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Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
24/11/2017 12:44:32

Paul, How did you do the lower part of the narcelle? Did you attach the rear part to the flap leaving a gap between the two pieces?

Trust that the 109 is coming along nicely.

Thread: Alternative to dope on Sig Koverall
19/11/2017 22:38:42
Posted by William Gordon 1 on 19/11/2017 01:28:40:

Hello! I'm looking to use Sig Koverall. I know Solartex is the king of fabric and all that, but I would like to explore this product. Major Stumbling Block: I live in a flat. Dope has a nostalgic aroma, but I think my Missus and fellow tenants do not share that view.

The ultimate goal is a reasonably fuel resistant, durable and nice looking finish. Is Deluxe Materials Eze-kote a viable alternative? Any suggestions?

Edited By William Gordon 1 on 19/11/2017 01:32:30

I used Koverall on 1/4 scale motor glider(electric) and used Eze-kote cover-grip to stick it to the airframe and Eze-Kote to seal it. Be aware that you will probably need to apply at least 3 coats to seal it to make it airtight before applying any paint.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
14/11/2017 15:19:08

Thanks Paul. I can see it now. Have you finished the 110? Just sorting out the little detail bits on mine - Nosecone along with the weaponery. Did you make it removable? Cos I’m not sure whether it needs to be.

Well done with the 109 thread. Dwain has left it to you as he has been very quiet. Perhaps the Tiger and 110 build has taken it out of him🤓

13/11/2017 22:54:48
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 13/11/2017 06:46:33:
Now did anyone spot the deliberate error?
Or in technical terms 'cockup'.?

The cowl is on upside down!
Assumption..... the mother of ALL cockups...
I assumed the motor was central on the mount. Then fitted the cowl accordingly.
All Mustangs, Spitfires,Hurricanes etc are curved up from the bottom because they are up right engines... yes the 109 is inverted so it's the other way round....Dohh!
Well after gently removing the glued on cowl and motor mount plate first refitted the cowl...the right way. Then made another mount plate but allowing for the position of the motor. Now all is good.
For all you gentleman aquiring one of these beautiful kits....REMEMBER My mistake....

Hi Paul, From your picture I can't tell whether its upside down or not. It must be very subtle.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
08/11/2017 13:38:39
Posted by gillyg1 on 08/11/2017 09:26:51:
Right guy's got the nacelle sides laminated up.question is do I sand them roughly to shape now,or wait until there on the wing. Reading the thread I see Paul did it one way and DD the other.
Definatly off the wing. Much easier to work
02/11/2017 18:16:05
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 02/11/2017 13:54:16:
I used Humbrol enamels....damned expensive as used a lot of tins. Try the cheapy humbrol spray with the suction feed it covers quiet well if your compressor has a low cfm rate.

Do you know roughly how many tins you got through?

I am thinking of using Solarlac, but I need 6 different colours to mix to get the right colours according to their mixing chart. They won't get wasted as I will have another 2 warbirds to use them on

02/11/2017 11:58:55

Unfortunately my expensive sparmax airbrush compressor won’t power a small air gun.

01/11/2017 22:48:58

Hi gillyg1

Good to see yours coming along.

What paint are you and Paul using. I am still trying to source some.


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
30/10/2017 11:07:37

Guess I won’t be getting one as I like my moams and would find it hard parting with them. I don’t like squash! Would that be a fair exchange?

30/10/2017 07:44:51

Paul, you kept that quiet. It looks a simple build after the 110.

It looks nice and easy for those who haven’t done a lot of building.

Thread: Fusion 360 for modellers
27/10/2017 21:06:32

This thread has gone quiet for a while. just wondering how you all are getting on with fusion and 3d printing?

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
21/10/2017 10:21:58

Don’t give Richard ideas. I can’t afford either.

18/10/2017 21:29:23

Hi all,

I am certainly up for one. Compared with the 110 there is an amazing choice of colour schemes available.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
18/10/2017 21:13:21
Posted by richard dalgleish on 18/10/2017 14:40:23:
Posted by Graham Russell on 18/10/2017 11:55:05:

Received my 110 retracts. Thanks Richard/Paul.


Just interested in what make of retracts are suitable?

Richard at Warbird replicas. There is a website or you could drop him a personal message from this site.

18/10/2017 11:55:05

Received my 110 retracts. Thanks Richard/Paul.

17/10/2017 12:22:42

Hi Dwain

Glad you have elected to build a 109. Trust that either you or Paul will open up a new thread so we can create a list for those who would like one of Richards wonderful designs. Hopefully it will tempt a lot more into putting together a relatively simple single engined warbird. So come on guys winter building is on its way.

16/10/2017 22:19:57
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 16/10/2017 14:40:13:

I knew they were up to something . As I am easing myself out the backdoor , they have dragged out a design that we did a few years back but didnt kit . It is a halfway house between traditional kits and artfs . As you can see , the fuselage comes in three prebuilt parts . The 55" 109 has all the scoops and spinners etc for either an "e" version or F/G . All three previous models are electric powered which gives the option of some really big props (16x8 ) was the max we tried . Torque became a major factor by then .

I am going to send one of their prototypes to Dwain this week as the lads seem to like his left field humour .

If that same left field individual could start a new thread Warbirds Replicas Bf109 with a sign post at the end of the La7 /hurricane /macchii threads that would be handsome.

You probably dont know this , but sweep does most of the test flights ....

from the cockpit . He does leave the canopy off and settles for a little windscreen as he said that he likes the breeze in his ears .( At least ,I think that's that's what he said ) Hard to tell from a series of angry squeeks.

Does this mean that we can form an orderly queue when the new 109 thread appears?

12/10/2017 21:31:39

Richard, you big tease. Are you trying to tempt us? If so it may just work.

Edited By Graham Russell on 12/10/2017 21:32:53

12/10/2017 21:29:54
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 06/10/2017 11:22:11:

Haven't managed much this week as am at home with a back injury but...

managed this in my fog of pain.... remember Zackary Smith.... oh the pain the pain..

Well this next picture gave the idea.


So with a ply reinforcing ring and a dab or two of super glue we now have.. a super charger inlet..


Paul, Not sure what I am supposed to be looking at with the milk bottle.

Thread: Do I really need to?
07/10/2017 10:29:51

Hi Percy

Sig koverall is available over here, have recently covered a 4mtr motor glider with it. It’s a lot cheaper than other heat shrink fabric coverings.

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