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Thread: How to make a pilot bust
24/01/2015 10:35:50
Posted by Steve T on 18/01/2015 23:05:32:

Check out my album, so far I have Tigger, Shere Khan, Winnie and Baloo the Bear, in Spits, Hurricane and Mustang. Can't take it too seriously can one!

It seems as you have a squadron of excellent pilots!

20/01/2015 09:18:43

Of course this could be an option, but this is not the case!

There will be some hand work to do, too!

19/01/2015 22:44:12

Hello guys and thank you for your support!

For sure I'm not a master sculptor, so I looked for a way to combine technology (i.e. a PC) and manual work in order to streamline the process and obtain a decent pilot in a reasonable time.

Unfortunately, I'll be abroad for few days, so you have to wait a little bit for the complete explanation... Just a picture for now, the subject I started from... Quite complex for now, but he will become easier later!




18/01/2015 22:05:19


As many, I do not like to have an empty cockpit, especially if a clear canopy is to used. Drones apart, every plane is flown by a pilot and everybody of us is a pilot. So a decent "avatar" should be considered.

A year ago I started the construction of the beautiful CleanSweep from Tim Hooper and then I started looking here and there to find an appropriate figure for the role. I was not wanting to spend a fortune for a very good figure, after all it's not a scale model. Nor, the simple Chinese molded and painted figure seemed absolutely poor for a model with a certain character.

I was also wondering about a very unique pilot, maybe not the best one, but a least only mine. And "snap!" the idea came!

Why not sculpting one?

Stay tuned to see the progress and have some hints!


Thread: Clean Sweep!
18/01/2015 21:40:05

An for this weekend it's all!

The last job was covering the sides of the cheeks and the air inlet, the latter being a little bit tricky due to the composite curvature and straight angle of the inlet sides. Anyhow, I'm satisfied with it!




18/01/2015 21:37:02

Here is the result with the wing finished and the tai partially covered. The masking tape helped a lot to precisely apply the red film, with just a 5mm of overlapping.


18/01/2015 21:34:45

Here are the wings during the covering with the plastic film.

I've used some masking tape to delimit the are where the white film had to be applied.



12/01/2015 22:12:22

Thank you Tim, your words are certainly very rewarding!

I'll keep you posted as soon as I complete the covering and test fly it... I think in March/April.


11/01/2015 22:26:29

And now... he is standing for the very first time and ready for covering!

Since I did not find any suitable one, I decided to make my very own pilot (still to be completed). I'll post something on its building later on




11/01/2015 22:22:01

Here some more pictures...


Edited By Fraazen on 11/01/2015 22:26:42

11/01/2015 22:21:01

Hi Tim!

Thank yo for the nice words and the useful suggestion! Here are some pictures of the (now complete) building!

You probably will see, the side cheeks are not parallels, as this is the first time I'm building them... anyhow I think they are acceptable!



08/01/2015 22:31:47

Hallo Tim!

After a long period of inactivity, I'm closer to have the Clean Sweep ready for covering. I'm planning to use iron-on-film, and I sanded the surface with 400 grit sandpaper. Do you think it's enough or should I apply some kind of primer/paint/glue? What did you do, by the way?



Thread: First steps in CNC milling with StepCraft
06/10/2014 07:52:46
Posted by bruce batten on 04/10/2014 10:30:07:

HI Francsco

I understand that STONEY CNC the UK distributer for Stepcraft offer a software package that is far better MACH3 that reads DXF files.

Regards Bruce

Hi bruce, MACH3 is by far much better than the supplied software, no discussion about it!

But, it works on LPT port, not USB, and so you need to purchase the optional LPT connector for the StepCraft machine and use an old PC with PLC port (in my case this is not possible as I'm using a Mac with a Windows virtual machine).

Also, MACH3 is not free, you have to buy the license.


04/10/2014 08:49:34

Hi Bruce!

We are using the "PDF to DWG Converter" at office to batch convert DXF files to PDF (i.e. the opposite), and it works very fine!

The problem with scanned files it that they are a mess of points (pixels) that have no mathematical relations one to the other, plus there are points which are simply dirt, spots etc. that were read as part of the scan process. So it is difficult for the software to be very accurate and reproduce a usable DXF.

In any case, the basic version of the sw provided with the StepCraft machine is not able to read DXF, only PLT files. A new version was expected at the beginning of September but it seems that will take much longer to be released.



26/07/2014 09:38:30


sorry for this long delay, as I was in a long vacation!

As delivered, the software included in StepCraft (WinPC-CN starter version) can only read PLT files, i.e. specially crafted text files that need to be produced using a kind of CAM sw with an appropriate post processor.

I tried to load a variety of different files format onto the starter version, without success.

Inside the supplied CD, there is also a more advanced version, but the license seems expensive. At the end of the day, this software is basically a processor, i.e. it takes data and pass them to the motors that run the machine. So I tried different solutions.

At the end, I've found a very nice CAM program, namely ESTLCAM, which can load DXF files and let you easily decide the tool route and other interesting information. At the end, it comes out with a text file perfect for StepCraft. It's not expensive, too.

Actually, I'm using a combination of my preferred CAD sw to design and export a DXF file; ESTLCAM to create the so-called part program (in PLT format); the WinPC-CN to load that file and control the machine.

The combination seems to work very fine!


24/06/2014 23:02:06

Hi guys!

I've recently read the July 2014 article about the StepCraft machine and I decided to get involved in it. Then I bough one (the 420 model), assembled and begun using it. With some software issues.

Is someone else using or testing it?

How did you adjusted the mechanics?

How do you feel with the supplied software? fine, average or poor?

Any comment or idea is welcome!


Thread: Clean Sweep!
12/01/2014 11:39:40

Ok, even the top of the wing is covered!


11/01/2014 14:23:26

Tim, Thank you for the suggestion about the hinges!

Next step will be sheeting the top surface of the wings (of course, I'll keep in mind the wash out!), then starting with the fuselage. I hope to do a good job!


On top of the fin I added two little pins (from a tooth-pick!) to help keep the stab aligned during assembly. A couple of corresponding holes had been drilled on the stab, of course!



Edited By Fraazen on 11/01/2014 14:28:04

11/01/2014 14:22:05




11/01/2014 14:20:15




Edited By Fraazen on 11/01/2014 14:21:20

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