

Thread: What's your rate limiting step?
22/03/2019 10:29:32

Joining tailfeathers to fuselage, wings to fuselage, interplane and cabana struts. These have to be right, and the world will know if you haven't got it right.

Thread: Apache aviation engin mounts
22/03/2019 07:32:49

I will try and find them.

Thread: RCV Engines
22/03/2019 07:23:12

I have one of these. Naked in the airstream it is fine.

If cowled, it needs careful air management to prevent overheating, as it needs air moving up and down, or side to side, rather than front to back. Nice engine once run in, but they can be slow to run in. I think mine is an early one, and for at least two hours would not tickover well enough to land. I used to dead stick it, but it eventually ran itself in.

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
21/03/2019 19:59:14

John is right, you have a committee. You voted for them, or not. You stood if you disapproved, or not. If the result of the democratic process, is somewhat swivel eyed, blimpish, or just plain barking mad bunch of yellow vests, they were your choice .

Thread: Apache aviation engin mounts
21/03/2019 19:51:14

I might have an (unused) set of rubber bits in the scrapbox. Warning they would be from the turn of the century, but unused, and stored in cool dry place.

If I forget, busy week coming up, do me a PM to nag. I bought one of their kits, and I had a set with the kit, but I'm not into antivibration mounts, so they would end up,in the scrap box. But the box might have had a sort out, but they aren't big, so would not get prioritised to chuck. No reply by Sunday noon, nag. Mine would have been for their PT 19, so 70 FS size. Is this the right size for you?

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
21/03/2019 13:37:35

My club hasn't got a safety officer, or any system, and it can get dangerous. Take care.

Thread: DC Lipo Charger
20/03/2019 20:20:23

Good choice. A charger wot works, and a favour owed from someone with esoteric skills.

Thread: Castor oil in 4 stroke engines
20/03/2019 19:39:06

ASH, what might work, is heat the engine to high temperatures, say 400, 500 ° C, and flood it with oxygen, or chlorine. That would burn it off. Apart from that, nothing much touches carbon

Edited By Don Fry on 20/03/2019 19:39:42

Thread: DC Lipo Charger
20/03/2019 19:27:39

It's broken. Why risk kit with it.

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
20/03/2019 19:13:19

That's me described. Cheers John.

You forgot the over ambitious bit, and  low violent manoeuvre. That shakes them transistors up. 

Edited By Don Fry on 20/03/2019 19:14:20

20/03/2019 17:03:25

Probably not a logic mindset. After all, the world is a flat disc, measles vaccine causes autism, and Liverpool will win the premiership. ( I know nothing about football and needed a third example, add team of you own as required).

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