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Thread: Wot4 foam-e wing failures
05/06/2017 19:24:26
I had a blue one many years ago that I flew until I smashed it in. This was repaired and crashed many a time. The replacement was flown until one day I misjudged a fence trying the flying under it at ever increasing speeds! Again repaired over and over. All those times I never debonded the wing. I've had to glue massive cracks straight along them and heat up to pop out big dents, but the glue never went. I threw that one out a year or so ago when it was looking very worse for wear.

To get back into flying I purchased another this year - the revised model. I've not had debonding issues but I might have a good look at the wing to double check. Maybe they've changed the glue used? The old one was some white, rubbery sealant type glue.

I have noticed the decals have a lot less stick than the old ones. They keep on curling up and trying to depart company with the surface.

Edited By Simon Chambers on 05/06/2017 19:25:07

Thread: Weston Park 2017
04/06/2017 19:09:24
DB had retired?! Noooooooo

Thanks for the response guys. The fact it's much quieter makes it very tempting to go on Friday. However knowing my luck it'll be a retailer that I want to go to that won't be there then.

In past years I have found that even though Sat/Sun gets busy, it usually is not rammed. Has it got any busier in recent years?
02/06/2017 00:14:42
After at least 3yr hiatus from flying, thanks to buying house/getting married/new job/etc, I finally managed to get back out on the field and did some flying! I bought a good ol' Wot4 foam-e to get in the air quick and brush up on my flying skills.

Now I have a big backlog of aircraft that require maintenance and thus need stuff. I'm thinking of going down to Weston Park show this year and pick up some stuff. However I'm tempted to take off the day at work and go on the Friday this time. As I've never been and heard mixed thing about what is actually around on that day and ready for selling in previous years, is it worth going on a Friday or better on the Sat/Sun?

Admittedly it was quite a few years ago since I heard about Friday so things could very much have changed!

Thread: stuck to one Manufactures 2.4Ghz protocol no more
02/06/2017 00:08:09
Nope, all the RF chipsets are exactly the same from the manufacturer. So the TI CC2500 that powers Futaba S-FHSS, FrSky, et al. is exactly the same spec device between them. These RF devices are used everywhere from keyboards to doorbells and so are dirt cheap.

The analog RF front end does need to be correctly matched to perform correctly. However with RF devices with minimal external components, this is pretty straightforward. RF and especially 2.4GHz designs are pretty tolerant to getting the design wrong but still performing satisfactorily.

Shame no-one has stumped up to get this module properly tested through a notified body to get a proper CE mark and FCC ID.
Thread: The FrSky revolution - very worried men?
01/06/2015 23:23:06
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 01/06/2015 23:10:26:

Absolutely NOT.... the GNU Licence is not a version specific agreement, it is a legally binding contract- it permits non-commercial use of the product and may or may not permit end user modification, it also confers the rights to levy a fee for commercial users - whether FrSky carry the cost themselves or pass it on is irrelevant to the terms on the Licence Contract.


Eh? Not sure quite what GNU GPL you've been reading, but there is no terms about commercial use or anything about paying royalties/licence fees/etc in the way your saying. In fact there is nothing to stop someone selling it, as long as the original and any modifications on the source code are released. In fact this happens very often...

For example:

Netgear router Linux source

Sky set-top boxes

This is the licence that OpenTX is released under.

Also bare in mind that the developers on OpenTX aren't the original developers who worked on it. Nor is it the only Open Transmitter firmware around - admittedly almost all are from the same base code.


Edited By Simon Chambers on 01/06/2015 23:27:40

Thread: Hitec Aurora 9
17/02/2015 19:35:11
Posted by Victors on 17/02/2015 18:27:57:

Flying Crust - The models on all occasions rolled aggressively all to the left. Nothing else was common each plane having its own Rx which were either 6 or 7 channel Optimas. I will check the stick movement using the system menu but at the moment have no confidence in the transmitter at all.

Thanks for the comments

Sounds like either a loose connection on the wire the aileron stick potentiometer to the PCB or a dodgy potentiometer. I'd take the back off and give the connectors a wobble while its on and see if its possible to replicate.


Thread: 10J Reciever ID
22/01/2015 11:14:57
Posted by adrian lawrence 1 on 22/01/2015 09:05:29:

Telemetry aside, surely the receiver sends some information back to the transmitter (at close range) during the binding process. If this were not the case how would my transmitter know which transmission protocol the receiver is using and display it on the screen? By the way none of my receivers are telemetry capable.

Edited By adrian lawrence 1 on 22/01/2015 09:06:56

The T10J only supports S-FHSS (non-telemetry) and T-FHSS (telemetry). So if a T-FHSS receiver binds, as it is a telemetry receiver, it will receive back from the receiver that it is a T-FHSS model. If this doesn't happen, it'll assume its a S-FHSS receiver.


22/01/2015 11:12:45
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 22/01/2015 09:35:25:

Interesting question, Adrian. I assume that the Rx is passive during the binding process. You set up the protocol (S-FHSS etc) on the transmitter and then during binding the transmitter 'instructs' the Rx the protocol. So what appears on the screen actually originates from the Tx itself.

If I'm wrong, I'd love to be corrected, however!

On the non-telemetry receivers, this is totally correct. The FHSS protocol is nearly identical to the S-FHSS. S-FHSS sends 2 packets for all the servo data, where as FHSS only sends 1 packet for all the servo data. S-FHSS also has an additional data bit to signify the difference between the 2 packets it sends. Finally the identifier address is different on S-FHSS vs FHSS, so the receiver knows to expect 1 or 2 packets.

There is actually no real reason you'd want to use FHSS over S-FHSS - unless you're using the R2004GF or R603GF receivers which don't support S-FHSS.


Thread: FASST software update
10/01/2015 09:38:57

When I first reverse engineered the Hitec 2.4GHz system all the way back in 2011, I noticed that it LBT too. DSMX reportedly has always done so too. Its not like Spectrum ever has had any problems with signal loss... Oh wait cheeky

The other thing is that it also depends on where the LBTsignal strength threshold is set. I suspect most will be pretty low and will still transmit when other transmitters are on in the patch. 


Thread: Finding lost planes?
09/01/2015 13:56:23
Posted by Erfolg on 09/01/2015 13:21:25:

Yet I am wondering if the two clubs that I am a member of, need one each. You know the type, that send images back to a ground screen.

Usually on FPV models, there is an OSD with the current GPS co-ordinates. So most FPV flyers have a Digital Video Recorder capturing the feed from their Video Receiver, so if they happen to loose it and dump it, they can replay the footage to find the last known GPS co-ordinates.

Also popular is the cheap GPS GSM trackers around. Strap it to the craft and, as long as there is reception, send a text to the tracker and it'll return with the GPS co-ords.


Thread: 10J Reciever ID
09/01/2015 13:47:25

If there is no telemetry, the transmitter can't put a receiver ID in, as there is no way of the receiver to tell the transmitter what it is.


Thread: FASST software update
09/01/2015 13:46:17

Fix is out for some of the FrSky FASST receivers: **LINK**

How to guide:

Will require updating the firmware. They've been pretty quick going really getting this out imo.


Edited By Simon Chambers on 09/01/2015 13:49:34

Thread: DSM2 is dead (on new Spektrum radios)
06/01/2015 11:13:43
Posted by John F on 06/01/2015 07:48:42:

Can you authenticate the source on the rc-heli forum?

I cannot see the link on my work computer and cannot find any mention on the Spektrum pages of this announcement.

The poster account on rc-heli is the official Horizon Germany account.

This is from a lead developer on RCGroups who works on the Spektrum product line:

At the moment it seems to be a case of waiting for Horizon to update their literature. Also I suspect they don't want to shout this too loudly, as it's not the most positive bit of news that they're going to have to discontinue DSM2. 

The receivers will be alright and continue to support DSM2 though (if Spektrum choose to). Even though they do transmit during binding, the output power is low enough to not come under the stricter requirements of the new regs.


Edited By Simon Chambers on 06/01/2015 11:14:19

05/01/2015 23:51:31

It's been announced that DSM2 on new Spektrum radios won't be supported any longer. Basically (without getting into the technical details) because the DSM2 protocol can't meet the new radio regs (EN300328 v1.8.1 in particular).

[translated source]

Don't panic though, any existing radios will still be completely legal to operate and it's totally legal to sell any existing stock (new and old) in shops and privately too. The only units affected are those that are imported (both new and second hand).


Edited By Simon Chambers on 05/01/2015 23:52:37

Thread: FASST software update
15/12/2014 19:00:07

Given that most of us are flying in the middle of a field with little, so no other 2.4GHz traffic, there won't be a lot for LBT to have to avoid!

The only potential problem would be a large number of WiFi access points in close proximity or an analog 2.4GHz FPV Video Transmitter. These are high powered (especially FPV transmitters which don't conform to CE spec), broadband (take a large amount of the 2.4G spectrum) and older stuff (and all video transmitters) certainly don't LBT!


15/12/2014 16:17:06
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 15/12/2014 14:45:21:
Posted by Simon Chambers on 14/12/2014 19:39:28:

No they don't all LBT. However some have always done so. I know for certain that Hitec 2.4GHz system has already LBT.


But I didn't think that Hitec was LBT as per the latest spec which is basically listen before each transmission, I understood that on start up the Hitec system checked the airways and then selected the least busy channels to hop between, but didn't listen before each hop.

The selection of channels on startup on Hitec was only on the first firmware versions - even then, it was only in a special "scan" mode. Later versions got rid of this and the Scan mode became effectively a "retune" mode. This does a scan of the current environment and picks a new batch of channels to hop on. As the channel hop list is defined when binding (on Hitec), you then have to rebind all your receivers.

LBT on the other hand is when the transmitter hops channel (around every 20ms on the Hitec system), before it actually sends the data packet, it acts as a receiver to listen for any other signal transmitting on the channel it is on. It doesn't actually process any of the signal, just looks at the signal strength. If its above a certain level, it won't transmit on that channel. It then hops to the next channel in the next 20ms slot, and does this cycle again.


14/12/2014 20:43:19
Posted by Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 14/12/2014 20:25:35:


The old man and the bad English ... a deadly combination isn't it? So please give me a good man with a simple English...So... I need the answer :Can I buy, some new Futaba RX (up to 8 ch),after this New Year, and use it over my T8FG .... with no problems and updates,as before , or not?
Do not shoot me please ..... I'm just an ordinary RC flyer!

Thanks in advance, and Regards to all


Yes! Everything will be the same. It will be completely legal to use.

The only problem may be if the 8FG receives an update. Then the compatible FASST receiver will break.

However given that the 8FG is an old radio+discontinued radio and not had a software update in a long time, that's unlikely.

Any existing stock in shops won't be affected either. Only stuff imported into the EU (new and second hand) or manufactured.


Edited By Simon Chambers on 14/12/2014 20:45:51

14/12/2014 19:39:28
Posted by Allan Bennett on 14/12/2014 19:05:33:

I own a Futaba 10CG, and am not planning to change at the moment, so hopefully am not affected by this new rule.

But one thing that puzzles me is the reference to Listen Before Talk; I thought that all our 2.4GHz transmitters checked the frequency spectrum (i.e. listened) before they selected a few unused channels and started using them to talk to the receiver.

So what's the difference that the EU is insisting on, in layman's terms, please?

No they don't all LBT. However some have always done so. I know for certain that Hitec 2.4GHz system has already LBT.

The problem lies with the original standard EN300328 v1.7.1 - which is the EU standards for 2.4GHz systems, Document version 1.7.1. For ensuring proper shared use of the 2.4GHz band, the standard states:

"4.3.5 Medium access protocol Definition
A medium access protocol is a mechanism designed to facilitate spectrum sharing with other devices in a wireless

network. Requirement
A medium access protocol shall be implemented by the equipment.

A bit vague isn't it?!

So in the latest revision (v1.8.1), they changed it to be much more explicit and defines exactly what it should be doing.


Thread: Should models be available from certain types of sellers?
12/12/2014 22:32:51

Watching the video of the extra:

Notice the Vantex the logo at the start?

Stockists of Vantex: **LINK**

This looks familar and a whole lot cheaper!: **LINK**

12/12/2014 22:20:05

One small thing I have noticed:

Ability: Intermediate-advanced level


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