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Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
16/01/2017 15:01:27

Oh baby Don I am so looking forward to seeing a short video of the rotor in action, I have been struggling with my version. Your panther looks AWSOME! Bill

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
26/01/2016 15:11:47

This such sad news tom was so very delicated to this sport and so helpful to all around the world. RIP Tom, from Bill on the other side of the pond....

Thread: The Atom Special
16/01/2015 14:52:08

thumbs up

Hi all:

You fellows are correct about the blade placement , the set I have on the atom is a plate from another project with much smaller blades attached just used to show a completed Atom I have to cut the smaller plate for the Atom.

You guys don't let anything slip by do you, That's good it gives everyones maiden a better chance for SUCCESS !

Billthumbs up

15/01/2015 22:07:16

Thanks all:

Tomas that is a nice tidy set up looking close at that one !


15/01/2015 20:44:59

I put in my ESC and battery and ran out of room sill need to add a Reciver, I'm thinking the battery might go good on the belly outside. What is everybody using for a receiver and where are you getting them? I am running low on usable Orange Boxes. Is there something new and improved now days?




14/01/2015 15:23:48

Well I too have a MG90 that I well believe had something to do with my las flight of the alloy verson of my Mantis it had way too much slop yet still functioned but it also locked up in full deflection and had to forced back by hand. I am pulling both and replacing with new.face 5


SORRY WRONG NUMBER MINE WERE MG946 !!  face 20     way too big for the Atom. Lol.o

Edited By BILL PETTIT on 14/01/2015 15:30:12

09/01/2015 18:43:06


I use a hot melt glue stick gun ( on low heat) .

Billthumbs up

08/01/2015 20:41:50


Terry my tailplane is made from blue fan fold building insulation maybe 3/16" thick and very light, cheap as chips to replace when needed.



I also have pink fan fold it is thicker.

Why do the pictures come out in the wrong order?

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08/01/2015 17:03:55

oops double post,,fat fingers.


Edited By BILL PETTIT on 08/01/2015 17:05:32

08/01/2015 17:03:52


Many of the Atoms shown here and my own have the spreader piece between the boom rods up tight to the rear of the fuselage, this might take some of that flexing out of you booms. Just a thought. I like the thought of a larger Atom maybe you could call it the Molecule lol I crack myself up some times.teeth 2


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
07/01/2015 22:28:13

Well it's cold out the field is locked down sit your ares down and write it up so we can all buid one over the winter months.face 20


Thread: The Atom Special
07/01/2015 22:07:22

Rich do you have a link for those push rods I have a use for them in another project.


07/01/2015 22:02:22

Billimage.jpgimage.jpgI think I'm ready  to  paint or cover 


Edited By BILL PETTIT on 07/01/2015 22:05:06

05/01/2015 22:25:26

Thanks for the help fellows but I think you misunderstood. Was asking Shephen if he was balance charging his batteries. I have a nice charger and it works fine. But thanks for your suggestions.face 6

Billthumbs up

05/01/2015 19:14:34


It sounds like you have been around the patch for a while now, but I'm going to ask anyway. Do you have a charger that balance charges each cell as it charges. I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw and that seemed to be the problem with some of my batteries and it took someone to say something to me about it....face 20


05/01/2015 18:18:29

image.jpgI like my nose! It's a juce bottle that had an interesting neck.

And the HK head mounted.

I also set my motor on 1/2" standoffs so I could drill a hole behind the motor to route power leads.



Edited By BILL PETTIT on 05/01/2015 18:46:10

04/01/2015 01:21:00


I have found the only way to know if things will work Is to give them a try.. I think everything looks fine. With that bing said I will add my 2 cents. Only one thing I would change befor your maiden, on the motor the gap between the motor and the prop nut is too much the first time the prop hits the ground the shaft will bend and you will be calling it a day. AND YOU WILL HIT THE GROUND. I would measure the gap and cut that much off the end of the shaft so the prop nut is right up tight to the motor body. Trust me been there, have the bent shafts to show for it.

Good luck mate.thumbs up

Billface 1

03/01/2015 16:05:26

Terry : I used square tube. NOT SOLID. I think that would be way too stiff.


02/01/2015 18:56:14

image.jpgA little more done.


02/01/2015 13:59:33

If I do Rich it will the bottom of a pop bottel I have a lot of them to experiment with. face 6


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